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I've made my mind up today. After many stateside...

I've made my mind up today. After many stateside consultations and hours of endless research online I've decided I'm taking myself to the Dominican for my mommy makeover transformation! I never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would be doing this because of the sigma that going out of the country for surgery has. You hear all the horror stories and how could you ever decide to take the chance right?!?! Well let me tell you, I've done enough research to know that tragedy happens everywhere. I'm not one to dwell on the negative so that's why I'm making this decision for me. I've decided that my surgery will be in July when my children are visiting their father out of state. My infant will be home with my husband well taken care of. My husband doesn't want me going alone but to be honest after all the research I've done so far and hearing about the emotional toll this takes on you the first few days of recovery I actually think it's best I'm alone. I've signed up for this site to share my journey and to also hopefully connect with other women who will be doing this procedure during the same time. I've decided to go with Dr. Robles and will be staying at Yanet Recovery House. I spoke with Yanet today and made my reservation. She was so sweet! I already feel comfortable. I've talked via text with Dr. Robles assistant to confirm my date but will be making my deposit Monday. I'm so excited!!! I will be sharing my journey here.


Ok. So I probably shouldn't move so fast when it comes to making decisions. I'm just ready to get this thing secured so I can mentally prepare. Well after more research I found Upscale Recovery House. Beautiful. I contacted them for availability and they said they only had a private room for the time I will be there at Serenity House. They sent me the website for pics. It's gorgeous!!! The person I communicated with via email was really responsive. The location just opened and is new...and the pics show that. I'm happy about this choice.

Now about the Doc. Ive been talking to Dr. Robles assistant but have not paid deposit yet. Butttttttt, I've been eyeing Dr. Almonte's work. And people say her staff is really attentive. We shall see in the morning. My choice will be made for sure tomorrow.

Almonte all the way!

So it's official! I sent a message via WhatsApp last night to Dr. Almonte and her assistant using info found here. 20 minutes later I hear a ping. Go to check my phone and it's Dr. Almonte!!! I told her what I was looking for and she responded by letting me know she could help and had her assistant call me first thing this morning. The assistant and Dr. Almonte are VERY responsive and with me traveling alone to do this I really need responsiveness. That's very important to me. Also, I am a heavier gal (5'10" 215lbs) and I have seen Dr. Almonte's work on heavier women and have been really pleased with the photos so I am satisfied with my decision to switch. Also, Dr. Almonte quoted 4100 for TT, Lipo, BBL and if my hemoglobin is above 13.5 she will do my breast lift. I'm praying I can get it up cause I really want this done so I don't have to come back. So I'm all set! July 15th with Dr. Almonte! Serenity House 16-26! If anyone else will be going during this time and staying at Serenity please inbox me! I'm uploading some before shots...lord. Sorry to scare y'all but in 2 months it's gonna be all good!!

Flight Booked! Deposit PAID!!

I've booked my flight and paid my deposit! So excited! Also, found out that Dr Almonte only does 1 patient on Tuesdays and Thursdays so I will be her only patient the day of my surgery. Something about that makes me feel better. I know I'm in good hands either way but I'm happy those hands will be totally devoted to me day of surgery. I also scheduled to have a hemoglobin level test done next week so I can know now what it's looking like. I have a history of anemia so I'm nervous about that. Hoping that doest put the lid on this excitement cause I'm ready!!


I know it's new so looking for experiences with Serenity Recovery House? If anyone has been there please give me your review of it. Thank you!!


I'm trying to get my hemo levels up. I think I ordered every iron supplement mentioned here on Real Self. Cray and pressed! Lol. I'm also juicing and making smoothies with carrots, spinach, watercress every morning! FYI- The entire month of April I juiced-strictly juiced lost 30lbs of post preggo weight. This was before I even decided to get this surgery so I'm praying that when I see my doctor next week that it didn't hurt my hemo as I've been known to have lower hemo (anemia). Until then I'm juicing, eating iron rich foods, pumping iron pills and what not. I've got to get my hemo to 13.5 so I can have the procedures I want all at one time. Pray for me y'all!

Wish Pics

I've been obsessed with this site and have selected a few wish pics! Lord please bless Dr. Almonte's hands to give me this!


