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Hi RS friends, so I have been lurking here for...

Hi RS friends, so I have been lurking here for months. you'll post and journey inspired me and just decided to join a week a so. So let me tell a little about me. I had my first son at 16 and my second at 21 with each pregnancy gain more weight to 190 been up and down between 150 to 190 for years, early this year I had my princess bringing me to 215 ibs. My oldest is about to be 20 my youngest son is 15 and my princess is 8mths today. Since I don't plan on having anymore kids decided to get my mommy make in DR. I'm 36 yrs old 5.5 1/2 measurements are 38 chest 42 waist 45 hips and already lost 5 since last Tuesday thats when I made my decision, my goal is weigh at least 180 but 150 would be ideal. I already got my quote back from Yily and asked her how much weight to lose she said to loss around 30 pounds I should be fine. Oh I'm getting a tt,bbl,lipo,ba and lift.
Trying to go February 2014, in my quote she said you need to put a $500 deposit to hold your date but no instruction on how to. Just waiting on a response so then I can start planning flights and where we going to stay (traveling with my husband n daughter ).

I'm so excited, and impatient wish I could lose all the weight now and go tomorrow to get my sexy back !!! Lol

So I will start my journey by losing the weight(ideal protein diet) and I will post my progress oh also none sexy pictures(per Yily ) and sexy back (after Yily)..

Yay got the information I needed to make my deposit.

So today was so confusing as I was chatting with Yily and she gives me her nano acct info and instructions to put my deposit she post on Facebook not to make deposits after going back and forth with her she explained that some ladies were receiving emails to send their deposit to someone else by the name Duane lee wrong in a bank acct in California which is not her in the amount of $1000. So that was the confusion. If anyone is interested in the information PM me i be glad to share. Going to post a picture of me now (not sexy) or should I say per sexy. A lil afraid to cuz I heard that they have been putting people on blast with before and after. So be careful ladies. The diet is getting harder and harder but sticking to it just keep thinking of the body I want to push me though it.

No progress on my weigh lose

But not discouraged just have to focus more and work harder. I had lost a pound but gain it again so I'm still at 210 but i most say i have lost a 1.1/2 inches off my waist so i guess thats a progress some what sometimes you dont lose it on the scale but will lose it in inches. I"ll take it :). I have reserved a hotel room for now just in case i dont get to have what i want in a RH i'll have a back up plan. I been obsessed over this all i think about is my mmo. in between work i come here to read reviews and see results. I have joined a FB gp and they are very helpful as well very very active over there. Im excited cant wait but at the same time I cant help but think that I am being selffish, that i can be doing other thing with this money but the worst but is the fear of not make is back my sons will be fine they are old enough but my baby girl is to young and she needs me at this point if something was to happen to me she wont even remember me :,( so I struggle with that alot but then a look at all the fat bootys and flat stomachs and think i deserve that to i work very hard all my life always had 2 to 3 jobs. ITs my time I pray and leave everything in gods hands. Ok enough for today sorry for the long update. Will keep you'll posted on my weight lose and planning. GOD BLESS XOXO

Reserved my date.

So I got an email from Dra Yily office stating that she put me down for feb and when I buy my tickets to send a copy to confirm. Yay yay!!!!!!! As for my weight I'm at 207 my waist is 39. And I also have lost an inch off of my arms. I can't wait to February but I can just cause I need to lose weight. Praying that everything turns out ok.


Hi ladies, I am stuck between 209 and 207 cant break. I feel so stress between trying to lose this weight in time, my everyday life, working 3 jobs now, caring for my family, getting this money and holidays almost here. My husband is having shoulder surgery this thursday and he wont be able to take care of our 10 mth old daughter while im at work so i dont know what im going to do i dont like to leave her with no one my husbands work 3rd shift so like that its always one of us with her. Sorry i needed to vent. vent over.

So imma start again to focus on my diet i need to lose this wieght before you know it february is here and im still a fatty :( lol I have lost a inch all around so not all is bad.
I have join the facebook group i love it, the girls are so nice,full of information and of couse very supportive.

