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I want my body back!! I'm even willing to pay for...

I want my body back!! I'm even willing to pay for it. Lol. I'm seriously considering going to the DR. I'm terrified to go alone though. I HAVE TO HAVE THIS SURGERY! This body is making me miserable. Have any of you gone abroad recently? How was it? Is anyone planning to go abroad? #I NeedHEEEEEEEELP


There's just no way around it. My dilemma now is figuring out if if I am going to be a #YilyDoll or #DuranDoll. The both do such amazing work.

Disregard my last post. I'm DEFINITELY going to be a #YilyDoll

I had been trying to narrow down my options and so far Duran and Yily were my Top 2. I had already been corresponding with Dr. Yily and has just been waiting to hear back from Dr. Duran before I made my decision. I messaged them again earlier today and Dr. Yily again is the only one to respond. So based on all the other info that I have gathered and the fact that she replies promptly responds and answers off of my questions has sold me. I am SUPER EXCITED!! I hope she can get me in during Spring Break in March. If not I will have to wait until May.

Making Some Progress

Well, I had to re-think this whole thing. I attempted to go get my Passport today only to find out that they only see people by appt. and all of the appts are booked through February. That clearly is not going to work considering my anticipated day of surgery is in March. It's no big deal though. I called Dr. Yily's office and discussed it with them instead of trying to correspond by email. My new date for sx is May 13, 2014. I was told that I need to arrive before 4pm the day before to have my lab work completed. I'm going to apply for my Passport next week, no need to rush now. Hopefully, I will be able to pay off my procedures next week also. I reeeeeeally need someone to travel with. Hopefully I can find someone on here to Buddy with.

Emotional Wreck

Since I came across this site, I find myself on here during all of my free time. Thanks, to all that share there knowledge and experience. The 2 of us are laying here (my Tummy and I) LMAO, try to decide if I should post my pics up. We decided to go on ahead. Maybe somewhere down the line someone would need some help or encouragement along the way. This whole idea of planning and having surgery is beginning to become a emotional and Spiritual battle.

Well, here are my pics. I am 5'-3" and 216 lbs. I have 4 kids my youngest, the twins are 9 and the only way I will ever get pregnant again is by Devine Intervention. Lol! My body has definitely seen better days. When I was younger with a body... I didn't realize I had one. Then I had kids, all 3 years apart; and now I have no body. Smh! I've tried 100 different ways to get in shape. Even when I lose weight, the skin is still there. At this point my body is a constant nightmare to me. I appear to be really self confident to others but the truth is... I AM MISERABLE! Soon this will not be an issue. Because I'm going to leave all of this extra skin and fat in a completely different country. Lol!

Wish Pics

I don't mind being "Plus Sized". I just want to be shapely. These girls are a lot like what I "WISH" to achieve.


I think I may share just a little too much personal on here but right now I am EXTREMELY UPSET and I need to vent.

I was told today that I may not be able to obtain a Passport due to my background. In 2000 I was convicted of an International Drug Trafficking Crime. Specifically "Importation". Although I served my time, completed my probation and have been without incident since then, I still may not be able to travel outside of the country. Uuuuuugh! I know it was my choice to go to prison but DAMN... I served my time. That bad decision will never be behind me. Jobs, housing and education are nearly impossible for me to obtain. And now... here we go again. Another thing that I can't do. I have to figure this out ASAP!


One thing about me... I am not just going to sit down and accept someone telling me "No". Today while researching I decided to dig deeper into my passport dilemma. I read that it may be possible to fly with just a Birth Certificate and ID provided I purchased a 10$ Tourist Card once I entered the country. I couldn't find a real source to verify this information so I emailed the ones that I thought could provide accurate information. I've sent messages to The Dominican Consulate, TSA, Customs, The US Probation Office etc. Hopefully I'll get some good news.


