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About Me I’ve giving birth to two kids at an...

About Me
I’ve giving birth to two kids at an early age I'm 30 years old and have two girls one about to turn 14yr old and the other 12. I've been in a relationship for 7years and we haven’t been able to have a baby yet so I’m throwing in the towel and making it all about me now. I have asthma and have been trying workout to stay motivated but I just cant it's too frustrating. Especially when you don’t see results in the areas that you want. I'm from DC and still live in the area. I have absolutely no money saved and don’t have any credit so I will be saving 10 months to raise my money You can't stop a women on a mission :)

My Shape
I didn’t have much time to enjoy my perfect body I use to have Full C cup size 6 small waist hips and a nice little round booty :). The stretch marks on my stomach now looks like Freddy used his sharp nails to leave his mark. Oh and don’t let me forget to mention this awful Kangaroo pouch which I can’t seem to get rid of. My arms are huge and I can’t stand them it took me a long time to just say the hell with it I’m going to wear tanks/short sleeves if I want to. My thighs are very thick but the only problem I have with those is that they rub together. my Breast cup size is 36DD which blows me because they are hanging low and if I even think about putting on some clothes I got to forget it because I CANT go without BRA. Don't get me wrong I still have a nice shape with clothes on LOL. But I want to wear a bikini and a belly ring and if nothing else I’m getting rid of this pouch.

So after looking at different reviews and pics I think I’ve make my choice. I make my profile on her website but wasn’t sure if it went through, So I sent her and email with pics in Spanish (using the Google translator and a app on my phone) She wrote me today with my Quote YAY here is the email I sent Mi nombre es __________. Me gustaría conseguir un maquillaje de mamá este o principios año de enero. Necesito un tummy tuck porque tengo un colgante bajo estómago, lipo de brazos, espalda y muslos y tal vez un lifting de glúteos. Aquí hay algunas fotos de mí. Me gustaría una cotización para todo, incluyendo la casa de recuperación. Por favor, yo he estado esperando hacer esto por un tiempo y finalmente tienen la oportunidad de hacerlo y me gustaría que como mi médico porque su trabajo es increíble y sé que usted me puede dar los resultados que quiero. Soy 5'2 y pesa entre 175 y 180. También me gustaría saber si tengo que perder más peso antes del procedimiento. Muchas gracia--