So clearly I've been on RS too much and googling my procedures too much because last night I had a terrible nightmare! Dreamed that when I arrived for my procedures Dr. Almonte pulled out two swords to begin work! Then I was insistent on things being sterilized and kept being told that they don't sterilize things there then I was insistent on my hemoglobin being checked and was told they hand no way to check it so I just had to "risk" my life! Lol! Oh Jesus!! Early this was a nightmare as this is NOT the expectation that RS or Dr. Almonte has set. I guess I'm just super nervous and overly consumed. Sheesh!

Hemo Day!!!

I'm up now nervous as hell getting ready to see my PCP for my CBC test. I'm getting it tested today as a "follow up" from an November visit when my hemo was low. Then I have pre op with her on the 26. I really pray these hemo levels are at least a 12! I've been eating healthy, taking vitamins, exercising. Doing all I can. I pray it's paying off!

The waiting game....

So I went to see my PCP today to get me CBC test. It was a follow up from a previous blood test that showed anemia in November. Although it was a follow up she forgot about the last test and asked all the questions about why I needed the bloodwork. Sheesh! Anyway she finally ordered the bloodwork. I was sent to the lab and it took 3 techs to draw my blood. The first two stuck me like 4 times with no success. They said they couldn't try anymore and I said "The hell!" They wanted to make me come back after a few days!! Then they said they had a tech who was really good with finding veins. She came in and 1 poke! Got it! I was happy and pissed at the other two techs all at the same time. Now I wait...praying this hemo level will NOT be an issue! I need the works in the DR! Lol

30 Days!!!

Just realized that in 30 days I will transformed to a new woman (on the outside). So many emotions however I am firm in my decision. Starting my countdown 30 day juice fast starting tomorrow! Well really 29 seeing as though I won't be drinking much on day 30. Whoop whoop!! 1 month!!!


Ok y'all so I got the call today from my doc on my bloodwork. My Hemo is a 12.8!!! Hallelujah!!! It was 10.7 in November so slain thing is working!! She told me to continue taking my supplements and I should be at 13.5 by surgery time. I'm praying! I'm excited that at least I'm at a12 so that means either way it's going doooowwn! Just hoping for that 13.5 to get those boobies propped up!

Pet Peeve

So just venting but my PET PEEVE are RS pages where the person details their experiences up to the day of surgery then falls off the face of the earth. This is completely aggravating as after I have read all your dang on post abs life story in a nutshell you leave me hanging! Ugh! I get maybe not updating for a couple weeks after surgery if you aren't feeling well but these post are people who had surgery months ago! Come on people! Keep us updated! We are vested in your stories! lol Ok, vent over.

14 days!!!!!

So today it is exactly 14 days until my departure to the DR!!! I'm having a flood of emotions lately. I told my husband I was scared and was considering not going. I was hoping to just hear him reassure me but he instead said "Well, don't go." Ugh. That's not the response I needed. I told my girlfriend and she pretty much said the same thing encouraging me to "wait". So it looks like I just have to put my big girl panties on and talk to only Jesus and RS about this! Lol. But really. This week I really need to get back on my workout tip. This weekend I went on a girls trip and totally lost my mind. I drank, ate, and did hookah!! I didn't realize hookah was tobacco until the next day when I sobered up and goggled it! SMH. Pray that 1 time won't mess with my hemo too much. I have a pre op Wednesday so I guess I will see then. Also, when I returned home my hubby and I were intimate without protection. So in up on my way to get a morning after. Lord please let me not get pregnant! If I get to DR and they say in pregnant I will have a total meltdown. Besides all of that I did return home to my new passport in the mail with the name change. Yay! So I'm official!!! 14 days!!!!

Cashed out!!!

So today I showed myself it's really real and deposited my surgery $$ in dr Almonte's BOA account! No turning back now! I'm getting so excited!! 13 days!!

Not a happy camper....

So I had my "pre-op" today with my PCP. First she goes on to basically a old ms on how going to the DR is not "safe" and then she goes on to say that she can't bill my visit as a pre op because the surgeon is out of the country. Huh?!? Like really? I told her that I have "friends" (y'all lol) who have had their docs do their pre op and even prescribe pain meds and antibiotics for them. She wasn't trying to hear it. I'm really upset. Not a good day....


*scold me


I'm singing in my high octave opera voice 13. FOOOOOOOOUUUUURRRR!!! Can you hear me?!? Lol. Just got the call from my doc saying my hemo checked yesterday is 13.4!!! I'm dancing, I'm dancing...yea yea! Only 1 more bump up and I can get these tittays shelfed! LMBO!


