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Hello RS! I, like many others have been stalking...

Hello RS!
I, like many others have been stalking this site for several months since I discovered it--my husband says "your obsessed." I say "no, I'm doing as much research as possible before I elect to let someone cut on my body!" I think it's a little of both, however????. I created a profile a few weeks ago. Overwhelmed by the candidness and transparency of so many women on RS I've decided to join the ranks of women with the courage to share their journeys. I am a 40 yo mother of 4 in much need of a mommy makeover! I've always been on the smaller size in terms of weight, but I had 4 BIG babies: 8.13lbs, 10.5lbs, 9.6lbs & 9.0lbs. I am 5'8, 160lbs. I'm sure the diastasis of my abs is pretty bad ????. Anyhow, I'm finally going to do something about it! I've done quite a bit of research(obsessing), on this site as well as FB TT groups, video procedures, I've been to a plastic surgeon for a consult, although not recently, and have talked to women who have had similar or the same procedures. I've gotten the good, bad and the UGLY from my findings and although I SQUIRM at any sight of gore I've decided to do it--I'm having plastic surgery. I desperately need a TT w/MR and I would like fat grafting to my hips and booty. I'm also considering BA but am undecided. I'm very particular about my boobies and I don't want to look fake, I'm PICKY. I have a little bit of booty but not enough, I've lost the projection I once had during my younger years and although I have started to go back to the gym to work on my body as much as I can before sx, I can still use some help!! I just hope the Dr. can harvest enough fat to get the results I want.  I've decided to have my sx in Dom Rep and while the cost is definitely a consideration, it was not a determining factor--- DR 'GETS' what women want for their bodies: coke bottle figures with nice proportions lol. I don't think the vast majority of American Drs. understand the aesthetic. There are a few that do, but from my research, most don't. At first I was considering going to Yily. Her work is very good too, however, Duran's reputation for being one of the best in DR, the number of procedures she's done, safely, AND because I had a friend to go to Duran I decided to change from Yily to Duran. I did however, get a quote from Yily because I'd heard that Duran takes weeks, months, even never replies to email. I contacted Dra. Duran via email, but it wasn't true in my case. I've read many reviews on RS that ppl are having a hard time getting in touch with Dra. Duran but she replied to my emails right away, within hours. I've sent her a total of 3 emails on two different days and she was quite prompt. Yily did quote me $500 cheaper but I decided to go with Duran. If I'm doing this I want THE best or doggone close to the best!  I haven't actually confirmed my date yet, I need to call her assistant, but I'm looking to confirm June 22nd or June 29th, 2015???? If anyone is planning on having their sx on or around this time and would like to be sx buddies, please msg me :) Anyway I am SOO excited to be starting my journey. I've decided to share on RS to glean any and all information I can use to navigate my journey, as well if by my sharing I help someone else get through the process a little easier, a little less anxiety, or a little cheaper, I will be happy. I have collected tons of information that I will be sharing in a future post. For now, here are a few pics of how I look now ????????

Sending my deposit!!!

Hello RS ladies!! It has been a minute since my last post; I don't really feel the need to post if I don't have anything new to say with regards to progress but I've decided to go ahead and send my deposit to confirm my sx date. I've decided to have my sx next year because I couldn't possibly find the time to do it this year! I have wayy too much going on. I have a heavy load this semester and will be finishing graduating next year, with my bachelors a month before my daughter graduates high school. FINALLY! I've made so many sacrifices for my family through the years, one was finishing college. As a military wife it's been a challenge moving around so much with kids ---packing and unpacking!! So I'm so glad to finally have the time and wherewithal to make my goals a priority again. Better late than never! Anyhow, I plan to schedule my date next year after we both graduate, so end of June is ideal. This should give me some time to recover before we transfer out AGAIN! Just found out my hubby made rate and we will be moving again. Gotta love this life!

Message got cut off!

What's up with that RS?! Lol I just sat here and typed my life away and then my whole message didn't even post!! Anyway what I wanted to find out from some of you DURAN DOLLS is if you know how this money transfer process works? Or any of the DOMINICAN DOLLS out there knows how to send the deposit? I have a quote and back acct numbers from Duran but the process seems a little sketch. Like, can I do this from my bank? Do I have to go to Walmart and do a money transfer? Lol what the French toast? I haven't asked my bank yet just trying to get a feel for what to expect if anyone knows. Please comment or advise if you have some insight. Btw I posted a few 'inspiration' pics lol I think I have similar body type as these ladies. Petite frame with long legs.