I can't wait for the new me.

Can you say freaking out.

Hi ladies, Hope all is well. Sorry havent really been posting really busy with family and holidays here. Hope everyone had a nice thanskgiving. My husband had surgery and is doing well thank god. part of my life is falling apart but I learned I cant complain. I have gained weight thanksgiving was really hard for me not to eat all the yummy food I cooked. LOL. all this plainning is very stressful. specially with the holidays here and birthdays coming up money is tight and my husband out of work. But its getting done almost there. need to start my shopping and maybe next week or the following week order our passports, and then flights.

Still havent decided on where to stay, have reservations for hotel just in case.

its around the corner need to kick in to gear. NEED TO LOSE this weight that has me so overwelmed Im afraid that Ill be ok to have the surgery just wont have the results I want because Im not where I need to be at. Will keep you'll posted.

58 Days and counting.

So I'm freaking out I haven't been able to lose any weight what so ever. I have found someone that I am comparable to here on RS it's yilydoll913. The only thing is I'm heavier then her 207 she was 190 but her thighs are thicker and my stomach is worst. She looks great now love her results. Hoping to get similar results. Still going to try to lose at least 20 pounds by sx date. I will post pre op nake pictures please beware not cute and I'm not responsible for any injury/sickness that it may cause you. I know disgusting but I can't wait to not be disgusting. My hanging tummy be gone. (My fufas shower curtain). Started taking my iron, b complex, folic acid, and bit c. I'm going to try to juicing to help with bring iron up lets see how it goes. Once I get the recipe will post in case someone else is interested in trying it. Will order my passport and flights this work running behind then following week will take care of the supplies ill need. Hope everyone is doing well either in their planning or recovery process. Will post more offen. Oh please let me know if U think I'm being realistic and any advise to help lose weight in such little time.

Yay broke the 207

So excited i was 209 and havent be able to lose and go below 207 I started juicing Friday for breakfast and lunch,then for dinner 8oz of meat and salad. This morning I'm 206 yes motivation baby. My husband made a juice all natural he added
1 beet
1 carrot
3 celery sticks
1 banana
1 apple
1 grapefruit
Hand full of strawberries,cranberries,pineapple
3 lime
Some honey. It's red still taste the beet but its not that bad.

Drunk plenty of water and if I was still hungry I ate a hard boiled egg as a snack. We'll see how it goes.

On another note on Christmas Day my husband bought the airline ticket. On Thursday went to order our passports we only was able to order his and my daughters they won't accept my birth certificate because it was laminate. So I was born in Bronx, ny I live in ct so I went online and order it should be receiving it tomorrow crossing my fingers as soon as I receive it will order my passport the turn around is about 2 weeks so I should be ok. Put my deposit for my massages went with Gianna Colombo western union her $100.00 deposit. Oh forgot to mention when my husband bought the tickets also paid for a hotel. We decided to go to hotel vs a rh because we are traveling with my daughter and although my daughter is not a crier she really is a happy baby but We didn't want to bother anybody in their recovery.

Now focusing on getting everything we need and continuing to follow by diet. Just want to have my iron level high so I'm able to get all I want done.

So juicing for breakfast and lunch
My vitamins. B complex, vitamin c , 2 folic acid, iron.

Well keep you posted on how it goes. I'm so excited this is all I think and talk about.

I'm beyond myself I'm a mess over the place.

So 46 days to go yikes! My emotion are all over the place. Planning my daughters 1st birthday in the mix of things. Have to have all my work done befor I leave and find someone to cover for me when I'm gone for my second job in case my clients find something or need to go see properties. I don't know how I'm going to do all of this my husband is out of work on worker comp so income is less but that's not going to stop me. Ok vent over.

So today I got the day off do to the snow storm. (I'm in ct) I'm chilling in bed with my daughter watching the Mickey Mouse club house and I get an email from Yily confirming my date and that she will be in contact with me a few days before the surgery and should I have any questions from here to then to email here. Which I already knew because Gianna Colombo (masseuse) had already verified for me Yily assistant had a bbl a mth ago and she is doing her massages and had already verified for me. But to receive the email was great.