I forgot to post that Monday I started taking the VitaMedica supplements which I ordered online. Don't think they helped at l with the hemo boost as they do not contain Iron but nonetheless wanted to update about them. Happy 4th everyone! 10 more days!

Morning Hemo Juice

Beets/Carrot/Apple. Yum!

Second thoughts.....

So as my day is approaching I'm getting sooooooo nervous. Today I was playing with my baby and started crying thinking what if I don't make it back. I was overcome with emotions. Then tonight I get on RS to look at transformations for some motivation and I see there was a death just last week! I am praying for the family of the woman who died. This is so sad and now I'm having second thoughts.....


So today I'm back in this. I'm getting my mind prepared for this journey. It's very scary and I'm so nervous but I'm praying that it will be successful. I read another not so great review about Almonte today. So far both negative reviews have to do with the aftercare and not the procedure. In fact, the review just posted appears to either be the same person (as the chief complaints are the same) or another patient who experienced the exact same issues. Either way, I've queried both Dr. Almonte and Lesley on if there are any follow up care docs in my area. Doc Almonte didn't know any and she said she is deferring to Lesley but I haven't heard back from her yet. If anyone on here is in the DMV area and knows of any doctor to follow up here for possible drainage or after care please inbox me. Other than that I purchased my last few supplies today. Yay! 8 more days!

Oh...A Question

So for ladies who have been through this when you go through customs what do you say why you are traveling? Surgery? Medical? Vacation? Curious because when I got my passport the guy was drilling me on why I was traveling. I'm like "um, for vacation" then he paused for a long time and finally finished processing my request. Weird. So wondering what should I say?


Sisters: Here's a prayer I located fitting for surgery. Please say it for all the "dolls" and "Barbies" going under today, this week, next week or month or dolls recovering.

"Loving Father, I entrust myself to your care this day; guide with wisdom and skill the minds and hands of the medical people who minister in your Name, and grant that every cause of illness be removed, I may be restored to soundness of health and learn to live in more perfect harmony with you and with those around me. Through Jesus Christ. Amen."

Supply List

List of Supplies/Essentials

Luggage w/TSA lock
Portable safe
Bed Pads
Poise Pads
Arnica gel
Scar Away strips
Stool Softener
Dial Antibacterial Soap
Hibiclense Soap
Abdominal Pads
Abdominal bandage (comprifoam)
No rinse cleansing/adult wipes
Motrin PM to sleep
Go girl urinal funnel
Compression socks

Also packing not pictured:

Necessity toiletries
8 maxi dresses
5 tank tops
5 tees
2 sandals (1 slip on)
Lysol wipes/spray
Heated blanket
Twin bed sheets
Boppy pillow
PAIN Pills!!

That's about it!! 6 more days!!!!


So earlier I updated about how my husband and I had been intimate in June without protection (idiot right?) Well I took a morning after the morning after (lol) and I started my regular cycle on June 21. Thought I was clear. I even bought a pregnancy test yesterday and it says NEGATIVE but this morning I woke up bleeding with a slight tinge of brown discharge (tmi sorry). I'm not scheduled to have my cycle again until the 18th So obviously I'm panicking. Could this be implantation bleeding and the urine test can't detect the conception yet?? I called my OB and she's going to see me today at 2pm to do a blood test but she warned that if it's too early that can be tricky too. Oh lord. Babies are a blessing yes but between my husband and I we have 6 blessings....and I ain't tryna have no mo! Ugh....Stay tuned

Close Call!!!

So I just got the callback from my OB and my blood test was NEGATIVE!!!! Lord thank you Jesus!! This means the countdown is stil on!! 4 more days!!!

I asked Lesley the other day about my boobs looking to maybe get an implant for the fullness with the lift. She warned that even with a 13.5 hemo (if it is that high by Mon) that Dr. Almonte will most likely give me an ultimatum on if I want all the procedures done but less lipo or more aggressive lipo without the boobs. I was just having lunch with my hubby and we talked about it and I decided that of she does say this then I'm going to go without the boobs and come back next summer for those. I figure, I could take that opportunity to also get more lipo since it would have been a year since I had my tuck and I plan on still losing 40 lbs from this baby weight I'm still carrying 6 months later (no judging lol). I did my final (I think) shopping trip for supplies.