and this is what she sent me in ENGLISH LOL I feel so silly sending hers is Spanish but hey I needed a response so I can start saving
Hello! Thanks for contacting us!
The price for fat grafting to buttock, BBL, liposuction of abdomen, armpit, back, flanks, waist, Tummy Tucks and breast lifting 5.200 $USD. It also includes 1 compression garment, pre-operatory tests ( TTP, HIV, Hbs, HCV, BASAL GLYCEMIA, GLYCEMIA, UREA, SERUM CREATININE, FULL BLOOD COUNT, VDRL, BLOOD TYPE Y RH) , cardiologist (EKG), anesthesiologist (epidural block), clinic fees (room, operating room, nurses, IVs, 3 meals, surgical assistants, etc).
The procedures will depend on your hemoglobin levels.
The lymphatic massages cost 31$USD each session (10 sessions)
If you want to buy a second garment, the price is 140$USD
In case you need a blood transfusion, the price is 250$USD
The compression sleeves cost 80$USD
Dose of medication
If you want to buy the medication in your country
-HEPARIN 40 MG: Subcutaneous injection 1 per day for 8 days.
-CLAVULIN 1GR: Take 1 every 24 hours for 10 days.
-DICLOFENAC 50MG: Take 2 tablets together the first 3 days every 6 hours, then at 4th day take 1 every 8 hours for 10 days.
-OMEPRAZOL 20 MG: Take 1 every 12 hours for 10 days.
-VITAMIN C 500 MG: Take 1 tablet every 12 hours for a month.
-FERROUS SULFATE: Take 1 tablet every 12 hours for 30 days.
-FOLIC ACID 10 MG: Take 2 tablets per day for 15 days.
-THROMBOCID CREAM: Apply on the operated area 2 times a day for 10 days.
We recomend you to stay in the country for 2 weeks. If you can't stay that long, you must stay at least for 10 or 8 days minimum.
The places we recommend to stay at are:
-Spa Jacqueline Marrero “Recovery House”: 90$ per day. If 2 people share a room the price would be 75$USD per person. It includes: round-trip transportation to the airport, room with 2 beds, 3 meals, nurse 24 hours, security, access to internet WIFI, Transportation to surgery. Phone number: 809-412- 8239 / 829- 966-8878. Website: www.spamedicaljm.com
If you're staying at the Recovery House (Jacqueline Spa), contact them and send your flight information (airline, flight number, date, time). They'll pick you up at the airport.
Jacqueline's email adress:
-The hotel of the clinic CIPLA: 100$ per day. It includes: 3 meals, WIFI, nurse 24 hours. The round-trip transportation is 70$USD.
But if you want to stay in a hotel close to the clinic instead of the recovery house:
-Hotel Plaza del Sol: It’s 45$USD per day. It only includes breakfast. No nurse. Phone: 809-686-2614
Scheduling a date and the deposit
When you decide to have the surgery you need to say to me the exact date you want to have surgery (I don’t work on Sundays and I prefer not to do surgeries on Saturdays and Thursdays) and once the date has been set and you’ve booked your flight you have to send me your flight information and a deposit of 500$ US (it can be more but no less than 200USD$)
Choose any day you want (you don’t need to ask me if it’s available or not), I will write down your dates but only lock the date to people who have sent me the deposit. The first person who sends me the deposit is the first patient of the day.
I’m receiving deposits through Chase Bank
Account number: 29 32 88 76 61
Name: Yily Loramny De Los Santos Rosario
Once you’ve sent the deposit you need to send me in an email your confirmation number and the user
I haven't canceled or erased any date so don't be worried.
We're doing this because we want to be sure that the patients will come to have surgery.
Some of them confirm their dates and we wait for them but they never come.
Before surgery
- It is VERY important to have a good hemoglobin level to have the surgery done. Also I recomend you to
see a cardiologist few days before coming.
-You should start taking vitamins, B complex, ferrous sulfate, folic acid, vitamin C.
-Stop smoking
-Stop taking drugs
-You should have a doctor or nurse that able to drain your liquids when you get back to your country.
-Your hemoglobin levels have to be more than 12 gm/ dl.
-You should have the tests done there to be sure that you can have surgery. The tests are: Creatinine, glucose, full blood count, hematocrit, EKG, radiography
-You need to bring loose clothes, a shirt to wear under the garment, baby wipes and maternity pads.
-You have to bring any identification to the clinic (ID, Passport or driving license) To have the admission done.
After surgery:
I will give you instructions and recommendations for your recovery.
You should bring loose clothes and maternity pads.
You will stay 1 night in the clinic and it’s included in the quote.
You have to wear the garment for 3 months and can’t spend more than 45 minutes without it.
Transportation to the clinic
-If you stay at Jacqueline’s she will pick you up from the airport and take you to the clinic.
-If you want my driver to pick you from the airport is 70$USD (the round-trip transportation)
-If you want to go to the clinic by yourself , the address is:
Av. Pedro Henriquez Urena 137 between Av. Abraham Lincoln and Av. Tiradentes. Suite 208
I only accept cash. I don’t accept financing, credit card, care credit, check orders or checks.
You can pay me with US dollar or with Dominican pesos.
I usually use continuous epidural block.
Some patients want general anesthesia but it is subjected to the anesthesiologist and I trust in him. He knows what anesthesia is the best for each patient.
The name of the airport is Aeropuerto de las Americas
And it’s located on Av. Las Americas.
Things you have to know:
The procedures separately are more expensive than if they're done together.
The garment I use is distributed by FAJATE, SILIMED.
Things you should do:
You should wait 3-7 days for a response because I’m getting 85-95 emails per day and I have to do surgeries, attend meetings and I also work in others institutions.
Please just send me one message with that I mean that you can email me a lot of times but it’s better if you do in the same message so I don’t have to click on ‘’filter messages like these’’.
Please don’t send me messages from 2 or more different emails because I can’t filter them and it’s difficult to know who I am writing to.
I need you to be sure before sending the deposit and please confirm your date 2 days before the surgery.
The day of surgery
You have to fast the day of surgery so don't eat or drink anything but water.
You have to be in the clinic at 7 am, you’ll have the test done, the consultation with me and then the surgery. One of my assistant will be with me to translate and for a better communication.
I place the implants under the muscle.
The stitches for the breasts are absorbable so you don’t need to cut them.
I honestly don't like to transfer fat to breast because of the issue of breast cancer but I have performed it. If you want me to transfer fat to your breast I can do it but it's not the ideal.
Tummy tuck
The inches of your waist will depend on your diastasis and the separation of your muscles so I can't tell you how many inches I could take take off of your waist. This will be determinated in the surgery.
The tummy tuck scar/incision is 4cm from the pubic line.
You can have a tummy tuck and get pregnant after 1 year.
I perform the super wet technic with ultrasound.
I inject the fat in all direction as long as It doesn't compress the sciatic nerve.
The fat injected in the buttock will depend on how much fat your butt can resist and your hips size. I can't determinate before the surgery how much I will fat graft to you.
After having the BBL done you can sit on your butt. And you will sleep on your back.
If It is injected so much fat in the butt it can necroses or form abscesses, but it only happens if the patient don't have care after the surgery.
Most of the butts in the wish pics that some of my patients send me are made of PMMA and I don’t use that. I just do fat graft and the fat injected in the buttock will depend on how much fat your butt can resist and your hips size. I always try to do my best but we have to be aware that there are limits injecting fat. I'll reduce your abdomen the more I can and transfer the most amount of fat I can.
These suggestions are based on each person.
If you want to see the pics of women who have surgery done by me, click on the links below:
-Breast: http://www.drayilydelossantos.net/busto.html
-Body: http://www.drayilydelossantos.net/cuerpos.html
-Face: http://www.drayilydelossantos.net/Procedimientos.html
Please don’t ask me to send you pics because I don’t have time, that’s why my executive advertising is the only one who uploads them to the site.
If you want to speak with my assistant or secretary, you should call my office: 809-622-5720 from 9:00-17:00pm. Teresa speaks Spanish and Yira speaks English and Spanish.
I really prefer that you ask me all the questions via email.