Surgery App

Still not confirmed! :(

Hello RS ladies!
So I still have not confirmed my date. Womp, womp, womp. My reason is that I am having 2nd, 3rd, and 4th thoughts about having surgery in DR. Some of the experiences shared on this site have me thinking I should just stay in the states. And I've tried to have an open mind about things but a lot of ladies complain of being in SOOO much pain after having surgery. Like, they say you don't receive pain meds until many hours or days after surgery and you're still in A LOT of pain after. (Hunty, I ain't about dat life!!) I mean, yea, I had 4 BIG babies, but suffering unnecessarily just seems senseless. Some girls say they go to DR with pain meds from their Primary before leaving but that Duran won't let you take them for fear they may interact negatively with what she is prescribing. WTH?? So I gotta suffer in pain for days until my body begins to recuperate? Any Duran dolls or DR dolls out there that can please clarify this or shed any light on this please advise!!! I really have my heart set on Duran because I think she has the 'most' happy customers and her results are undeniable but I'm fretting the pain.

Deposit *PAID* Duran here I come!

Ok ladies, its been awhile since my last post however I've had lots of time to think about this and to do more research. I'm moving forward in 2015 and doing this for me. I paid my deposit today via BofA and through my bank it was absolutely FREEEE! As soon as it posts to the account I will screen shot it and send the image to Elizabeth, Duran's assistant, to confirm my date. I'm looking at the very end of May early June 2015. My husband is taking the trip with me. We went and took our passport pics this past weekend and have an appt with the Post Office to submit our apps for our passports.

Skinny Girl Problems! :/

Ok so now that the ball is officially "rolling" I need to gain some weight. I know I'll probably get some grief for this or no sympathy from the RS community because most ppl on here are trying to lose weight for surgery. WELL!!!! Guess what? Skinny girls have issues TOOO!! lol Really, people don't even realize that women who are thin often go through the same psychological struggles as those who are over-weight. Growing up I was always called names for being skinny and yea, it hurts and can affect your esteem if you hear it enough. However, as I have gotten older, I tend to care less and less what other people think of me. What matters is what I think of me. And, I realize that 95% of the criticism from people comes from their own jealousy...anyway, I digress. Enough of THAT! I need to gain some weight. I am currently 5'8 tall and am fluctuating between 148.5 - 150, I want to be about 170-175 for my surgery. I can handle it because of my height. And I want Duran to have enough fat to harvest to fill out my bum. I have a little junk back there already but I want to round it out and need more hips, yasss, hunty! I've decided to order some 'Serious Mass' Protein weight gainer from Amazon, $45.96 for a 12lb bag to help me reach my goal weight by June. I'll let you girls know how it works, if it works. Anyway, I'm about to call RHs for rates. Ciao for now!

Pre-surgery Jitters??!

Soooo.... I finally get my deposit sent out to Duran to confirm my surgery, right?! Tell me why did I read a review the night after of some girl, similar to my size, height and weight who went to Duran who says Duran deflated her saline implant during her lipp procedure?!!!! Huh?! Like HOW does that happen exactly? Freaked me out, so from there I started with the jitters. Mind you, I had told my husband that I wasn't even excited about finally paying my deposit for surgery. It was like..blah. But, then I read this and it was like WHOA! Am I really doing this? Maybe Duran's technique is best suited for larger bodied women and that's why she got a little careless with this other girl? I just have been sooo nervous and jittery about the decision. My husband says maybe its because everything is in motion now...I don't know. I just keep thinking what could go wrong...

Dra. Fatima Almonte

Ok so, I decided to get a quote from Dra Almonte. I've been doing a little research on her reviews and I really like what I'm hearing from her patients. For me, its not just about the 'results.' I'm evaluating the WHOLE package, from beginning to end. IMO, the surgery journey actually really begins once you hit recovery and the sum total of your experiences. With that being said, I do believe Almonte, from her reviews anyway can still deliver the results I am looking for. I don't think I need a lot of Lipo nor do I have a large pannus (over-hanging belly) to remove. I really like Almonte's natural looking results. I think on some girls she could have gotten more aggressive on the waist but for the most part the results look great and non exaggerated. I don't need drastic, I think I'm almost there. Them Almonte belly buttons be on FLEEK! lol So, I'm going to see what she talking about...