Magnesium sulfate (for serious constipation if the softener doesn't cut it.
Tylenol Sleep
White Tees & T shirts
Heated blanket & extension cord (not pictured)

I think I'm all set!! Getting excited!!

More items...

24 hours!!

That's it! 24 Hours and I will be on a plane to Santo Domingo for my new body! I'm excited and very nervous all at the same time. I've been stalking realself in past few days reading reviews and updates some that calm my nerves and others that end up scaring me more!! At this point I'm just ready!!! Praying for a successful surgery and recovery. On another note, I'm concerned about my hemo as I am on my cycle. I pray it doesn't drop drastically before I get there. If any dolls out there have any experience with they situation please do share how that went.

I started taking my Bromelain supplements yesterday from my Vitamedica kit. That's what really put me into a "ish getting real" mode. I also packed my luggage but I really didn't want to have more than one bag so I'm considering going to either purchase a larger piece today OR remove this heating blanket that's taking up half the space in one of them. Not sure if a beating blanket is really needed at the RH and the hospital I have read has them. Anywhoo, need to decide quickly right?!?! This morning I'm going with my hubby to help him grocery shop for the next 2 weeks as it's going to be just him and the little guy. I'm already homesick. I'm going to miss them soooooo much. My baby has started to scoot and I'm praying he waits till I get home to start crawling. I will be sad if I miss that.
Well's almost that time! Please keep me in your prayers for a successful surgery and recovery!

And I'm off!

All checked in about to board this flight! Connecting in ATL to Santo Doningo. Delta Airlines kind of upset me this morning. When u checked in they told me I had to pay for 1 bag although I'm flying First Class and the website said I get 2 bags. So I just paid for the one as I didn't want to stand there going back and forth with the last about it but when they open this morning they will hear from me. Ugh. On another note it was so hard this morning saying bye to my hubby and little one but my husband kept it upbeat and sounded in good spirits which helped a bunch. Today is going to be a super long day but I've waited a long time for this and it's finally here. Prayers to the almighty father for protection and covering!


Sitting at the airport waiting on my connecting flight to DR and it's so funny. I'm scoping the gate looking at other women traveling to DR alone and they are scoping the scene too. It's almost an unspoken word like "You too? Yep me too." Lol. Kinda funny. I guess I will know for sure when I get to the clinic this afternoon and I see them there. Lol

Okie Dokie....

So in here now at Cecip. I'm not sure how to explain this place. Please just don't come expecting US type hospital environment. It ain't that. I was picked up
From the airport by Conrad who works for Serenity RH. He's really cool. Speaks English well and also has the hookup on Fajas! Meaning he sells them so I'm happy about that. I just due bloodwork and labs now I'm waiting to see the cardiologist. Conrad is waiting here with me to see if I will be going to Serenity tonight or stating here at Cecip. The lady that did my blood said it was "thick" and looked like I was dehydrated. I've been drinking lots of water. I think that may be because if the Vitamedica Bromelain supplement that works to help blood clot. I dunno. Hoping there will be no issue with my labs!



Get into these hemoglobin levels! 13.5 on the nose!!! That's what I've been praying for. Although I no longer think I'm going to do the boobies right now I still am happy that I've bright my hemo up especially at this level right after my cycle. All my other bloodwork/lab work came back perfect so it's on like donkey kong! I just saw Dr. Almonte in the hallway and she is so sweet. She stopped and gave me a hug and told me she she coming to see me in a minute. So now I'm just impatiently waiting on her. ???? I'm getting excited again. Nerves have gone down.

Dr Almonte

She just left. She looked at my wish pics and said it's doable! She also said no to the boobs cause I have a lot of back fat that needs to be lipo out but I'm ok with that. Plus she said I need about 1300cc per check back there for projection! And here I was thinking asking her for 1000 per cheek was too much. I'm gonna tell her tomorrow let's just do 1500! Lol. My ass is flat y'all. Oh and we added lipo to my arms so I'm happy about that! Anyhow, she really calmed my nerves and now I'm super excited to be transformed! Whoot!

Body Shape Pic

This is a repost of a picture originally posted by @Maylove. I think this is a great guide to show different shapes and consult with your doctor on which shape is ideal for you!

SX Day!!

