About to Be a Diaz Doll in 10 Days - Dominican Republic

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I have been doing my research from May off this...

I have been doing my research from May off this year.... When a friend told me about the DR for the body contouring procedures.... I was first recommend to Dr Duran, at this time I knew what month I wanted which in she was booked already. I did researches on other and came across Dr Diaz....... Now I'm excited to be his doll.

1 week pre opp

I'm 42 210lbs 5'9". I have lost alot off Weight and now it's time to snatch the body back.

3 days before surgery

Well I was here stressing and playing mind games with myself, to the point where I was feeling physical pain in the back of my neck and shoulders. I just started to get some realise today where the pain have sub sided a whole lot, feeling better now.
I've now come to grips with what I'm about to do and now anticipating 7 days post opp. I feel like once I pass 7 days, most of the pain would of eased up some.
Yep I'm still packing and putting stuff together for this journey. So pray for me and my surgery buddy and everyone else going through this, great results and speedily recovery with no hiccups.
Thanks much Dolls.

Couple hours before surgery

Well me and my surgery buddy made it to the DR I like the place it's Americanized a bit. So the First Step was the hospital to do blood work and x-ray then to Paradise recovery home. I'm now here in bed waiting I'm anxious because we have to be up to go to the hospital for 6:30 in the morning they will check or heart and then proceed with the surgery once everything is normal so keep us in prayer thank you.

3 days post opp

OMG..... the pain is no joke. I can't stress that enough for how bad it rd was.

Feeling better

Well I'm doing better now, I see the doctor tomorrow for a follow up, so I will be able to take photos with out bandages and post them.

2 weeks post opp

Still not walking up right pain have subsided a whole lot. Can't wait for my speedily recovery. I still have stiffness and it feel as if drain is still in me even though it was taken out for a week now.
I really don't like the feeling of this whole thing, it just feels weird. Like they say all for beauty.

3 weeks post opp

Well as it is I'm feeling a whole lot better my cuts are healing up good my breast still has some ways to go. I'm also walking much straighter now happy for that.

10 weeks post opp

So far heal very well. Still stiffness in the abs muscle, some burning pain on my sides if I lay down in one area for a few minutes and then get up. Other than that can't wait for 6 months post photo see what I really look like. Yay.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

I find that he is a very safe doctor. He perfers not to put patients at risk, he will advise you what is best. I will recommend him to folk.

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