Liposculpture Front and Back - Dominican Republic, DO

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Already paid the deposit and have a travel buddy...

Already paid the deposit and have a travel buddy going to get liposculpture of full front and full back and arms . Wanted to know if anyone else had only liposculpture what was you pain level like how fast did you heel how long is necessary to take off work can I fly back to California after seven days


I mainly want a hour glass waist to compliment and flow with my lower body. I have always been shaped weird my upper body is much bigger then the bottom half. I would like to talk to some other woman who have just have had the liposculpture what was your pain like what should I expect what should I prepare for I would love for some advice surgery schedules 10/19/2016

Dream body

One if Almontes Work exactly what I want

Low hemoglobin

Just found out I need to hike up my hemoglobin fast I'm at 10 right now ????

Ways To raise hemoglobin levels

If you hemoglobin is low

wish pic

This is my exactly what I want my results to be

Before pictures

Before pictures

DRA Medina

I have been looking over DR.Medinas work and I reviewed a quote and wanted to know what's some feed back on her. I've seen some pictures of her dolls where she's give this perfect slim thick curve body that I am looking for any advice

Slim thick

wish pic

Sticking with Almonte

. October 2016 ????????????

Our vacation home so excited


Six months to get this hemoglobin poppin


duran doll

so I have made my final decision to become a duran doll. I like dr Almontes work but while researching her work her specialty is working on larger woman and I don't see many reviews of he working with smaller girls being 5'0 I don't want to look like I over did it so I looked into duran and she's gives the exact slim thick look that I want. I'm currently still 160 pounds and loosing I was told I should lose more weight I was thinking of loosing 30 pounds before surgery but I'm scared if I do that she won't have any fat to add for my bbl Any tips or advise from girls who are petite like me with a small frame whos already post op

Before pics

Recent before pics since loosing weight Ignore my nails :(

More wish pics

wish body goals

Pre op body ice cream cone body

pre op

Me in a dress now no under garment

Me in a dress now no under garment
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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