I had been nervous about traveling abroad for such a major procedure, but after over a year of research I am over the nervousness, and now full of excitement. I had been planning on having my sx with Dr. Yili. Her work is amazing. I had been corresponding by email for months and just recently got a response that included a quote. As far as I was concerned " All Systems Were A Go!". I had messaged her again asking for confirmation of my sx date and asked for the payment info so I could pay the deposit. I never got a response. I called the office several times and each time they attempted to transfer me, they hung up. I have yet to hear from anyone. I know she answers all inquires personally, but it just doesn't work for me. In total after plane ticket, hotel etc. I will be spending over $6000.00 and for that I require a little more personal attention. I have researched several Dr.'s there including Duran. But one particular Dr. stands out to me... Dr. Robles. Her work is also amazing but what also stands out to me is her bedside manner with her patients and the attentiveness that she and her staff provide pre & post op. Her assistant replies in a timely fashion, she's sweet and knowledgeable. I was a little upset that I couldn't get all the procedures done in one visit but I truly appreciate her making my health and safety a priority. With that being said... Bye Bye #YilyDolls... I'm now #TeamRobles! I applied for my Passport today and will be making my payment next week. Shit just got real! ???


Now I completely understand why these Dr's can respond in a timely manner. Yili and Duran are doing 6-7 surgeries a day!! Robles 5-6... WTF? Have any of you heard similar stories. I got the info from a nurse at Cipla.

It has begun... Round #1

So tomorrow I start start my 14- Day Cleanse. Followed by 2 1/2 months of Juicing and Protein Diet. I want to shed a few pounds before my sx.

I bought:
Preventive Nutrition Advanced Complete Body Cleansing. (14 Day Program) (No Fasting)

Garcinia Cambodia Chews to suppress my appetite once cleanse is complete.

Raspberry Ketone to boost my Metabolism.

What Supplements are you taking?

I am so happy to be counting down. Juicing has been lots of fun. My kids have even joined in. I know that my sx is still a little ways away but hey... getting an early start can't hurt anything. ???? I decided not to do the cleanse. I had been advised not to since I was Juicing. I went to Walgreens tonight and got some common Pre-Op Vitamins. I still plan on ordering the Make Me Heal Supplements, but I'll just take these for now. I definitely don't need any issues about my blood count or hemo. I'm still waiting on my Passport, as soon as I get it... I'm packing my bag!

I forgot to add the pics...

My Valentines Day Gift To Myself

When I checked my phone this a.m. I was surprised to see a Happy Valentines Day message from Dr. Almonte's assistant Leslie. The message was somewhat unexpected considering the heavy work load she has. I thought it to be a very kind gesture. As you know I had really been debating between Almonte and Robles; however, I have made my decision. I have chosen Dr. Almonte. I really like how Leslie responds to my every question and even sends lil messages like the one she sent today. I paid my deposit today and my date is officially set for May 13, 2014. Yeeeeea Meeeeee!

Dirty Game

I had no idea of how this whole surgery abroad thing went down. I entered this situation completely blind. I came here in search for guidance and instead received some truth... but more rumors than anything. Ladies, do your own research and also know that even though we are flocking to these Countries by the busloads, they are still competing for your business. I originally scheduled my sx with Yili and after so many bad reviews I changed my and we went with Almonte. To keep this short because my phone is really tripping today... If the negative opinions comes from someone who hasn't had sx... ignore it. If it comes from someone who has had sx but has no pictures of them self anywhere on here... ignore them too. Lastly, if someone abroad gives you information about the Dr. you chose, make sure that it's not just a tactic to get your $. With that being said. I have 2 deposits paid.i should've never changed my plan from the beginning

Someone Died After Surgery

This was just put up on Facebook. Dear God...

Death Not From Surgery?

Guess Who's Got A Passport!!!

Holy Sh*t! I got my passport in the mail today. I am so EXCITED! If you have been following my journey then you understand why I am so excited right now. Lol! Sh*t just got real Ladies!


I totally forgot to upload the picture.

Sad... But True!

Book'em Danno!

I have my plane ticket. I still can't believe that this is happening. I more excited with each day that passes. Getting this surgery is all that I think about here lately. I find myself even daydreaming about how I'm going to look post-op. Sometimes I go too far and think about everything that could possibly go wrong... even about death. I had a dream the other night that I had taken the infamous "blue pill" lol... I have to get those negative things out of my mind. I have ordered most of my pre-op items. Just waiting on a few more things from Amazon. I can't wait to see the improved image of myself.


Yes, I know my trip is still 74 days away, but my excitement won't let me rest. I've been gathering the things that I need. Not sure if I have it all. Hell, I don't know if I can transfer with all of this stuff. Lmao! If you all have any suggestions, please let me know.