So just so you ladies know because I know when I first started doing this research I wanted to know what us the true cost of these procedures I don't have all the totals yet but I'm already around $8500 it's a little high then some due to extra expenses my husband and daughter are going with me so that's not what some will have ill give you the break down for what I have so far.

Quote for surgery $5950.00 (lipo of stomach,back,flanks,armpits,tt,bbl,ba/lift)& ins
Airline tickets & hotel (2) $1711.57 minor $17
Extra fee more room 1-5 row way back $35 x2 =$70
Passport Adult $135.00 ea. minors $110.00 Total $380.00
Messages $450.00 deposit $100.00 owe $350.00(11)
1 per op and 10 post op or $40 per massage.
Compression socks $11.28 cvs
Antibiotic ointment $.88 Walmart
Hibiclen $5.92 Walmart
Anti bacterial soap $1.47 Walmart
Dermaplast $6.38 Walmart
White beaters $10.94 Walmart
Anti itch cream $.88 Walmart
Alcohol wipes 40ct cvs $4.69
Abdominal template $13.75 eBay
Arnica pills 30x 250 ct $7.69 eBay
Arnica gel 1.5 $7.43 eBay
Bromelain 2400 mud/500mg 30ct. $5.99 eBay
Boppy pillow free already it for my daughter
P E Z funnel $4.95 amazon
Laxative 1.00 dollar store
Gloves free
Pain killers free (my husband just had shoulder surgery got some left over )

Things to still get:
White wash cloth
Wee wee pads
Hooks for drains
Medication that Yily prescribes

*plus spending money

So as you can see you can more or less figure out your bottom line it's still way cheaper. But I know that you see the quote price and still wonder if that's the true cost. Well at least I did. Hope this helps.

I have already started packing. Tic toc tic toc.

I did say I'm all over the place I have thought a lot of leaving my kids and husband a letter in case I don't make it out you never know and when I thought of what to write I got sad then when it came to my daughter she is turning 1 on the 7th and had plenty to see but then thought she won't even remember me I would not even be a memory to her as my boys have plenty to remember me. So I decided to make videos for them so they can see me and hear my voice and remember. I already started recording. I hope they don't ever have to view them. That when I go I'm an old wrinkled up lady in her 90's lol at least 80.

Sorry that its so long just to much on my mind and I needed to let some out. If you girls have any questions please feel free to contact me. Best of luck to the ones planning. Prayers to the ladies going this month may all go well,get the bodies you wish for and have a speeding recovery.

Til next time girls.

Wow !!!

I place my order on ebay Wednesday I received everything today mind you Wednesday was new years day. Yay even got an extra bittle of acai for free I didnt know it was included.

Holy Molly !!!

I breath booty waist booty boobs waist more booty every way. I can't focus on nothing but this transformation praying and hoping for the best. Part of me feels positive as I'm going to make it out ok on the flat side which I would be so happy to not have a curtain hanging but then I dream of having this fly body as I see it in my head and worry of being disappointed. It's just crazy it's easy to get carry away. My weight today is 204 so moving toward the right direction.

On another note my husband truly if god's gift to me. He is so supportive and positive with everything. He is excited for me.
43 days as time gets closer ill be posting more ill try to keep it short it's just hard to keep all these thoughts and emotion in.

Posting a picture of my back side again look at your own risk.

Prayers going out to all the ladies having surgery this week and for a speedy recovery.

Passport !!!!!!!

It's here exactly 2 weeks to get here yay now all 3 of us have our passports. Whoot whoot. So I came home from a long day at work to my passport being here. My husband went to Walmart and got me a heated blanket since I have been saying that lots of ladies stated its freezing at cipla after surgery and I hate being cold. Getting tested for my hemogoblin either Saturday or Monday.