Switching from DURAN to ALMONTE!!

After much thinking and deliberating with my husband and conscious, I've decided to take the leap from the renowned queen of bootys, Agustina Duran to Fatima Almonte. I would lament the $250 deposit I had sent to Duran's BofA account to confirm my sugery except, my bank ended up sending it back!!! HA! I'm not sure what happened. Maybe the account is no longer open, as I did receive my quote from Duran back in August 2014. I was having serious jitters as previously posted about going to DURAN anyway since I'd read some disturbing reviews. Anyhow, this seem to just be confirmation that I needed to do a little more research. Don't get me wrong, DURANs result seem to be unmatched, but that doesn't mean this girl is sold just on results. I just don't think she is the Dr for me. I do feel much more comfortable with Almonte. From the quote she provided, to her results and after-care. I'm SOLD, Almonte it is. I hope to send my deposit this upcoming week. I still have some questions regarding breast implants as I intend on having them done as well. In the meantime I am working on gaining 20-25lbs before my surgery. I hope to get a date the first week in June 2015.

I like her proportions and frame

On your mark, get set: EAT!!!!

Nom, nom... So I've started this weight gain regime to put on 20-25lbs before my surgery. Crazy right? I know. I want to make sure Dra Almonte has enough fat to graft to my hips and derriere. And rather than stuffing my face with just anything, I've decided that I will put on GOOD weight, with protein, that I can easily sculpt up after my procedure. My hubby is somewhat of a fitness guru so he is helping me. I started out at 148-149 lbs and begin my new "loaded" menu on 1/15. I'm using MyFitness app to track all of my calories to make sure I hit my daily goal of 2250. According to the app if I eat my goal each day I will put on 1lb a week. This a.m I weighed myself at 151.4 so I guess, so far, its working. I bought this SERIOUS MASS gainer off Amazon to supplement my diet. Its for body builders who want to put on weight fast. One serving is a whopping 1250 cal!!! But, I'm only doing half of that, sheesh. I will keep you all posted on my progress!

Officially Confirmed!

Hello RS babydolls, just a quick update that I officially confirmed my date for June 3, 2015 with Dra. Fatima Almonte. I paid my deposit of USD$350 and sent it as an electronic transfer directly from my back account to hers from the comfort of my home, heheh. And it was FREE! Yes, FREE! No need to pay wire transfer fees. If you have a decent bank, I have a credit union, they offer this service to make electronic funds transfers to external accounts absolutely free. All I needed was Dra Almonte's Bank Rounting number. It took a few minutes for Eldaa, one of her assistants to find it, but she sent it to me through Whatsapp and it was done in a snap! FYI she uses Bank of American and the rounting number is 021200339. Just use this along with her account number and you should be able to set it up or go to any BofA branch and just make a deposit inside. Hope this helps someone!

Passports Arrived!

Just a quick update today! Our passports arrived after two weeks!! Excited. We took our photos at Walgreens which charged us 11.99 but ended up not being able to use them because the Post Office said they weren't done right. :/ Even though the background was white when we took the photos, they didn't print out exactly white. They had a faint light-blueish tinge to the background and the PO rep said they would surely be rejected once sent in. So we re-took them at the Post Office and he did it for us for FREE. He was nice. Anyways, we got them quick.

Weight Gain UPDATE - 2 week progress

Hello just wanted to do a write up on my progress on gaining 15-20lbs of "good" fat before my procedure. I started my weight gaining regimine on 1/15, consuming at leas 2250 calories a day. My starting weight was 148 and some change, seriously, a little frail for my height, IMO. But anyway, I weighed myself this morning, only in the morning, and I'm up to 152.0 exactly! So its working. I'm taking Serious Mass weight gainer by Optimum Nutrition which packs on an additional 1250 calories to my diet when take at the recommended level of 1 scoop per servicing. I am not, however, consuming this scop all in one serving. Its too much for me, so I cut it in half and mix it with either milk or juice, fruits and veggies a little ice and ALWAYS a banana. It dump it in my Ninja and make a yummy, fluffy smoothie. I do find that it is increasing my appetite and making me more hungry when normally I can go for long periods of time without eating. So I'm happy so far. As well, I bought the Geritol liquid Iron supplement that many RS sisters have said works well. We shall see! I will have my blood tested soon in the next few weeks to see where I'm at and get a bench mark to start building from. My goal is to have at the very LEAST a 14 HMg because I want to have implants with my procedure. Ok, if you have questions about this process in my journey, let me know!! Oh yea, I'm using MyFitnessPal app to scan and track calories so I know if I'm making my goal.

