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I'm 47. Have had two pregnancies, one natural and...

I'm 47. Have had two pregnancies, one natural and one emergency c-section...you know...the kind where the scare goes straight down from your belly button to your whoohaa. I was 36-25-36 and 115lbs before children and 40-36-43 and 180lbs. I've lost 45lbs over the past 3 years, but my body looks horrible. I'm embarrassed to wear shorts or a bathing suit. I avoid going on vacation because the idea of being on a beach makes me nauseous. I've been stalking this site for about two months reading all I can about procedures and recovery extent. I've looked into many doctors in the US, around my area in Ohio , and out of the country to. After talking with several surgeons, getting quotes and reviewing thousands of before and after photos I've decided to go with Dra Disla in the Dominican Republic. She answers all my questions and in a very timely fashion. I appreciate this because most Doctors don't seem to want to have a conversation about what you want or your concerns. I feel pretty good about my choice....now I have to go get my health check because she wants to know my blood counts and my lung and heart health before I buy my airline ticket. It's good to know she wants to be proactive about any health concerns.

Healthy and good to go!

Got a blood test, EKG and mammogram and all came back great. The only thing I need now is the pulmonary function test. Once that comes back good I'll be ready to make a deposit and buy my plane ticket. I'm excited, but nervous. I wish I had someone going with me.

Got the pulmonary function test

All my results were excellent! I'm ready to schedule, but know I can't get a straight answer from my friend if she's coming or not. I really don't want to go alone, so if anyone is going around January 9th or 10th I'd love an RS friend to hang/recover with.

OMG! Got my date!

I'm scheduled with Dra Disla on January 10,2014. I sent my deposit, reserved a spot at the Armonia RH and got my plane ticket!!!! I'm so freakin' excited, I can hardly sleep at night or think about anything else.
Is anyone else going around that date?


I've already started packing and I only have a few more items I want to pick up for the trip. I have a lot of maxi skirts and tank tops, t-shirts, loose sweat pants (I get cold easy) and loose khaki shorts.
I've been eating like a hog since Thanksgiving, so I need to make healthy eating a priority! I feel extra holiday chunky!

2 More Days and I'm on a plane

I'm getting nervous but super excited! I've got everything ready to go...tablet, smartphone, passport, pads, ointment, tape, diuretics, Tylenol PM.....and I'm eating protein and taking my vitamins. I wish the day would just get here so I could stop obsessing!


Crazy belly and boobies from so much weight loss, age and really big babies. Can't wait to never see this again.

on the other side

I'm sore bruised and tired. It burns more than actually hurts until I try to move and forget I can't use my tummy muscles.
Disla is very cool. Her staff is nice too but they don't speak english but they use a translator computer program. The staff at Armonia are great. I'll write more when I feel up to it.. And post some pics when I can get a peek

one week out

On the eight day now and feeling pretty good. I'm still swollen and I guess this can last for months. The pics I'm uploading are three days po in faja, one week po in camy and panties and same day of the bruising left on my inner thigh from lipo. My incisions are great! TT is super low and thin, I still have steri strips on it or I would get you all a pic. My breast lift was done around my areolas, no lollipop or anchor scars for me yeah!!!!!! The only discomfort at this point is the swelling and bruising. Besides that we hope to hit the mall tonight for a little mercantile therapy. Lol. Everyone here is nice but the language barrier makes it difficult to fit in. If you can download a translator into your phone or tablet. The food taste great but I'm not use to eating so much beans or carbs for that matter so my stomach is super gassy. Getting drains out on Monday and the we'll be able to go sight seeing. But don't over do it....one girl here was going out every night ...late...dancing!!! She got a fever and was stuck in bed for a whole day.


Some pics....hope they load this time

still healing

Still swollen, but its not nearly as bad as it was. I feel pretty good considering how much I had done. The sterile strip tape started to give me a rash, so I have had to go without for almost a week now. I'll write a full account later, im trying to catch up on everything.

reloaded pics from day 8

Here are the pics that didn't load before
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