Ok so I'm up waiting! Just took a shower with Hibiclens (pictured) now I'm just waiting in my dry towel (bring your own towels) on Dr. Almonte to be marked up! Surgery scheduled for Noon. Pumped! Prayers up!

The Flat Side!!!

For everyone who had been praying for me I have to say THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!!! I can't thank you all enough. I believe in the power of prayer and I believe it's by Gods Mercy and Grace and your prayers that I am here to write this post! I was going to post yesterday evening but my battery was low so I wanted to wait till it was charged to give a full rundown.

So surgery day went well. I was told that my surgery would be at Noon as Dr Almonte was doing charity work at another hospital in the morning but I was her first here when she returned. She called me in my room on the phone around 1030 am to let me know that the nurses were coming down to give me the blue pill and take me to the SX room. I reminded her that she hadn't marked me yet so she said she would come do that first. 5 mins later a man knocked on the door with a wheelchair ready to go so I put on my surgery robe and booties and hopped in. When they took me back to my surgery room it was so crazy, I hadn't had a blue pill and so I saw people in the midst of their surgery! It was WILD! Couldn't believe the operating room doors were just open! Not sure how sanitary that is but it was what it was. They took me to my room where the Anesthesiologist was waiting for me. I kept asking for the blue pill and she kept saying no looking at me crazy, it was clear she didn't speak English. She then left out and a man identifying himself as a doctor then came in to tell me I was going to be waiting in the room for a minute and Dr Almonte was on her way but she just wanted me in that room to reserve it. I asked him for the blue pill and he said "you will get it". The anesthesiologist put an IV bag up and placed the needle in my arm. I was thinking they just said F the blue pill and whatever she was giving me was going to knock me out. I laid there just saying "Jesus Jesus Jesus" as I wanted that to be the last thing out of my mouth before I went under. I quickly noticed after about 50 Jesuses that what the Anesthisiologist gave me was just water for hydration...not sleeping medication. Lol So I still laid there saying Jesus and the Dr. Almonte walked in and gave me a big hug. I immediately told her I didn't get a blue pill and she said that's ok they I would get the pill in my IV in a second. Lol. So she had me stand up and marked me all up. She asked me again what I wanted and I told her the smallest waist she could give me, a big butt, some hips and a pretty nelly button. She said no problem. She sat me down and then told me the Anesthisiologist was about to put the blue pill in my IV. After that I remember not a thing! I did wake up towards the end of my surgery but everything was foggy. I remember moaning and looking at the machine that shows your heart rate to make sure I was alive! Maybe the Anesthisiologist gave me more meds because I remember nothing after that but waking up in the recovery room with KILLER pain!! I mean I've had 4 babies and this pain trumped them all. I threw up all over myself, all liquid cause I hadn't ate since the prior day at 2. It was a mess. My throat was burning from what I learned was the tube they stuck in my neck to help me breath during surgery. I've never had that done and glad I didn't know it was going to be done cause that would have scared me. Anyhow I was in recovery room for about 2 hours that I know of then they wheeled me to my room. When I got to my room I was still in terrible pain. Dr Almonte came to check on me. She held my hand and told me they were coming to bring pain meds. Shortly after a nurse came in and stuck a needle into thigh and I was knocked out. When I awoke I felt really good. No


pain just discomfort. Shortly after I woke the nurse that my recovery house hired for me arrived. I am SO HAPPY I got one even though I was told at Cecip you don't need one. Ladies, yes the hell you do! These nurses here don't speak English and look at you crazy when you ask for something. I'm really not feeling them at all. So glad I have someone here to be the buffer between me and them or I would not be so happy. She is great and only $50 bucks for the night. She snores but that's ok, lol

Dr Almonte and Raquel (Leslie is out the whole week unexpectantly) came up check on me before they left, she rubbed some ointment on my wound. She then took the picture for me above. I did a side by side for you ladies here. Yes LAWD she snatched me up!!! Haven't seen my bootay yet but I'm looking forward to that tomorrow. Taking in mind what I look like now is WITH swelling I would say Almonte did the damn thing on me!! I'm so glad I chose her! She's so attentive (which my hired nurse says that m

Cont ( keep pressing send oops!)

Most of the Dras here are not, she even called the nurses desk late tonight to check on me when she got home. Super sweet! Well here are a couple of photos she took for me. Not the best but you can see the difference. I will post again when I'm able to get up and really check out they figure 8! Thanks again to everyone following my story and sending well wishes! Love my RS sisters!!