So still at 204 ibs at this point ill be hope to at least be below 200 for sx. I have a lot done as far as for the sx just waiting. I'm on over drive at work want to leave everything done before I leave to dr I hate people doing my work no matter how good they are it's just not good enough.

I spoke with my husband today about the what if ?? (I don't make it out) he didn't like the conversation but I need him to know my feelings and thoughts. Specially that our daughter is only 1. And for my boys as well although they are not his they are her brothers. Just want to leave everything clear and squared away you never know and wouldn't want him to be lost. Updated on all the insurance policies ,acct # , etc...

So theres 4 of my friends and my sister waiting for me to come back from sx and see my results so they can go next.

Ladies Dra Yily is back. Prays to all the sisters going this month and going to the other dr.s as well may they all have safe trips and the quickest recovery. God bless everyone.

29 Days and counting !!!!

Hi ladies, hope everyone is doing well. I am so excited as girls have already started getting surgery with Yily and cant wait for my turn. I still not got to my weight goal but it is what it is still trying.

Ladies want to give you advise PLEASE PLEASE do your reseach when selecting a RH sometimes cheaper is not better or more is not better. contact people that have been there and do alot of reseach some RH has had bad reviews in the past but have up they game and are better now others not so much. also keep in mind that after surgery you really need to take care of yourself from virus, infection, germs period. Im taking disinfected spray(lysol) and wipes and i will be cleaning my hotel room once i get there im not trying to risk anything. sheets need to be clean daily. germ are every where and its hard to contain it but the more cautious you are the better the chance of not catching anything. just saying when you are given the ok to shower please boil the water before using or use bottled water unless the water is filtered where you are staying at. Just please be careful and follow all you aftercare instruction take your shots for blood clots that is serious ladies you dont want to make it out of surgery to then go out do to a blood clot.

As excited as I am, I'm also nervous with regards to my results you just dont know. but its a gamble im willing to take.

Im almost done packing ,need a few more things. ordered the chux. getting my blood work done this week to see way my Iron is at. crossing fingers.then is to wait from Feb 18 to get here YIKES !!!!

till next time, GOD BLESS XOXO

A few wish pic for you ladies.

Not all are my wish pic nor are they realistic some have had 2 & 3 rounds.

Jan is almost gone and feb is coming

I can't wait 3 weeks to go. I already packed all my supplies and my husband,daughter, my clothes. I need to do one more bag with food and diapers and I'm done. Already had my blood taken to check my hemoglobin level hopefully my doctor will call me tomorrow and give me good news.

Ladies remember you need a passport if traveling to dr. Apply for it at least 6 to 8 weeks prior to traveling. I got mine in 2 weeks but it was not as busy right now but it's going to get crazy so please take the time apply with time and also make sure if you have your passports already that its not going to or about expire soon.

So Yily posted on Facebook that she is working hard on getting a system going to respond to emails quicker. Also on her empire of Barbie's Yily page on facebook she started to posted before and after of her past clients.

Regarding my weight I'm between 202 and 203 really want to be below 200 for surgery. Keep eating right just with the stress it hold to not give in to the cravings.

So I was thinking of opting out of buying Yily insurance that she offers because I saw lots of ladies spending money for treatment after surgery like blood transfusion (250) electric shock therpy etc. her insurance is $150.00 and it would cover all of that so I'm going to get it if I don't need it all well but even if I need a blood transfusion ill be saving money and god forbid anything else goes wrong ill be cover.

Another hot topic this week was getting burns from the Fajas or pads. It's important to wear a white beater, tank top or t shirts between your skin ,the Fajas and pads. You skin is very sensitive after lipo.

God help me I don't know how to contain all these emotions. My friends and I going to have dinner and have a girls night out to say good bye to fatty me and if anything happens we had our time before I leave.

Ok until tomorrow hope to know my hemoglobin levels will keep you posted. XOXO

Whoot whoot!!!!!!!!!!

Soooo my doctor called yesterday and let me know that my hemoglobin level is at 14 oh yea oh yea I'm happy. Now I have to keep it up yikes!