Surgery Money Saved!

Happy to report hubby gave me the rest of the money I needed for recovery stay and plane tickets. Now all I have to do is save a few more dollars for spending and unforseen expenses and pack! Can't wait for June. I will post my supply list once I have it complete. I am packing VERY light. Not into carrying a bunch of luggage.

Living The Vida Loca

Hello ladies! Its been a loong time since I last posted. Sheesh! I've been so busy the last few months. So let me see, yea... we signed a contract to build a new house in VA so we've traveled back and forth several times to handle that business, I finished my semester and graduated, my daughters graduation is next week and then off to DR for surgery!! After we return from DR I will have only 10 days to rest up before the movers come to pack us, so I'm trying to get everything that requires lots of labor done now! Not the best situation but I refuse to put my surgery off another year. If not now, it probably won't ever get done! I know it won't get done because I decided to return to work after we move to VA. So yea...doing it.

Pre-Op Labs

So I went to see my PCP last week for a pre-surgery screening, check my hemo levels and see if I could score some pain meds to take to DR. I've heard Almonte only uses muscle relaxers for pain and many girls bring their own pain meds-- real ones lol. My PCP is the best. I told him I was having surgery overseas. He asked me why and I was honest. I told him I chose my doctor strictly based on technique, style and safety. I think if you are going to have elective surgery then you should be well pleased with your results and I feel Fatima Almonte will give me what I'm looking for. I also said I had friends that went to DR and have beautiful results. As far as I know, Almonte has never lost a patient and she is very cautious. She doesnt do vixen figures with super aggressive lipo but rather ops for safe measures that yields a more natural result. That seemed to be good enough for him. He said normally for a pre-op visit the surgeon will send you with paperwork to order certain labs but since I had none he would give me the most commly requested lab panels. Cool!! He also prescribed me with Tylenol #3s, enough to get me through the first 10 days. And he also agreed to see me a week after my surgery. :) YES!! Thank you Lord. So today I got my labs back and happy to say that my Hmg is 13.4!! Yayyyy meeeee! Almonte requires at least a 13 for multiple procedures amd a 13.5 for all the procedures I was quoted for: TT BBL BA. Looks like I may do my breasts after all :)

Logistics And Stuff!

So after much pain and deliberation I've decide NOT to stay at a recovery house. I.Just.Can't.Even. Ok so hubs is coming with me. I can't have him up in the recovery house with me with some of the horror stories I keep reading on RealSelf, blogs and Facebook. Not happenin. I reserved us a two-bedroom condo 7 min away from CECIP in Gazcue. Its really nice, fully equipped with all amenities, washer/dryer, air conditioning, filtered water, full kitchen, Internet and close to shopping and grocery within walking distance of the Colonial district:). It was $650 cheaper than what it would cost me and hubs to stay at the RH stuck up in a private room together. I think we will both be more comfy and happier with this arrangement. NO.DRAMA. There is even a gym in the building so he can work out while I'm laid up --ha! winning. We figure we'll stop by the grocery store and pick up food before I have surgery. I'm using Jose Brito as my driver, btw. He's got a great reputation and comes highly revommended. (I called him via Whatsapp back in Feb and just confirmed everything with him today.) I will plan a healthy, daily menu for us ahead of time that hubs can prepare; we will be good! I've also scheduled to have a nurse come in and check on me 3xs and a masseuse 4xs during my stay. Hubs has an EMT certification, too, so between him, my post op visits with Almonte, and the nurse n masseuse I should have a good support system. My goal is to have my drains out before I leave so good recovery is a must! I'm so excited and amazed how well everything is coming together for my surgery journey. "All things work together for good to them that love God." Romans 8:28. To God be the glory!!

Mandatory Insurance

Hello ladies! Well...I fly out tomorrow morning at 6am headed to Santo Domingo!!! Excited. Nervous. Happy. Can't beleive I am finally here at this point. Your prayers are very much welcome and needed!! So we just left the bank with our surgery cash and are en route to DCA to stay at my sister's house until we leave. Hubby and I started going over all the expense we expect to incur and the mandatory insurance comes up. Any of you post op Almonte vets have any knowledge on the mandatory insurance? Has anybody been successful at using it in the US? I'm wondering why we are forced to purchase the insurance if a doctor will not assume responsibility of our care when we return to the states?? A lot of people complain about the lack of post op care once they return home. If someone is aware, please enlighten me. Thanks!

