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After finding Dra. Duran online this week and...

After finding Dra. Duran online this week and sending a message via WhatsApp, Facebook, and an email on Thursday evening (1/30), I heard back from her a FEW HOURS later with my quote! I was very excited as you can imagine because I have read on here where girls have waited weeks to hear back. I included my pics via email and asked for a quote for a Tummy Tuck, Liposculpture, and BBL. I also asked for a quote if I were to include my breast. I was quoted $4700 ($6500 if I also get my breasts done). I called Friday morning (1/31) to speak with Elizabeth (her English speaking office worker), but she was not there. I struggled to understand the woman that I spoke with (I speak VERY basic Spanish). It took us awhile, but I was able to choose the next available date which was July 22nd. When scheduling for that date, she asked my name (I spelled it just to make sure), how much I was quoted, and if I had any questions. I think that I will call early Monday morning and try to get Elizabeth just to confirm that it was scheduled with no mistakes (because of the language barrier). My mother, who is also my travelling buddy, sent her pics and emails the same days that I did and has not gotten an email back yet. She also called and spoke with Elizabeth and explained the situation and was told that Dra. Duran checks them on Friday, but she still has not received a quote (today is Saturday). We are worried because she explained to Elizabeth that we were doing this together, and I got a quote and scheduled, but she is still waiting. Because we have already booked our RH based on the fact that I got the quote and scheduled. We just knew that hers would be coming soon after. I even emailed a reply to Dra. Duran Thursday night when I received my quote letting her know that my mom is my traveling buddy and emailed her pics for a quote too with the email address, but still nothing. We are hoping to hear something back soon so that I don't have to change my date. We'll see. Other than that, I am SUPER excited!!!!! I sent my deposit using a bank to bank transfer via the instructions given by Dra. Duran's email. I am so excited! Can't wait to be a Duran Doll!!!!! .....Just have to ensure my mom gets her quote soon so that we can travel together.

Mom Got Her Quote Too!

Well, she resent her email on Saturday evening (2/1) around 7:15 pm (8:15 pm DR time), and received her quote from Dra. Duran about an hour later! She was super excited because we really wanted to ensure that we would be able to travel together. This morning, she called early to speak with Elizabeth while on her way to work (around 7 am our time), but Elizabeth was not there. She went ahead and scheduled her appointment with the same person I did and said that she asked and double checked that I was scheduled for the 22nd, which I was. I had already emailed Dra. Duran about my scheduling concern Saturday and she emailed back that same evening assuring me that the date was reserved. We will both have surgery on July 22nd! I already sent my deposit and will be booking my flight this week! Can't wait to be a Duran Doll!

SMART Traveler Enrollment Program - US Embassy

For ANYONE and EVERYONE who is a US citizen, please ensure that you go to website below and enter your information so that if something happens overseas, the US Embassy will have the ability to locate you and confirm your citizenship without any problems. It is great if your family is aware that you have done this to give them a little piece of mind (if possible). It is free!


Recovery House and Flight

After going back and forth between Daisy's Recovery House $75 pn, Upscale Recovery House $85 pn, Real Recovery Armonia $75 pn, and Yasmin Recovery House $55 pn, we have decided on Armonia! It was really a decision of comfort and gut instinct on our part. All correspondence with reps from all have been wonderful and timely. We just weren't comfortable enough with Yasmin's and some of the reviews read to book. As for Daisys and Upscale, they both sound great and are newer. Upscale was the most expensive for the same service plus a $100 deposit, but the home looks beautiful. We just couldn't justify the price for the same service from Armonia. When it came to Daisys, it also looked great and responsiveness from Daisy was wonderful, but we were unable to read enough reviews to get a full picture. So, Armonia it is! Flights got booked as well! Now it's time to start buying supplies!

Starting to purchase supplies.....

So, I have begun gathering things slowly for the surgery date. After booking the flight, I saw that some women stated that you should get a business or first class seat for the space on the way back. I have also read that a wheel chair will be necessary upon return to get around the airport. Being that the timeframe between flights home are not rushed, I was not very worried but now I am a bit concerned. I am going to have to look into it more. Luckily my sister works for a company that makes vitamins so that is checked off of the list. I now have start ordering things off of the packing list thanks to Angiemcc ! The only thing is, how are women bringing money down to the DR? Did you bring all surgery money in $100 bills and smaller bills to exchange for pesos? We are trying to figure out the best way. I'm personally very nervous about it. Are their scanners in the DR that you must go through or put your purse through for them to see what's inside? If so, has it posed a security problem for anyone traveling into the country for surgery with $6,000 in cash? Nervous about this.

Wish pics...

So, I have been searching for several wish pics to post, but it is so hard! I do not like the supre wide hip look that I see on some ladies. I will keep looking, but this is what I have come up with thus far....

