4 Kids, 100lbs Weight Lost in 3 Mos - Dominican Republic

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I'm am so excited to tell everyone abt my journey....

I'm am so excited to tell everyone abt my journey. I have decided to go to DR to get a tummy tuck, liposuction to my waist, back, arms , inner thighs, a bl w/implants and bbl.. Dr.Emmanuel Mallol is the Dr I'm sticking with after yrs of research and yrs of stalking this site. I absolutely love my Drs results.
I'm so ready!!

Now let me tell yal abt some of the Drs I've passed on.
Dr.cochran in Columbus,Ga
His staff was great at getting back with me in a timely manner. I was quoted $6000 for a TT, Lipo to my back, inner, thighs and arms.. I was ok with this price but when I read some of his reviews I seen some ppl complaining abt him not doing Lipo where he agreed to do it. Some women were saying the paid for Lipo on their inner thighs and didn't receive it.. ?????? I didn't want to pay for something and not get it or a refund for that portion.

Dr.Tania Medina DR
I really like DrMedina's work. I was determined to go to her as my 1st choice. Well when I emailed her I received an email maybe a couple days later.. I was ok with that. I loved that she only does 2 surgeries a day and that she doesn't take woks to months to respond like Other Drs. She quoted me $5350 for tt, Lipo on my back, bbl & ba with $600 additional for Lipo to my inner thighs and arms. I was ok with that price for Dr. Meade, ramsuella, hackney & abt 10 other Drs told me I need to loose more weight (although I have never been my ideal weight) & they were charging $7000 and up only for a tmmuy tuck. So I was ok with DrMedina. The quote was said to last 3 mos with DrMedina. So I was thinking great that'll give me some more time to get my funds together, flight, job leave, someone to go with me and childcare for 10days. Well this was back in October/ November 2015 when I talked to her and received my quote. I contacted her again in Jan asking if she had any open appointments available in March or April. She ended up re quoting me $6800 for the exact same procedure even though my 1st quote was still within 90 days. So now I'm pissed but I was still determined to go to her so I took some things off and asked her to do another quote with ba. Well I received a email saying " honey it will be the same". Im thinking wth y would that it will still be the same..???????????? I'm like to add a Ba its abt 3000 & up so y pay $6800 for less work?? I feel like this price was pushed higher bc it's income tax season. My 1st quote did not expire until feb.???????????

Next is Dr Erika Sato in Houston, tx
I loved her work and that she wasn't so far. Like I could go home the same day of surgery & her Price for a tummy tuck wasn't bad $3600 after $900 was takin off.. I'm like this can't be true and I dreaming? Well yeah I had a consultation with her over Skype and she was so freakin great. Like we talked like friends. So when I received the quote I was a bit uneased. 3600 Drs fees 1778.00 OR Fees and anesthesia fees were 1050.00 garment was 122.00. This brought my total to $6560.07. This was my final quote after receiving one for 9100+ for a tummy tuck with smart Lipo on my back. I'm like so instead of adding OR & Anesthesia fees you separated them to make it seem cheaper when in all reality it's actually higher then the local Drs quotes just for a tummy tuck alone. Although her TT came with Lipo on the waist and flanks, I didn't feel that was worth plus travel when I could stay local..

Dr Hackney in Dfw
He was charging $7000 for a TT alone. What made me continue my search? He was local a did a great job.. Well when I went in for a consultation the nurses were great but the dr took almost 1 hr and 45 mins to see me. I was 20 mins early. I went right to the back after maybe 15 mins but then I sat for almost 2 hrs waiting to be seen.. Yeah ok I shoulda left but every time I went to the front desk or the nurse checked on me she reassured me he was coming.. Well before I knew it I have been waiting for almost 2hrs. After finally meeting dr.hackney he came in, say in a seat apologized for the wait( he had an emergency) so now I'm thinking well why no rescheduled with me?? It looks bad for a client to wait for hrs but yet I'm spending $7000+ and CASH for a procedure. Well when he finally arrived he told me I needed a tummy tuck which I already knew and to loose more weight which I already knew. He didn't look at me ask me if I wanted anything else or nothing.. Well guess what, I spoke to him all of 10 mins and that was it.i was so disappointed ??????

