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Well I finally take the time to create a profile...

Well I finally take the time to create a profile after spending a good amount of time researching and seeing the wonderful results obtained in DR. I am a mother of 2 beautiful children and in need of some fixing. I'm 5'3" and weigh 138. I plan on a tt, breast augmentation and fat transfer to butt -more of a lift. Not sure how succesful the fat transfer would be but I guess we will see. Hope exams turn out well so may have my all my desired procedures. On my way to DR!!!

Today is my day

So yesterday I arrived DR around 2pm went to Yasmin's dropped my stuff off and headed straight to CIPLA. CRAZY TRAFFIC. So Dra Disla tells me that I will also need a lift but since she originally said no via email she would not charge me any extra!! I got an ok for all the desired procedures and rush to have dinner before 8pm.

I arrived CIPLA at 630am admission is done and I am now waiting for my dr to come write on me and autho the blue pill. Yeah now I'm nervous!

Less than 24 hours

So I was discharged from CIPLA less than 24 hours after surgery. Surgery started around 9am and finished about 6 hours later. She also fixed an umbilical hernia caused by giving birth to my first baby and more damage with the second baby. It took 4ever to get a room at CIPLA despite the fact that I was there at 630AM. Dra Disla came in marked me up and said she would see me in surgery. I was given the pill and was a little sad to hear that my breast would need a bigger incision. I was just hoping for the areola but she advised that my nipple placement would not look good with just the areola incision.

Also I lost weight I was around 138-140 and by surgery day I was 129 Lbs I know I have been stressing so that could have been a factor. So not much of a BBL which I'm ok with as my main concern are stomach area and breast.

Definitely not the US but I had already prepared myself. The blue pill didn't do much but then she gave me a shot through IV which knocked me out so I can barely remember the epidural part but do remember moving and them telling to stop. LOL.

I did wake up while she was working on my breast it burnt some but I was able to tell and she shot me up again then towards the end there was a gentlemen helping her stitch me. I was in pain right after and they said they couldn't give me much meds cuz I had just had surgery and there my hell started I have never been so uncomfortable I can see why people say lipo hurts the most it was killing my back. And then came the Nausea and vomiting which was horrible because I felt like my breast were exploding and TT incision started hurt like a mofo. Vomiting continued both night of surgery and next morning. Dra Disla did order me a stronger pain shot which helped me rest.

I'm now at Yasmin's and they are very kind and caring. Gotta rest.

3 months post op

I know it's been some time since I posted any updates but I had the blues real bad and did not want to seem negative or bring anyone down before their surgery. So my last post op appt with Disla was at 9 days post op which she was not happy as she wanted me to stay longer but I had to go. While her 2 assistants where cleaning my TT and breast wounds I noticed that my nipples no longer looked like sisters and I freaked out dr then came and said this sometimes happens with plastic sx and requires a correction. To be more specific my right areola was smaller towards the bottom basically my nipple and then breast skin like they cut too much under the right nipple because it wasn't that way prior to surgery.

Disla then said ok I will fix it now and gave me local anesthesia and cut and stitched she said the silicone would drop soon and asked that I continue with the breast band. Then I told her my lower back was killing me I felt fluid but I wasn't draining with massages and I had 2 massages/day it could have been because my drain was only in the front. So she removed the front drain and drained my lower back (this was the 2nd time my lower back was drained) OMG it hurt so much it's a thick needle. Disla then said you have too much fluid I rather put a small drain so I said yes I don't want fluid build up that drain was hell right on top of my butt most uncomfortable spot and I was catching a 9 hr flight to the westcoast the next day. Oh yeah my size small faja was taken in for the second time that day.

Recovering at home

So I was excited to be off that damn plane and to see my family specially my kiddos. House was a hot mess but everyone was fed and clean. Of course the hubby helped me get cleaned up and gave me a massage ad was shocked to see my waist and I refused to let hike take a peak at that right breast. I'm really ashamed of it!!! He said don't worry give it time we will fix it when you recover BUT the was nothing that could be said to make me feel better.


I sent Disla pics and messages because my right nipple is worst than before and right breast is also coned shape which is not because of anything g I did I followed her instructions and wire that band. Disla has offered to correct it free of charge but if course I have to travel to DR.

TT I'm okay with incision is low I love my BB and swelling still there but normal and I work 10 shifts so swelling might follow me a little longer but I live in my faja.

BBL almost completely gone maybe because of my TT and breast work I put a lot of pressure on it hips also gone. Oh well.

Pictures to come. I don't think I will post pics of breast I am to embarrassed.


I will take more
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

She responds quickly and is very informative.

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