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Getting things ready for my great journey I've...

Getting things ready for my great journey I've waited so patiently for. I've decided to go with Dr Yily to become one of her Barbie's.. I've been reading great reviews about her services and I'm very happy I've made this decision... Getting ready to book my flight, finding all my supplies!!! So excited!!!

Post Op Medication List

Hello.. Future Yily dolls..

Was scheduled for August and due to a personal issue I rescheduled for September. That wasn't hard and I received a response quickly but I've emailed to ask about the Post op medication list and all I got was "Yes dear" response and no list..
I'm curious as to know and ask the lovely ladies that have gotten work done by Dra Yily if you were able to obtain a list of Post op medications.?? I'm trying to get them from my primary doctor..

Starting to pack

Hello future YILY Barbied Just bought A few things today @family dollar @cvs and @riteaid. I also ordered something's from amazon and eBay.. The time flies and I need to make sure I'm organized to go...
Picked up
Pill organizer
Band aids
Medical tape
Body wipes
Baby wiped
Toiletries for carry on
Maxi pads
Alcohol wipes
Benadryl travel size
Battery operated tooth brush $1.50 great deal
Mouth wash


With all that's happened ALL the rescheduling I have finally gotten things back on track I'm rescheduled for Feb 17th 2016. I've booked my flight so there is NO going back. I feel its my time, its time for MY complete body transformation. I can't wait to be a YILY BARBIE.. I did decide to take some of your advice and book my flight Coach going and First class coming home. I have shopped over a period of time and was able to get a great deal for $610.00 round trip thru United airline.. So with said I'll be starting my count down Today Tuesday Dec 22, 2015.. 57 DAYS AND COUNTING....

Last supplies just came in... #Soon2BYilyBarbie

Sooo luggage is packed but I just received some last minute supplies.. Waiting on some protein shakes..

Medications and clearances

I am jumping for joy!!! Appointment with cardiologist went great, appointment with my primary was fabulous she not only cleared me she did my blood work and gave me all scripts.. She even gave me a pill for yeast infection just in case i develope one since we are on two antibiotics. She was very supportive and understood I wanted to get my medication here.. I go to the pharmacy and I'm prepared to pay when my gorgeous pharmacist tells me OH NO SANDY.. Your insurance covers all medications you only have a $5.60 copay... OMG.. I know this is a great blessing and for me it's a sign that it's definitely my time... Good luck to all Barbie's.. #Soon2BaYilyBarbie
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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