Had my husband check out the cable mobile. You log in to your AT&T acct and watch live stream tv on your phone or tablet, it worked. Ill be watching my shows in DR.

Girls I don't want to scare nobody but I can't stressed enough to please be careful with your after care. Make sure who ever is working on you, attending you, anything touching have them wash they hands and wear gloves. Don't be afraid to tell them to its your health and life on the line.

There has been a lot of talk about exchanging your US dollars to DR pesos its cheaper if you order it from your bank rather then in the airport or over there. Don't change to much maybe about 100 to 150. Ill be doing about 100.

3 weeks to go. I'm going to be re made re born how ever you want to say it. I'm going in fatty sloppy blob with a curtain coming back curvy flat curtainless.
I'm bringing sexy back....leaving all the fat behind....give to me Yily (jt voice ). Lol sorry feeling a little silly.

I'm staying prayed up. And stay praying for all you ladies in the planning stages or recovery stages maygod be the center of everything. God bless xoxo.

Start my 20 days count down whoot whoot.

Down to 20 days till ill become a Yily doll. I'm so excited ,nervous, scared all at once.

Checkout judy79 just had her sx done. Show her some love.

WHOOT !!!!!

Today it hit me its February yay I'm so excited it was real even though I am packed and ready to go I was nervous,scared but today I'm just all excitement yes.

For those of you trying to contact dr. Yily
What's app. (829)469-6102
Office: 809-331-5050

Gianna Colombo (masseuse) whats app (829)445-0505

Taxi bambino whats app (809)780-9635

So today I read that its very important to have your lymphatic massages after surgery even pass the first ten they recommend. You should try if you can't afford it at the very least once week. But for best results twice a week then once a week for two months twice a month for the next 5 to 6 months. This will help with the swelling decrease, contouring , tt scar tissue repair. Try to find a lymphatic masseuse near you and budget that in for your recovery.

Dominican tourist card.

When you enter DR you will need a tourist card its cost is $10 you have to have a 10 dollar bill not a 20,50,100. It has to be a $10 bill for each passenger and this is in the airport. Or to save time you can purchase it online at


Ok ladies good luck. It's late have church 1st thing tomorrow morning praying for all the sister in recovery and the ones going in this month and for the ones planning.may everything be a success. God bless xoxo

A few more wish pic.

7 days and ill be in DR Whoot Whoot !!!!!!!

I have been going though it girls. I been reading about CIPLIA in i got to b honest it got me very scared. i read that ladies were not getting all their procedures done they were being rushed out of the OR rooms that ladies were waiting for 6 hours to get operated on the demand is high not enough staff. due to tax season ladies are just showing up with no appointments so get treated in between patients. room were not getting clean quick enough.

so that got me doubting my decision mind you this is not dr yily fault, its the clinic and all the drs there overwhelmed with patients. since i was scared starting looking for a second dr in different clinic and not as busy i want to have all my procedures done not be disappointed because she is rushing to try to get everyone in. so i reached out to dr almonte she quoted me $5700
and that included all the pre op testing 2 nights at the clinic tt bbl lipo breast lift . and 10days rh. she was really good in replying quickly. with out the rh 4850.00

i also got a quote from dr lima $4800 for tt lipo bbl ba/lift

the problem with dr lima really no info on him to do reach on and the pictures i saw didn't impressed me.

and dr almonte i would be settling just because she is not as busy and has the time to do a good job and take care of you only does 3 patients a day at the mot which is good. her results are more natural. but again it didn't wow me.

ladies dont get me wrong i love me dr yily and her results my heart is with her. but due to the rumors i was really second guessing myself. and even though the other quotes were cheaper, cheaper is not always better. so after review and researching i decided to stick with my heart i want Yily i love her work and results i dont want to go and yes play it safe but still be disappointed with my results for going to someone else.

i am booked and confirmed therefore going with what i want and if once i get there i feel weird then i will go else but until then im TEAM YILY !!!!!!!

so now that i was out of the cloud because i was really torn. i find out that my husband wouldnt be able to travel with me he went to a follow up appointment today from his shoulder surgery and his dr returned him to work as of next monday (hello that the nite we are traveling to DR) he tried to ask the dr to change it he was not having. so my husband calls me at work to give me the bad news he was so pissed and was going crazy looking for someone to go with me. i felt sick to my stomach, like hot air coming out of my ears all day. but it is what it is i have to woman up and go by myself. Well god is good the dr changes the date gave him an extra week so now praying that his job will give him the 2nd week as a vacation but if not he can return a week early, at least he can be with me the 1st week when i need him the most.


