Getting SX March 13 looking for roomate - Dominican Republic, DO

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Right after Christmas I found this site. I first...

Right after Christmas I found this site. I first was looking at Dra Robles and I keeped on hearing about Dra Yily. While I was waiting for me Passport to come back. I checked out Dra Yilly, and I really like what she does to a body. I really need alot work done to my body. I talked to Dra Robles and got my Quote from her and she would only do a Breast Lift and Implants, Tummy Tuck, Lipo of Stomach and Franks and Armpits and that was for 5,800. When I talked to Yily office they said they would do that and more. She is also doing BBL, Back Lipo, Arms, Chin, and Inner Thighs for 5,750.

Here's where Dra yily office is not making me very happy. I kept on trying to get them to confirm a date. I called one day, and talked to someone there, and they told me to send them my deposit and the date I wanted, and it goes in order of when they receive the deposit of the order of the day. I sent her my deposit Info Sunday Jan 27. The very next day I got a text saying it was picked up by WU. I Never got a reponse from her. I called the next Friday and talk to someone there. They told me I was confirmed for March 08, and to send them a email and they would send it back. I never did get a email back. I fig since I talked to Someone and they said I was confirmed for that day, and I never received an email since I sent in the deposit. I would go and book my Flight, and right after I did that. I got an email saying that March 8 was full and if I wanted March 13. I cancelled my fight and sent an email to Dra Yily again to confirm that I would going March 13. I never received an email.

I called last Friday and they said I was Confirmed for March 13 to send my flight info and they would set me up with the spa, and email me back a confirmation. I never received an email. I called the Spa today and set myself up and, I will call Dra Yilly office tomorrow again to see if they can send me an email .

I called Dr Yily Office last Friday and everything...

I called Dr Yily Office last Friday and everything is confirmed. I only have 6 more days, then I will be a different women. I'm going to print out my Wish pic, so Yilly to see what i'm going for. I will give alot of updates after sx.
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Is there anybody going March 13th that wants to room up at the Spa., and safe some money with sx

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