New Duran Doll June 2014

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I have been stalking this website for the past 9...

I have been stalking this website for the past 9 months intially I just wanted a TT and BL but after seeing Durans work was in love with her BBL and I definetly need one lol. I already got my quote after waiting for a month I had to call her office and spoke with Elizabeth and boom got my quote the next day was so happy. Anyways am planning sending my deposit next week it has yo be for March or June when my daughter is out of school or on break. Don't know if March is to soon I feel like I need more time to prepare lol. I am 28 ,5"8 and mom of 6 ,year old and 9 month old I have been dieting like crazy.snd eent frim 215 after giving birth 165. I want all the works bbl lipo tt and bl I know its a lot and am bit nervous about that what do you rs girls think about doing all these procedures at once? Am still debating whether I should get the BBL... oh well will post before pics soon.

Super Excited My Surgery Scheduled For June 16!!!!!!

Hi,RS friends send my deposit and schedule my surgery for June the 16 so excited can not wait to be a duran doll. Here are a few of my before pics have to lose another 15 pounds.Definitely need that mommy makeover after two kids my body is in serious need of makeover.RS friends feel free to leave me any tips on what to expect and what to buy and vitamins to drink to prepare for surgery thanks.

Surgery Scheduled for June 16 so Excited!!!!

Pre Op Pics

5 more months to go woohoo

Add BL with implants in the mix or not

Hi, lady I have been very busy trying to get all the money I need for this surgery and am excited that I have saved enough for my surgery and put away hopefully won't have to touch a dime. Well I should be booking my flight soon, I am still undecided whether I should stay at a recovery house or with family since am part Dominican and have aunts that are willing to take care of me. I just want to make sure am surrounded by people that are experience on the recovery don't want any surprises . Also my mother is beginning to put doubts in my mind about getting all three procedures she thinks I should do my BL later on, but I just want the whole package and I am pretty health even though I will go through a lot of pain at least will get my dream body. Will make up my mind soon but I think am still doing it all no turning back. So excited updating you guys soon, thanks RS friends.

Excited Just Waiting For June

So I have finally book my flight. I now have to buy supplies and get as healthy as possible. I have been reading other ladies reviews and have been getting an idea on what foods to eat and what vitamins to drink. Giving the fact that am doing all procedures at once want to make sure my hemo is super high. I plan on eating all iron rich foods in March then April and May drink tons of vitamins. I have decided to go thru with all procedures despite bad opinions from family and friends I feel this is a good opportunity to get the body of my dreams why not get it all done if I can afford to and of course if am healthy enough. Well RS friends well update you guys soon super obsessed with getting this surgery over with constantly on RS am addicted lol

52 Days Away!!!

Excited,anxious,nervous can believe am less than two months away from becoming a duran doll.I have already purchased a few supplies.I am currently talking only multivitamins and iron absorb with water. I purchased iron,b12,b6,folic acid,vitamin C. When and how should I start drinking these. Ladies I need your help,and do I also take multivitamins. I read to much iron its not good either the iron pill have 65mg and the multivitamins 18mg. I need my hemos to be high in order to have all procdures done.Feel free to leave me any advice. Thanks ladies almost my turn counting down the days....

28 days left

Well it has been an up and down couple of days at times I feel haapy that am so close to my surgery date then at times I feel worried and having negative thoughts of what can go wrong. To top it off my maternal grandmother has been very sick and am hoping she gets better so I dont have to reschedule my surgery. Ladies the nervous are serious it can really mess with your head. Am as prepared as I can be, I already packed everything I have bought so far. I just need a few more supplies and am done. The scar creams and all that am getting when I come back don't want to overpack right now is looking like two suitcases and I only wanted to take one oh well. Reading all of you you guys post has helped a lot. I have gained 5 pds gotta make sure not to gain anymore it was so hard to drop those 52 pds. Ok rs friends ill update you guys in a few days.

13 Days Left!!!

So excited so close, can't believe these 7 months flew by. Anyways I have almost all my supplies just missing a few things. Just starting to get really nervous about leaving my babies alone with thier dad for 17 days, never been apart from them for more than hours :(. Oh well gotta stay strong this has been my dream and in the end it will be worth it.update later dolls

5 more days!!!!