Oh on another note new rules for ciplia is that if you are have a tt you are to stay 2 nights not sure if thats just for cabrals patients all everyone in general. also for does going on their own needs to have a non surgery companion or hire a nurse to attend to them since the nurses on staff are overwhelmed and patient care is poor.

hopefully everything goes well. good luck ladies


Soooooo excited

I can't even focus at work haven't finished everything I need to do before I leave and only have one work day left. All I can think of is how will I look after sx. Will I be happy or will I still think I'm disgusting? I'm hoping I feel sexy :) that will be nice. I can't wait. My husband is ready to go,all is good.

Well just wanted to date real quick leaving Monday night to DR. Arrive there Tuesday morning at 330am. And the real journey begins. I promise I will take lots of pictures and keep ya'll updated as much as I can i know maybe the first night after surgery I may not be up to it but ill try.

Im leaving everything in gods hands. God bless XOXO

2 days Sooo Excited!!!!

I can barely sleep. I busted my Ass yesterday in the snow everything hurts. Funny thing is I just keep thinking lucky it was now and not with my new booty cause I would of killed all the fat cells and flatten again lol.

I'm completely packed ready to go. Since I'm going with my husband and princess I have 4 luggages (1 big just full of supplies 1 small for me and my daughter clothes a duffle bag for my husband and another duffle bag with snacks and diapers for my daughter ) we also bought the filter system where it comes with 4 bottles and it filters them at the same time with was 15 dollars at walmart figured just in case we don't make it out to buy bottles at least we make the baby milk. Just in case because we do plan to buy water.

I'm so excited I really can't think of nothing else but this surgery. I'm hoping to have a fast recovery and not be a baby I don't know I had a c section I was ok within 2 days but this is a lot more.

I'm going to work early tomorrow try to finish everything before I leave. That's going to be so hard, to focus.

I will post more pre op pic not that, that's what ya'll want to see. And I will take lots of pictures of everything.

Please keep praying for everyone that is going , having and has had sx. Prayer is a powerful thing and we all need it. God bless all of you. XOXO

Ok in less then 24 hrs I will be in DR.

Getting ready to go to work and stay focus ,Need to get it all done. Too excited in about 48 to 72 hours I will be re made. Yikes no more curtain over my fufa. Staying in pray all day also lots of girls going in today and tomorrow.

Ok talk to ya'll later I will be posting lots of pictures for ya'll. Good bless xoxo

Quick update.

