A Mommy Makeover for This Duran Doll ^_^ - Dominican Republic

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Hey ladies. I've been a member of Real Self for a...

Hey ladies. I've been a member of Real Self for a little while now and after looking and reading several reviews I've decided that I will be moving forward with a Mommy Makeover from Dr. Duran. I would love to get this done TOMORROW but that's not going to happen so the second week in May, hopefully 5/8/16 will be the day. I am looking for a traveling and sx buddy so if you're interested please reply! I chose this date because I go to college and need to focus on that, I was thinking about getting it done during winter break but I would feel bad about spending the holiday season in pain and not doing fun stuff with my family. So I'm rewarding myself with a new body for getting through another year of school. Here are some of my current pics and wish pics.

Mommy of 1 Looking to Be a Duran Doll TT BBL LIPO BL BA

I have reached out to Dr. Duran by emailing her and the surgi coordinator. I know the Surgicoordinator is a $200 cost but as long as I'm able to get booked I don't mind the extra cost as long as it works. So far I have only got 1 email but no response thru the whatsapp. If you are planning on going within the same timeframe of May 2017 please reply I am looking for a buddy=)

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So I was able to get a response from Dr. Duran today from the email on her Instagram. I sent the information for a consultation and estimate. I'm looking to get give my deposit next month and tickets so I have no excuse as to why I can't go. I know May is a good time away but when life gets ahead of you things get postponed so I want no excuses. If anybody else is going on May or thinking of it let me know we can be travel buddies! Here's some pictures of me now.

Recovery Houses

Since I have some time I am still searching for a recovery house and reading reviews. So far I'm really liking the pictures and information I'm reading on Serenity Recovery Home's website. The prices are a bit steeper than some others that I've seen and they have additional fees that others would be inclusive such as $100 for a ride to and from the SDQ airport and the recovery home and $25 massages of 5/$100. The reason I'm considering them is because they look very clean and upscale or luxury. Since I will not be having any family coming with me I want to stay somewhere I feel is comfortable and similar to what I would find here in the States. I'll be there for 10 days after all mine as well enjoy it right? If anybody has any suggestions to other RHs that they liked or are thinking of staying at or even has a review on Serenity please leave a comment. p.s. I've also good things about DREAM BODY DIVA RH have you guys?

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Help me ladies

Hey ladies. I got my estimate from Surgicoordinator for what Dr. Duran recommended which was a BBL TT and LIPO for $4900. I don't know why BA wasn't included but in a separate email I informed the Surgicoordinator that I am wanting this and they said if Duran approves it would be an additional $2000, so $5300 total including the $200 fee for the Surgicoordinator. I don't see why she wouldn't approve it I would be really disappointed if it wasn't. LADIES I DO NOT RECOMMEND CALLING it is a waste of time it's impossible to speak with her or someone that doesn't place you on hold or transfers you before your able to understand what they're staying. I tried yesterday and just ended up with $55 in international call fees ????. Anyways, I'll post screenshots of what that estimate includes and other info provided by the Surgicoordinator.

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Always wanted

I've been following this brand on IG for like a year now and I've ALWAYS wanted to purchase their clothing but everything is so form fitting I knew it wouldn't be flattering on my current body. Even some of their flowy pieces are made to hug or compliment the curves of your body. Their brand ambassador definitely has had a trip to Santo Doningo ???????? but she looks great. I don't think I want my booty to poke out as much as hers I mainly am obsessed with her hips and a round juicy booty. I think a juicy booty looks like DAMN GIRL LOOK AT THOSE ROUND CHEEKS and a big booty looks like DAAAAAMMMNNNN GIRL LET ME PARK A TAHOE ON DAT......did you see the difference in your head? I'm tryna be a JLO or Iggy instead of a nicki or k Michelle. if anybody is looking for a traveling buddy in May 2017, has RH recommendations or ways to get in contact with Dr Duran outside of the Surgicoordinator reply below????????????????????????

