A year and the half after surgery with Yily De Los Santos

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I am planning to go to Dominica Republic in Dec...

I am planning to go to Dominica Republic in Dec 2013. My Doctor is Fatima Almonte. I have 3 kids and that made me get stretch marks on my stomach. I am really looking forward to my surgery but I don't want to go alone. if anyone from Canada or US is going to Dominica in Dec pls let me know so we can meet up and go together.

now am confused

I need help choosing between Dr Fatima Almonte and Dr Yily. Dr Almonte quoted me 6200 for everything including recovery home. Dr Yily quoted me 5,850 but it doesn't include recovery home. Which doctor out of the 2 is better at giving hour glass shape?

Officially booked my flight

I have officially booked my flight for November 11. I have switched my doctor from Fatima to Yily. I want the hour glass shape and Yily has been the most recommended one so i chose her. My RH has also been booked. yay new body here i come........

Vitamins Vitamins

I have officially started taking my vitamins. I take Vitamin B Complex w Folic Acid, Iron, Vitamin C and multi-vit. I will be doin my pre surgery test soon maybe in early November.

RH Armonia

I will be staying at Armonia RH and looking for someone that will be around there Nov 11 times. get at me people. will love to meet people from Real self

Gained weight

i have gained about 4lbs more so i cao get enough fat transferred to my bum. Also uploaded my wish picture

wish booty

Blood work

i went today to get my blood work done so i should know my results by next week. Am looking for sights where i can get boppy pillow, pee funnel, cream etc.


My surgery date is fast approaching and am nervous. I am scared about the recovery and how long its going to take. got my blood work done and my hemoglobin is 11.9 so am taking 35mg iron pills twice a day now to increase my hemoglobin before my surgery. I cant wait for my new body. I have been thinking of doing surgery since last year and am happy that I am finally going to get a new body.


By this time next week I will have had my surgery and will be in recovery. Cant wait to get my tiny waist, boobs and ass.

new wish pic

I love the tiny waist and round butt on this girl

gained 8lbs

gained 8lbs since sept. I want as much fat injected into my butt as possible lol. doing last minute preparation and shopping. I cant wait and I am very excited

Finally here

I am here and ready to go. Went to do my lab today and everything was fine. They are really fast at getting your results. Wow. I didn't even spend up to half an hour and everything was done. Am in love with Dominica Republic and I cant wait for Yily to give me a tiny waist and big bootay lol

Here at CIPLA

I am here waiting to go into surgery. Am staying at Daisy Recovery house and so far so good. Am in love with DR. Everyone that I have come in contact with has been so nice. Will keep you guys posted.

famous lady


I got to CIPLA at 7am. We waited to get my EKG done in Yily's office as I have done all the other test the previous day. I went to surgery around 11am and came out around 4. I was able to get all my procedures done which I am happy about. Yily came to mark me up and I showed her my wish pic, but she laughed in a good way saying I dont have enough fat lol. I took the blue pill and was wheeled away. I woke up during surgery saying I cant breath or not enough oxygen, something like that. I felt the pressure when they were doing my BA but no pain. I havent seen what I look like yet as I am lying in bed fresh off surgery. My leg was numb from the waist down I guess from the Epidural and I am shivering and cold eventhough I have like 4 blankets covering me. The nurse was so nice to feed me veggie soup. I am now feeling the pressure of the BA and TT, not so much of the Lipo. It feels like I did 1000 cruches in my belly and chest. Am feeling better now and cant wait to recover. I am gland this chapter of my life is over and I just have to work on maintaing my results and living a healthy lifestyle. I will post the after pictures soon but in the meantime here is my before right before I went into surgery. Thank you all for your prayers and support. Oh yea 1 more Jocelyne from Daisy Recovery is the best. She actually prayed for me before they wheeled me away. I totally recommend her. She is so sweet.

Recovery is the business

I am so sore that's its not even funny. I just want all this to be done already so I can enjoy my new body. I was fitted into a Faja this morning and it wasn't as bad as I thought I guess because am use to wearing shapewears. I am stiff, sore and cant really stand up straight but I know I will be smiling once am healed.

pic in faja

Feeling better

Today I feel so much better. I was able to stand up straighter, brushed my whole teeth, wiped myself and drained my whole blood without feeling too tired. The multivitamins and working around works alot. I am draining fine so hopefully when I go in for my check-up on Monday it will be removed. I start my massages today and I will be sure to take some pain killers as I do not want to feel it. Hopefully the massage will speed up my recovery. I am yet to see my body but when I do I will post pics.


Sorry for the typos. I am typing from my phone


I got my first massage today and let me just say it wasnt as bad as I expected. I felt minimal pain which am happy for. I guess by reading other people's blog I was expecting excruciating pain but it didnt happen. Each day am getting better, walking straighter and doing more stuff. I am happy I got the guts to go after what I wanted. After the massage, she applied paraffin wax to my back and stomach which is a nice touch. My checkup is on Monday so hopefully my drain will be coming out then too.


Today marks one wk that Yily has made me one of her dolls. I still have my drain in but its all good. I am on the last hook of my first stage faja already. Dr.ANA practically did it after my checkup yesterday and it wasnt too painful till I got my massage and tried to put the faja in the last hook, that's when I wanted to pass out and the drain site doesnt help the matter too much. Anyway am feeling better with each day. I leave DR in 2 days and back to my hectic life with kids and school. I cant wait to see my full results, just in time for summer.