Made It To The Flat Side!!!

Hello ladies!!
I made it!! So thankful. My experience at CECIP was great. Dr Almonte's team has taken very good care of me. I arrived on June 2nd around noon, Jose Brito was there waiting for us as promised. I highly recommend him, he is great!! He drove us to CECIP to do labs. After we finished Brito took us to get groceries and pick up the keys to our apartment. Ladies you will not find better service than Jose Brito. After dropping our groceries off at the apartment we went back to the clinic for our overnight stay before surgery. At 5:30 am a nurse came in with the infamous blue pill and a sip of water. I took it and put on the surgery gown and bonnet. She came back with a wheelchair and wheeled me to the OR where another nurse was waiting. She put in an IV as I sat on the OR table. The last thing I remember at this point was the nurse asking me if I spoke any spanish and I said "un pequito" Then, I woke up in my room. I was in very little pain, just felt like pressure on my chest really. The first night I could not keep anything down, just throwing up, even water. But I had hydrated myself very well a week before surgery so I was ok!! The second night was much better. I had some tea early the next morning and it seemed to settle my stomach. I ate all of my breakfast and felt GREAT!! Almonte's staff and the workers at CECIP are great, no complaints. They came on time to give me my medications and to chamge my IV bag. I had at TT, BA and lipo to my flanks and lower back only. My hemo was 13.4. So far I am pleased with my results :)

No pain MEDS!

Hello ladies just wanted to do a little update on my progress. I've been doing well. Still in DR and now on my 3rd row in my faja. I expect to get my drains out tomorrow, fingers crossed! Had my second PO appt yesterday and incision is healing pretty well. Havent taken ANY pain meds so far!! I think it has to do with me taking Arnica Montana 7 days prior to surgery then continuing again 1 day after surgery daily, and the amount of water I've been drinking. Almonte says I need to wear the breast stabilizer another 7 days and my implants should be settled enough. Looks like and feels like I have moved from a full B cup to a D cup. I had 420 ccs silicone gummies under the muscle. They are still rather hard but Almonte says they should fluff in about a month. My last post-op appt is tomorrow, we leave DR Friday morning.

Feeling Great. Healing Great!

Hello Future Dolls! Just wanted to update my review with my progress I am about 20 days PO and am happy to say that I havent had any problems or complications really. I'm healing so fast. My energy is up and I am mobile everyday. Preparing to move to VA innthe next couple of weeks so I've been doing laundry and chores trying to prepare for our movers next week without incident. Wearing the faja consistently seems to be my biggest challenge really. The faja is no joke! Lol. I do however wear it daily and take it off at night before bed. Sometimes I wear my stage two to bed, sometimes I dont. The stage 2 shapes your body fast though and keeps swelling down!!! My advice? Commit to the FAJA!!!! Lol. Ok here's some updated photos

Great. RealSelf is trippin.

My photos didnt post

Almost Back To Normal!

Hey ladies just updating my review for inquiring minds :) I am still progressing in my recovery. No issues thus far or complications. My breasts have settled beautifully and I am working on scar treatments now. I am currently using silicone scar tape I purchased onAmazon and I also am using Vitamin E capsules amd Tummy Butter by Palmer's. The Vitamin E is the pills you ingest, not the Vitamin oil. What I do is puncture a hole in the capsule with a stick pin and squeeze the contents in my belly and incisions. Itis much thicker in consistency this way and provides instant relief to the pulling itchy feel of my tummy. I have very soft skin and stretch marks form easily so this is a must for me. The silicone scar tape is working great!! Been using it for about two solid weeks now and boy what a difference it makes. It is flattening out my scar and making it smooth and lightening. I recommend it! I will try and remember to post some pics for you to see the progress. I dont have a true before pic but I will start documenting now for you all. Anyway thats about all I have for now. I moved from MD to VA and am just trying to get settled in our new place. I think I will be ready to start a light workout regimen soon! I had not issues with the physical rigors of moving and lifting.

For Kicks & Giggles!!

Here is a photo of me that I put through the plastic surgery app. I altered my waist to taper it in further. I am hoping to achieve these results after my swelling has subsided and with exercise. I am more than confident this is possible; my goal is realistic!!! What yall think?
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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