My list of things so far that I have received/ordered.

Adult Diapers
Pee Cup (lol)
Aquaphor (skin cream)
Gauze Sheets
Rolled Gauze
Sleep Aid
Laxative Pills
Scar Away Surgical Strips
Surgery Boards
Tape measure
Granny Panties
T Shirts
Boppy Pillow (not in picture)
Lipo Foam (not in picture)

Surgery Items List For Dominican Republic

I have put together a list comprised of the most common things that I've noticed others to put in their lists.

Maxi Pads
Adult Diapers
Pee Cup (lol)
Aquaphor (skin cream)
Gauze Sheets
Rolled Gauze
Sleep Aid
Laxative Pills
Scar Away Surgical Strips
Surgery Boards
Tape measure
Granny Panties
T Shirts (Men's Tank Top)
Boppy Pillow (BBL Patients)
Bedroom Slippers
Lipo Foam

Arnica Cream (included in the VitaMedica Kit) but the kit can be too expensive for some. It can be purchased separately)
Maxi Dresses
Compression Socks

I Found An Awesome Recovery House

I've been searching and wrecking my brain trying to find a RH. The prices some of these places charge is nuts! I finally found "Gianna Colombo" her rate is the best! And it also includes massages. I haven't found any others that include massages. All of her reviews are A+. I decided to pay in full just to secure my spot and make sure I didn't spend it. Lol.

Been Gone For A While... 44 Days and Counting

Uhhh, where shall I begin? I have all of my surgery items, plane ticket, RH paid and Passport. All systems are on "GO"! I have gained so much knowledge in these few months. I have been researching for about 2 years but once I really got serious about it and dedicated more time to it... I uncovered many unturned stones. I found a really nice lady on FB that sent me my deposit back for Almonte. Just goes to show that their still are good people out here in the world. Shit is weird though, every night I dream about surgery... for the most they are pretty good dreams. But once I changed to Yily... nothing but nightmares. That shit was freaking me out. Not one night passed that I didn't have a bad dream with her in it. I have had a couple of people message me saying that they felt like I was cool enough to talk to without me being offended, they advised me not to go to Yily. Crazy thing is... they don't know each other but their stories were consistent. Yooooooo, that creeped me out. I don't know why but 3 is a good number for me, when I received the same message from a thrid person I was like screw this... I politely sent the deposit back to Almonte. And im not changing again. I also ran into some really sweet Dolls right from my home town on FB that just left the DR. They went to Almonte and they look ASS-MAZING! Almontes' TT scar is hairline thin. And they ABSOLUTELY LOVE Lesley, Almonte and Gianna. Lots more of Almonte's work surfacing also... she's giving out FATTIES! Another GREAT thing about Almonte is that she has a Bank of America account so it was no problem getting my deposit to her and i'm also going to pay for my sx before I go... there's no way im traveling with that much money on me. I quit smoking... man... that was not easy at all. I have a new found respect for a crack head. If cigarettes were that hard.... man... SMH!

Do you want my May 12th date with Yily?

Are any of you ladies interested in taking my May 12th date with Yily and sending me my money back? I sent her $350.00. We can contact her office together to make the transaction.

Dr. Contreras is bad news.

How are these ladies finding his info? He's not even licensed in the DR. Omgoodness y'all, if y'all could see some of the pics I've seen and read their stories, you'd cry. Please y'all, do not pick a PS because of their price.

13 Days!

Well, it's almost that time. I'm going to end all of my supplements and start taking my Vita Medica Kit today along with my Iron & Hemo Tea. I'll be paying the last $550.00 to Dr. Almonte this week. I'm so glad she has a Bank of America account. My RH is paid for. All I have is one small bag to pack and I'm done!

10 Days and Counting

Please forgive me for not updating regularly. School has been taking front seat. Well... it's almost time. I'm SUPER EXCITED. Strangely no fear.... I'm confident that everything will be just fine. I thought I would have gotten the pre-surgery jitters by now, but I haven't. I only have 1 little small bag to pack. My other one has been packed sitting in the corner for a while now. Lol. In preparation of my big day I made some changes to my Vitamin regimen. I stopped all of my other supplements and started the Vita Medica Kit that I had purchased. I also take 325mg of Iron a day. Today I started taking Arnica and Bromalien. And when I get to the 7 day mark I'm going to begin with the Hemoglobin Tea 2 times a day. My cycle just went off so I'm not due to deal with that until the 18th, 6 days after my surgery. TYJEEEEZUS! Tomorrow I'm going to copy my Passport, DL, SS Card and Birth Certificate just in case any funny business goes down, I'm not stuck in the DR. Lol

If it can go wrong... It probably will.