Wow can't believe it is time already,ladies thank you so much for all of your reviews it help me sooo much especially to put together my list. I finally have everything ready abd packed, I will update with exactly everything I bought and also my before pics ughh I have gained 6 pds since starting my jorney I was trying to stay at 158, but am actually 168 :( am 5"8 so its not that bad I guess its just more fat to put in this booty lol. Am super excited my flight leaves at 7pm Friday I'll update you ladies later take care :-).

At Airport ready to take my flight

Hey ladies am waiting to bored my plan am so anxious and sad about leaving my babies that has been the worst part of this all. Well write an update when I arrive. Pray for me dolls am a nervous wreck. Also a pic of some of the supplies I brought with me.

Am Here

Well thank god I made it to DR safe, this heat is serious. Staying with family member went shopping for pillows because I need to be as comfy as possible. Having a lil mini vacation before surgery going out later.Update later dolls.

Made it to the other side

Sorry ladies that I have not been able to update but the first 2 days were really rough on me. I got to Cipla at 6 am on Monday but Duran didn't get there till 730 and there was a lot of ladies there about 7 for surgery and a couple of post op. Duran is beautiful in person and super sweet, after talking to her I felt supper comfortable and she knew excately what I wanted I did not show her a wish pic. The doctor that did my ekg said she thought I was doing too many procedures at onces but give the ok for surgery and Duran said it will depend on my hemo. So after all the test and waiting until 1130am I was as at 12.3 I was kinda of disappointed because I had been drinking tons of vitamins so duran said she might no do my breast lift it will be determine during surgery if I was not bleeding to much. I was admitted around 12pm and at 1 they came to give me the blue pill. I got nervous but felt woozy instantly and don't remember much after that. I remember waking up 3 times during surgery and my head felt so uncomfortable and the second time I remember telling duran please do my breast lol. And the third time having lipo on my back it didn't hurt just pressure and burning feeling. But when I woke up from surgery I had a bad reaction to the anesthesia, my aunt was with me thru the whole process and I woke up kicking and trying to get out of be. But you are immobile so you can't move at all my aunt got nervous and called the nurse to help calm me down. When the anesthesia wore off boy was I in a lot of pain mainly the muscles from the tummy tuck hurt the worst I was glad when the nurse came in and gave me a shot for pain and to sleep. Then in the morning they came to wipe me down and drain my back I was in the worst pain ever. When the stood me up I felt super dizzy and like I was going to past out. Duran came to see me and told me my hemo went down to 7 and I needed a blood transfusion. Before I left Cipla they gave me a blood transfusion and left me in observation with couple of hours.

con,t made it to other side

After being in observation for a couple of hours they send me home. Later on that day I began to feel short of breath and a lot.of chest pain. My aunt's rushed me back to the clinic they gave me oxygen and a shot to put me to sleep. They told me it was most likely caused by the blood transfusion my body was adjusting to it and it cause all those symptoms. The left me in observation and send me back home the pain meds the doctor gave only took edge off felt a lot of pain from tummy tuck and its so uncomfortable to get out of bed even with both my aunts helping. They have been great ladies do not come alone its very tough the first 3 days.Am now 4 days post op and loving my results. Luckily duran was able to do bbl,tt,ba and lipo and so far I look awesome and healing fine. Things are finally looking up.Thanks for your support and prayer ladies.

First Massage Today

Yikess not looking forward to this part getting my first massage today. My back hurts a lot feels like I have a lot of liquids build up in my back and my tummy tuck hurts. Wish me luck ladies, love my butt so far hope it fluffs a lil more.

10 days post op

Hey ladies I have made to 10 days post op thank god. I have not had any complications so far beside the shortness of breath the 2nd day. Yesterday I went to a follow-up appt with Duran she tighten my faja and gave me a new on in small to put on Friday. It felt so damn tight but its gonna help a lot with swelling to go down. She did not go into details of how much cc she put and my implants I have my last appt on Monday am going to ask her.Felt a little bit rushed at my last appt she such a busy lady but she takes her time to explain everything. Am hoping my last visit she goes into details about all that. Anyways I have been trying to keep my self busy going out as much as possible my family here have been great don't know what I would have done without them. Will update on Monday take care dolls.

