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I'm a single mom of a great kid, and I have an...

I'm a single mom of a great kid, and I have an amazing boyfriend. I used to be in the military, and kept up my body, but since having a kid my body is out of sorts. I love Scarlett Johansson's body, which is why she's my profile photo. I'm wanting to get a breast lift, tummy tuck, and a butt lift. I'm nervous about the whole situation, but I know I'm going through with it after I do some more research, get some consultations, and find the perfect doctor for me. I'm thinking the Dominican Republic is the best option for me because I'm not exactly rich, but I don't want to sacrifice on getting a great doctor either. I'm currently exercising, trying to get down to 145 lbs before I get everything done. I've lost 35 lbs this year so far, and I'm hoping for 40 more. I have an appointment with a doctor this week, close to where I live, just to get a feel for things. Fingers crossed, and wish me luck! =)

Choosing a doctor

Hello again! So I'm looking at different doctors in Colorado and in the Dominican Republic, and so far I like Dr. Rhee and Dr. Vath in Colorado, and Dr. FG and Dra. Medina in the DR. At this point, I've heard back from Medina, and I'm still waiting for the other three. Granted, it's only been two days, one of which is a weekend day. I know that having my surgeries in the DR would be much cheaper, but having a great doctor is even more important. I hope everyone is doing well in your various stages of this crazy thing we've all signed up for!

I chose a doctor! Deposit paid! Date set!

Hello lovely ladies!

So after careful consideration, I've chosen Dr. Fernandez Goico. He is very knowledgeable, thorough in his answers, and his before and after photos are phenomenal. He has extensive training; his assistant Karel is wonderful.

Just as an update, I'm having a breast life, tummy tuck, liposuction, and Brazilian butt lift.

I have about 35 lbs to lose (I've already lost 10), and I'm incredibly excited about the whole situation! I'm scheduled for April 15th, though I'm not sure which recovery house in staying at yet. Dr. FG gave me some great advice on different places to stay, but I need to look into them further before making a choice.

If anyone out there in cyber world is scheduled for April 15th - maybe we'll see each other!

The deposit to hold my quote and surgery date was $300, which seems to be the typical amount for a deposit.

If anyone has any tips for me, they'd be much appreciated! Thanks, and good luck to everyone making this life-changing decision!

Wish pics!

Just posting a couple of wish pics to keep me motivated!

Properly scheduled w/Dr. FG, thinking about Arelis Recovery House

I am officially rescheduled for May 1st. I had it scheduled for April 15th, but I had to change it due to our family schedule. I am still 100% sure I chose the best doctor; I have nothing but good things to say about my interactions with Karel and Dr. FG. I cannot figure out whether I want to stay with Arelis though. Her prices are so much higher, and I asked her several questions to which she continually responded, "mhm, yes," even when it didn't apply to what I was asking! This makes me think she doesn't fully understand what I'm asking. I think it's probably just a language barrier thing. I contacted Serenity House as well, but they're not available for the dates I need. If anyone has recommendations for recovery houses, or better yet - a nurse who I can hire so I can stay at a hotel, that would be fantastic!

Looking for an End of April/beginning of May Surgery Buddy!

I'm going to be getting a Mommy Makeover - to include a breast lift, a tummy tuck, liposuction, and a Brazilian butt lift on May 1st. I'm going to be leaving Colorado on April 28th, and will arrive mid-day April 29th. If anyone out there is going around the same time, that would be fantastic because I'm nervous about getting surgery done in another country, and I don't speak Spanish outside of the very basic stuff.

My surgery is going to be with Dr. Luis Fernandez Goico, whom I've done an exhaustive amount of research on, and I'm very satisfied with my choice. I'm also going to be staying at Arelis Urena's Recovery House, whom I have also done a lot of research on. =) I don't do things halfway. Lol Anyhow, if anyone is going to be going around this time, and perhaps staying at the same recovery house - let's chat! =)

Surgery Buddy and Price Change!

Hello ladies! So another gal on here who is also going to Dr. FG, is my surgery buddy! We've tweaked our schedules so we can go around the same time, which is so incredibly helpful when getting something serious like surgery done in another country! She seems pretty awesome, and I'm glad to have someone going at the same time for moral support, etc. PLUS, since we're going around the same time, and to the same doctor - we're getting a discount! Woot woot! I'm pretty stoked that things are falling into place, now I just need to get on top of the side issues, like getting a passport, what to pack, and so on. I can't leave my house at the moment cause it's Snowmageddon 2015 here in Colorado. I'm sure Canada and the east coast are laughing at us for thinking we've got a lot of snow. Lol

Less than 2 months to go!!

So it's less than two months before I embark on this journey. Of course, I'm still nervous, but I'm extremely excited! My luggage arrived yesterday, and I'm pumped to start packing! I'm only bringing a carry-on, and my large purse. I've got most of the items I'm bringing with me by now, but I think I have just a few small things left to get. I changed my itinerary so that I'm only in the Dominican Republic for 10 recovery days, instead of 14. I did this because most people have said that they overbooked themselves for recovery, and were at least mobile, though still in some pain, and I also don't want to be away from my kiddo and my fiance for that long. My surgery buddy and I have been texting, and I'm really thrilled that she's going to be going to Dr. FG, and staying at Arelis' Recovery House at the same time as me. It'll be nice to have someone there who can relate. That's all for now ladies! Chat with you soon!


My vehicle crapped out HARD, so I had to take a huge chunk from my surgery fund, and now I've had to change my date to July 24th. I am so disappointed right now. I know there are always setbacks in life, but this is hard. *sigh*

Indefinitely Rescheduled

I guess when it rains, it really does pour. My fiance's source of income is now literally cut in half, so we have to adjust our finances until he gets a different job, which of course means that anything that isn't absolutely necessary, is getting the ax. My surgery is definitely NOT cancelled, but it's put on hold until we figure out what direction our lives are taking. I'm trying to stay positive, but it's frustrating. Send happy thoughts our way.


So I've decided I'm doing this in November - my husband and I have been talking about November so that we'll have the money saved, and my schedule won't be as hectic - I'm a designer and artist, so I'm doing a lot of shows this summer. The perfect thing about this, is that I might have a surgery buddy too! =) We'll see what happens with that, but I'm definitely doing this surgery in November, regardless. I am beyond excited, and I have been following other ladies on their journeys, so it's getting me really pumped!


Hello world! I'm back! I was away for a while because I had a gastric sleeve done, and then there was a lot of life drama going on. Marital issues, moving, business stuff, etc. I didn't want to throw my drama at the world, so that's why I was quiet for so long. Everything is wonderful now though, and I'm all healed up from my surgery from last August, so I thought I'd get active on here again since I'm wanting to do my Mommy Makeover at some point! When I was on here previously, I believe I was 225 lbs. I'm currently at 140 lbs, and seems like this is where I'm going to stay - which is good, cause that's where I was when I was younger!

Anyhow, I still want to go with Dr. Fernandez-Goico, and would love to find someone who wants to go with me at the same time maybe this summer at some point! It's not 100% necessary, but it would be wonderful to have a friend in all of this, and it saves us both some money too! =) I'm trying to save up every penny. The last surgery cost an arm and a leg, so I'm only about halfway there on this one. I could use a credit card, but I *really* don't want to!

I'm thinking positively though, and things are going well from the previous surgery! I'm just waiting to hear back from Karel at this point, and then we'll go from there! Exciting!! Hope everyone has been doing well, and hello to the new people too!! =)
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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