50 Yr.old Mom of 6. Jun 1, 2015 Can't Wait! TT/Lipo Back Flanks Waist/ Bbl. R2 Arms/ Inner Thigh/bl/ba -Dominican Republic

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Hi dolls!! Hey!! and soon to be dolls. I have been...

Hi dolls!! Hey!! and soon to be dolls. I have been thinking about this for many years. My co-worker is from the DR and had work done. she told me about Dra Almonte ...was bragging how good she is. by the Grace of God I hope she can snatch every inch off this fat belly. I need some curves! 5'10-230..

Confirmation is here! yeaa!!!

Lesley emailed my confirmation my sx is schedule for June 1 I'm going in with a humbled spirit and put it all in the hands of God. It's time to get a body to match this face! People tell me all the time I don't look my age. When I tell them I'm a grandma of 6 they pass out lol also have 6 grown children. My oldest daughter is tagging along ...her sister offered to baby sit. Come on June 1!! Yes! it's about time

My update was deleted soon as I pushed update it disappeared

I showed my face. I dont care who knows about my sx . I worked hard since I was a teenager to remain healthy working out daily. ..but, I cant get rid of this damn belly the biggest thing on my body even bigger than my small boobs ( wich im going to take care of R2 lol. I cab loose the wait as I get older it seems very hard or I have to work out vigorously. ..aint no body got time for that I walk, zumba twice a week and a little weight lifting. Sometime dont workout for a month then...boom their it is the guy forming again...wow unbelievable. My mom and sisters got the gut but never worked out a day in their lives. Its funny cause fall and winter are my favorite seasons to hide my gut under my jackets lol Can't wait until my surgery. I want an hour glass figure and a nice size butt to fit my body type.

I need CBC...help!

2011 was my ablasion surgery to stop my menstrual cycle. I was anemic through out my life because of the heavy periods. Towards the end it was killing me. No period since 2011. My hemoglobin started to increase last I checked was September 2014 12.7. I decided to have plastic surgery with Almonte. how do I get a CBC without goin through my pc? I honestly don't want to lie...(im weak I think my blood is low again lol) although I am having slight chest pains to see a cardiologist

i need a body to match my face. Come on june 1!!

Tired of wearing cover ups....jackets,sweaters, long shirts. My belly and my dont know what i wanna call this thing i sit on lol my daughter say it's a grandma butt lol i want that hour glass figure as we all do and a rump shaker lol

This is not fair we need to help one another. plastic surgery is major surgery so come on and share before and after pics

Reading reviews from the top to bottom and no post op pics/ pre op is stressfull. We spend a lot of time on here searching for the right doc. I'd appreciate seeing pics after surgery to make sure we are choosing the right doc for our needs..."yes i said needs" cause i need an hour glass figure ...and a bootayyy!! for once in my life lol Thank you!

clised clinic

My coworker is Dominican just come back from vacation went home to see her mom. She said another clinic was shut down. She said It wasn't Dra Fatima Almonte s...thank God! My surgery is June 1

need a surgery buddy may 31 sx date june 1 Dra Fatima Almonte. need a clean rh. thinking about staying at my home recovery like

Finally starting to drop weight.. yeaa!!! Eating less and taking my vitamins. 4 more weeks to lose 10 pounds

plane ticket

I have not purched my plane ticket my sx is 30 days from now. What am i waiting for dont understand it maybe im in shock lol. I believe once i see my results from the tummy tuck im goin to faint even if its still swollen lol God is Amazing all that i asked him for he has shown in my favor. I am Blessed ...and i will continue to live for him. Im within my bmi but my hemo is tripping right now 12.1 was taking iron pills, folic acid, b12, mega vitamins with iron, vitamin c. Help what else can i take? Just ordered liquid iron

My passport arrived two days ago. i finally booked my flight 29 days im taking flight ... up up and away!!! still worried ab

Im uploading my before pic soon my after

l Do i really need a boppy pillow?

To sit on

hemoglobin test today!