We arrived in DR at 5 am checked in the hotel then went straight to CIPLIA as soon as I got there there was 2 other girls waiting sent us to get our blood work which was 13.9 then cardiology past then chest X-ray good then they said well there only one surgery want to go today sure so then I registered bmi was 34.4 they count my height as 5.5 not 5.5 1/2 so that made a difference then they put me in my room give me my gown n blue pill and said to wait fir Yily then she came in very nice kisses and all asked me what I wanted I told her tt lipo bbl ba/lift she said no breast I was like why she said you are big I have a lot of work to do on your back and stomach adding breast it a lot of work like 10 hours worth that's too much and better safe then sorry she said ill lipo your arms to make you look even you can always come back for round 2 and I'll give you a discount for coming back and I'll touch you up and add more booty if you need it. She said that when she does tt she does do aggressive lipo to the stomach because it's to much on the patient. So I agreed I paid let her know my quote included insurance but wanted to make sure it included blood transfusion she said yes so I agreed. She naked me up and said see you later she told my husband it will be about 4 hoursill would go in at 4 and out by 7. I slept waiting for my turn then they picked me up wheeled me in the the surgery room I was going through rooms passing by then I'm in my surgery room they try to put the Iv in couldn't poked me like 8 times then Yily came in ready to go they seat me up to put the epi in it worked quickly I was out then I was in and out at one point I heard a man talking and working on me I was like oh shit it's true a man does the surgery then I was like fuck if it's true he does a good job then fell out again the woke up again hear the guy talking then I hear Yily answering and she asked me are you ok I was like I'm ok she said good we are almost done Hun. Ok. No I didn't feel a thing. I was out of surgery by 9 pm my husband was waiting and my nurse. I didn't feel anything but I was freezing my nurse put 3 blank lets on me and my heated one and I was still cold then she give me soup I felt better slept all night. Then morning came faja time yikes they take everything off quickly get me up I felt like passing out they gave me juice put water on me it went away real quick they got that faja on but me back in bed gave me soup again it was good. Then they try to take blood they couldn't they poked me everywhere no luck then the main nurse came and took it it hurt like hell then my hemo level had dropped from 13.9 to 7.3 yup I needed a blood transfusion and yes the insurance covered the transfusion that took 4 hours then I was discharged. Went to my hotel room. I have been very weak stiff sore and barely make it back and forth to the bathroom and bed. Sorry I'm all over the place just wanted to give ya'll a quick update.

Pic right after my faja was put on.


Ok when you are contacting these doctors please be very honest with themdodon't deny or lie this is your life here. Tell them everything you take drink smoke and medical history even if you think it's nothing let them know. Don't hide something thinking if you you won't get surgery they might still be able to just have to go about it differently or give you treatment or maybe not give you surgery bit you life is more important. Sometime some medication they use can't be combined and that create a problem but if they know before hand they can use something else. This is serious its your life. And after that it's also important to follow Dr's orders and take care of yourself during recovery. Even following this there's no guarantee. For most always put everything in GOD'S hands faith in him and everything will be alright. The support that I have gotten well all the ladies get here from rs and other groups that are going through the same thing is incredibly. It's like you know each for years. The prayers help. Well enough about that. Happy planning happy healing god bless xoxo

follow up appt today.

So I had an appointment for 10 am i arrive between 945 n 10. That place was packed. For follow up appts. I didn't have breakfast so I was feeling weak waited and waited met alot of ladies there everybody was really nice. Much more advanced. Then me they had surgery a day before me they had been out and about already I hadn't left my room til today to go to my appt. I was feel like I'ma big . Baby but listen. I just can't it's take everything out of me so I take it slow and make sure I'm well. Back to my appt final got seen at 130 Dr Ann checked everything I was fine my drains were very clogged she unclog it and wrapped me right back up. I'm due back on Friday before I leave get the drains out. She said that if it clogs up again to just go to the office.



OMG Gianna is the best they do not hurt they are a treat. I feel so much better after all of them. Look forwArd everyday for her to get here.

On another note this process really takes a toll on you. I was depressed crying and everything it's a lot to deal with soreness,stiffness,uncomfortable,medicine,shots,pain,weakness,etc

Please prepare mentally because we all get everything we need we figure it's going to hurt but mentally I was not ready.

So I was commenting on fb how I got my massage and hoe great I felt and that I was able to hook it on the 2nd hook. So guess who comments on my post. Dra Yily de los santos so state not to hook my faja so tight do to the tt. I had some concerns regarding my results so I chatted with her and she answered everything asked to send her pictures I did she said everything look good. I told her I thought I ruined her work she started laughing and said no don't worry your going to be beautiful. I was so happy that she took the time to comment and chat with me. Proves she cares.

Prayers for the ladies going in, planning and recovery.
God bless xoxo

Yesterday was 2 weeks.

Monday I went back to work very uncomfortable. Got up every hour to walk and drink water. By the end of the day was very stiff and exhausted. Today I was going to take my drains out but decided to keep it on and which how much cc's I drain in 24 hrs once it's less then 30cc's I removed them.
I'll start my massages Tuesday can't wait.

