TAKING the BLUE pill.

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I've been researching the procedures for a few...

I've been researching the procedures for a few years and reviewing all the posts over the last few months since I came a cross RS site. And never until I found the site and read the stories did I think that my dreams of having these procedures would come true. I've never thought I would have the guts to leave the country because of the fear of something going wrong and malpractice but reading the stories of the ladies on here and talking to some have eased me.

Not to mention the prices for the procedures in the states.
So this is where my journey begins. I finally got a response from Dr Yily!!!! I was so excited this morning because its been 8 days since I sent my initial email. She's quoted me $4900 for a breast reduction, tummy tuck , lipo of the arms, thighs, back, sides and a BBL--which I'm not sure if I'm going to do.

I'm so excited but very nervous. I have been wanting a tummy tuck for 10 years now. I'm going to be turning 30 and I have a 13 year old as well as 18 month old twins. During my first pregnancy I was very young and I gained 80 pounds, I managed to loose 60 pounds after my pregnancy but my body has never been the same. That and my weight has yo-yod during the years..
I had twins almost 2 years ago and gained 54 pounds but managed to loose all the weight until I returned to work 5 weeks after birth and the stressful long days and bad eating turned into gaining 25 pounds back. Yikes!!! The heaviest I've ever been. I'm so n happy with my pouch that has never gone even with lots of weight loss so I'm so looking forward to be rid of it.
My biggest concern when I've ever thought of having a tummy tuck was the scar. I have always wonders if it would bother me and if I would be so conscience of it. But then I think of it now and it is worse living with the pouch and not feeling comfortable naked so what's a line across? I hope Yily does a good job and the scar is minimal.

Now I have to get the deposit to her .... And her pay pal and western union accounts were closed because of the amount of money she was receiving.
For you ladies that haven't heard she is now giving a Chase account number for deposits.

I'm so excited. Finally got confirmation for April...

I'm so excited. Finally got confirmation for April 19 th. I bought all my vitamins today so I'm going to start taking them to ensure I'm good pre op aswell as post op. I found some awesome ladies to go with that day so its going to be great.

So excited as we counts the days down. I'm so...

So excited as we counts the days down. I'm so happy to be able to travel with some cool chicks I've met on RS. It's so nice not tO feel alone in such a big journey. I'm so grateful for the reviews of the ladies who have gone through surgery recently with Dr Yily and have shared so much of their journey prior and even as they are still recovering in DR. It's helped us who are booked and awaiting our day. Thank you ladies., its meant so much to feel more comfortable with our decision. I've started taking my vitamins, B6, B12, iron, C,D, folic acid
Haven't bought any of the supplies i intend to buy but will start this weekend.

So the days are flying by and the day for my long...

So the days are flying by and the day for my long awaited trip is soon here. I'm getting nervous but I'm looking forward to it. I'm starting to think of the day I have to leave my babies for this 10 day trip and Im starting to doubt everything. I know it's a long 10 days but I have to do this for me. My whole life has been about caring for others and I have been wanting this for the last 10 years.

Oh well, moving on from these thoughts. I have not purchased anything but will start tomorrow. I have gathered a list of things that other ladies have posted would be needed. Hopefully I won't miss anything. I have seen some great results from ladies who have posted like Ms gettingthisbodyright and Mzjuicyfruit87. It helps ease my nerves. I've got my plane ticket and my passport so that's all set. I'm a little worried about there being any incidents so I'm going to call Yira or Teresa on Monday to ensure Me and the ladies going are still ok. I got my pre op check and clearance for surgery from my Doctor. My hemoglobin is a 12.9 so I was relieved. She was very open and accepting to the idea if me traveling overseas for the procedure which quite honestly shocked me. I will post pictures of before and after but closer to the date.

Hello RS ladies! 14 more days and my journey will...

Hello RS ladies! 14 more days and my journey will begin. So excited but worried at the same time. I think I have everything Im going to need. I just have to pack which I'll hopefully do this weekend. I'm bringing a bikini I wore many years ago with me because I'd like to try it on when I'm feeling better after the surgery so I can see the progress of my results. I'm so excited to be rid of my pouch No I'm ecstatic. :)
I just got done reading the story of youngdoll10 and I'm feeling so much better about my decision because there were alt of negative comments surrounding Yily lately. It was a great review of her experience and I believe she isn17 days post op. check it out.

I will post my list of items I took and really needed after my stay. As well as before n after pics.

Hi ladies. So I have 12 days before surgery and 11...

Hi ladies. So I have 12 days before surgery and 11 days before I leave. It's a bit surreal I still can't believe it. I don't think I will believe it until I'm on a plane heading over there. My plan as of now is to arrive the 18 th and head straight to Cipla to get our pre op testing done so we don't have to go through all of that the day of surgery. I've emailed Yily to see if that changes what time she starts because there are four of us she is operating on that day and I don't want it to be a longer day than necessary. Hopefully all works out and it helps.
So today I'm really going to start packing all the things I've bought so I'm one step closer on the day to leave. I've just ordered the Lipofoam so I hope it arrives during the week because I'm afraid I will need it and not have it.
From what I've seen and read I'm going to have to purchase 2 fajas because it looks like it is very messy the first 5 days and I don't want to be in a dirty and stained one because it takes time to remove and wash the one Dr Yily puts you in.
Super stoked!!! Will try and continue updating everyday here and out. :)

So we have 8 days before surgery. I've packed my...

So we have 8 days before surgery. I've packed my bag and I'm ready to go.
I still need to visit my doctor to see if she would prescribe the Ned's Dr Yily will require so I don't have to spend the money in DR.

It doesn't feel real. I'm excited but I don't have...

It doesn't feel real. I'm excited but I don't have that rush yet. I know it will come once the travel day rolls around.
The girls and I are planing to go in to Cipla the day we arrive to get our blood work and test done so the day of surgery we are ready. It will be in the afternoon and I hope it isn't too late. I ask Dr Yily and she said it should be fine.

Waiting for DR to finish with girl before me. So...

Waiting for DR to finish with girl before me. So far everyone's been very nice. I found out why pillows are scares around here. Girls were using them for discomfort but were placing in wrong areas and messing with results.

BIG no no from Yily was the LIPO Foam. She said it could be good for the back and sides but ladies are placing in stomach area and getting burns causing further complications.

Ok will update soon.

She did half my surgery and left it to others to...

She did half my surgery and left it to others to finish my surgery.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Found all the reviews on Real Self and decided she would be the Doctor to see.

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