Early Present for 40th Birthday :D...TT, Lipo & BBL - Dominican Republic

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Is still hard to believe I'm actually going...

Is still hard to believe I'm actually going through with the surgery. I still see it as a dream in the back of my mind even though THE day is less than a month away. For years, I wished for this procedure and came close to it by going to consultations and looking for ways to finance it. But that's where my dream usually vanished. On one of those days when I felt optimistic, researching doctors I came across RS and immediately became addicted. I read and read, many reviews and became excited to see that what seemed impossible, suddenly became a possibility. I'm a 39 year-old mother of two teens and a toddler... Yes I know! We wanted to give it a shot to have a girl. I've been married for almost 20 years to a wonderful man. Weight has always been a nightmare for me. Right after my teenage hormones kicked in, I started struggling with weight. Since then, it's been diet after diet, pills, shots, smoothies, and many, many failed attemps at getting into a regular exercise routine. After I had my last baby, almost three years ago, my body changed and for some reason, hormonal changes probably, it became easier to loose weight. I partially breastfed due to a previous breast reduction that damaged some of my ducts. In these three years I've lost about 35 lbs, which feels wonderful, as long as I'm dressed. My stomach stretched sooo much during pregnancies that I'm covered with stretch marks almost from below my breasts to my pubic area. After having my second baby I thought we weren't having anymore, so I got a breast reduction to get rid of my triple D, saggy boobs. The first years were nice, I was a perky, small C cup and loved it. But after a while, with the last pregnancy and weight loss, they went down to a very depressing, small B cup. I can't even fill my old bras anymore ???? and looking at myself in the mirror makes me want to cry. After a couple of months of stalking several people here, I became convinced Dr. Goico was the doctor I was looking for. The more reviews I read of him, the more I knew he was the one. It took me a little while and some extra courage to tell my husband what I wanted to do. I knew he was going to dismiss me completely when I told him I wanted to go to Dominican Republic to have cosmetic surgery. To my surprise, and thanks to everything I learned here, he was very supportive and wanted to know more. Finally, back in November I secured the date. I was very blessed to have the doctor respond to my request just a few days after I sent the pics to Karel, his secretary. Like with other Real Selfers, he was extremely detailed in giving me his suggestions of areas to be treated. During all these months he has responded to all my texts very promptly and thoroughly, even though he is getting busier and busier. We follow him on FB and is very comforting to see how down to earth (and funny) he is. I checked my hemoglobin levels back in Feb. and they were above 13. My family doctor said those don't change unless there are drastic health changes. Dr. Goico agreed with him, but just in case, I've been taking iron, along with folic acid and vit. C daily. Today I had a preop appointment to check general levels of everything. We'll see next week, but evrything else looked normal. I purchased my flight two months ago and secured my stay with Arelys. Last week I purchased my tourist card and I'm in the process of gathering my stuff for the trip. A thousand questions come to me every day, so you'll probably hear a lot from me these next few weeks. I know you guys are always there to help and support. In return, I promise to keep you updated and informed through out the process. I will post my before pics as soon as I get them from where I buried them ????..in the mean time, thanks for reading this loooong intro to my review. I really look forward sharing this crazy and exciting journey with you ????.

Before pictures :/...

What CAN I say...they speak for themselves.

BBL Pillow...or not

How do you guys feel about BBL Pillows? Do I really need one?? I'm trying not to spend any more money unless it's absolutely necessary. They look nice, but they're $79+ ????. We decided for my husband to come last minute and we paid dearly for that.

My hemo dropped :/ !!!

So my lab work cane back and to my dismay, my hemo dropped from 13.3 to 12.8 :(. I know it's not much, but according to the doctors, it doesn't do that unless there's some drastic change, which there wasn't. I just hope there's nothing else wrong that might be causing it. I have been taking iron for 4 mo, so not sure what might be happening. I will double up with beet and liver and hopefully it gors back up. Just want to be over 13, though Dr. G said at the beginning it's not that critical for my case. I did write him to let him know, but haven't heard back. Lately it seems he's getting busier and busier and responding to the thousand messages he probably gets it's getting a bit hard. I know he will respond, it's just a matter of waiting, patiently, which will help me develop a bit more that virtue. Lol

I'm here!!

