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Hey y'all! I'm finally posting something instead...

Hey y'all! I'm finally posting something instead of "lurking" through everyone's pages. This site will have you a lil bit obsessed.. Idk.. Maybe that's my crazy azz. Lol :-) Anyway, after doing countless research and debating whether to go home to the U.S. or the get it done here in Europe(where I'm stationed at now), I said eff it and I'm going with Dra Yily. Her work is just amazing. That waist line Shawty!! Uugh I need that in my life! :-)
I'm 28 this yr and I have two kids(9yr old girl and soon to be 3yr old boy) My body was actually banging and still at 112lb weight until 2010 when I had my son. I then gained a lil weight but no rolls or sloppy belly. NOW due to that damn diastatsis recti(stomach muscles being apart) making it ever so painful to exercise the way I want & me eating a bunch of junk over here in Germany, I am now 142lbs!! :-( I guess with age I just started to add a few rolls to the bakery.. Idk lol I look like I have a bun in the oven and DON'T. What made me finally decide to stop waiting to get surgery and actually find a doc is when I finally saw my naked azz in the pre-op photos I took to send to the doctor. Honey, I just cried the whole time.. I felt like the worlds ugliest thing then I thought "well damn, my husband ain't tell me I was looking like this..I should kick his..." Lol Y'all feel me. It's like having a booger in ya nose.. I'm brutally honest so I'll tell ya quick about it but he just let me be the booger girl in this case. Smh Hoping to chat it up w/ a few of y'all and get some help until my surgery date!!

Soooo Frustrated w/Dra. Yily's staff..grrrr

I have called and gotten through each time and whomever answers the phone just hangs up in my face after mumbling something or answers and then just stays quiet. OR I keep getting transferred to people who don't speak English. If I don't get my email from the lady I spoke with earlier about available July dates then I'm scrapping Yily all together.(Even though she's my top choice) :-( I'm coming all the way from Germany so my plane ticket is about the price of my surgery plus I have to book a two week hotel stay. I NEED A DATE PICKED BY TONIGHT! (or should I say yesterday seeing that I am 6hrs ahead of everyone and it is now 1230midnight)

Hmm...Dr. Knoll has my attention! :-)

Well ladies as I stated earlier my family is stationed in Germany so I have had consultations here but I didn't like any of them until this Thursday. I drove an hour and a half to Frankfurt to see Dr. Bianca Knoll. She gave me an hour long consult and drew diagrams and showed me the photos on her laptop. Not just the good photos or edited ones but the real deal. She explained different techniques for tummy and breast and how they work and which procedures would be best for me. I was sold. She has a great personality and is very tall!! I wanted soooo bad to go to Dr. Yily in the DR but If that isn't possible because I can't get the person answering the phone to give me a date(yea..she keeps saying she will email me or puts me on hold..smh) then I have no problem with Dr. Knoll. :-)

Surgery dates in July for Yily :-(

Uuugh..Saturday evening and STILL no email from the lady at Yily's giving me available surgery dates. I'm pressed for time because I need to know what I'm doing by shot. :-( If not then Dr. Knoll has me down for the 16th of July.

Surgery with Dra.Yily July 12th anyone?? :-)

Hey y'all! Just seeing if anyone will be in the DR for surgery around the time that I am! :-) I'm flying all the way from Europe to have her work on me! Ppl keep assuming its about the money but that's not an issue AT ALL! lol ;-) Im paying more for plane tickets and hotel than I am for surgery.. I'm nervous and still have to figure out where I wanna stay :-/ Any suggestions???

Just a reminder..

God is the ultimate healer and protector. People have so many negative comments as to why we women/men choose to go to another country to have work done. It's because we love what we see(result wise)... The price is just a perk for most. In my opinion, why should it matter to YOU what or where I do something especially of it's on my dime and not yours. ;-) #Message

Surgery buddy August 28th?? Dominican Republic...

Hello. I want to stay at the Real Recovery Hotel if anyone is interested in buddying up or knows of a REALLY NICE, RELIABLE, CLEAN & SAFE recovery home PLEASE MESSAGE ME! Thanks! :-)

Surgery Bag!