Ass Ass Ass Ass Ass.....

So i was finally able to sneak a pic of my new nice round plump ass! Yasssss! I'm still not able to stand straights so not really seeing the full effect but this far it looks GOOD to me!!! Can't believe I got a donk! Lol

Day 2/3 Post Op

Today is Day 3 post op. Or is it Day 2? It's the 2nd full post op day put it that way. Anyway just know I'm going to be an updating machine since I fussed about others not updating after their procedures so I can't be the pot calling the So last night was challenging. It's just not possible to be comfortable and I accept that. This morning I woke up and took my bandage off and thought I had a hole!!! OMG I panicked and buzzed the Serenity nurse to come see about me. Thank God there was no hole it was just an illusion of the tape sticking from my stomach to my thigh. I thought it was time for emergency surgery! I was so scared. Then the nurse told me no hole and came to change my dressings. And I took a pic of my scar and I must say I LOVE it. 3 days later and it looks beautiful already!!! I have to go to Cecip today to get my faja put on because I was so queasy yesterday they said I could wait on it and I've just had a bandage wrapped around my belly. I'm not looking forward to the faja but I know it's necessary. Anyhow, just wanted to post a quick update and pic. :-)

Day 4 Post Op & Serenity RH

So I wanted to just post a couple of before after shots I snapped today. I'm still so very pleased by my tummy tuck. I have lots of swelling around my butt from the lift so that I'm not so sure about. I noticed I still have rolls on my back but I'm not sure if that's just the pressure and swelling of my swollen ass pushing my back up and creating that lower roll. I guess time will tell. I'm still VERY sore. The tummy tuck doesn't bother me at all it's the swelling on my back and abs from lipo. Oh God! That kills! But I'm fighting through it!

I also wanted to update you guys on my RH. Well I can't say it's the best cause I haven't stayed at the others but I am SO happy I chose to stay here!! It's very nice. Quiet. There are only 3 rooms here all with private bathrooms and huge walk in closets. The food is good. They wait on you hand and foot meaning bringing food/snacks on trays, sponge bathing, all medication and dressing changes on wounds and cleaning your room and clothes for you. Im very happy. The other people here are couples but that are very cool and laid back. One couple are both doctors in the US!! The wife had procedures done accompanied by the hubby. I thought that's pretty cool. It's a really "serene" atmosphere here hence "Serenity" the name. I'm going to post more pics of the place before I leave but for anyone searching for a place I would definitely recommend here. Again it's not overcrowded. Full cooking and nursing staff (one of the nurses here is a nurse at Cecip). Just really happy with my stay here.

Oops 1 more

Serenity RH

Just wanted to post more pics of my RH as when I was looking for reviews on here myself before I came I couldn't find many. Hope this helps someone. BTW still LOVING my stay here!!

Emotional Rollercoaster

Welp today was a "in my feelings" kind of day. I'm at the point where I'm ready to go home missing my family tremendously. The first week went by super fast but this week is going by very slowly. In terms of my healing I'm experiencing tons of swelling especially on my back. This is extremely bothersome as it creates a great deal of


....pain. Also it's discouraging as now my bbl looks really non existent with the swelling. I keep having to tell myself to be patient and know it's just swelling but as I look at others 2 weeks post op I'm like ugh why don't I look like that. Today makes 1 week though so patience is the name of the game. I have 3 more days before I depart and I'm trying to stay as positive as I can by looking at before after pics. I know I've come so far so tu

Ugh Cont.....

those really help. Other than that all is well :-).

Almost Home!!!!

So tonight is my last night in the DR! Flight is at 2am so I'm leaving to the airport in a few hours. I'm soooooo ready to be back home in the comfort of my husbands arms, my bed, with my baby who in this two weeks since I've been gone decided he wanted to CRAWL! SMH. So hurt I missed this. But mommy is coming home! Today I was taken to the faja store to get my stage 2 garment. OMG! That thang is KILLER!!! I got an XL although my doctor was trying to tell me to get a MD or L. Ummmm no ma'am! This XL is Tiiiiiiight! So it will do for now. I've been getting regular massages twice a day, about to have my last one in a few minutes. I just took off the stage 2 to take pics to compare from last week and I must say it has given me new hope!! I can totally see the difference in the swelling coming down from last weeks pics to today. Especially on my back. Last week I had 2 deep grooves that looked like rolls but today those are almost gone! Thank God!! I thought she left me with rolls! Anyhow hits giving a quick update and posting these comparison pics for any other babes/dolls/barbies currently in swell hell! It does get better! My belly is still swollen and full of fluid but I'm draining tons still so I know that will go down in time. I'm happy today! :-)

DR Return Flight!