Dra Yily De Los Santos Cirujana Plástica, Estética y Reconstructiva

Am I the only one that keep looking at looking at...

Am I the only one that keep looking at looking at this site for more before and after pictures, reviews and all the information I can get smh. I can't wait till I get the money so I can get this phase over with.

I'm not sure if I should lose weight or not I would like to be no less than 155 at the lowest, I'm at 180 now. I love my thickness ant don't want tolook like a bobble head because I have big breast. I know you need enough get to transfer to your butt bit I don't need that much, more shaping than anything.

**************Prep for SX***************** Three...

**************Prep for SX*****************
Three Weeks Before Surgery
Stop smoking! In some cases, we may ask you to stop sooner. Smoking can interfere with healing by constricting and decreasing blood flow all over the body which may prevent the wound from healing properly. Do not resume smoking after surgery until you are given permission by Dr. Lopes.

IMPORTANT: Smoking causes severe complications!

Stop drinking!
There should be no alcohol consumption for a minimum of 2-3 weeks prior to your procedure. Alcohol causes increased bleeding, increases the chances of infection, depresses immune functions and may interfere with wound healing.

Make a list of all medications! (Over-the-counter and prescribed)
• Your patient counselor must have a complete list of all medications that you take, either over-the- counter (including supplements and vitamins) or prescribed, before your upcoming procedure.

• Many medications interfere with the clotting process of blood and it is crucial that we know everything that you are currently taking or may take in the near future.

• You will be instructed by your patient counselor to temporarily discontinue certain medications in the weeks ahead.

Check your refrigerator!
It is important that you maintain a healthy diet including many fruits and vegetables. However, there are certain foods which naturally contain salicylates, which affect the blood, and should be kept to a minimum for two weeks before and two weeks after surgery. Cutting down on these foods will help reduce bruising after surgery. Now is the time to clean out your refrigerator and adjust your shopping lists for the weeks ahead.

Foods containing salicylates that should be kept to a minimum for two weeks before and two weeks after surgery:

Almonds Cherries Grapefruit Limes Peaches Raisins
Apricots Cucumber Grapes Nectarines Plums Tomatoes
Berries (all) Currants Lemons Oranges Prunes Vinegar

Two Weeks Before Surgery
Stop 2 weeks BEFORE until 2 weeks AFTER surgery:
• All Aspirin and Ibuprofen products including the drugs listed on the enclosed insert.
• All anti-inflammatory drugs used for arthritis. (Please consult your physician prior to discontinuing).
• All anti-coagulants
• Vitamin E taken internally
• If a medication is in question, call our office nurse.

