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I started my journey for a surgeon right after...

I started my journey for a surgeon right after having my second baby in August. I reached out to a couple doctors and decided to do full research and ended up choosing Dr. Yily De los Santos. So far I am pleased with the communication I am receiving from all angles. If I have questions I go directly to the Instagram and get a DM within 1 to 2 hours (same as email). They made sure all my concerns were answered and made me comfortable with my decision. I hope it's like this when I actually get there.

Working on my BMI

I have to be under 35 BMI to get surgery so I started my diet!! I eat three times a day with two snacks on my 800 calorie diet that my doctor cleared me on as well as Walk 3 miles per day. I cut out all bread, pasta, red meat, juices and sofa. When I get a crave for something sweet I grab a fiber one 90 calorie snack. I've been doing this diet since the first of this month and I've already lost 11.4lbs.


I was told to start on my vitamins as of now (the day my date was confirmed) so I take Folic Acid, Fish oil, Vitamin C, Super B Complex, Iron and Women's One A Day vitamins.

Fell off on my diet

The last week I have been so damn horrible I'm mad at myself. Not to mention I have a wedding to attend so I know I will definitely fail on my diet mission. Lol oh, well I guess I'll start back November 1st and schedule a colonic ????????????

Wish Pics

My Soon to be "Before" pic

Catching Up!

Ive been missing for a minute, but I have started back up on my diet and vitamins! I've added more cardio and strength workouts and boy does my body have to get back used to this! lol I WILL LOSE THESE TWENTY POUNDS BY FEBRUARY!!

In need of a SX buddy

Hey guys, I'm a bit on the aggravated side because my friend was supposed to come with me in February to have my surgery but the trick cancelled out lol. Thank God I held out on my plane ticket!!! But if any of you are going to Dominican Republic the First of February please let me know so that I can have someone to go with. Thanks in advance
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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