Warning! Someone said this before and then someone told me it wasn't true so I ignored the warning. When leaving DR do not stuff your Faja with any padding, foam, nothing! I was just stripped searched and made to take off my faja (which by the way is a B to get back on) all because I had pads stuffed in my faja. Don't do it ladies. These customs people are ASSES and will make you strip!


Hi everyone! I'm so sorry I've been MIA the last 2 days. After my horrible travel day filled with delays and strip searches Saturday when I finally made it home I was consumed with sleep and cuddle time with my hubby and baby. I'm doing well. Still lots of back pain and swelling but soooo happy to be home. First thing I did was SHOWER!!! I know some say you shouldn't but I could not bare to touch on my baby and hubby or get in our bed with 2 weeks of travel and Santo Domingo on me! Lord! It was the best shower ever!!!! Even with my back pain! I taped up my drain site really well beforehand so I think I'm ok. I will update more later but I do want everyone to know I'm home and well and thank you all for your prayers!! And as for my hubby's reaction...he was already trying to get his hands on my new ass even with this faja on!!! Lol! I'm like "un huh honey" in my best Kim K "Bound" voice. LMBO!! He's gotta wait on that cause a sista is sore!!! Lol

2 weeks post op!

Took my drain out yesterday and decided to try on a dress I bought that I would NEVER wear before! I must say I'm loving it!! I've got curves! Whaaaaat?!?!

Pic accidentally deleted

8 weeks Post Op and Round 2!

Hey everyone! I first want to say thank you to everyone who has followed my journey, commented on my post and wished me well along the way. I truly appreciate each and every one of you and your positive energy. I know I've been MIA and I wanted to come and post my 8 week post op review to catch everyone up.

Results- So overall I am "pleased" with my results. I do believe DRA Almonte did a good job for what she was starting with. I do look drastically better however there are areas I am concerned about. At about week 5 I noticed I had a bit of a bulge in my belly. I also believe I saw fluid flowing so I sent a video (attached) to my doc. She said it was fluid and I needed to get it drained. So I found a doctor in my area who was willing to drain but before he did so he wanted to get an ultrasound to see where fluid was at exactly (understandable) so after the ultrasound it was determined that there was no fluid (per the ultrasound). I told DRA Almonte but she was still insistent that there was fluid and told me I should drive to NYC to be drained from a doc there. Because NYC is 4/5 hours away from me and the ultrasound showed no fluid I did not take her advice. Well, that could end up biting me in the ass as she said that the fluid could harden and need to be lipo again. Ugh.

At about week 6/7 the fluid no longer seemed to be present but my belly still bulged and what was called "scar tissue" before began to appear to be back rolls. Ugh! I sent my doc pics and again she said it was swelling. Ok.

So overall I'm "happy" but I'm going for Round 2. I want the breast lift that I couldn't get in R1 and more lipo and bbl. The definition in my ass is lacking and that's what I came to DR for so I will be back. Ive decided to see DRA Tania Medina. She has great reviews, does great boob jobs and works at a very nice facility. She's also according to reviews very attentive and only does 2 patients a day.

Speaking of op I'm giving DRA Almonte a D in attentiveness. I don't feel as if she has been as attentive or responsive since my surgery and this is kind of irritating as I selected her in the beginning because of her pre op attentiveness. Yea...pre op...

Eating & Working Out-My eating habits since returning have been HORRID! Now that may be the reason for this pooch so that's why I'm not going to hard on Almonte's work. I've been eating like nobodies business. I started back working out today and feel I need to GET MY LIFE before Medina tells me I need another TT! Lol.