START 2 weeks BEFORE until 2 weeks AFTER surgery (Strongly Recommended)
• Take a Multivitamin tablet daily. Most multivitamins contain some form of vitamin E, however this is acceptable to take prior to surgery. We do ask that you refrain from taking additional vitamin E.
• Take Vitamin A - 8,000-10,000 units, twice a day. This has well-documented beneficial effects on surgical healing and will also fuel your immune system.
• Take Vitamin C - 1,000 mg., twice a day. This is essential for collagen synthesis, which is part of normal wound healing. Your need for Vitamin C will increase after surgery.
• Take Bromelain - 1,000 mg., twice a day. (Pineapple enzyme - from a health food store) This helps to relieve the swelling associated with surgery.

For Liposuction patients only:
• Begin taking Slow Fe (non-prescription iron supplement) once daily.

One Week Before Surgery
BEGIN A LOW SODIUM DIET: (1 week BEFORE until 2 weeks AFTER procedure):
Limit sodium intake to 1200-1500 mg. daily. Limiting sodium will help you have less swelling and discomfort and allow you to heal faster after surgery.

GET PROPER NUTRITION AND REST: (1 week BEFORE until 2 weeks AFTER procedure):
• Avoid white carbohydrates such as bread, bagels, rice, potatoes, pasta and sweets.
• Eat healthy, regular meals.
• Eat 2 fruits and 3 green vegetables daily.
• Eat a small amount of protein at each meal.

IMPORTANT! Your diet can aid healing remarkably and reduce swelling and pain!


BUY SURGICAL GARMENT (if instructed to do so by Dr. Lopes):
• You will be instructed by your patient counselor where to purchase the garment.
• Your garment may need to be altered to fit and you must have it for the day of surgery.

• You may have your hair colored, permed, etc. during the week before surgery.
• Remember that longer hair may be useful in covering the surgical sites during early healing.

3 Days Before Surgery
• Wash the operative area with your normal soap or cleanser once daily for three days prior to surgery.
FOR FACIAL SURGERY: Be sure to wash thoroughly behind the ears for three days.
FOR BREAST SURGERY: Do not shave under arms for 3 days prior to surgery as it may increase your chance of infection.

2 Days Before Surgery
• Take every 8 hours as directed and continue for 10 days.
• Continue taking Bromelain as directed every 12 hours between meals. This anti-inflammatory promotes healing. As an alternative, eat fresh pineapple.

The Night Before Surgery
EXTREMELY IMPORTANT! If you are having I.V. Sedation or General Anesthesia:
NOTHING to eat or drink after 12 Midnight the night prior to your procedure.
SAFETY ALERT: Failure to comply increases anesthesia risk and may cause cancellation of your surgery!

• Wash and condition your hair as usual the night before surgery.
• Do not use mousse, gel, or hair spray.

Make arrangements prior to the day of surgery for someone else to drive you home and stay with you for at least 24 hours after surgery!!

The Day of Surgery
• You may brush your teeth and rinse with mouthwash. Do not swallow any liquids.
• Do not use breath mints or chewing gum.
• Do not apply makeup, deodorant, lotions, fingernail polish, hairpins or moisturizer.
• Do not wear jewelry or valuables.
• Do not wear contacts. Bring a case for glasses.
• Wear loose-fitting clothing: a button up front shirt, elastic waist pants and slip-on shoes. No jeans or jumpsuits.
• Bring a scarf and dark glasses (to be worn afterwards) for appropriate procedures.
• Bring surgical garment (to be worn after surgery) if instructed to do so by Dr. Lopes.
• You will need a ride to and from the office for the procedure (no Taxi).

(as instructed by your patient counselor)
• No food or caffeine for four (4) hours before procedure.
• You may have a light meal prior to your procedure. Avoid greasy and spicy food.
• 15 minutes before taking medications: Eat a few crackers or a piece of toast.
• 1 hour before procedure: Take oral pre-op sedation.
• Have someone drive you to your appointment and drive you home.

After Surgery
You will be given specific postoperative instructions for your procedure which will outline in detail what you should do for the next 24 hours and for the upcoming weeks.