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Guess who contacted me!

Hey Ladies, so Dr. Duran or her office contacted me back Tuesday 8/2/16 with a quote and evaluation. This is the response after sending her the pictures and answering her questions. I'm super excited about this because i really REALLY didn't want to use the Surgicoordinator because I'm sure i can use that $200 on something else i need. Also the Surgicoordinator told me they could book me in 2017 because her schedule wasn't open. But yet my email from Dr. Duran she is aware of my requested date and didn't mention that she was unable to schedule during that time. Anyway i know that i have about 9 months to go before my procedure but since its so hard to get in contact with the doctors i didn't want to wait until 2-3 months before. I want to pay my deposit now and get it out of the way so when May comes i have no excuses. no backing out.

To get a response from Dr. Duran i pretty much continued to message her. i also called which i don't recommend unless you have money for international fees. i sent her emails to the one listed on her Instagram. then literally every picture she post i would like and leave a comment: "Good Morning Dr. Duran I sent you an email answering your questions and sending pictures for an estimate my email is xxxxxxxx@xx.com. Please email me back when you are available READY FOR DEPOSIT."

I saw someone on RS say if you used READY FOR DEPOSIT then usually you get a response back. It took about a week or so but i got it. super happy about that.

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March 2017

So I'm obsessing myself with saving money and getting the surgery done by May 2017. But I see a lot of women saying they are going in March and it's making me reconsider. My birthday is in July if I get the surgery done in March I would be healed much better than if got it done in May and would be more confident in going on a trip for my birthday. I think I'm officially changing my date to March and paying my deposit tomorrow. Pray for me y'all that I can stop the frivolous spending. I bought a damn flat screen last night and I went to the store for red vines. RED VINES LADIES! How I stroll out of Walmart with a 40" smart TV?! Any of you ladies looking for a sx buddy in March contact me in a message. My availability is 5/3-5/13


Hey ladies,

I just made my deposit through money gram and OH EM GEE was it the longest experience ever. I had to do it THREE times because they kept messing information up. I also left a message for Dr. Duran asking her to get back to me once it's received and listen my email with my deposit. It should be 24hrs for them to receive the money. Fingers crossed. I've actually switched my requested sx date from May to March 4. Planning on getting the the day before. I'm super excited wish me luck! Also still looking for buddies. Message me if interested


Hey ladies. So I made an sx page on Instagram @rosiiep_duran I think this is a better way for people that want to have detailed convo with me and to meet more Duran dolls also. I'm not quitting REALSELF tho so don't worry. Follow me ladies and leave your IG handles too. I think a week before my sx date I will make a snapchat of the journey there and back. K love u guys!

I got my SX day y'all!

So happy. Okay so I originally got my confirmation email on August 24th but I didn't post it because it was for May. So I was really happy and really scared at the same time because I had since changed my mind to wanting to get my procedures done during spring break which is in March. So I have been emailing duran's office every day since then 3 - 8 times a day to get their attention. I believe I would have gotten a response sooner but the office is on vacation for her birthday. But today I got my email with the date I wanted! Yay! Ladies I know it's hard and frustrating but believe me when I say if you are persistent you can get in contact with Duran YOURSELF. Now the process is much easier with the Surgicoordinator because I still have to book the recovery house and everything myself so hopefully that goes well but it's not impossible. I got my sx buddy that I am so grateful for and we are gonna be snaaaaatched all summer 17 (drake made his song a lil early) so I am super excited and wanted to share with you ladies. Also if anybody has any reviews on VISAGE OF GRACE recovery home I would love to hear about it. That is where I'm considering staying of not serenity.

Dr change

Hey ladies,

I'll no longer be going to Dr Duran. I made this switch about 2 months ago just never updated it but I am currently scheduled with Dr. Cabral. I made this decision because I am able to get in contact with him and his office often and I feel a lot of dolls wish pics are of his work and a lot of dolls/barbies go to him for their second round.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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