Getting a VERY small list together to make sure my bag is packed for surgery. I've read most reviews on here and the stuff people pack is useless or "doing the most" for real! Take your prescribed meds and follow the docs orders sheesh! I hate when my patients tell me they went against my directions because somebody OTHER THAN MYSELF told them what works best..then they wonder why they have a dry socket or swollen face..smh I believe that is what's going on because half of the people telling others what to get don't even know what the purpose is for these extra products. oh and Vitamin E oil is used when your wounds have healed..NOT to be placed on an open/sutured area. (Funny thing is by me telling people to stop listening to others..that makes me one in the same 0_0 ) -Tiny-

Real Recovery Hotel Reviews?

I have searched high and low for a REAL review of this hotel but it's only about person thinks it's the Sugar Honey Ice Tea, one doesn't know why her doc told her to get another recovery home and the third just said the owner was rude but never said what happened. Uuugh! Do I need to get a plab B for my Plan B!! Where they do that at? lol wks in the D.R. is already a long time so I must be comfortable. I'm very picky about where I lay my head.

Well damn y'all... Lol

I said I wasn't packing much but after making a list and checking it twice.. I went from 6 things in a mini suitcase to a bunch of stuff! I'm a germ nut so travel size Clorox wipes, my satin pillow case, random stuff and last but not least ----> a lil febreeze for those natural moments that women act like don't happen!! HAHA! :-) With all the medication/iron mixed with a new diet and stool softener.... The browns are destined for the Super Bowl this year! (Oh lighten up ppl.. A lil humor never hurt anyone.. I'm always a lady but when you gotta go you gotta go so why not be courteous and leave a pleasant scent behind for the next person) :-) I even brought a lil room airfreshener because I love a good Smelling atmosphere. I don't even wanna imagine what a bunch of sweaty, bloody, unwashed women in one house smells like. I'm an entertainment publicist but I'm also a dental professional so when I get finished with some patients the surgery funk is TOO REAL! O_o

This is annoying.. I look like I'm pregnant!

Hair problems!!

Soooo since I moved from Atlanta to Europe, I have yet to find a dang stylist that can really do hair. I'm sure I'm not the only one thinking about a pre-surgery hairstyle with little to no maintenance at all..i.e. braids, twists, sew-in..whatever. I need something that'll last me three weeks in that heat and doesn't require me to lift my arms after Yily does my body in..any suggestions? KNOW THIS...If you see a lil short woman with a southern accent walking around with a bonnet on or a crazy scarf..that's probably me. I'll either be hiding these naps or protecting my hairstyle lol * in a purple house robe, flip flops, drains in my pockets, those hideous granny looking compression socks and a bonnet..oooh My!* Oh and let's not forget the eyeglasses! They will be in full effect because I'm super blind and contacts aren't gonna help me on this trip.

OMG! Reding stuff on the net will drive you crazy!

I was googling stuff about the DR and this site ( pops up so my butt just had to read it..smh. Sooo many disease warnings about food, water, sanitation in general, tourists being murdered, Dr. Cabral not being able to come back to the US for the next 3yrs and so forth..I was TERRIFIED..only for a second though. I instantly realized that's NOTHING compared to the constant B.S. that goes on in the U.S. of A! :-/ I'll be praying for the best and if my gut feeling starts eating me up then I can always cancel. I chose Dr. Yily because the proof is in the pudding! Her patients bodies look amazing and If it was that easy then all docs would have the same results. I know she will handle my procedure as a professional and make me look the way I want. God be with us. :-)

Forgot this pic..

Bbl yes or No??

What do y'all think? I know everyone's body is different but could Yily be able to provide projection? I already like my jiggly behind so I would hate to mess something up? On the other hand.. She did tell me she doesn't charge for it but only for the lipo.. Why waste good fat cells? :-) I'm already going to be uncomfortable with a tummy tuck, and breast lift. If I add a bbl to the mix that's just a lil more pain! Decisions decisions. 6weeks to decide.

21 days til I fly out..24 days til my transformation!

Yall it's getting real..down to the wire! I have been staying positive(or atleast trying my best w/ all that's going on around me), and taking my vitamins faithfully. I'm so nervous :-( I pray that Dra.Yily is feeling ok on the the 28th since she's expecting. I think that's what has me nervous because anything can happen. I'm done packing and I just need to decide how much money I plan on carrying with me and making sure there is someone available that speaks English to call my family and update them on my status daily at first. :-) Man..3wks and I'm gone!