I pray my hemoglobin level is 13 and above. Sept 2014 it was 12.7 when i decide to have surgery in Febuary 2015 i started taking vitamins and iron to raise it higher. i checked in April and it went down 12.1. Two things i know i was doing wrong...drinking green tea with my vitamins and not exercising. Also it's hard for me to digest iron pills so i switched to liquid ferretts ips iron also i'm drinking chlorophyll twice a day . Well, im waiting hoping and praying the changes made it happen. TBC

God is Awesome!! Doing the happy dance

My hemo jumped from 11.8 to 12.7 in 4 days. Im 12 days away from sx. Thank u Jesus! was worried i had to reschedule. talked to lesley she agreed if my hemo was below 12 i should. Sept 2014 i was 12.5 decided to have sx in late feb 2015. Started my vitamins got tested April 20 2015 hemo dropped 12.1 switched the iron intake from the store cvs pills to liquid i ordered from Amazon and during this time my daughter made me ill with a virus also starting drinking chlorophyll. ..its like drinking hemo and it cleanses your blood help raise it as well. May 14 2015 had another hemo test done...i wasnt so happy felt like my world came crashing down on me it was 11.8 i couldnt believe it my sx is june 1 wth! The liquid iron is expensive $21 a bottle and it dont last goes quickly... ferretts liquid ips iron on Amazon.com i ordered the pill formula may 14 325mg taking 3x aday and drinking chlorophyll 3 tbs. I honestly believe the chlorophyll shot up my hemoglobin. Look it up those who are having problems increasing

9 Days to go!! Attention Lady's!! this is for the women who are struggling for high hemo results. Chlorophyll is the solution

Im still shopping smh time is flying. I want this over with lol. Told my daughter im coming to her house to recover after my 15 day stay in DR. I know she will take care of me...and the massages...she got hands lol.

Im sorry Correction; it raised 9 points in 4 days

Please exercise if just a brisk walk for 30 minutes a day

Please Help!. Has anyone experience New Life Recovery...I was a sign to that RH

Altho i choosed Armonia. I need to get in touch with Lesley Dra Fatima assistance

Attention Lady's!! I have good news. Washington Dc, Rhode Island, New York and a few other States are prohibited by law to get

Im going for my second test Tuesday May 26 the cost is $29.99

wow! just posted good info and it was sliced in half. as i was saying.. blood work is prohibited for those states...however, i

Im having my second test done before my sx june 1. God Bless you all!

lol ok i must be doing something wrong

I found a lab on line that accepts all states. Healthonelabs.com 29.99. U can go to any labcorp in your area all you need is ID and the reference number.

Tic-toc tic- toc 6 more days i will be a Fatima Doll... God is Awesome!

I'm ready! I talked to the owner of the RH im staying at...she asked me am i ready...hell yea!! Been wanting this for 20 yrs. Through Christ all things possible!

sent my PC a message stating i need another CBC before my departure...she approved!...thank u Jesus!!

On my way to check my hemoglobin!! So many things to do today...thank God I'm off work. Amazon is still delivering lol

The Results are in 13.1 yeaaa!!! 4 more points in 8days God is Awesome! from 12.7 to 13.1 in 8 days

Chlorophyll is the solution ladies. .. it quickly raises your hemoglobin. Thank u Jesus for Chlorophyll

Pre Op Pics

I will upload more soon

Pre Op Pics

Will load more tonight with a summer dress on so yall can see this gut lol

showing off my gut and no but the reason i don't wear summer dresses lol

I can hide it pretty well as you can see the pic i put up 2 days ago. I'm tired can no longer live like this. Leaving 3 am for DR. I don't know how im feeling right now about this sx ...a week ago i was happy as hell. i've lost a lot of sleep Over the months with this sx on my mind i think im exhausted.

im here in bed relaxing got to get my hemo up again. it dropped from 13.1 to 11.5 my sx was postponed until Wednesday . nerv

My nerves were so bad before boarding i was so stresses out i can chill now just had my first iron infusions (iv) God is AWESOME! Awesome through Christ all things possible. ..Amen

God Is Good! i had Surgery last night here is a pic

Waiting for my driver Nepper to take me back to rh. Haven't had any pain medicine yet lol i suffer from IBS when im stressed out the pain os sevete in my tummy im on the floor screaming in pain. The tummy tuck and lipo is a piece of cake compared to my ibs pain...im so blessed

post op day 1

DRA Fatima Almonte is Amazing

Feeling Alive Again!!! i was wiped out for three days nauseas and vomiting. I have a sensitive stomach

Just got back .from my doctors app i'm exhausted. I am staying at New Life. The saddest thing about staying in a RH you get attached to so many people then its time for them to leave. Two of my roommates left for Surgery. ..one will be back tomorrow and the other one Wednesday i will try my best to help take care of them if need be. This is an emotional recovery process. I cried like a baby for two days lol my children are so sweet they're supporting me. Just to hear them say mommy get some rest i love you ...helps me through. The girls that got here before me was supporting me mentally and physically ...i will miss them dearly. The staff here is so kind, friendly and caring to your needs...good food, clean, spacious and hospital beds. God is Awesome! Through Christ all things possible

Pics of Real Life Recovery

At your request

Pic of Real Life Recovery my relaxed spot.

