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Hello beautiful people. I'm very excited to say...

Hello beautiful people. I'm very excited to say I'm planning to have mommy makeover in November!!! Tummy tuck, BA, lipo sculpting w transfer to butt. I will be posting before and after pics after my surgery. I have been stalking this site or awhile. I decided to go with Dr Disla! She seems very caring. I love that she responds quickly. AND. Speaks English. Looking for a great recovery house now. Anyone that has experience w this please chime in... I need more info such as contacting info, pricing and amenities it provides. I also need to know what's the best faja to get and where??? I have 2.5 months to gather all the info I need it comes quickly thanks in advance for ur help

Recovery house partner

I'm looking for a recovery house partner anyone willing my surgery will be nov 1.

Date for surgery???

Question... How far out should I pay my deposit? My surgery Date is Nov 1st well that's my plan. Should I go ahead and pay for the surgery??? My original plan was to go with De Disla. But I love the contouring ladies receive from Dr Yily. Pricing is a little different. Do I really need 10 massages??? Does it start post op day one?? I'm on the cusp of both with recovery house charged meds needed and massages the price is elevating. Ugh.... Getting anxious. Want to add photos but I look a real mess under these clothes so I shall wait til I'm much closer to my surgery date.

Change Drs

I decided to go with Dr Yilly!! She does awesome work. It's undeniable... Miss Ma'am be putting in work on that waistline. I'm ready to put her on the clock!!! So I will be making payment on Thursday if she ever gets back with me. Someone hacked my email acct had to close it down now I can't get any of my previous emails. Waiting for her to send everything again. Hope it's before Thursday!!!


Well I booked my flight today and sent deposit to Yily. Still waiting to here from her for confirmation. Booking for November 4th. Next up ordering arnica cream and that peek up thingy and foam. Trying to keep expenses low so im going to grab a few wife beaters and sports bras. I'm excited and nervous at the same time! I will put my before pics up in the next 2 weeks.

Date for surgery

Well Dr Yily emailed me. Said November 4th is a holiday. So surgery on the 5th... U guess I will celebrate the holiday have some fun and the get it cracking with this surgery. Can't wait to see the new me. Will post pics when I'm one week out. I ain't gm lie it's a hot ness I have gained abt 8 lbs working to get it down gotta leave them caramel maciatos alone ugh!!! I need help

It's getting closer!!!

Yep it's getting closer... I'm almost there. Can Anyone tell me what size granny panties I will need? I wear a medium now should I get them bigger??. Yily got back to me via Facebook. I'm confirmed for Nov 5th it's a holiday on the 4th. Goodness it less than a month away!!! Any advice is welcomed come in ladies share share share!!!!! I can't lurk too much because I'm busting butt to make sure I'm good financially. I here the girls whose gone before me said they needed more time off. U can't afford more time off. I'm a nurse but it's just me talking care of a lot of responsibilities. I pray for a speedy speedy recovery. This had been my dream for such a long time... It's almost here!!! I hope to look so Hott at bryknce concert in Dec. I got my blood work done today getting mammogram done on Tuesday all is going well in praying my hemoglobin is 12.8!! I'm anemic but I've been taking my iron like 3 time a day for awhile.. Lord please help me with this blood level...

Some pre pics

Ok... Starting slow with pics... Ugh I'm not ready for comments but it's like 19 days away!!! I will add boob pics but y'all I loath my boobs so this is a slow process for me to show. I appreciate all the women who have gone before me...


I don't need no damn hips. Yily just need to fix me ass much ass as possible....


My hemoglobin is 13.8! That extra iron came in handy.. Although I was constipated like a mofo... I got great news!!!! Arnica cream an pee thingy ordered... I have less than 15 day be fore I board my flight... Good night RS!!! Work in the AM!!!

U guess not many people have anything to contribute to my journey... I'm nervous, scarred and a great bit anxious!!! Can anyone give me a breakdown of how the weather there will be??? 13 days to go. Sooo nervous!!!

1 week to Go!!!

Yes!!! 1 week to go then I'm in the plan to a beautiful body!!! Yay me!!! Can't wait to be done w this side... Still have a few item to grab packing now. A little bit at a time.

2 days til I leave!!!! Updated pre op pics

So many trials and tribulations but I am persevering! I know my God. He is so GREAT!! I have many praying for my journey to be be a great one and maybe some who would like it to be a not so good experience just to say I told you so. BUT AGAIN my God is soooo GREAT!!!
Next subject picture I'm putting up more picture today. I already know I don't have an ass soooo I already know this man!!! (In my Chris Tucker voice)
I'm too excited to get to the other side flat tummy, tiny waist and a big A$$!!! I'm going to be the happiest woman alive!! So here are the pics


So I changed Dr again Yilly was too pregnant and not doing her own lipo she couldn't If she wanted too. Went with contreras he's great love my boobs they need to settle in but will be perfect in abt a month.. Stay at the recovery Armonia House the staff is awesome Myra is a doll!! I even went out with her and Dr Yily's brother both beautiful people. We had an awesome time and will be going out on post op day 6 lol... just for dinner. I tell u my experience has been great! I do need to learn more of the language and I will. These pics I'm posting are fresh off the table so don't be too judge mental give me abt a week and I will post again


I'm still recovering drain out today able to wear faja very uncomfortable. Swollen not up to much sorry guys I'm tired had a massage it took everything out me with the draining she did...

Boob Pic will take pic tomorrow for update



Hello dolls!!!!
Anyone wanting to get rid of a medium faja I'm all in...
I'm in desperate need try are expensive and really don't want to spent the extra money on a new one please PM ME ASAP!!!

Pic taken last night

5 months post op

I have gained a few pounds... Wanting to lose them but it's hard. Have craving since the surgery. Chios an chocolate. Fight the urge since I noticed the increase.
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Changed to Dr contreras

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