I have made an apt to get a pre-surgery massage at one of the best spas here in Germany. Facial, body treatment, mani & pedi w/paraffin wax! I want to loosen up all the kinks and stiffness in my body prior to getting lipo bruises. Anyway, after reading all the "surgery buddy drama" I'm sort of glad that I'm rooming it solo. I don't want to end up with the roommate from hell. Besides, I will be in the Recovery Armonia so if ya wanna talk we're in the same house anyway. I like my quiet time and peace so I hope there aren't any kids or babies around. Yes I said babies!! I read a few posts were people were trying to bring children that were less than a year old. First and foremost GERMS GERMS GERMS! Why would you expose your infant to a place with blood/fluids from strangers as well as your own? Also, where people are in pain, cranky, emotional and just trying to recover after extensive surgeries, I'm sure a crying baby is the LAST thing I would want to hear. Just be cautious and really think out your surgical plans gals. We don't want to put our families in harmful situations. :-/ Healing is a serious ongoing process.

Ok, I've decided not to get the BBL after all!!!

I like my butt..plain and simple. With the lipo and tummy tuck, the contour of my silhouette will change and I'm not a big person so I don't want an overdramatic looking shape. *Now watch someone try to talk me into going ahead and getting it anyway lol and I think I already know who...some friends I have. :-)

Final Doctor's appt complete! :-)

Sooo...I went to my PCM this morning early as hell on MY day off. In a nutshell, I got my EKG and she started with her negativity as usual. She is just so against me doing surgery (meaning she'd prefer a military doctor who only does MAYBE one tummy tuck a month or every other to work on me..ummm no boo! Not in this lifetime! I refuse to be a guinea pig so some doc can retain his credentials as a surgeon lol) but instead of saying so she just throws smart snappy comments. Then to top it off, she REFUSED to give me ANY PAIN MEDS! smh All because she's being mean. She told me "oh well, you'll just have to deal with the pain since you want surgery so bad!" Yall I could've snapped, said something crazy, or even got up and walked out but I didn't. Oh and she also wanted to throw in a smart remark about my life/death it's on me. Well, well, God is the ultimate decision maker of that topic. Little does she realize I work at the hospital and me getting a Rx for meds is nothing. I don't let negativity ruin my day. :-) I have a road trip to go on so let the fun begin! May even stop by my favorite store in France.

Horrible dreams!!

I had a dream that I was awake and WATCHING them do my tummy tuck and I could feel EVERYTHING! Omg I told them to give me some more meds.Then to top it off....after I got my tummy tuck I was up and in no pain whatsoever.... Until one of my stitches popped and my whole incision line opened and was just flapping in the breeze!! Smh I even felt little sharp stinging pains in my sleep with that part! Y'all, that was crazy! Lol In other GOOD news... Mother Nature decided to come early(yesterday instead of right before surgery) so that is a relief! Just gotta keep that iron where it is and I'm all good! I leave Sunday y'all!! :-) I'm missing my daughters first day of Fourth grade by a few hours! :-( I'm over being nervous about surgery but it's my babies I'm worried about. My son is almost 3 and my big girl is 9. I couldn't imagine being without them so I'm praying all goes well with this and that I have a safe flight/landing there and I return safely & healthy! I pray that for all of us going abroad for surgery. I'm not one of those ppl who'll tell you "I'm praying for you" and don't mean it. I believe in my God and all his wonderful works and I know things will work out in my favor. :-) I'm all packed except a few small things I will pick up later and I'm waiting on my electric blanket and bromelain which I ordered AGES ago!! I live overseas in Europe y'all so Amazon is quick but those pills are somewhere in an ocean of mail. Not tripping though cuz I'll just drink pineapple juice instead lol Nobody ever answered my question about if their pain meds helped after surgery or not?!? I have Norco which is strong for some ppl but doesn't really do much for me. We'll see!

Flying to DR in 3days!!!

Omg!! It's happening! :-) I'm super geeked!

Had my massage from hell today! :-/

I got a body scrub massage to exfoliate any dead skin and germs from my body prior to surgery..yall I have NEVER felt anything like that! It felt like she was scrubbing my skin off with a brillo pad! OM-gahh! The deception was real..I could've sworn an Asian called to confirm my apt but when I got there it was a German lady who saw me. Not one Asian in sight. Anywho, I keep finding more and more little stuff to add to my already packed suitcase. I even have an electric blanket for after surgery. Do I really need it? IDK, but I know I don't wanna be shaking like a stripper and freezing afterwards lol (No offense to any of my naked hustlers..I'm from ATL so MOST of my associates or clients are dancers..I know how some ppl on this site love to take offense or start drama) :-) I can't wait! I'm getting a pronto quickweave tonight but I'm wondering how that will work out with the weather being so hot. I don't want tracks melting down my back from that glue lol Just saying.