11 days post op

Finally Home

Hi ladies sorry for the delay its been a very busy few days. I had my last post op apt with duran on Monday June 30 and her office was crazy busy their were at least 25 ladies or more a few for surgery but mostly post op. I got to her office at 745 and she didn't see me till 1030. I love my results but at times I wish I had done it in the states just because I felt very rushed at every appt. I had some fluid built up in my tummy because I was not wearing my stage 2 faja which I was suppose to start using since the previous Friday. She drained my tummy with syringe and took at least 5 tubes full she told my I needed to continue with the lymphatic massage to avoid a seroma and for all the liquids are drained. I told her she hadn't given me my implant card or told me how many cc she put. She was saying she would email me the info because her office was so packed and went on to apologize saying she thought she had mention that information at my previous appt. Like I said I love Duran I think she's a very sweet and talented doctor but at times I just felt like another body and super rushed. She gave me advise on how to take care of my incisions and when to shower but it was always short. Anyways I have been home since Tuesday and I feels so good to be home with mu hubby and daughters I miss them so much. My husband was amazed at how good I look couldn't keep his hands off me. Well the first night I slept fine but woke up in the middle of the night sleeping on my side and with lots of pain on my left breast. The second night was pretty bad my back is so sore and stiff barely slept, and I clean a little yesterday and used my arms a lot and my breast have begun to bother me and burn around the nipple area. But when I look in the mirror its al been worth it I look so good, tried old clothes and I must say I have a tiny waist and boobs look awesome with tank tops. Ladies I will upload pictures soon thanks for the support and well wishes.

Last Night in DR

3 weeks

Well hey ladies, I have been very busy with my kids and getting ready to go back to work next week. Am feeling stronger each day am walking more straight now but still a lot of pain in my back when I stand for too long. My tummy does not bother me at all I started silicon scar sheets today and so far it has some scabs but healing fine. My butt has not gone down much but hurts every now and then at night when am sleeping I wake up with a lot of discomfort and butt cheeks burning. My breast don't bother me at all the only thing is that they are taking a while to heal my tummy tuck is healing much better. Overall the pain is tolerable haven't drank pain meds since am 5 days post op. It takes patience just wish these 3 months past fast lol,hate that I still have a lot of swelling. Also I had a beer yesterday I know am not suppose to drink but it's do hot in Miami, hubby did a bbq and I couldn't help myself lol. Anyways had my first massage in the states today, she went a lil soft compared to the lady in DR but I feel much better need atleast 10 sessions. Well update in a few weeks.

Two months post op

Well where do I begin, it has been a very emotional rollercoaster. Sorry folks i have been so busy at work that haven't had a chance to update. Everything is looking wonderful. At first use do uncomfortable wrong that faja 24 7 and explaining at my job that I did have work done. Clients were like wow you look hot lol a Lil embarrassing but feels good. Have had so many compliments my confidence definitely went up. My back still hurts from lipo and so does my butt. Tummy tuck belly still very swollen not as flat as I would like but it's getting there. I am now spitting out the stiches and left boob is completely healed but the right one has to small opening around areola, two stitches that open up and have taking forever to heal. Bought help me heal patch from Johnson and Johnson I read another doll Sarahtransformed used it and it help her boobs heal. Will write another review later talking about massages and all that for now by dolls

Happy Duran doll

Very happy with my results so far. I still have some swelling above my tummy tuck incision and my butt still hurts every once in a while. I still use my faja and it helps me a lot with the swelling. By now I thought all the swelling will be gone but it isn't so. I am so confident in my own skin now, love shopping and feeling sexy again. I have stop talking to a few friends and family members its unbelievable the type of hate some women can have once they see you doing something to feel better about yourself. At first the comments hurt my feelings but I learn to ignore and do whatever makes me happy. Sorry I took so long to update am going to start loggin on more often am think of maybe rd 2. I love the size but am getting booty greedy and if I goes down, which it hasn't I will consider rd 2. Good luck dolls
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