I am 7 days away from my trip to the DR. And everything, and I mean EVERYTHING is going wrong in my world. But please know this... I'm going to resolve the things that I can and on May 11th... I'm outta this b*tch! Ah, haahaaaaaa! Nothing and no one is getting in the way of me fulfilling my dream. My homegirl said it could be a sign for me not to go. My reply is simple... God knows me and he knows I don't do so well with subtle signs. If it isn't meant for me to go... he'll stop me. Besides... what if it Satan making this stuff happen because he doesn't want me to be happy? Or better yet... what if it was going to happen regardless? Either way... I'm blowing this Taco Stand on Mother's Day morning!

Poor Communication

I received a message from Yily's assistant tonight saying basically she couldn't respond to my other messages. What kind of mess is that? So when I have my sx and something goes wrong... who should I call then. The last message I sent to her was March 3... today is May 4... #B*tchPlease! You won't play with my life like that.

Bull Sh*t!

I leave for the DR in exactly 5 days. I have contracted a cold. I would strongly recommend those planning for sx to stock up on Orange juice, Vitamin C, or Airborne to prevent situations like this. I was told no fever or cough, so I'm good... so far. I also made the fatal mistake of loaning $550.00 to a relative... NEVER AGAIN! Now with days before my sx, I'm sitting here scrambling to come up with the money to cover my sx when it should already be paid. I guess you can say that I am loyal to a fault. Smmfh... I consider myself to be a pretty resourceful person but time is definitely not on my side. Too be continued...

Mixed Emotions

Well y'all... As time approaches I can only wonder of I'm doing the right thing. Am I being selfish to have sx knowing that I have children... I'm starting to doubt myself now. I'm excited 1 minute, nervous the next. I just need to rest, I'm going to drive myself nuts. I'm going to turn in early tonight.

Thank God For RealSelf

I've been having so many mixed emotions about leaving. I took the time today to read my posts here on RS and now I remember exactly why this was so important to me. In 18 hours and 33 minutes I will be at the airport embarking on my journey. I'm going to spend the day dotting my I's and crossing my T's.

Today Is THE Day

Up early making fashion statements! #WorkIt Lol. Ready for surgery this morning.

Miracles By Fatima Almonte

I'm in pain but I definitely want to keep you all posted...


Confession: I have been crying since this morning. So many mixed emotions. But mostly tears of joy. I am so happy to be surrounded by caring person. My nurse is CICEP was very sweet. But Gianna Colombo and her staff have been the absolute best. I felt so helpless today. I was in so much pain I didn't want to eat. Gianna spoon fed me like a baby, wiping my chin in between servings. She got down on her hands and knees and held the urinal between my legs until I was able to produce urine. One of her nurses appropriately named "Comfort", rubs my forehead with a damp cloth and assures me that I am ok in Spanish when I am sad or in pain. And Gianna's husband refuses to allow me to lift a finger. He says if I need help 300 times. to not move... call them 300 times to do it for me. I can't imagine being anywhere else. I am thankful.

Everything is cool

I haven't really been feeling like posting. Focused on healing. But I don't want to leave y'all hanging. So here are my before and after pics. Dr. Almonte and her team are AMAZING!