Duran vs Cabral

So, after reading many reviews for both doctors, I was in limbo. I already have my date set with Duran. I sent her a message on WhatsApp a few days ago telling her that I no longer want a tummy tuck. I resent my pics and asked what the quote was for just a bbl and lipo. She responded and said that it would be $3800. I decided against a tummy tuck after reading CathDurandoll experience on RealSelf. I don't have a lot of fat hanging or a large stomach to begin with. I just wanted the few stretch marks that I do have to be gone. However, I can do without the tummy tuck. In any case, I also sent Dr. Cabral a message on WhatsApp for the bbl and lipo. Love Love his results. He quoted me $4500. I was taken aback because I have read recent barbies posts that were larger than me and/or who chose additional procedures that were quoted that or less (ex. $3500 bbl and lipo). I was quite disappointed and told him why. I am only 5'6 and between 150-155....$4500 for just a bbl and lipo...and that includes surgery only. I will be sticking with Dr. Duran.

Update.....Dr. Cabral

So, I posted yesterday that I received a quote from Dr. Cabral for a bbl and tummy tuck for $4500.00. Well...after sending the message stating thanks, but no thanks, I got follow-up from him this morning with a quote for $3800 (see pic) He tried to state that this new price is without a tummy tuck, but I never asked for a tummy tuck to begin with....The quote is the same as Duran!!...Now, I'm not sure...Options, options...One thing is for sure, either one would do a great job. I'm just a bit nervous about getting burned by Cabral as I have heard some ladies state in other posts. I have to call to see if the July 22nd date is available with Cabral. Still Duran for now though.

More wish pics

So I came across these pics of Dr. Robles patients, and they are looking fabulous! I may have to look at her $5200 all inclusive quote again. Her tummy tuck scars are everything! The best I've seem thus far. The only problem is that her bbl's arent consistent, and she won't do a bbl, lipo, and tt if your hemo isn't at a certain level. Many ladies have stated that if it's not at least a 14, she will only do the tt and lipo. No bbl. Besides the tt, the other major thing I want is the bbl.. I've also decided Cabral is out. Love his work, but sent him another message with pics on WhatsApp of what I wanted, and no response. Sticking with Duran, and possibly Robles is in the running.

New Recovery House - Yasmin's RH

Soooo....after reading all of the reviews, we have changed our recovery house. We will now be staying at Yasmin's RH in July. The rates are very good, and I asked Yasmin about all of the complaints that I have read on RS. While no home will be perfect, I was comfortable that she answered all of our questions to our satisfaction and was nothing but helpful this far. No email went unanswered (and I sent at least 5 back to back in 1 evening). Also, she sent me up to date pics and a link to her new website. Just passing the info along if anyone else may be interested.

Iron Levels

After searching for a iron supplement, I purchased purAbsorb liquid iron. It comes in a box of 28 individual packs (about a months supply). I picked it up at my local Walgreens for $17.99. It was on sale. It is usually $22 I think. In any case, I have read that this works better than iron pills because it goes directly into your blood stream and is used by people who are chronically anemic. I have my appt with my PCP tomorrow because my surgery is a little over a month away, so we will see where my hemoglobin levels are at. I have been taking the pill supplement for a week or so now, but will begin the liquid tonight and moving forward before surgery. Look at the reviews on Amazon for this liquid iron ladies. It really works!

Date closing in....

And I still have things to get. I have been in contact for the last few months with Yasmin getting advise, questions answered, etc and feel so very comfortable with my decision to stay at her RH. As for surgery, I wish I could say the same. I am a ball of nerves hoping everything goes well because I will be traveling alone now. I weighed 153 when I went to the doctor. I am 5'6, so I hope this will be enough to get the results I hope for. I would ideally like to be 160. To put things in perspective, I was 152 at 9 months pregnant before giving birth to my son 13 yrs ago. In any case, I'm ready. I have not spoken to Elizabeth, or Duran's spanish speaking assistant who makes appointments, since Feb. I need to call and double check that my name is still on the books! I will do so tomorrow. I emailed Duran about it months ago and she assured me all was good. I will keep you ladies updated as the date gets closer....7 days and counting...

Changed docs last minute...Dr. Ghurani Miami, FL

Ok. So I have been planning on going to Dr. Duran since Feb, but due to the fact that my mother was unable to travel with me any longer, I did not feel comfortable traveling alone. Yasmin at the recovery house was more than accommodating and understanding. She will be there waiting if I decide to get there for a round two. I contacted a few surgeons in Miami and decided on Dr. Ghurani! He works out of Vanity, and it just ended up working great. Alex, my coordinator, has been AWESOME since day 1....which was literally earlier this week. She was able to schedule me still for 7/22! The doctors assistant called and said he would have to do it We'd the 23rd, but that was fine by me! He has all 5 stars on Real Self. Alex assured me he is EXCELLENT as well. Everything with Vanity has gone easy breezy thus far. Alex even gave me her cell if I had any questions. I have read horror stories and told Alex I didn't want my surgeon switched. Not only did she reassure me, she also sent my invoice showing paid in full, the date of surgery, what it includes, and the doctors name highlighted. Ask for her if you are considering Vanity. I cannot say enough good things....trust me, I was nervous. I did not do their package because I'm a savvy traveler and knew I could get a better deal, but it wasn't forced on me. I am still staying at Extended Stay, but at a rate of $50 per night for 12 nights. Jul 20-Aug 1. Plus a rental for the same amount of time cost me less than $1000. I will pay Vanity $250 for the 24 hr nurse the day of surgery though. I am at the airport now and my flight boards in 15 min for Florida. I'll keep you posted!


When I say it all cost less than $1000 total, that's my entire stay including lodging and car rental...can't beat that!
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