in need of a glammom body - Dominican Republic

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Where shall I start. Just like others sx dolls I...

Where shall I start. Just like others sx dolls I been looking to take this journey for a long time. Now it's time. I am 43 years old soon to be 44 in two month, but would love to have this body snatched for my 45th birthday come next year. I have three adult kids and four grandkids. Even though it doesn't look like i should have three adult kids let alone to have four grandkids. So with that being said i need to have a GLAMMOM BODY to match the name. I paid my deposit and got my sx date December 7, 2016 with Dr. Almonte. Yea me. And I had all that done with in a week. So therefore I'm looking for a sx traveling buddy. I haven't booked my flight just yet, but when I do I will be leaving from BWI. And im not sure which RH i will be staying at. I know that my sx is so far away I will try to keep an update on how things are going. Still viewing other dolls views on what to take and what to expect . Happy journey dolls....


Just received where I will be staying for my recovery and that will be "My Home RH". Have anyone stayed there before.

My wish pic

This are some wish pic's. Even though with clothes on I do have a nice booty. Just want my booty to look nice with no clothes on. Cause everybody insist on saying that I don't need any extra booty just want some feel in.

Don't know how this was deleted

More wish pic's

More wish pic's

Recovery House

Here's a picture of My Home RH. Looks real nice, but I will take pictures when I get there. I got the pic from fb.

Sx date

Sx date have change from December 7 to the 5th. So glade that I didn't book my flight yet. But still excited. Can't wait. Can anybody tell me when is it a good time to apply for my tourist card?

Sx date changed

Hey my sx sisterhoo I know that i haven't been doing any up dates since June. Been kinda busy but any who my sx date has changed. It is now schedule for March 30,2017. That should be more then enough time to get my hemo up to 13 or higher. Just got my results back and it is 5.5????????????????????????????. That really sucks. But I guess that Ill start taking my iron pills and eating more foods that high in iron. Which I was doing in the first place. I guess that i wasn't eating enough. But anywho I try to keep an update on what's going on. Until then stay blessed, happy healing and good luck to those that are having sx or on they're way....
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