My Review of Gianna Colombo

My OFFICIAL review of Gianna Colombo: When I arrived at the airport Gianna and Nelson (her husband) were standing there waiting. They actually spotted me before I seen them. She greeted me with big hugs and smiles. Nelson grabbed my luggage and refused to allow me to lift a finger from that point on. Our first stop was the CICEP, where I was to stay overall because my sx was early the next day and I had to have my labs done. I got my blood work done but had to wait until later to have the others done. So Gianna took me sightseeing and to her house for dinner. The house is immaculate. There is a cook and Licensed Nurse (sometimes 2 nurses) there 24 hours. Omg... the food was delish! I showered, took a nap and went back to the hospital. They were kinda giving me a hard time about completing my labs but Gianna stayed right by my side and made sure everything got done and that I was cleared for sx. If she hadn't have been there, my sx would have been delayed. The next day, when I opened my eyes after sx... Gianna and Nelson were right there. Lol! They are so on point. They next day I went to Gianna's. I was in so much pain. But Gianna and her staff waited on me hand and foot. They often anticipated my requests and fulfilled them immediately. I was spoon fed the first 2 days... I was in so much pain. My walking to the bathroom was always assisted. They even held my pee cup between my legs because I couldn't. Just my luck my cycle came on early and they even attended to that, because I simply could not. They did everything without turning their nose at me. I was so embarrassed, i cried like a baby. I was told in "tranquila"... I assume I was being told to calm down. They wiped my tears and stroked my hair each time assuring me that it was ok. I knew I was in good hands... I received 3 meals a day and meds on a schedule. Even though I don't speak much Spanish and they don't speak much English... we understood each other just fine. As I got better my natural joking personality emerged and they days got better. We launched and joked each day... New girl came and we immediately bonded. Gianna even cooked us dinner one night... which was bomb.com by the way. I was crazy reading other people on FB complain about where they were while I was chill'n and livi'n it up at Gianna's. My massages were the bittersweet highlight of each night. Gianna is also a licensed Esthetician, so I got some Micro Dermabrasion... OMG! The filth that came off of my face was insane. But ooooooh... it's clearly a difference in the appearance of my skin. Yooooo... what else can I say man... Gianna Colombo is the BEST. She does it from her heart. Not to mention she and her staff are licensed. I wouldn't entrust myself to anyone else in such a vulnerable state. PS... don't let nobody lie to ya... she has super cold A/C in every room. Lol

Gianna, thank you so much for everything. I really couldn't have done it without you.

Gianna Colombo

Contact information:
Use WhatsApp or Viber to avoid International fees.

Married To My Drain

Omgoodness! I had sx on the 12th... I was told I can remove my drain when I am producing less than 50 cc's in 24 hours. I am producing 300 cc's every 12 hours. At this rate I'm NEVER going to get rid of this thing. The fact that I have a open line to my insides is really freaking my out. I am vulnerable to too many infections like this. I need this drain gone like yesterday.

My drain was clogged.

I went to the ER... Ewwwww! All is well now.

The 4th of July!

My drain is still acting up. Please ask your Dr for another reservoir to take home with you. They get clogged really easily. I ordered one from Amazon for about 30$... I hope it gets here soon. My nerve endings have started to reconnect. It feels like a fireworks display. At any time I feel these sensations that little bursts electricity on my back, stomach and sides. Sometimes they are really mild and faint. Other times it feels as though someone is zapping me with a taser. Lol! Sometimes it makes me yell out in pain for split second. It's kind of fascinating know that my body is mending itself. I'm a regular ole Humpty Dumpty.... being put back together. Lol.

More Pictures?

Uhhhh, I really haven't taken any more pictures. I live in this damned Faja. It's so hard to get in and out of it. I plan on taking more once I can remove my drain. Here's one I took Thursday.

More Pics

A future #Doll wanted more pics... Here ya go boo. I'm still extremely swollen.

Vinegar... My new BEST friend

Y'all ain't gonna believe this shit!
My love for food and cooking just saved the day.

My drain has been clogging at the top. I have tried to flush it several ways. I was frustrated tonight... I tried everything. I even blew into it. Smmfh! And suddenly... A light bulb moment... What cuts fat in food? !!!VINEGAR!!!! So I filled it up and the fat began to melt. I can't believe this shit. My drain looks brand new and is working much better. I still have some slight blockage but it's waaaaay better than it was. Tomorrow I will let it soak longer and get rid of the problem for good.

Bad Day

I am absolutely miserable today. My left leg in my faja is completely torn. My drain is still acting up. I have a low fever. These water pills got me pissing a river. My body has filled up with fluid again in places where the fluid was gone. Uuuugh! Lesley provided me with a PS in my area I can contact tomorrow to be drained.

Skin Therapy

Today is not good at all. But I'm hiiiiigh as a kite right now so, it doesn't matter. Lmao!

