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I started my journey for a surgeon right after...

I started my journey for a surgeon right after having my second baby in August. I reached out to a couple doctors and decided to do full research and ended up choosing Dr. Yily De los Santos. So far I am pleased with the communication I am receiving from all angles. If I have questions I go directly to the Instagram and get a DM within 1 to 2 hours (same as email). They made sure all my concerns were answered and made me comfortable with my decision. I hope it's like this when I actually get there.

Working on my BMI

I have to be under 35 BMI to get surgery so I started my diet!! I eat three times a day with two snacks on my 800 calorie diet that my doctor cleared me on as well as Walk 3 miles per day. I cut out all bread, pasta, red meat, juices and sofa. When I get a crave for something sweet I grab a fiber one 90 calorie snack. I've been doing this diet since the first of this month and I've already lost 11.4lbs.


I was told to start on my vitamins as of now (the day my date was confirmed) so I take Folic Acid, Fish oil, Vitamin C, Super B Complex, Iron and Women's One A Day vitamins.

Fell off on my diet

The last week I have been so damn horrible I'm mad at myself. Not to mention I have a wedding to attend so I know I will definitely fail on my diet mission. Lol oh, well I guess I'll start back November 1st and schedule a colonic ????????????

Wish Pics

My Soon to be "Before" pic

Catching Up!

Ive been missing for a minute, but I have started back up on my diet and vitamins! I've added more cardio and strength workouts and boy does my body have to get back used to this! lol I WILL LOSE THESE TWENTY POUNDS BY FEBRUARY!!

In need of a SX buddy

Hey guys, I'm a bit on the aggravated side because my friend was supposed to come with me in February to have my surgery but the trick cancelled out lol. Thank God I held out on my plane ticket!!! But if any of you are going to Dominican Republic the First of February please let me know so that I can have someone to go with. Thanks in advance

Changing Doctors

I haven't updated in a minute but I decided to go from Yily to Cabral.

Need SX / Surgery Buddy

Hey ladies, I changed up my date again for April 3rd. I will be there from the 2nd until the 12th. Anyone going around that time? I would love a SX Buddy.

New Week new weight goals

Every Sunday I weigh in. Today I was 253 which is 2 pounds down from last week. Did a bad job because my daughter and sister birthday was last week. Indulged in that party food! But I'll be very hard on myself this week. No excuses. I will lose extra than what is needed I know I can. My true goal is to get completely out of my 2's but hey 230 isn't bad considering I came from 276.

Wish Pic

What I gotta lose to look like this from the side geesh

My husband decided to diet

Today I did my weekly Regime of food prep exercise etc. my husband surprised me and said he want to be more supportive so he's dieting with me. Lol wish him luck guys

Cabbage Soup for weight loss

I was craving to have soup for so a while so i started looking up recipes that was equivalent to my diet and this Cabbage soup popped up. I must say it helps with the weight loss because you can eat as much as you want because its just a vegetable soup with approximately 67 calories a bowl. I've dropped two pounds since yesterday! I must warn you, though, it will send you to the bathroom.

Still Looking for SX Buddy

Someone leaving from Atlanta to go to Dominican Republic? Do you know someone? Let me know please!

Wish Pics

This is what I'm giving Dr. Yily when I see her.

I'm leaving Atlanta headed to Dominican Republic...

I'm leaving Atlanta headed to Dominican Republic for my Mommy Makeover with Dr. Yily. I will fly out Sunday April 2, 2017, my surgery is April 3, 2017 and I will be leaving April 12, 2017. I will also be staying at Serenity RH. If you, or know anyone that is planning on having surgery around this time let me know thanks in advance.

Decided to take my before photos

Just. F**kin. Horrible.

Hire a nurse to my condo???

Anyone know how to get a nurse if you're not staying at a recovery home in DR? I'm planning in getting a condo and I will need a nurse.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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