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Hey future dolls, I am a young mother of a soon to...

Hey future dolls, I am a young mother of a soon to be 2 year old and I have always debated with my weight. After having my son things just were not working for me. About a year ago I started researching about surgeons and their work. I was initially interested in Dra Yily but then I saw she wasn't producing the type of body that I would like. Then it was between Cabral and Duran and I am second guessing myself I like some of Duran work and some of Cabral. BUt I came with the conclusion that I cant compare myself with the other girls because our bodies are totally different and I cant expect the same exact results. I am planning on doing TT,LIPO,BBL (lipo to arms back flanks, chichos, inner thigh). For now I am going with Duran because I already confirmed and sent my deposit with her. I am in search of a recovery house in DR that is all inclusive.

Sx is postponed for end of the year :(

Hello ladies a few things changed in the past few days and I will like to update you ladies on what is going on. I have decided to postpone my surgery to December. The reasons why I wanted to postpone surgery is because I am still in the process of saving money for this surgery, I will like a decent amount of time to recover from surgery, I want to drop down to 160 lbs before I have surgery. I want to be happy with my results not regret not losing more weight before investing my time and money in a trip when the results would not be what I wanted. I might have mentioned it before I am short (5'3) and I have gained more weight which is a no-no for a surgery that is scheduled for jUne 25th. I will not mention how much I weigh right now because it makes me sick to my stomach to know how much weight i put on after having my son.

*****This is my year and I am going to lose this weight and have my mommy makeover.*******

--> I am torned between Dr cabral or Dra Duran hopefully these months that pass before my surgery I will make my decision.
--> I am so disappointed with the reviews other dolls had with rh's that I am considering. I like Armonia Real recovery, Serenity/Upscale rh, and Gianna Barbie dream rhbut many people are talking so many bad things about these rh that makes me think twice and wonder if its true or not.
--->Ladies feel free to comment on post your review on any rh or hotel that you believe are good options to stay for recovery.

A little update...

I have finally made my decision and I am going with Dra Duran. I postponed my sx for December because I will have a month vacation and I can spend it recovering. I am so excited and determined to have lose weight and have my surgery done. I always had body image issues and the main focus is my stomach and arms. The lowest weight I had ever reached was 140 and I felt great and I am aiming for 160 lbs because I want to have some fat for my bootay.

I have started the beachbody challenge with shakeology, is a new program called 21 day fix in which it portion controls your meal for three weeks. I have planned my meal for tomorrow( first day tomorrow) and finished the cleanse tonight. I am also thinking of buying a vitamin that is really good in helping fill you up when eating. That's basically my plan for the first three weeks and then I'm starting T25. I will update on my weight loss journey in a week maybe saturday since its good friday next week.
*****Back to sx stuff, I have also picked my rh and its Gianna's Barbie Dream House. I chose her because she always responds all my questions on facebook. She is also a masseuse so that is a plus because it would be all inclusive with meals and everything. I am waiting on my school schedule for next semester to see what day I should buy my flight and reserve with Gianna, but first week of May I will have her deposit sent to her. I will post some pre op pics as well as wish pics later on. Although when I go for sx I am going to have Duran work her magic because everyone's body is not the same and some may have a better outcome referring to the wish pics, so I dont want to obsess about the pics.

121 days left!!

Hey ladies, so alot has happened in the last few months. I haven't been too involved in rs lately because I was spending more of time on fb surgery groups. There is one major change in my sx journey and that's who will I go to, and I been seeing some great results lately that are very consistent to one person. This person I don't want to deal with the drama that comes after I name the doctor. Its my decision and I have done my research and I also understand that all surgery have risk and I can't and won't blame it on that particular person. That person is the infamous Doctor Hector Cabral!!!

--> I am going to be a Cabral Barbie. I love that everytime i message him he responds the same day. I am still doing a tummy tuck, liposculpture that including lipo to back,flanks, abdomen and arms and bbl and was quoted $5000.
--->I also went to my doctor because i desperately need to lose weight for this surgery. I was able to get a prescription for phentermine which I am now 2 weeks on it and have lost 10 pounds already. I am aiming for a weight of 170-175lbs and I am currently @212lbs, so that means i have to drop 40lbs by december #nopressure

wish pics!!

Sx is postponed until further notice :'(

I was scheduled to have my sx dec 23 and is NOS postponed i have no date set up.Im in DR for vacation and decided That this is not THE right time to undergo these procedures until my weight is at 160. I am planning on going on friday for à 1:1 consultation with THE king!! I Will keep u updated!!!

Follow my new page on realself....

Hey everybody, I know I have been MIA but it was for a good reason. I had the gastric sleeve done summer 2015 and I am now planning my plastic dream surgery with Cabral on July 2016. I will no longer update this page please go and follow my new journey: sleeved_barbie Thanks xoxox
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Switch and final answer my doc will be Cabral!

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