Driving to Airport in less than 4hrs!!

Omg! Ish just got real! I've been up getting my last cuddles and hugs in with my babies! :-) I wish my flight wasn't so long but I have the iPad and movies to keep me occupied. I should've given the chic that has been keeping in touch with me my Viber number so we can at least text over wifi. :-( I prayed for everyone so I know she's being watched over and is ok. :-)

Made it to the RH.. I can't sleep at all!

The time difference from Germany is 6hrs ahead so ofcourse I'm up.. It's almost 10am back home. Well wifi works as you can see. Idk who all is here since Mayra stayed behind at airport to pick up another lady. :-)

Surgery date bumped up!!

So I got here this morning(Monday) and surgery isn't scheduled til Wednesday so now I got offered to go tomorrow since all tests are done.. Why not?! Lol I took it! :-) I'll be here 18 long days so the sooner I can get around on my own the better. :-) My fellow RH buds are are sweethearts. That was a relief and I finally met my @Sugah ;-) Great spirit! I pray that all these lovely ladies have great outcomes and healing! :-) Now I have to mentally prepare myself for surgery in the A.m.


The food that leidi(pronounced Lady) cooks is amazing! Everyone here is so helpful and the place is clean and fancy. I didn't even realize we(on the 7th floor) had such a nice patio balcony. Mayra is just wonderful and so is all the staff. I'm tired now but the ocean view from my room is amazing! I haven't closed my curtains at all! They're taking me to the beach when the sun goes down. It's literally a walk down the street we're on. I can see it from my room.

Surgery Day! I'm up!

It's 3:41am and I am up! Not a big tv watcher but there are hundreds of channels here in English to choose from. Hospital bag is packed & I'm gonna take one more hibiclense wash before we leave. I forgot for a sec that we couldn't eat or drink anything because I sure was over here craving some of the fresh watermelon juice they make us here! Yum! :-) Me am two others have surgery today. I'm first! :-) I haven't met the third person yet. We drive back to CIPLA last night so another lady could get her lab results and we ran into Yily! That lady has a ba-donk-a-donk! Stupid azz for days' maybe its the pregnancy.. Idk but I had to stare. She was on the phone and still spoke to us and gave me a hug and kiss and we weren't even there for that. All these stories of her being "rude" didn't really fit the picture. Any who, I won't be updating for a while so I can recover and rest. Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers!

At CIPLA hungrier than Bruh!!

Man! I'm just waiting on admission paperwork and Samira is eating in my face! I love her!! :-) I'm glad she works here because it's been two days of laughing and it's easing me a lot.

Just waiting...

Tick tock...


I met ANGIE!! the "real" Angie.. Not Angela! Lol *inside joke* She is just as amazing as Mayra. She speaks English and has had surgery done herself so she already knows how to treat you during recovery! :-) I'm first.. In my room waiting on Yily.

Day 1 Post of...

Well rewind to yesterday... This hurts like heck but it's nothin you can't handle. If I can do a tummy tuck, lipo, Brest lift and bbl than anyone can. I had to get a blood transfusion before leaving CIPLA because my iron was an 8. My meds are kicking in(sleeping pill) so ill finish this review later. I love my results so far! :-)

