Tummy Tuck lipo full back and arms, and Brazilian butt Lift - Dominican Republic

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Ok so I'm ready and scared at the same time a year...

Ok so I'm ready and scared at the same time a year and 3 months ago I had gastric bypass surgery which I lost 80 pounds which I'm so happy about. What I'm not happy about is all the skin it has to go. So I contacted DR Yily office in the DR yay. I'm excited to get this over and done with so I can see all the hard work I've been putting in lol

So vitamins they say

I went to CVS they have a sale on all vitamin buy one get one free yay so I got all that I need hopefully I've been using prenatal vitamins as a Multi vitamin so it's been working for me this far. I made a doctors appointment so I can try and get some lab work done to see where I am so if I need to pump more iron or not but as I stated before I've been taking iron and calcium enough so the prenatal vitamin do to my gastric bypass surgery. Anyone else set for The first week in March with Dr Yily???

How many is just enough or to much

I would love to get my TT, breast and arm lift and bbl is that to much or has anyone gotten it all done at once before??

Wish pics

K Michelle I love her body and that booty I wish I wish I wish lol

Buy cheap

So I went to kid to kid in GA and got me a Bobby pillow for guess how much lol $8 nice and fluffy and never been used they say anyway lol still nice for the price yay going to apply for pass port tomorrow yay

Hemo check

So I was called and told my hemo was 10.5 OMG So I stop drinking coffee it block iron absorption didn't know that til today that tea egg yolk and chocolate damn damn damn! So all the iron I've been taking has been a waste shit lol. So I ordered the sss tonic and still going to take my iron pills 3 times a day and my dinner is high in iron lol I will be just fine by March 1st

I'm confirmed yay

So guess I'll be staying at the luxury RH you don't get to choose which one you want to stay at ugh

Wow I love team Yily her first line Sasha is the boob.com

So I was giving the luxury RH which is nice form what I seen but I wanted to go with the kindness RH and I asked about it and lord behold Sasha changed it for me!! I'm so
Loving this lady she stay on point with everything I can't wait to meet here when I get to the DR

S.S.S. Tonic here I come

So look what came in the mail today like I didn't know the mail run on a damn Sunday thanks Amazon

Hemoglobin check

So today I got my hemo meter In the mail and guess what form a 10.5 a week ago too a 11.8 yes

So ready omg

So I check my hemo the other day and was so shocked at what I saw

I was excited to see the mail yesterday

I got my passport yay plane ticket, Surgrey money, and supplies I'm really ready just awaiting the day

Where are you guys staying the week of March 1

Where are you guys staying at looking to see who will be my roommate I'm going to be at the kindness house

so i missed myb flight

so I missed my flight today this people not playing be at the airport 2 hours before your flight shit I was so pissed of but I wasn't suppose to leave til tomorrow morning anyway so I guess its ok. So now I know I need to be up by 3 am at the airport by 4:30am lord I was so ready too and still ready. So tomorrow DR here I come hope my hemo stay up smh I'm nerves about that and not the flight and this is my first time flying lol

So I made it

So had Surgrey weds because Monday and Tuesday my hemo was only 11.6 they work with you to get it up too so wenesday I had Surgrey nothing after 10pm the night before then Surgrey wasn't til 4:30pm the next day talking about being hungry. So it all went good got lipo bbl and tummy tuck lipo to arm no thigh lift this time it's cool tho saved some money lol. Still sore back killing me so is my arms they can't close my faja yet because I have a lot of sterch marks that easy to burn/ bruise so money when I go for my follow up they will close it. The kindness RH is the boom .com they really do take care of you hand and feet clean smells great Ac tv bottle water don't even need all the stuff but meds like ur vitamas, cream for burns and maxi pads a lot of those and your cloths. They have everything else. I'm loving my stay her it's only really 2 days post op and I feel ok but Monday when they close this faja I maybe singing a different song. Of course I'm swollen but I did take some pics looks nice I'm happy with what I see so far

One week post op

Feeling good still have a lot of fluid I need to get rid of so I'm going home with the drain in they explained to me how to remove so I'm good. I'm so happy with my results it's crazy and it's only been a week so image after the 3-6 month lol thanks Yily ????

So I brought the wrong size garment

My second stage garment was the wrong size so now I'm waiting on Amazon to send me a new one yes I had to buy a new one. ???? the other thing is you support to let your body breath a hour a day without the garment on so I took it off washed it and took it to a seamstress to get it taken in 2 inches on both side and she won't have it ready til wenesday ???? and the new one doesn't fit so I had to go to Walmart and get this cheap as girdle to hold me in til tomorrow when the new garment gets here ???? because without it your body feels so big and you feel stiff as hell not a good feeling lol. I wish I would have try the new one on before I took the other one to get taking in damn but I'm doing ok for now

Back to work yes or no

Sooo I tried to go back to work today ahh no it didn't work lady!! It didn'ts work when your boss sends your ass home lol she said oh no no no you can barely get out and in your car go home lol and she was right my body is not ready the cold weather and a tummy tuck don't work I should have known I've had 3 C sections lol so back home I go

Loving the new me

I'm loving my result thanks Dr Yily for everything curves are here yesss flat stomach I do have towels in my faja to add more compression I'm now in a medium coming form an 3x I was out of my garment for 3 days a lady was suppose to take it in 2 inches but she did 6 inch so I Swoll up form a xl to a 3xl lol now I need a damn small crazy but can you say 2 piece for the summer yes lol

Sick sick sick Strain muscle

Ok sooo I was driving the other day and turned and looked over my left shoulder and strained a muscle in my belly top right smh I was in the doctors office all day yesterday blood work X-rays and shit ugh. It's hurts to breathe talk and laugh AND COUGH my baby girl plus the pollen has me sick as shit smh I'm doped up so I feel better but I have to apply pressure to my belly when I cough so I don't pull it lord help me I can't even blow my damn nose!!

I forgot this pix

I'm loving it more and more each day
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

So far there office has been very quick at answering my questions and getting back to me which I love. Shout out to SASHA one of the sweeties persons I've chatted with can't say met yet but TEAM YILY staff are excellent. I don't understand what some of this girls are talking about but every time I have stepped foot in Yily's office there's nothing but smiles and everyone was so friendly I cant wait til next year I will be coming back for round two breast lift. They all made me feel like I was home like I have been coming to there office for years. Shes a very busy woman and if she cant see you her general doctor can. The best receptionist she's so patient with all the girls answers all your questions and keeps her cool even when some of the girls are so nasty and rude as hell. I would refer any and everyone to DRA YILY shes so sweet and does everything she can to get you what you want but if she sees that you need a lil extra here or there she does her thing and she doesn't push your body to the limit. I was suppose to get inner thigh lipo but my body cant take anything else so she didn't do it but she made sure my major concerns were addressed first. And I thank her for that and I'm so happy with my result so far and its only been a week wow coke bottle shape yesss YILYDOLL 2016!!!

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