Other than all of that things are well. I will try to update more often. :-)

Video of fluid


Pumping the brakes

So I sent Lesley my official 8 week post op pics today and expressed my concerns. She responded by telling me that she can see in the pics I have "major swelling" and that I need to just wait before going for a R2. She said that everyone heals differently so I shouldn't compare my 8 week post op results to others. So this is my plan. Next week I have a consult in my state with a PS to see if I'm a candidate for breast reduction (which automatically includes lift) to be paid by my insurance. I have a friend who was smaller cup size than me who was able to have this done. So, if I can get the boobs for free here in the states then I will not be going to DR for R2 and I will just have to work on the issues I am seeing in the gym. If insurance denies coverage I will still wait for R2 for early next summer. Ugh! I hate to wait that long but surgery for me during school year for my kids is not practical. So that's that

The Faja Fight

So before I left DR I was taken to get a Stage 2 faja. The people at the store told me I needed an XL Stage 2 and when I put it on I felt like I needed an XXL cause it was soooo tight. Another girl in my RH was in an XL stage 2 and we appeared to be the same size so I went with it. Before I left DRA said to me that she would have put me in a Medium and I'm thinking "In what lifetime??" Cause the one I had on was taking my breath away. Ok so fast forward to post op week 8. I'm being told by DRA that I have swelling and need a tighter faja so I order a size Med. I try and put it on and I BUST the hooks on the first two hooks. Lol. So I'm like "I cannot get into a Med. This is some bull". Today I text the girl from my RH who was in an XL like me before we left. She tells me she is now in a SMALL stage 2!!! AND she says she's had it taken in 3 times!! OMG!! So I jump up to grab that medium faja and the fight began. Me vs. Faja! And I won!!! I got that thang on AND on the second hook! Hmph! Now my goal is to be in a small by end of Sept!! Wish me luck!!

8 weeks post op!

Hey everyone! Just checking in at 8 weeks post op. So right now I'm currently in itch hell! OMG! This dang on itching is theeeee worst! I'm trying to decide which is worse the itch or the pain!! OMG! Well I've read that it's normal and a sign of normal healing so I'm happy about that but SHEESH!! I've also decided officially I'm going for a R2 in December. Reason being is I had lots of belly fat and laxity of the skin and still have the belly bulge. I also want my breast lift and more booty (booty greed) so I'm returning to see the infamous Yily! Now now...before y'all go judging on my page please exit LEFT! Nothing but positivity here. It's my decision and there it is! I'm still swollen and my back is still burning fire along with this itch but other than that all is well! I went to the dr last week and took advantage of their full length mirror so here are a couple of clothed pics but you can kinda see my new curves. :-) Hope all is well with everyone!!


Oh and the pics..I was seeing a doc here about possible breast lift here hence the boobs on the computer! Lol

1 more

The obligatory small waist sitting pretty photo! Lol's the photo!

Good News!!

So I decided to take a shot and see if my insurance would pay for a breast reduction (which includes lift). I'm currently an E/DDD cup and would like to be a full C. I went to a local surgeon last Tuesday for a consult and was told it will take about 3 weeks to hear back from insurance. However, got a call early this morning from the surgeons office saying they got the pre approval from my insurance!!! Hallelu! My surgery is scheduled for Oct 17 which will give me about 10 weeks to heal before my visit to DR in December. Yes, I'm still going. And glad that now I will only be getting lipo and more bbl so there should be enough blood supply for agressive tummy torso lipo by Yily. Yesssss! Winning!

Deleted Pics

I posted these last week but now I don't see them so reposting.


Hey RS Sisters! I hope all of you are doing well!! I've been away for a while and I apologize for that. I'm now preparing for Round 2 on December 30 with Dra Yily. For those of you who follow my review you know I was set to have a breast lift here in the states in October. Welp, long story short it didn't happen. If you are interested in that story you can read my other review on that. So when I see Yily I will be getting Lipo/BBL/ and Breast Lift. Y'all pray for me please. I heard the boobs can be a hot of miss. Praying they are a hit! I'm also documenting my journey on Instagram under the name "yilybarbie" and here on RS I've started a new page to document this Round. Here is the link :

Again I hope all is well with everyone and hopefully you will continue to follow my review! Also here are some updated pics!!

The Aftermath

Here is a before and after shot. Took me 2 rounds to get here but I'm here!
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Amazing amazing amazing!!! This woman and her staff are theeee best! She is very warm, caring, attentive and knowledgeable dr. She gave me exactly what I asked for and I couldn't be happier!! You can't go wrong with her!! Thank you Dr. Almonte!!!

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