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Hola ladies, This has been one heck of journey and...

Hola ladies,
This has been one heck of journey and I'm not even done yet lol!! I first started researching surgeons in February 2014 after learning about the secret medical tourism world in the DR. I was immediately smittened by Dra Walkiris Robles and sent a deposit booking a date for December 12, 2014. Months down the line after being in Facebook groups, hearing the disappoint of her refusing to do multiple procedures, leaving girls with rolls and back fat, I decided she was not the doctor for me. Luckily, i came across a realself review that I was intrigued by. The patient had surgery with a dominican surgeon named Luis Lima. She looked stunning, nice tummy tuck incision, perky breast. After speaking to his assistance Janet, I was certain this was the surgeon for me. Not only am I having all my procedures done( tummy tuck, full body Lipo, Breast lift with implant, bbl) but his quote was way cheaper!! His tummy tuck incisions are very neat and thin and I love his breast work. So, I sent my deposit to Janet, and now I'm just waiting with excitement!!!

Unexpected friends

even through all the confusion with choosing a surgeon, the goig back and forth about wether or not to go through with this whole thing, spending a great amount of money on myself, I have had the pleasure of making great friends. I can call them friends because they have been with me through all my indecisiveness, craziness, and just the support I needed when others were against me. Therefore, it's only right that I acknowledge my surgery buddies who have became so much more, Skinny Mia and Cee Love. We are all in different states all over but we are so close in many ways. Wether it's face timing at 12 at night or chatting while working these women are truly kind in heart.

Almost time!

Sooooo...a lots a happened since I last logged on! My surgery was postponed due to unforeseen circumstances, but everything happens for a reason. I'm actually happy I decided to wait. I feel if I would have had surgery with Dr. Lima, I would have been disappointed with my outcome. No shade to anyone, but I had not been liking the results he had been putting out. Even with smaller patients his lipo skills were not as great as I would like them o be. Therefore, I will not be having surgery with him. I decided to choose a different surgeon, who I will not disclose until I post post op pics so stay tuned!! I Arrive in DR on February 17, 2015. Staying with Healing Haven.

Packed and Ready

Time is passing by, im sooo anxious and excited!!!! I went for my surgical clearance today, that included ekg, chest x Ray, and full panel blood work with urine. My ekg was normal, and my chest X-ray came back as normal. Just waiting for my hemo level.

Hemo Check

So, I received my hemo redults back, 13.1. Not excellent but better than December's results 12.6. I'm going to continue to take the medications I was taking prior and also add the geritol liquid. I had stopped taking the SSS tonic a week ago.

Almost there!!!

its so exciting to see so many women going for surgery. I am truly excited for them. It's almost my time and all I can think about is how im scared of flying lol! I know it's crazy but I just don't like being that high up and my ears popping , I don't want to chew gum the whole plane ride lol. That should be the least of my worries, yeah I know.

Made it to ?DR!

Heyyyyy yall! I made it to ?DR today around 240om. Jules from Healing Haven picked me up, she is sooooo personable and HILARUOUS. Omgosh the driving here is ridiculous! I felt like I was gonna die like 20 times lol. I went to CIPLA for labs and testing and im scheduled for surgey on february 19, 2015. I decided to go with Dr. Rafael Torres. He is awesome and im confident I will get the results I want! Im having a tummy tuck, lipo, BL ba and BL but only to shape and fill in. My roommates are great, we are just chillin! Will update you soon!

Fun fun fun

I can't stress enough how much I love it here at Healing Haven. The staff is great, and Jules is awesome. Food is very tasty. Jules took us to the beach today, the weather was very nice.

Made it to the Flatside

Surgery was on Thursday feb 19, first patient of the day yayyyy. Woke up in pain and discomforting, ?DR drugs suck! I couldn't take my norcos until I was discharged. I love ?DR. Torres he has forever changed my life. I love my results and im happy I chose him. The procedures I had done were tummy tuck with hernia repair, lipo, bbl, Breast lift with implant.

Getting there

I was so happy I had my first bowel movement I decided to do a 6dpo update. Im feeling ok, walking upright, and still getting Tired constantly. One of my Breast still has not dropped and has a lot of inflammation but overall I love my new body. I got more than what I wanted. My cellulite in my booty is also smoothing out, but if all doesnt smooth out oh well not a big deal lol. Overall im extremely happy!

Scar check!

Had my last post op appointment with ?DR. Torres. Everything looks good. My scars are so nice and neat, im in love with my Breast. Overall im very excited. We spoke about breast he said it can take up to 2 months but Im content.


My belly button is so small it's trying to close up, I just use a cotton ball but when I return home I will use a Marble. Still have so lower y swelling but other than that it's all good.

I'm back !

Hello my people! Well I am almost 2 months post op in a couple of days, recovery has not been easy but it still was worth it! I am loving my results. I am so thankful for Dr. Torres. He is an excellent surgeon.

Updated pics

Random pictures

I had deleted some pictures but I will repost them, before and after. I also stayed at Healing Haven recovery home, hands down best recovery home ever! They take really good care of you and the staff is wonderful, love Jules

Loving my results

Hello ladies, I will be three months post soon and I must say my body keeps improving and I'm loving the changes everyday. Even when I have swelling my stomach is still flat. I haven't lose any weight which I was depressed about at first but now it doesn't bother me at all. I wore a tank top ruled in my jeans for the first time in over 11 years and wanted to cry lol, you just don't understand the joy being comfortable in your clothes brings.

Before and Afters

A couple of you ladies have messaged me asking for pictures. Unfortunately I had removed them but I am willing to put up a couple just so you can see what a great job Torred did.

Another post op pic

Update: still loving me

Not much to update on, 1 year and 4 months later still love my body. My weight fluctuates, right now I'm 175. I thought about a round two but I'm gonna leave well enough alone. So happy I took this journey a year ago, really changed my life. Happy healing to anyone who has had sx recently.

Not sure if pic posted correctly

2 year post op update

Hello all! Two years ago in February I became a Torres Doll. I'm not sure why my pictures were removed from Dr. Torres's website or his Instagram, but it's neither here or there, some people have inboxed me asking for an updated picture so here you go. I have definitely gained weight and it all has gone to my butt which is not cute at all. I feel so huge. I weigh 186lb right now, I am working on losing 30lbs, no plans for any more rounds I wanted my breast redone but honestly don't want to have another surgery for vanity reasons. I'm satisfied with what I have now.
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