Finally Home

I left DR around 3pm today and am now just getting home around 11pm. The flight connecting to Toronto was the worst. The airport is too big and I didnt take wheelchair services so guess who was tired and fustrated?me lol. In the plane going to Toronto, I thought I was gonna explode. My faja kept digging into my sides, etc. I was thinking in my head can I please get home already so I can finally take this shit off and shower. Finally got home and the first thing I did was shower after 8 days of not showering and lotioning my body. It felt amazinggggg. So my stay in DR in general was l8vely and peaceful. Now am back to life with k8ds and shit but oh well thats my life. Oh yea and a lil advice to the future girls pack lightly cause honestly u wont be needing anything more than
Maxi dresses 3 to 4
t_shirt to wear underneath ur faja
apps on ur phone like magic jack, whatsapp, bbm, etc
something to help you pee and lastly
bobby pillow
thats all cause u will be indoors most times.


Here is a pic of my scar so far. As you can also see, one of my breast is droopy. Dont know what I can do. I still have lumps by my waist line, hopefully all this problem will resolve itself with time. The white stuff by my scar is the antibiotic powder.

more pics

Second stage faja

I finally got my order from classicshapewear.com. I ordered the Salome liposuction garment with holes in xs. It was a struggle to put this on but I managed. There is only one set of hook so I dont know how long I can wear it for before I have to go a size smaller hopefully.

pics in faja



I took my measurements this morning, both with and without my garment. The measurements are the same.
Bust: 35
Waist: 24.5
Hips: 37
Weight: 134lbs.

The lowest my waist has ever been in my adult life is 27inches and that's when I was 127lbs last year. Now am 134lbs and my waist is 24.5 thats unreal to me. My waist was probably 30inches before surgery so that's a good 5plus inches and counting that Yily took off. Am so happy. I hope my waist can get to 23 inches and I will be the happiest girl alive. I also want my bust to be 37 inches so I can officially claim the hour glass shape. Hopefully in 2 months my bust will grow 2 more inches.

1 Month Yiliversary

Today marks my 1 month anniversary. I am pretty much back to my old self except for the hard parts on my lower back. I am able to stretch and will probably start exercising soon. I have included some pics.

pics are not loading




first time out since surgery

I never thought today will come, where I can put on my heels and go out. Today is the first time my friends have seen me since I had my surgery.


last time


My BA scar

Yesterday marked my 5 weeks since surgery. I started work again and am back to 5hrs of sleep because I have school also on top of my 3 kids. oh well that is my life for now. My BA scar is getting better and with time it wouldn't be obvious as it was done through my nipple. I have attached some pics.

scar cream

random pics

Merry Christmas and 6 wks update

Merry Christmas to my RS family. About 3 weeks ago when I got my Salome liposculpture faja from Classicshapewear, I also ordered the zipper waist cincher in xs. Long story short the waist cincher didn't fit me at all. It didn't even wrap around me at the time. So this morning am like let me try this cincher again cause it bothered me a lot when it didn't fit, guess what guys IT FITS ME yay. It took a lot of sweating and cussing but I got it on. I am so happy and my waist now is 22 with the cincher on and 23.5 without it. This is my Christmas gift and am happy I don't have to return the cincher.




pic in cincher


my 2 compression garments


I have reached my 2 months mark and nothing has really changed except 1/2 a inch off my waist. I am still waiting to fluff . I got this bad cut on my stomach that is not healing due to no air getting to it. I don't know what to do because I can't go without wearing my garment. The wound is open, that's why I have a bandage on my tummy. I have decided to challenge myself with the squat challenge and get a 20 inch waist. I give myself until March to do this. I have attached 2 pics. Enjoy


I had a photoshoot yesterday. My measurements are still the same. I still get a burning sensation when I sit too long, it feels like my skin is ripping apart. My lower back has soften up alot. Loving my results


more pics

My 3 months anniversary is fast approaching. I can't believe that, seems just like yesterday. I feel stingy sensation when I don't have my garment on after sitting for too long. I am starting to exercise little by little. My lipo'ed area in my lower back has softened up. My waist is now 22 inches with or without garments. I am going to see if I can get to 20 inches.

3 months update

Wow I can't believe that I am here. Who would have taught that I will actually go after what I want. Words can't describe how happy I am with my results. Everyone that sees me, always compliment me. They think I work out cause it looks so natural. Thank you DR Yily for giving me the tiny waist that I wanted. My measurements are 32DD-22-38. With or without garment. I have decided to continue wearing my garments to sleep so I can maintain my results. I do need to start working out though but am just too lazy.

I hope I got close to my wish pic

Happy Valentines everyone

Just wishing all of you Happy Valentines. I am loving my new body. Words cant describe it. I can wear whatever, whenever I want.




4 months update

Been away for a while. I have been travelling and just been taking things easy. My measurements are 32DDD-23-38. My bum has definitely fluffed which am happy about. Loving my results and my new body.

1 yr review

Hi guys, it has been a minute. Nov 12 will make it a year since I went under the knife. I can't be happier with my decision to get surgery. I have been getting compliments everywhere I go about my figure. I still wear my waist cincher sometimes just to maintain my results. I am back to 100% me plus more.


I haven't been on hete for months. I just want to say I am really happy with my results. I am still standing and looking good at it


Bust: 32E
Waist: 24
Hips: 38
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Changed to Yily De la Santos because Dr.Almonte doesnt have much reviews whether good or bad.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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