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I'm going with Yily de lo santos. Happy with my...

I'm going with Yily de lo santos. Happy with my decision. She will be doing my TT and bbl. I am saving my breasts for Colombia because of personal preference in the look I want. Also seeking buddy so please lemme know !!!! I'm staying at serenity recovery house and I'm so excited for the new me. My second round will be six months after which puts me at 6/10/17 and if anyone reading is going to Cali Colombia , let's go together lol. I'm going with Correa there and will be doing my teeth there also !


Okay okay. So I'm pretty sure I've been a scaredy cat for nothing but ! I'm not doing dr again. Everytime I get comfortable enough , some tragedy trikes. Thankfully I'm avoiding Florida too for now. So much been happening. Makes me wonder is the tax season summer rush worth it. I'm Not for it. So Cali Colombia it is. Either plazas , Correa will be my doctor but I will rate Correa since plazas hasn't quoted me just yet

Going to Cali Colombia dolls

December 9-23 so hit me up buddy. I'm trying to stay at Bella vitas place.

Back to DR.

Why is this decision so hard ? Nailing down a. Doctor. Recovery house. Buddy. Like ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

I love God so much !

Things just work out in their natural time and order. The love and positivity I exude and share , just brings blessings . So , today I got quoted by Duran and I'm so happy ! Finally lol. So I'm ditching Yily lol. I love her work honestly but Duran was my top wish doc ! My heart is so happy to know Ima be a Duran doll , well a Duran Henao hybrid lol. This journey is full of ups and downs every day it seems. Lol. So much changes day to day I'm just so glad to have some idea of my plan. Breasts in Colombia for sure ! And Duran gonna hook my TT and bbl life up ! ???????????????????? summer 2017 looking awesome from where I'm sitting ( no pun intended )

Vanity playing games with my fucking mony

I'm beyond livid at this point. Vanity was supposed to return my money two months ago, they playing games and Ima snap for real. No one has $1000 to just give away plus I'm rescheduling and I can't book until I get that back. Shit holding me back. I'm fucking pissed ! I swear no one should ever send vanity money. If you booking fisher , go through his people. They're racist as hell and full of major shit. Ima lose it soon !


I hate that we can't delete posts on mobile. Gotta get to a comp fast !
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Can't as of yet but I do get timely responses to my email.

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