Got my goodies in the mail today. My scar is just about healed. Just a little more scab to fall off. Then I am going to begin my scar therapy.

Screw this drain.

It's been clogged for days. Still putting out fluid, but clogged. I managed to get the clot out and afterwards I noticed that I wasn't draining anything at all. Smmfh! I waited 6 hours, still nothing. I said if in the next 24 hours I'm still a draining, I'm getting rid of the drain. I was cleaning my incision and drain site and decided to wiggle my cord to see if I could coax out some fluid. I don't know what happened but when I pulled it, something (yes, something) kept pulling it out. And before I knew it I had almost 3 feet of drain dangling from my hand. 22 Days of misery... finally over!

Scar Therapy

The journey for some doesn't end with sx. It's just beginning. I'm now doing Scar Therapy. I take Collagen 2 times a day. I wear the strips for 12 hours and use the other 12 hours. I think I may add Vitamin E Capsules to my list to massage my scar with. I thought I bought the wrong strips until today. I cut them in half so my 3 month supply is now a 6 month supply. Yeeeeea! These can be ordered on Amazon.com or Makemeheal.com

SX Day

Dr. Almonte is soft spoken a drop dead gorgeous! She came into my room early in the morning to mark me up cheerful wearing a warm smile... talking as though we were not strangers. She marked me up and asked me what I wanted. I told her an hourglass and to make my booty round because it is square and I wanted a flat tummy and no fat rolls on my back. She smiled and continued to mark on me as we talked. She has a thick accent but I was able to understand her clearly. She hugged and kissed me and told me she would see me shortly. And off to surgery I went. I took a shower, took the blue pill and off to sx I went. These people don't play...lol. That place is buzzing with precise movement by day. I was wheeled to the doors of the operating room nervous as a hell. I was taken into this primitive room, nothing like you'd see in the US. No machines, no beeping sounds of some technical equipment... nothing like that. I was sat on a stretcher and two women speaking Spanish work together like a well oil machine to gather the surgical tools that my Dr. would be using. I was shaking like a leaf. To the point where the entire bed rattled. They both stopped to console me. The one on my left started to tie my arm up for my IV and I thought to myself. .. WHAT IN THE HELL AM I DOING?! I proceeded to hop down from the table but I was loopy from the blue pill. I was panicking. The stopped my fall to the floor and told me in the best way they could not to worry and sat me back on the bed. Tears began to pour. Maybe if I wasn't alone I wouldn't have felt like that. She attempted to start the IV again and the other lady rubbed my hair and sang to me in Spanish. By the time the needle went into my arm good... I was out. The next thing I remember was being put back in my bed in my room and them telling me how good I looked and everything went great.

Scar Finally Healed

Oooh, ain't she pretty?!

If you're traveling to the DR soon.

For the upcoming #Dolls traveling to the DR. You can purchase and print the required Tourist Card online instead of purchasing one in the DR. The lines are too long there. Here's the link... https://www.dgii.gov.do/Tturistaweb/

Me vs The Faja... Guess Who Won...

I did damnit! Ahahahaaaaaa! It took me 30 1/2 damn days but I did it! And guess what my smart ass did.... I forgot to put on my damn tank top. FML! I also popped 2 hooks but I expected to have some casualties. Lmao! I won!!

This They Don't Tell You About Sx

I can clearly remember because pre-op and having 1000 questions about traveling to the DR, sx and post op care. Some of my questions were answered through sx but there are some or vital pieces of information that were left out. So every time I think of some of these overlooked pieces of info, I will come back and share it. Here's the 1st one...

Your faja is a crotchless compression garment. By day 2 or 3, some of us experience vaginal swelling because gravity forces everything down... Some swell like melons. Mine even turned purple. I even noticed slight swelling in my stage 2 garment.

Things They Don't Tell You About Sx

Your cycle can come on following your sx, even if you just had your cycle. Mine did.


Your Dr. can prescribe a powder that heals cuts insanely fast in the DR. Just ask for it. I don't know the name of it but many girls use it.


While in the DR most will wear their Faja stuffed with Maxi pads or Lipo Foam. I personally bought both, but preferred Pads. When leaving the Dominican Republic DO NOT ATTEMPT TO PASS THROUGH CUSTOMS WITH YOUR GARMENT STUFFED WITH PADS OR LIPO FOAM. You will be detained and strip searched to make sure you're not smuggling anything.