Dr. Avante in Houston
was charging $11700 for lipotuck ??????

Dr Wilber's Cortes in Houston
Was charging $11700 ish for an hourglass tummy tuck?????? Same think as lipotuck( Lipo+tummy tuck)
You name is something different and tax on the $$

Dr. Sam jerjurkin... (I didn't spell It right) dfw
But he gave me an estimated of $12000-15000.. No way but he's a great dr tho..

I had so many consultation it's crazy. This isn't even half of them. But I am glad I did continue my research and found Dr.Mallol..


As I'm searching online I came across different types of pillows. I think a pregnant pillow would be a great idea to have after surgery. With me having a TT, bbl, ba w/bl & Lipo I need to figure out how I'm going to sleep somewhat comfortable..
...... I was going to downgrade but I don't wanna go thru 2 surgeries. SO what the hell go hard or go home, in going all in so I won't have to go thru the healing process 2xs nor b off work for weeks.

SX partner

Well I was planning on getting a hotel but I may end up at a recovery home depending on if I get someone to come with me. I have to wait till my sister figure out when her surgery will be scheduled. I don't wanna wait because the flight tickets might go up, so I think I'm going to go ahead and buy my ticket ($317) isn't bad compared to when I first started looking at flights ($548). Is there anyone who's having surgery around 4/11 who needs a SX buddy?

I absolutely love his results but....

this one review in particular is the best.. Her name is hbaega.24 I love his work but this girl looks absolutely amazing. He worked his magic on this girl yal. I'm glad she finally posted before and after pics & I hope she updates her profile 1yr later. Check her page out. Her scars look amazing & she looks like a completely different person. Like I look at the pictures and wondered how the hell he got her skin tight on her back, scar is not all over the place & she healing great..

What to bring & instructions

This is Dr.Es instructions

Before and after weight loss pics

1 week left!!

I'm super excited. I have 1 week left from tomorrow for surgery!! I can't wait to look like I did in hs and before the kids.. Mommy ain't gon know how to act babyyyyy. I'm already excited and trying on clothes after my weight loss ???????? I love it but I know after my procedure I'm going to be snatched, I won't have to wear my full body anymore nor hide behind spaghetti string shirts and extra clothes.. ???????????????????????????????????? YAYAY.. Here are some wish pics and actually pics of my dressed up!!

Ohhh sh*t

It's getting real!! I have 1 1/2 days of work left and 2 days b4 I had to DR.. Lowkey I'm more happy to be off work for 6 weeks, I have been counting down my last day at work for like a week now???????? I can't wait! I can't wait to get my surgery done either.. SNATCHED BABY!! I'm not sure if I'll be staying 8 or 10 days tho.. ??


Am I snatched or what?? I'm going to let yal tell it.. 2 days later
Don't hate on Dr.Mallol


Still swollen but it gets better everyday


I have to get me another faja!! This damn thing keeps cutting my leg up, leaving me with sores and cuts on my inner thigh and around the cut out on my butt. So I'm ordering me a new one that's longer at least down to my knees. This faja is great but the cutting makes me miserable and when I take it off I'm swell marry.. I can't wait til this part is over I'll tell you.. This will have you having set backs like crazy!! I'll b 2 weeks post op next Tuesday. I can't wait til things get more comfortable bc this swelling is something else????????

Look here

I decided to leave my drain in for a couple more days due to fluid still draining.. I'd rather let the fluid drain then to have it drained out of my back. Dr OK..



Silly me, I'm BACK!!

I didn't know my password to update everyone!!

Happy Mother's Day ladies

Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Yal when I tell you how great this dr is following up with me after I contacted him.. I'm still amazed. So I contacted Dr Mallol and he answered the phone.. YES HE ANSWERED!! He gave me his information so we could talk on whatsapp and so he could give me a quote. As soon as I sent my information he wrote back 10mins later... I was not expecting that at all!! He listened to my needs and gave me his personal opinion about what I needed to be done.. What was funny to me was I decided to stick to the basics and not go over board.. It was like he pinpointed ever detail even the ones I noticed but didn't include.. Like I was sold after our conversation yal.. I can't wait to get my procedure done by this Dr.

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