WHEN YOU GET HOME: (General Instructions)
• Someone must be with you for 24 hours.
• Do not get up without assistance. Stay quiet and do little talking, movement, and lifting
as excessive activity may cause bleeding to occur.
• Pain medication can be taken soon after leaving the office if needed.
• If you experience nausea, use the anti-nausea medication.
• Sip liquids slowly, increase gradually. By evening you may have a light, soft meal.
• Do not drink any alcoholic beverages (beer and wine included) for 48 hours. They do not mix well with anesthesia and may make you very sick.
• Do not smoke.
• Do not drive or do anything that requires your coordination for 48 hours. Medication
and/or anesthesia agents may interfere with good judgement.

I've been watching YouTube today and saw a couple...

I've been watching YouTube today and saw a couple of procedures being done to know what to expect and also documentaries from different women that had breast lofts and tummy tucks. O have to admit I'm kinda scared ro get an epidural I think I will ask if I can have general anesthesia. Note I had both of my kids NATURAL B-)

***********Duran********** I got a quote from...

I got a quote from Duran an here it is
Ok Rontavia 
Debes perder al menos unas 15 libras 
Entonces lipoescultura y TT con transferencia de grasa a los gluteos Us 4,800
Debajo incluyo alguna información

I won't post the entire thing because I already have the same info about before and after care but this is something extra she does


This price includes:   •Pre-surgical medical...

This price includes:
•Pre-surgical medical examinations

•Cardiologic Evaluation

•Photographs (before and after surgery)

•Operating Room


•Post-surgical Accessory (1 Garment)

•Supplies and disposable materials

•Medicines (analgesics and antibiotics)

•Medical fees

•One night at the clinic

•One night of nursing care

•Consultation and medical checks before and after surgery

•Physician examinations and consultations, pre and post-operative

This price excludes the cost of medical insurance and post-operative medications. The medical insurance is a requirement and its purpose serves to ensure that you are covered in the event that you will need to be transferred to a local hospital in case of an emergency. The cost of this insurance is $130 USD. The cost of the post-operative medication is $150 USD

***********Duran************** I believe I have...

I believe I have made a decision to change doctors. After about 2-3 months of reading reviews and comparing pictures, I have to say that I Love Duran's work. I have joined her Facebook group ,Twitter page and Instagram and Baaaaaaby those girls she Haas worked on are Hot. Her post op pictures also show woman that are like a year or so after sx. And on top of that I love Duran's personality she comments on some post and shows how much she cares. So girls have also been able to get their emails answered by leaving comments on her pages. But I think that's kinda rude of them because they gotta realize that get a lot of emails. Another reason why I like her work is her breast work looks good.

Torn between Duran and Yily SMH

Both of these surgeons work are absolutely great. At one point I just knew I was going to Yily then I just knew I was going to Duran. Hey I’m a Libra I can barely figure out what to wear in the morning ? But this might be a deal breaker I want to have a Mommy Makeover done in Dec. my money is low my Quote from Yily is $5200 everything my quote from Duran was $4800 without BL and $6500 for it with BL Shocked yea me too. the good thing with Duran is that her quote include massages and a nurse but only if you stay at a certain hotel. If I go with Duran I might not be able to get it done till like Feb/March?. So I guess you can say I still not 100% sure what I want to do


Here are some Quotes I received.ai am posting them to give you an idea of how much a Mommy makeover will cost form different doctors im DR. I already told yall about Duran and Yily *******Dr.Pantoja*******
Package 1: MOMMY MAKEOVER PACKAGE: Includes liposuction, tummy tuck, breast lift and implants $7,000dlls.
Package 2: Tummy tuck, liposuction $4,800dlls.
Package 3: Breast lift with implants $3,800dlls.

Drains and stitches will be removed 2 weeks after surgery, if you can't stay that long, you can follow up with your doctor. Total recovery time is 4-5 weeks.

What is included in this cost?