Updated Photos 37 Days Post Op.

Still Swollen. Excuse my crease on my hip... #WorkInProgress

Coming together nicely...

Dats a whole lotta rump!


43 Days Post Op


43 Days Post Op

58 Days Post Op

No garment. Still Swollen.

Round 2!

Soooo excited about Round 2! Deposit paid & date confirmed. Breast Lift & Vagnioplasty. May 12, 2015... my 1 year Anniversary of my 1st sx.

A Message For Username "Rebuilt"

Don't you ever!

Unwanted Attention

Let's talk about #DatAss!

I have always been a larger person. Most will describe as thick. In my younger years when I had a shape, i didn't realize that I had one and after kids... it was no longer existent. Now, soon to be 36, I have the body of my dreams and I still find myself uncomfortable. Maybe even more so than I was before. I'm not used to so much attention. People literally stop and stare at me. Some say things out loud. Scream things out of their car windows... uugh... I will never get used to this. I didn't do this to look good in the eyes of others. I did this for me so their remarks are very unwanted. If you haven't had surgery, get ready. Cause this shit is #Real. I guess I see why people stare cause I stare at me damn self Lol... Ok... thanks for listening to me vent.

Soft Porn Anyone?

Never in my life have I felt so sexy! I sent these to my boyfriend last night. I can't say that I've ever had the confidence to send my whole body... I'm definitely loving the skin I'm in.

What To Wear?

My 36th Birthday is coming up and I'm trying to figure out 5 to wear. I would do a dress change but I plan on being extremely inebriated. Ahahahaaaaaa

Updated Pics

I'm about 7 months post-op. Here are some pics. Ready for Round 2 in May. Thank you for all of your love and we'll wishes.

8 Month Update *Pics*

Rescheduled for July 21, 2015

I happened to have run across one of my dear friends sister who was contemplating sx. I gave her the run down and she... and her friend decided to go to my Dr. So... we're all gonna go together. Recently my home girl decided she was going as well so now it's 4 of us for sure. My b/f is supposed to go, but I've noticed her not to be so excited about it when we talk anymore. I know her ass ain't gonna bust a grape. Lmao! Buuuuuut I Ammmmmmm!!! Lmmfao!

RH Drama

Listen... y'all need to stop being so gullible. At this point... I've probably seen EVERY RH get bashed at some point. Some true... some utter bullshit. Take into consideration that the energy you give, is the energy you receive. I can only speak on my experience. And everything was great. I don't have a single complaint. But I unlike many people I left happy... and I came back the same way. I'm not defending anyone because I wasn't there and I don't know what happened. All I know is that Gianna Colombo has been great to me and all the girls that I sent and all of the others ladies that stumbled upon her. She runs a tight ship and just like me, she don't take no shit. Your health, safety and recovery are her main priorities. If you can't take a straight shooter... you shouldn't go to her because if you send... she will come. Bol! And I love her for that. I hate the fact that she doesn't type good English cause her side doesn't get told. I've only heard of 3 girls in a 2 years complain. Those actually aren't bad odds. Lol. Be an adult, make your own decision. Don't fuck up and go to a real shit hole cause you took some bad FB advice. YOUR EXPERIENCE IS YOUR EXPERIENCE. I've actually seen that happen a few times ????. People are quick to carry bad news. Best wishes #Dolls!

Remember the Golden Rule: Don't believe everything you hear(or read).

SN: I know somebody is going to be offended. And I know that y'all are screen shoting my post. Bol... you should know that I am 100% #UNBOTHERED

All New Everythang!

New Date, New Sx Buddies, New Dr.
As you know I paid Robles a 500$ deposit last year right after RD 1. Due to her most recent death and the fact that she hasn't bounced back, for a lack if better words made me rethink this whole thing. I had my deposit transferred to Almonte. So... I'm now... going for "The Sequel" lmao! I currently have 4 sx buddies with deposits paid. But that's still no guarantee. All I know is that... me and my fat rolls will be there. So, Rd 2 is Lipo EVERYWHERE and Vagnioplasty! I was going to get my breast done but, I'm not so sure about Almonte's breast. I just may have them done here in the US. The whole idea of scarring my nipple is frightening.