Pics fro RH

Review of Dra.Yily & Recovery House

I didn't spend much time with Dra.Yily but she is VERY beautiful and serious. She gave me a chance to explain to her what I wanted and gave me that and then some. I am pleased so far and can't wait until I am completely healed to do a final review. Samira handles Yily's scheduling and everything and was Sooo sweet to all of us. She couldn't have hired better help. CIPLA's appearance was a little more than I expected but still could use some improvement. The nurses..well, Lets just say "what nurses?" Lol I had Graciella by my side the whole time and she was a great aid. She works for Mayra. She made sure I has everything I needed and that I was comfortable. Real Recovery Armonia is the best place to recover in my opinion. From the moment they pick you up at the airport you feel like family. The condos are beautiful and clean. Pretty decor everywhere and fresh flowers. You are constantly asked what you would like to eat or drink and help is never to far away. We have Leidi who is our personal cook, cleaning people and a driver who takes us where we need to go. Mayra didnt even want to take my money up front for my stay; I literally had to beg her to take it because I didn't want that amount of cash on me. She says that she wants to make sure we all are pleased with services and see our smiling faces & that's what's important. I understood. I live this place and will definitely miss being pampered and babied during my stay. They are gentle and this place has a great ocean view. AC at your own control which can be ran 24/7 and hundreds of English cable tv channels. After surgery they had my bed set with body wedges to support my back and legs. The fresh fruit juices are the bomb!! I could go on and on but I'm getting tired. Lol Just know that this place is highly endorsed by myself and all the other guests here.



Patria aka my rock, my fav caregiver, my help is going home tonight. I know she has a familia and I would be selfish to want her to stay but dang.. I'm sad she's leaving even if it is just for a night. She's the only one who has laid me back in bed without ANY PAIN whatsoever!!! Omg now I'm in bed. Ruth was very gentle but Im in soooo much pain right now. :-( going to bed...

My breakfast request..

About to get massage and faja washed :-(

Y'all pray for me.. For real!! :-( I haven't shed a tear or punked out thus far but I have a feeling this is gonna hurt like a mofo! Swollen like crazy but here's a better pic.. Even my stretch marks are swollen and filled with fluid but I can't complain at overall shape. I can finally see my vagina!! Lol

Wow! My first time seeing my new and improved buns! Lol

@Sugah came to visit me today! I really like her. :-) She took a pic for me so this is my FIRST time seeing my butt! Me likey! Me likey a lot! Lol :-) Still sitting here naked waiting on massage :-(

Survived my first massage!

Pain meds kicked in and I was half asleep but it does hurt. Feeling 10000x better now! My shape even shows more now :-)

Emergency Surgery Today :(

I'm still coming off of anesthesia so excuse any typos. Y'all, I have never felt pain that excruciating in my life. I cried for the first time in a long time. It felt like someone had ripped my chest open and it was just exposed. I was just sitting waiting on my massage when I felt a sharp pop pain. Within a few minutes the area was hard as a rock. Within the next hour my whole breast was swollen to the point it was busting at the seems and felt like my boob was about to burst. I had to wait FOREVER for Yily to see me. Dr Ana didn't do anything at all! Then they couldn't get an Iv started to save my life. I literally had to wait til they wheeled me to the OR and they still couldn't get an iv in me. I sat that long in pain. Dra Yily said it was just blood and that I did something to cause it. So ladies no lifting your arms period! Maybe thus what happened because that's how they dress me and I wipe myself so it could've caused some sort of strain. I'm just glad it's over with and I hope my boob isn't deformed looking. Lol She said it was beautiful. Dr Cabral was in there with me and I think he stayed during surgery. I am still in pain. Surgery had to be like 3 or 4 today. I don't remember much but Mayra is here with me. I do think they should've put a catheter in me to pee cause I have to go every 5mins and in a bed pan!! Eeew so piss is all down my crack and can't nobody wipe your butt and lady parts better than yourself. Well I'm tired. Good night.

Back at RH!! Yaay!!

I was hungrier than a hostage after all that I went through at CIPLA. Anyway, I finally got released and I'm resting in bed. I have mixed feelings about Dr. Ana now but that's neither here nor there. Something wasn't feeling quite right so I got my drain taken out by default. Idk if Yily didn't have time to see what was wrong or what but that's whatnot felt like. The PAIN WAS OFF THE CHARTS!! Omg! That tube wraps around your whole insides of your waist! I screamed! That made me forget about all other pain I was having tab the moment. Speaking of pain I had surgery 5 days ago and have no surgical pain whatsoever. Only the pain from that emergency surgery yesterday. :-) Drain being gone is a relief and I want to thank everyone for your thoughts and prayers. Mayra(bless her heart) always stays with us if something happens. She never left my side! Before anybody else inboxes me about dr. Cabrals patient.. I have no words on it. I have been focusing on the positive of my own recovery but my heart does go out to everyone here for surgery. I saw somewhat of a Barbie assembly line going on at CIPLA. They we either being wheeled in or wheeled out. Lets just all be honest when they ask us out medical history because one minor detail can end up costing a life. :( Going to bed guys!


