Bringing Sexy Back....Dominican Republic, Mommy Make-Over with Breast Implants+BBL

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I've finally decided on a doctor.....Dr. Yily.......

I've finally decided on a doctor.....Dr. Yily.....she has been on it. Quote, what she can do, what I need to it. Everytime i send her a question in email she or her staff have responded as quickly as possible, usually the same day. I promise to post my journey as others who've helped me has.

Before Picture

Adding a before Picture with clothes on....

I'm just saying....

Finally decided how I want to look when my journey is complete. I'm petite now after having gastric bypass surgery in 2003. That surgery changed my life. I went from a size 22 to a size 6 and have maintained that size for the past 13 years. I have a wonderful Husband and 3's time for me to live in the body I've always wanted...

Wish Pics

I finally decided how I want to look after my journey is over...

Wish Pics

My breast wish pics

Wish Pics

My butt....please God!

Wish pics

My body after Surgery....

Before pic

Hip hop day at work. Shows how much I need Dr. Yily!!!

make sure you go see your primary care physician

Last week I went to my primary care physician to let her know what my plans were and what I needed. She was very supportive and wanted to make sure I conducted the proper research. I ensured her I did and her response was "let's get you surgery ready". I was blessed by that. I was sent for blood work and because I had a gastric bypass my body isn't absorbing iron even though I'm taking supplements. I have to go to a hemtologist and get iron infusions, two for now then she will check my levels at the end of March to see if I need to get one more before my April 14th surgery date. So Barbies do your pre-op work here and give your self enough time to be able to fix any issues with your primary care doctor....ttyl!

My doctor is Dra. Yily, I don't have a complaint...

My doctor is Dra. Yily, I don't have a complaint in the world about her. She and her staff have answered every question I've had. My problem is when you are sent your quote you get to choose from 4 Recovery houses she works dilemma you ask...well, there is a RH she no longer is a partner with (Princess RH) and they have given me a quote and it's $350 less than my quote from Dra. Yily.....I know I know you'll probably say if she used to work with that RH and stopped something had to happen....I agree with you and know that cheaper doesn't necessarily mean better....I'm torn between sticking with the doctors opinion or going cheaper..... keep you posted.

Recovery house

I chose Kindness RH. My first choice was Serenity but it's definitely booked. So kindness it is.

plane tickets purchased

I feel like it's getting real....I just purchased my plane tickets and sent my itinerary to DRA. Yily and Kindness Recovery house.

Plane ticket & Passport

Lymphatic Massages

I found a massage place to continue my recovery when I get home. I called and talked to Sara and she was very knowledgeable and knew the importance of the massages. Super happpy!

Got a couple of things out the way!

Super excited and ready for the new me!!!


I ordered supplies from they are so helpful. When I joined IG as an SX page she was one of the first pages to friend me and has been helpful day and night. I am super excited


Yily did a great job....I will tell you the lipo pain is real....realer than the tummy tuck pain! I'm ready for my 2nd round. I always knew I would need an additional round. I am happy with the decision I made.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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