To Fluff or Not To Fluff. That is the question.

Here are some pics. You decide...

Edgar Contreras killed another girl

I used to try to talk to the girls going to him, but they get so defensive I don't bother. Do your research #Dolls


Food For Thought

Other people's opinions are pretty useless when it comes to you being happy with your results. Each Dr. can deliver. But, each Dr. also has a signature shape that they give. So 1st decide on what look you're going for weather it be vixen or conservative or somewhere in between. Consider the Dr's track record... infections, mortality rate, bedside manner etc. Your budget. Once you figure those things out... you be heading in the right direction of who is the best Dr. for you.

Did you miss me? Lol

Rd 2 was postponed. I was supposed to have a partial hysterectomy. I decided not to. I think my Dr is a quack. And I don't want to be without any of my lady parts. My new Dr says it isn't necessary and that the government loves to give Black and Hispanic women hysterectomy's in order to stop us from reproducing. Not that my fine ass is having more kids however, I like to keep my options open. Since sx I got a new boyfriend, we're still together. Not sure of how long it'll last lol. And I went to school for skin and nails. My new body has definitely given me the confidence to do new things and go out on new adventures. Rd 2 is on November 30th 2016. I'm getting Lipo of flanks, back, side, and waist. Thigh Lipo, and a Breast Lift & Reduction. My breast are a 36DDD/F now. I'm going to go down to a nice D cup. Once I get them done, I'm never wearing a bra in the Summer again. Lmao. Of course I'm staying with my boo Gianna again. I've already sent her a deposit as well. My friend who chickened out on me last time is supposed to be going this time. Even if she doesn't decide to go, I still am.

Updated Pics 2 Years Post Op

I've gained 6 lbs since sx. Those creases that I speak of earlier in my journey were actually fat rolls. But when you are healing and your skin is hard, they look like creases.

I love the new me!

Let me be GREAT

My breast are ruining my life. I wake up each day with more and more discontent. My breast refuse to let me be GREAT????. They are so heavy. I just want them gone. I'm a 38G, I want to go down to a nice full D cup, then the world will be a better place. #AlmontesGreatestCreation

Change of plans.

Hey yall! I spoke to l spoke to Lesley about changing my procedures. After looking at a pic of my back is had to re prioritize. So, I'll be getting a Backlift and Lipo for my Rd 2. I just want to be smooth in my clothes and not have these sagging inner tubes around my waist. Lolololol. I have decided to not longer share my pics on in the FB sx groups. Someone keeps reporting my pics and I get sent to FB jail. Yeah, I'm definitely not dealing with that BS.

Lawd I'm so ready!

Biiiiiiiih! My SX & RH are both completely PAID IN FULL! All I gotta do now is chill and gather my supplies... and hunt down a good price on a flight ?. #AlmonteDollRd2!

Do Your Part

Today I received an email from Lesley stating that I still had a balance of $350. But I was certain that my sx was completely paid off. Ladies... please keep records of all of your transactions. You cannot expect the surgery coordinators to do it for you. These sx coordinators are speaking to a high number of Dolls on a day to day basis. Not only are the issuing quotes, they are answering questions, they're working with the Dolls that are currently in the DR, working with the Dr's, they are handling the post op care etc. Not to mention... they have lives and families too. You have to do your part too, in order to make things run smoothly. So here's what I did...

1. Make a folder in your email and label it. Mine was simply titled "Dominican Republic". I kept all of my correspondence with my AWESOME sx coordinator Lesley Maria there. (Including your quote). Each time we spoke... I moved the email to that folder.

2. Take a pic of each receipt. Keeping up with paper can be difficult. Email it to your coordinator and email a copy to yourself. Move the message that you sent to yourself into the "Dominican Republic" folder. Now you have a running log of all payments.

I hope this helps you all along the way!

Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Almonte is the best choice handsdown. The fact that she has a US bank account was the first plus in my book. She and her staff provide excellent before and after care which is very important. No one wants to have sx and feel like they are on there own for the healing process. She checked and cleaned my wounds every 3 days religiously. And once I got home she personally continued to check on me. My results are outstanding. I'm ready to go back for round 2 and get my breast done. Lol

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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