Since I'm in another country away from home, I'll do my own devotional time with my Bible app. I definitely have so much to be thankful for. I made it through surgery and I am alive to tell about it. This is definitely an experience to remember. One helpful tip for anyone getting a tummy tuck::::::----> When they go to lay you in bed, make sure they have your head/neck secured like an infant while laying you back. If not then you'll feel the worst pain shooting through your stomach as if someone just ripped your guys out! Just keeping it real! Support that head while getting in bed! Lol :-) Yea that rhymed.. Where's my A&R.. Cut the check! There's only one lady here that I even let help me in bed cu she does it extra slow and I never have any pain. Thank God for Patricia!!

Fresh fruit for breakfast!

Man.. I am Sooo full of fluid after they took out drain. It's all in my back and top of butt! I haven't felt any part of my butt til now :-( It's not pain just a full irritating feeling. I can't wait to take this faja off today and get that massage! It's Sunday so praise The Lord for all my many blessings and that he has been watching over this home this far.


Before pic I forgot

2nd massage but 1st time w/o drain!! :-(

Torture!! My husband always tells me I heal like wolverine and he's right! They took my drain out yesterday and I has a big hole left that bled for a sec.. Woke up this morning the pad over it was dry as hell! Ruth came to massage me and tried to squash the fluid over to the hole.. Just my luck there was no hole or even a speck of a hole to push liquid out. The one on my but has been closed since day one.. Smh I'm just full of fluid and let me tell y'all that massage hurt worse than the drain being pulled out! Ouch! I took two pain pills and a sleeping pill but that didn't work. I requested a quesadilla for lunch so I hope that makes me feel better! I love food y'all! Especially when I don't have to prepare it! They moved my faja to the last hooks to help me drain and padded me up like a football player. Lol I can't even move.


I hope my cuff under button comes back. I liked the way it folded at the bottom :-( This stiff feeling sucks!


Peek a boo! Lol

Decided to post the tatas anyway.. This is them with bandages.. I won't show my scars til later :-) NO I DID NOT GET IMPLANTS! This is MY OWN TITTY MEAT! Lol :-) Just lifted to a good position! Great job Dra. Yily!

Tata-la-liscous! Lmao (inside joke)

Here is a pic from today's appt. Keep in mind that I go to see Dra.Ana EVERYDAY to get my back and boob drained. My breasts look completely different from the pic I posted from a few days ago. I heal like dang wolverine so I'm always a great healer but this is proof that if you give your body time, hydrate(H2o aids in repair y'all), & follow docs orders your body will turn out the way it should. :-) #BreastLift


Faja burns :(

Didnt know I had burns til Dr. Ana pointed then out since my body still has this numb feeling. She prescribed some cream so hopefully it works. I'm bummed now y'all :-( Plus I'm typing in the middle of my massage! This s##t is torture!

Missing pills.. Really?!?

Man, how about they just brought me my prescriptions from the pharmacy.. I open the box to check the tabs and somebody took scissors and cut 10 of my pills off. The box says 25 & there were only 15. Smh Crazy lol I sent it back and asked for a new unopened box. I'm one of those people that checks any and everything i pay for. NEVER take medicine when the bottle/package has been tampered with.. EVER! :( Having an awkward moment in my room right now.. Atleast I have M***** to text down the hall! :-) I have the itches! *scratchin' n patting*

14 days after surgery..

I am really getting frustrated with this garment!! :-( No matter how many pads I stuff in it, it creases am digs into my skin and it just hurts everywhere. :-( They want me in an XS next. I can't wait for my painful massage.. Atleast I'll feel better and can stand a lil straighter afterwards :-)

Random meals at RH

Still doing Post-ops...

Why? Because there's nothing else to do while you're healing and I want to make sure all is healing well. I got to see Yily and she said all is well. I'm gonna keep going or post ops just because :-) I leave Thursday..17day stay was way too long! It was supposed to be 18 but I changed my flight to leave a day early! I'm missing my babies!

Any good hand held massages for after liposuction?

Just wondering. I'm still debating on which one to schedule....Endermogie massage or lymphatic massage?!?!? I hear they are both good. I found a few ultrasound massagers online that I'm considering purchasing because over here in Europe, they want $52 per 30min session. I could just as well blow $500 on my own instead of wasting money going to the masseuse. Hmmm...

:-( Itching like hell!!!