- 2 night-stay in the clinic with 24 hour nurse care/aid
- Your own recovery room equipped with Patient's bed, armchair/lazy-boy, Wi-Fi, T.V., phone, bathroom utilities (shower and lavatory).
**Please note the following: A friend or family member is more than welcome to accompany you and stay in the clinic all day long and even stay in your room while you're in surgery. However, space is limited with the intention of giving the patient the needed attention. Therefore, at night-time the one accompanying you may stay at a hotel, just to have somewhere to sleep at (we don't have beds for family members). And in the morning he/she is welcome to stay at the clinic until your check-out, which is almost always at 10:00am the day after your surgery once you've had your breakfast, Dr. Pantoja has revised you and prescribed your medications. There are several nice hotels near by. 3 are within walking distance from our clinic.

- Patient's meals are provided (Fruit, Chicken Soup/Broth, etc).
- Dr. Pantoja's, Anesthesiologist's, Hospital, Nurses and Operating Room fees included
- An evaluation and electrocardiogram (EKG) is done before the surgery by the cardiologist
- Lab work required prior to surgery and post op
- 1 Compression Girdle/Garment
- 1 Post-op Bra
- Unlimited post-operative visits

What is not included:

1)Medication you need to take home for your recovery. (i.e. antibiotic, pain, spray to use on tummy tuck scar). This can be bought at any pharmacy in Mexico or be delivered to the clinic. The cost is approx. $150 dollars since this is a two week treatment. NO REFILL NEEDED.
2) Nursing services outside of clinic.

Additional information about what to expect after your surgery:
You will need it about 2-3 weeks time off from work/school. It is imperative that when you return to your activities you do this under what is known as 'Light-duty' or with caution and wearing the girdle for the first 5-6 months. Doing this will support your back, posture, with swelling, and will aid in achieving the goal desired.

The anesthesia used is an Spinal Block and sedation. You don't feel anything, you don't be awake.

*******Dra. Baez *******

tummy tuck and breast lift but your arms ‘skin is sagging so you may benefit from an arm lift, these can be too many surgeries for round one. The price for the surgeries that you are requesting and I recommend you tummy tuck, lipo to abdomen, waist, back, flanks and Brazilian butt lift (fat transfer to butt)+ breast lift  is US$ 4,500, you can have arm lift and a second round lipo 4-6 months later , this quote includes:

-Airport pick up
-evaluation by plastic surgeon
-Chest X-ray
-Cardiovascular evaluation
- Laboratory exams
-Overnight stay in the clinic
-First compressive garment
-Free of charge follow ups
-Medication post-surgery
-lymphatic drain massages and ultrasound massages which are included
The amount of fat transfer to your buttocks depends on how many cc can be extracted with liposuction. Your results also depend on your hemoglobin level if you want to get excellent results you really have to be healthy and no anemia. I recommend you to begin taking vitamins (C and B complex, folic acid, iron) and please ask your primary can doctor to take some blood test like glycaemia, full blood cell count and creatinine at least to know if you can have all surgeries done.

If you need transportation or a recovery house we can offer these services with an additional fee.

I need Two rounds

I've decided to go for two rounds so I will have two doctors :) I just got good news from my fiancé that we are getting married 10/2014 so I need my BODY to RIGHT when I walk down the aisle. I am choosing Dra Baez, and Dra Duran. between the two I will have a arm lift, BL, TT,BBL and lipo. My first date will be early Dec. and my second date I’m not sure yet ? maybe March or April I need enough time to hea before the wedding. Now I gotta decide what to have first.

I'm back on my journey

So a lot has happened but I haven't had my Sx yet :( I am now Married stress free (as much as I can possibly be) and ready for my new body. After talking with my husband and daughter about my SX them not agreeing that I should have it a first , they finally decided that I can if I allow my daughter to go with me because my husband wouldn't be able to.
The doctors I'm deciding on are still Baez and now I'm also considering Bello. Because they are skilled with working with the plus size girls.

Oh did I mention while stressing planning my wedding I gained twenty Fucking pounds ugh so I gotta work this off plus about 10-20more.

I have Contacted Baez tonletbher know that I wanted to reschedule my date for next March and I see things have changed because she haven't responded right away. And I also email Bello about next year and she want a $250 deposit but I'm not too sure if I want to go to her or not.

new wish pics

I have finally found someones shape that I think is perfect for me
She is short like me um only 5'2
Thick thighs
I already have the breastbjust need to get them lifted

Once the stomach is tucked and I have lipo and my bbl I dont see why I wouldn't be able to achieve this look. I is very natural to me

wish pic

Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

I dont have a rating yet

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