I made it to DR!! It's been a tremendously packed last few days. Leaving your children behind and mobilizing so many people for me to do this feels a bit selfish, I have to admit :/. Tomorrow I'll see Dr. Goico and get my lab tests done. PRAY for me and my hemo...hopefully it at least stayed where it was. I'm staying at Arelys and there aren't words to explain how welcomed and cared for me and my husband feel, even before surgery! I'm exhausted, we only got a couple of hrs of sleep last night with last minute things. I promise to do an update tomorrow. I just wanted to let those of you who are coming to make sure to have the name and address where you'll be staying. Immigration asked for the address and since Arelys was picking us up, never bother to ask for it. The officer was nice enough to let it slide...but you never know who you'll get. Until tomorrow!!

On the flatside!

I apologize for any typos ahead of time. Mi fingers are swollen and it's a bit hard to type on the phone. 4:30 marks 24hrs from the time they brought me back to the room after surgery. I slep most if the afternoon and woke up at 7PM. I spoke briefly with the Doc. and he explained the surgey, but Inwas still drowsy and didn't remember much. I was in and out through out the night. My blood pressure is normally low, and due to this, I couldn't get the second, and strongest pain killer :/ but I was able to manage. Bring socks to the hospital, I didn't and they had to fight and me a pair. I was released at 3 today. Arelys has done nothing but care for me like a family member. She's extremely sweet and makes you feel soo comfortable that I can't imagine being somewhere else. If you're hesitating for her cost, don't even think about it. When you are in such fragile state, believe me, you want the best and she is IT. Even with my husband here, she's with me all the time. They might take the breast drain out tomorrow. Doc. G said barely needed it. I'm a bit tired. I'll post again tomorrow. Thanks for keeping me in your thoughts and prayers.

Day 3 post-op

Hi! Wanted to give you a quick update. The last two days haven't been easy, but I think I was able to manage quite well. As of today, the breast drain has been removed and have had two massages. The massages weren't bad at all. It felt good to be "faja free" for that hour :) I been draining less and less and cannot wait to have the TT one removed. The doctor put its it down by the pubis to hide the little scar it leaves and not on the actual scar to let it heal completely. I have been very active, walking from day one every 1-2 hrs for 5-10 min and it has helped with the swelling. Arelys does nothing but care for me as my mom would. Literally. The food is 100% healthy and delish. Fresh fruit and juices, steamed veggies, lean meats, etc. If you are planning to stay with her, you'll need to bring just a few things. She provides everything. My husband went back home yesterday, and took most of the things I brought from the packing lists I used as reference. It might be different in other RH, but with her, she'll provide 98% of what you need. Let me know if you want a specific list of what to bring. Don't over pack! The last thing you want is to be hauling a heavy bag a few days after surgery when going back home. I will post some pics tomorrow...promise!

Packing list If you are staying at Arelys RH

I thought it would be useful to add the packing list as an update instead. I couldn't figure out how to copy and paste, but you can go the comments in the previous update. I'm attaching some pics of her house as well.

Day 6 Post-Up (already!!!)

Everyday I feel a little better, though I must say as I start to recover feeling from treated areas, I can feel the incisions more. TT was removed yesterday, and I couldn't be happier! I have the back one left and will probably not be removed in a couple of days. I'm still swollen and still waiting to see how in the world I will go down three more hooks on this faja AND needing a smaller one in less than 10 days. Dr. G says it DOES happen and very quickly. I can't wait to see :D in the mean time, here are a couple of pics. My boobs don't look as good lying down. Next time I'll take a pic seating down straight.

Day 11 Post Op

Hi ladies. It's been a few days since I posted an update. Today is day 11 post-op and I feel great. I still have this annoying back drain that is taking forever to go down enough to be removed. Yesterday I was down to 80ml/day, Arelys says it will probably be removed Monday (fingers crossed). Though, as much as I hate having it, I am glad all that liquid is coming out and reducing the swolleness. I'm now able to get in and out of bed unassisted. I even shaved my lower legs on my own, (though I can't take a shower yet). Hairy legs make my feel even more yucky :/ I can walk and be about for short periods of time before I have to sit or grab onto something for support. If not, the lower back starts hurting bad. I haven't seen my results completely. I took pics of my butt, but in that crunch position and with all the swelling I still have on my lower back, it's hard to see improvement. Except for a few cellulite spots here and there where Dr. G transferred fat and now look even. My right boob continues to be more swollen than the other, and even like that, I am in looove with them. The TT incision doesn't really bother me. It's the tightness of the abdomen that I am more aware of. Yesterday I coughed for the first time and it wasn't that bad. A few more sisters arrived and had their surgeries last Thursday. They're home and I'm glad to help them when I can. I'm happy to have someone else to talk to. I think I was driving the people here crazy :) I will post some pics on Wednesday, two wk mark and a day before going hm.
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