This darn itching/pain in all my lipo areas is Sooo bothersome. My back and sides are so tender and painful that i finally broke down and went to ER to get pain meds.(which are crap by the way) I can't wait until this is over and I don't have to wear this garment. Even in my stage 2 garment, I have moved to the second notch and my garment still doesn't have enough compression for the bottom of my stomach so it's still puffy and fat looking! So depressing :-( My garment is loose at the bottom and always too tight at the too. My lipo foam should be here this weekend. My scars are healing nicely and pretty much invisible! :-) That's one reason I chose Dra. Yily,because of her minimal scarring. I will post pics when I'm 1mo post op then again when a month passes. Im not on RS much anymore but for those truly considering surgery or Yily, I will update when I feel the need to. :-)

25 days post op!

Well, I guess I'll start off saying that recovery is no joke. I just want all the soreness and pain to go away now. No matter how many massages I do, that temporary relief lasts maybe a minute then I'm stiff all over again. Car rides suck because every little bump hurts my skin. :-( I think this XS FAJA is too small because now it hurts to button up. Not that tight uncomfortable feeling when we first wear it but it actually gives me stomach pains and cramps my sides so last night I pretty much slept without it. Yea I know that will make swelling increase but I managed. The weirdest thing this week that has occurred is my leaky nipples! It's like being pregnant all over again! Lactating like a mug! Lol I researched it and every page or doc I asked said it was normal after breast surgery. It's just clear/ transparent white liquid and it looks exactly like when I was pregnant! Very awkward!! I woke up and my shirt was cold and wet on both sides. I took a shower yesterday and put noes portion on my surgical sites instead of that powder bacitracin Dr. Ana gave us. I have a spot on my nipple that just doesn't want to cooperate and heal. It looks like that one part of my aerial is healed but its just open instead of flat to my skin like the rest of the areas. I literally MUST take a Norco in the am and one by night time to get by. No matter what I take, the lipo areas behind and under the armpit area are still painful. Sorry if I have a lot of typos but I'm on the iPhone. I hope everyone is healing well that has had surgery and to the ones who are awaiting the big day, take notes and brave yourselves!! You can and will get through it! My friend @Sugah reminded me that the results are worth it when it's all over. I tried on some clothes and just stared at myself. It's like my old body is back! No giant pregnant looking belly, no back bra rolls and a nice waist line! Not to forget these perky boobs! Lol

24 days pics

Nipples leaking milk!! Eew

I haven't had this problem in 3 yrs! Lol My boobs started lactating or whatever the heck is going on, a few days ago! I wonder how long this will last? Has anyone else that had breast surgery experienced this side effect???? I've read up on it and it's supposed to be normal but having a wet shirt all the time is so frustrating! :-(

35 Days Post op

I am still sore all over and this garment sucks :-( My scars have healed nicely and I started my Scar away silicone strips on my TT scar(which is barely even visible...doesn't bother me if it fades or not since she did such a great job) today. I will post pics of the progress later. I haven't slept in days so I went to the doctor & they gave me Ambien. I hope it works because sitting up for days at a time without sleep isn't good for the body or healing. I have been doing a lot of stretching of my shoulders & back everyday to help circulate my blood flow to my lipo areas and help with the stiffness/tightness. Happy healing everyone. I'm scheduled to go back to work next week but I may take an extra week or two depending how I feel. :-)

:-) pics??

I've gotten a lot of inbox requests for pic updates so I will be posting tomorrow!! Wanna put the before and after together to show you how nice I look now! :-) Good day!

Almost 9wks post op...

Well, it's been a healing process of good and bad days. I went back to work at 6 wks(2wks ago..) & probably should've stayed home. :-( I was feeling GREAT! No pain or soreness anymore and no swelling.. Only some tightness/stuff back and sides but I was fine with that. Since I started back at work, I have been swelling and catching all sorts of nerve pain hell. The burning raw feeling sides.. Ouch ouch pain! :-( Im tough though so nothing slows me down but my lil brave butt started taking my garment or squeem vest off EVERYDAY after working and saying eff it be aide after 8hrs of in my feet chasing patients and doing dental work I have no energy or life in me. I can manage without it but I think it made my tight flat abdomen swell out and my lower back has that ripping feeling even more without the squeem vest. I'm just glad it's only a few weeks left til the 3mo mark! One of my boobs is teeny and the other is big but its whatever. I don't know if the lower belly is a fat pooch or just swelling because the way my incision is, it seems like its just gonna be a pooch of far and never flatten out. I hope I'm wrong. Other than that, just Tryna deal with swelling and painful burning sides ladies. Massages help loosen me up along with stretching. Posting random pics I've taken today and over the past few weeks.


