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34 year old mom of a 19,15,and 12 year old, and a...

34 year old mom of a 19,15,and 12 year old, and a wife of 14 years. I am claiming (getting) my sexy back. In May, God willing I will have had surgery and gained all my self confidence back. I'm scared out of my mind, but with my faith. I know God wont allow me to do anything I can't handle. If he takes me to it I know he'll take through it. My sister and I am doing this journey together. We are both believers in God and know he has covered us with his blood and we are protected.
My husband is standing by my side even though he scared shitless of losing me. He's is always my support through everything I do. I've had some outside supporters like the ladies at the Healing Haven Recovery House and Dra. Disla have helped eased my fears by answering all of my million and one questions and calmed helped calm some of my fears.
I'm praying to God that I will be able to come back on here with some after pictures and years from now some photos of how sexy I am at the age of 40 and many years beyond.
Heavenly father please protect us all that is taking this big risk and all those that have already been here. Please guide us all in the right direction. Bless the hands of the doctors and cover everything on our journeys and beyond with your blood of protection.

Dra. Disla and Healing Haven here we come. I hope y'all are ready!!!!!

No Disla, love Robles! !!

Ok. Sobi didn't go to Disla nor did my sister come with me. Her idea, I was joing her so we could both experience this together. The evening before we she has no $. Anyway I kept seeing neg reviews about Disla got me to 2nd guessing my choice of her. Then she wasn't replying to my emails until 3-4 days later which wasn't like her. I spoke w 3 of the unhappy females all similar complaints. Disla says if you have stretch marks tge results dont turn out good, their boobs uneven, hips squared and the tt scar to high. All of the reasons I was going to Disla was for her damn near perfect work on females. I believe in 3s, after speaking to 3 females I was now uneasy bout Disla. I reached out to Robles whose assistant Laura is great. Took a min to get a quote but I was impressed with the quote which includes a RH which I didn't need. I sent pics was told what my options were.

I emailed Disla about my concerns no reply once again. Eventually I got an answer I wasn't expecting her to say if results aren't good I can come back in 6 months she fix. I waslooking answ to why these people were having these complications and if we could do anything to prevent. Nope not even close.

I was still on the fence. So I had my iron check. It was under a 12. She say we move to another clinic cuz cipla won't let her work on me that low. But I wanted all procedures. She replies come we'll try to do all take iron more often. Again not what I expected if you had my health in mind. Im schedule less than a week from this date. So, I asked to push days back a few still unsure. I get an email a day before I leave to go to DR asking if im coming. How could you email almost 4 days later asking if im coming. Hell no, I'm not. My thoughts.

Before I made up my mind to go w Robles. When I mentioned Disla name I'd get really uneasy and started shaking. Don't know why. This was a Dra I had fallen in love w her work and her promptness to replying to my emails. I was sold months before. Up til a few weeks before I left. God showed me she wasn't the one for me. I've prayed and prayed waited patiently and got my answer.

With Robles I didn't get my ba/bbl, just a tt. I was completely comfortable with Laura telling me it wasn't safe. My iron was 12.1. But, this was God's way of saying my body can't handle all this. I was surprised how much I accepted this decision. I could've called Disla and gotten everything done. But I choice to stick with Robles decision.

The day after I thought I was in the states nurses and drs kept coming in my room checking on me. One dr in particular kept changing my dressing and massaging creme into my sides that was bruised from lipo. She was so sweet, and spoke some English. Even tho there was a language barrier the staff at cecip know how to make a girl feel special. We knew what each other wanted by jesters. It was funny but it worked. Robles and Laura came in the next day to check on me and release me to the Rh. I'm happy with my decision in Robles and Laura.

1st follow up with Robles.

I had my first follow up 3 days post op. Laura did the intial exam then Dra Robles came in and looked me over. She is so good. She sat there massaging my bruises from lipo. I was surprised she did it so long.

At the end of the visit she gave me instructions on my massages and how often. I was funny cuz she asked me to write out certain words in English for her to put instructions about. I'm so glad I went with her and Laura.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Dra. Disla is the best. She is straight forward, kind hearted, compassionate, understanding, and very caring. When I email her she always replies back almost instantly and she always make me feel like all my questions are important no matter how silly I may feel they are. I would recommend her to everyone. This was my review before I started seeing negative posts of her. Then she stopped emailing back. It now takes 3-4 days to hear back. I choose Robles.

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