Continue to pray for the ladies going in , in recovery and planning. May god bless ya'll. xoxo

Lymph drainage massages

Lymph drainage massages are not as popular as other types of massage in the United States, yet they provide numerous health benefits. The International Alliance of Healthcare Educators explains that lymph drainage massages are done in a specific rhythm and direction to increase the flow of the lymphatic system in the body. People with medical needs and those who are healthy can both benefit from this type of massage.

Healing After Surgery

According to, lymph drainage massages can help with healing after surgery. This type of massage regenerates tissues to reduce scarring at surgical incision sites. Lymph drainage massages also reduce swelling and detoxify the body, according to the International Alliance of Healthcare Educators. The alliance's website states that lymph drainage massages help speed regeneration of tissues and cells.

for more information check this link out.

i had wrote all update last night and i dont know what happened that it didnt save. will re write tonight.

Sorry I been MIA

Hey everyone I have been very busy with both job and life don't forget recovery. So I have gone to 3 different masseuse and each were very impress with Yily's work and incisions. I love the I still get confirmation even after sx. About recovery it's not easy but it's coming along. The swelling is hell. I don't take off my faja unless I shower or getting a massage that's it. I have spent money on Fajas like crazy I love fajate also known as disenos d prada and Salome Salome later on in your recovery because they run small and tight so start with fajate very good.

I have lost 7 inches off my waist and lost a total of 18 pounds so far. Still very swollen although a lot has gone down. I can't stress enough how important are the massages for your recovery.

My results I so love my tummy ,back and waist. My bbl well it looks like the same but bigger wider and still flat but when in clothes it looks good and I'm not complaining I slept on it for like 3 weeks because of the tt so it's my fault and over all I love it. Plus I'm hoping that it will still round off. As soon as I can going to hit the gym do squirts and tone up.

Ladies planning please try to have someone go with you , prepare your body be healthy and take care of yourself after. Stay praying. Good luck and god bless xoxo

Pictures pictures pictures


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8 weeks


Quick update.

Hi ladies hope everyone is doing well. I keep getting better and better. I am 10 1/2 weeks post op now and I am still swollen, a lot has gone done but still got ways to go. I haven't been able to get my massages as often as I should so that's a reason why. I still live in my Faja. I don't like to be with out it. I don't feel sent like a lot of the other ladies but I do love my results and feel very comfortable in clothes. My booty has come out some.

For the ladies that are on the fence with this surgery I would recommend to go for it but do your research be health and do your after care. Good luck ladies god bless.

11 weeks yesterday

I'm in a medium salome Faja and a small in diseno d'prada( fajate ) both one of the best Fajas out there. I think I'm fluffy out or something.

I feel liquid in my back from the swollen still but im much better. Each day that goes by I'm loving my results still not 100 % still not confident like others but little by little I'll feel I got my sey back lol.

It's late me going nite mite. God bless ladies. Xoxo

4 mths

OK SO I'LL BE 4 MTHS POST OP TOMORROW. I STILL GET SWOLLEN AND WEAR MY FAJA. BUT LOVE MY RESULTS. I STILL NOT 100 PERCENT CONFIDENT BUT THAT'S A PERSONAL PROBLEM. I do love how clothes fit me now still hard to go shopping waist small big booty. Lol.

A few pics Xoxo

Lil update

I so love my results. I have gain weight since surgery went straight to my face and booty. Starting to wear my faja again just to maintain.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

I have no complaints what so ever. She was very sweet ,open , straight forward with me. She checked on me the next day and hit me up on Fb to see how I was doing. Yes she is very busy but she made time to follow up with me short but to the point. I will recommend her to everybody. My sisters and friends are already planning to go to her. Oh I forgot and my husband wants to go to her and for me to do round 2 for my boobies. She takes pride in her work. She doesn't do to much at once if she can do a good job and if it's not safe. Safety is first.

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