Hello! Please ignore the typos. My iPhone has a mind of its own.. Even after I try to reject its spell check.. Smh lol


Pics from today and past few weeks

Pooch pic :-(

This thing! It's almost as if my vagina and belly are all one! I hat it! My belly at the bottoms just hangs over it and connects straight to my vajayjay!


Hey ladies! YES IM STILL ALIVE! lol I received a lot of inbox messages asking if I was dead..thanks for the concern. :-) Well I'm several months post op. I had surgery back in August 2013 w/Yily and man.. I was happy with my results until I started to notice the areas that she ASSURED me were just swelling... Aren't swollen at all! Take a look at my pics. :-( The pooch thing I complained about is still there and now my muscle repair sticks out like a sore thumb! If I wear a fitted shirt it really shows. It's like a squarish shape and when I go to stand after sitting, it really sticks out and I have it slowly work my way up..smh

Pics at 4.5/5 mos

One more thing..

Don't get it twisted, I am happy that I chose to have surgery. I look AMAZING in clothes( will post pics later) but the overall results I feel should be way better. I was told by a few surgeons that a correctly done muscle repair/tummy tuck should give you better results and a flatter stomach than a million sit-ups a day will ever give you. I should be flat but I'm not. Not even when standing. When I sit or bend I should NOT have a flap of hangover skin sitting in my lap, That's why I had surgery in the first place. :-( I look good in clothes but I know what's underneath and how I look naked and I hate it.


Well, my butt does sit a lil higher as I wanted so not complaining about that. I just need to tighten up these damn thighs! Lol

More pics.. 4.5/5mos

I already had a butt but I like it a lil more now :-)

7 months postop update..

Well, I still don't have a flat belly but my pics don't show it. I have been working out as much as I can to help tone and I'm looking and feeling better every week. I hate my one small boob and LARGE boob she left me with but I'll think about having a good surgeon who specializes in breast fix them later. I'm mad I got the breast lift because the scars HURT! My bra pushes against the sides and I just have weird pains all day on and off. My scars aren't visible around the nipples but you can definitely feel them under the skin! OUCH! I am thinking about getting muscle repair fixed because my whole upper abdomen pokes out. You can see it really good after I get up from sitting and it feels like as I sit I get stuck and have to stand slowly. I still have a pooch that sits in my lap when I'm sitting or bending.. Gross. I paid to have that extra skin removed. Well that's all. Pics below..

Deleting my profile soon guys!!

Well, It will be a year in August and I'm STILL getting people that ask me the same questions. If you're not going to read my personal experience then I'm taking this page down. It only takes a fw minutes of your time. The same way people stalk this site to find pics, they should atleast read the stories behind them. I may have been all "Team Yily" at first but once the swelling went down and the final results were settling, I saw that my body was a mess; Not what I paid for and my muscle repair area is jacked up. Pokes out further than anything else and I was left with an ugly pooch down low. I was told it was "inflamacion"(inflammation) by Yily herself yet my stomach hasn't gone down at all.



High waist Swimsuits!!

I have to cover my bulky belly so i have to wear high waist swimwear. I have dozens of designs if anyone wants one!

Email from Yily

Soooo.... I sent Dr. Yily an email long time ago and I just got a response back the other day. I'm not even going to respond because I'm not having surgery anytime soon again. Not with her anyway. :-(
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

My personal experience w/Dr. Yily...well, there isn't much to say. I didn't meet her til I was drugged up and in a gown. She didn't speak English at all but Samira was there to translate. I stayed in the D.R. almost 5wks and I only saw Dr. Yily two times..once right before surgery and she just happened to be in the office while I was doing a post-op check. She is very beautiful but I would've liked my experience to be a lil more one on one and personal. I am not at all pleased with my results. I now have a very large boob and a very small boob(one of which now has an inverted nipple.), my belly pokes out especially where the muscle repair is and I have an ugly pooch in my pants and undies from the way she did my TT. I don't want to show my body to anyone and would really like a revision. I've attempted to contact the Dr. about my results but no response back.

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