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I've been wanting to get a mommy makeover for 2...

I've been wanting to get a mommy makeover for 2 years, now it's my time I'm so excited and can't wait for my date. I've heard nothing but great news about her! I already have a curvy body just want it more portioned ! So I'm getting entire mommy makeover top to bottom. Breast augmentation, tummy tuck,bbl and major lipo all over! I'm nervous but I put everything into gods hands!

Blood work results

Blood work came back good 12.5 way better than what I thought. Excited to know that now I be staying family over there rather then staying at a recovery house!!


The time is going so fast April 7 can't come any faster I reorganize all my supplies looked over the few supplies I have left to buy and I'm basically ready to go. I still can't even believe my husband is let me go throw with it! I think he finally realized I deserve it after being a full time mommy to two young children owning a successful daycare where I'm also working 14 hour days and never doing anything for myself because I always put my family before any of my needs!


Not much to update just waiting on my passport to get here bought a few more things pjs and toiletries i so need to take a pic of my supplies it's crazy lol you would think I have my own clinic but I want to be prepared for anything and everything .. Very anxious just waiting for my day I know when my day comes I will be freaking out I've never left my kids for this long so it will be hard even though there are times I pray for a break cause they can be a handful on top of owning a daycare with 16 children. I guess some time away won't hurt . I just pray for a great outcome!


Yay my passport finally came in all supplies bought only thing left is to pack my bags


Antiseptic spray
Alcohol wipes
Non stick surgical tape
Arnica cream
Kelo-cote cream
Benadryl cooling spray


Tylenol (extra strength)
Tylenol PM
Stool softener
Omeprazole (acid reducer)
Some extra iron pills


Lipo foam board
Silicone scar sheets
Vita medic recovery kit
Arnica pills

Bathroom supplies

Basic stuff you need in the bathroom dry shampoo hibiclens antibacterial hand soap shampoo body wash pee funnel etc.

Little update

Omg my time is almost here my hemo went from a 12.5 to a 13.7 sent dr disla all my lab work she said everything looks great my bags are packed and I'm ready to go!! I just want to address the whole before and after pics I will def be posting them after I have surgery I guess I'm still a little embarrassed if what I haven't my body become but I'm hoping after I have surgery I have no problem showing everyone like ooh yea I look hot now I was a little chubby but look at me now lol.. So anyways just counting down my days every now and then I get nervous and think to myself I can't believe I'm doing this but I guess it's normal.. Just pray for a great outcome!

New me

Okay everyone so here's the update I'm alive thank god as soon as I got here I went straight to cipla to meet the dr she was so nice and honest I love her assistant anny so we met talk about my expectations got naked and she basically told me what she could do so next morning I got there at 6:30am that's when all the hell started here I am thinking in just coming to get surgery in and out 5 hours but noooo I felt like I was in a maze going up going down trying to figure out what I was suppose to be doing finally the cardiologist came did all his stuff cleared me and then u was told I had to register with cipla before the dr could do anything so here I am in register with about 10 girls in front of me all for different drs waiting to register I swore I was in there forever last but least it was my turn she did the basics weighed ask about your family history even though you've already answered those same questions 10 other times and then that was it I was finally cleared for surgery at about 1pm got into a room anny came in gave me my clothes helped me put my socks on and then I took infamous blue pill. Then I was wheeled away for surgery since she wasn't sure if I had enough blood to get my breast done but gave my two epidurals anyways for nothing cause I woke to my breast not being done and it hurt like mother****** and I guess I must of feel asleep so out of know where I woke up and I was laying on my stomach catching the only anxiety attack because I felt like I couldn't breathe because I still had a little cold and wasn't able to breathe through my nose and here I am like a dog panting through my mouth almost wanting to die cause my mouth was so dry is was disgusting so basically I was just in and out of sleep the entire time I was awake more than anything laying there like wtf while they listened to bachata lol so I guess after the lipo they flipped me over and did the tummy tuck and here I am wide awake still trying to breathe and I kept asking if I was alive because I was dreaming the only weird stuff such a scary experience I'm pretty sure I'm leaving out so much stuff but that's the basics so here I am finished with surgery get tossed from one bed to another to another til I was finally in my room where the worst night of my life began the pain was ridiculous it felt like a car was sitting on my stomach it was horrible but nothing else was hurting so here I am thinking I was lucky and only had pains from my muscle repair until about 2 hours later when I woke up and I couldn't believe how much pain I was in and all you want to do it move and you can't even try cause the pain is so unbearable finally at like 9:30 in the morning they came with pain meds thank god and shortly after that disla came up looking hot dressed sexy stripped off the faja was in love with her work and I took a quick glimpse to and it did look pretty good and after that I was giving instructions from anny for my meds told to come back to the office in friday and that was it I was off to my family's house tried to lay down on the bed but that was not happening without my insides feeling like they were going to burst out so I feel much more safer in a rocking chair and I kept asking her if I was going to make my butt flat from sitting and she said no so hopefully that's true!

New pics


One day post op


Finally starting to feel better since the meds the whole not standing up straight will drive you crazy but you will get through it just think positive all night I asked myself why did I do this to myself but this all thing is a process I'm just so happy I made it out alive and now seeing progress one day at a time ladies I just have to be honest and tell you guys my experience I wouldn't lie and say it was pain free because I was far from but everyday it gets better thank god


Feeling better still do hard to get out of bed made the only mistake of taking my faja to use the bathroom I almost passed out trying to get it back on finally my cousin came and stuffed me back in the drain basically grosses me can't even stand to look at it can barely eat but they're treating me here like a queen I feel bad cause I'm throwing most of the food away cause I'm full after a few bites I'm dying for a shower worst thing ever is being sweaty and stinky no matter how many times I've cleaned myself with wipes I still smell blood. I'm bored thought I would like this whole relaxing phase but it's just boring tomorrow I go for my massage going to get one everyday!
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