The Patio...theirs one downstairs as well. My relaxation area!!

8 days post op feeling better than yesterday

In the same dress before surgery. Wow i got a little bubble forming back there lol it was flat at the bottom smh

Lol the bubble is trying to form...peek a boo!!

Ain't had much. When i waled to the bathroom to bird bath it was jiggling...i said lawd what have i done. I have 4 tall grown sons and the 18 yr.old twins can't stand when men look at me. I'm in trouble now lol. I didn't tell my girls about the bbl. I had a little back there the grandma hump lol but the bottom was flat as a pancake. I'm just gonna say the fat tummy was hiding it lol

loving me all over again

Dra Fatima Almonte said when she was marking me up...you have a shape...i said yea under all this fat lol Although i didn't get a full back lipo I'm happy with my results. Be back for bl/ba and more lipo arms and inner thigh. God is Awesome! Been snapping pics all day I'm about to lay it down need my rest

13 day post op leaving early am home bound

I had a great experience at New Life recovery. I will be back in Dec 2015 for ba/bl and back lipo of course. My butt is growing didnt expect this so soon...wow! If it stop growing at this point i would be completely satisfied. Thanks to God and Dra Almonte for making this possible.

17 days post op

Damn! My breast never set so high before i guess the fat tummy was hiding them lol.

3 wks ost op

Love my results so far... now i have a shape..
thank u Jesus!

3wks 2days post op lls

I tried on my jeans today. The waist is too big and i'm still swollen. Imma need a whole new wardrobe

my pic was deleted


almost 4 wks post op

My doc wanted an after pic with panties on lol

The Faja's

This has been one hell of a journey to beauty so far ...hope it gets better. The price we pay for beauty . The faja's are hell trying to find the perfect comfortable one. I'm here to tell u...theirs no comfort in these at all. I'm now 5wks post op. I love my resuls but the price we pay. I loss my cousin his funeral was yesterday. First time around a lot of people and family since the surgery. my female cousins( two sisters...nosey asses) were the only ones who notice a difference in my body. One said what u been doing lately? u went to Domincan Republic look like u was sculptured...i laughed and said im going back...her sister said to get some shots. That was the end of our covo. I didn't tell mo one but my children. My 18yr.old son and my daughter told my mother i went on vacation to the Dominican Republic. My mom told my sister...Oh Lord! I bet she told the whole world cause she saw one pic of me on facebook and yall know the DR is known for plastic Surgeries. I told my grown kids out of respect but won't tell them nothing else again. Im going back in Dec for my breast they will never know about it until i get back. I didn't want my mom to worry and didn't want to hear any negativity from my sisters and brother. I stayed focused and prayed up from the time i decided to have surgery....no worries.

More pics 5 wks. Post Op

Back lipo and breast in December God willing

High compression waist ciinchers

Can someone explain to me what's the purpose of wearing this whole garment? Can i just wear a high compression vest waist cincher? Only had tt lipo and bbl. I i'm going to cut my garment in half

Seroma! can i go to the Emergency room and get it drained. Dr. Almonte has no PS in my area

If you dolls have any information please respond i have a bulge in my abdomen area .thanks!

8 weeks post op

Time flies happy with results so far. This bulge in my abdomen is irritating ughh

God is good! i saw my PC today. she was very compassionate

She examine my stomache said it feels like tissue and schedule me for a sonogram to check for fluid before i see the surgeon. I love my results ...whatever the outcome may be...Dr.Almonte did an Amazing job. Going back in Dec lol

Seroma drained...yes!

Don't believe the things you hear only half of what you see. I was drained today through my insurance in the plastic surgery department. I was charged only $15 copay. Kaiser insurance rock! Lol

Didnt forget about my RS family love you guys

I am 4 months post opp. This is what 50 looks like lol I have come a long way. I developed a seroma. Went through my insurance company plastic surgery department to get it drain. I kept it in gor a l9ng time untill i was inder 20 cm i guess somethings are just bound to happen no matter what you do. God is #1 in my life i give him all the praise and glory for helping me through this journey and blessed transformation. Still have swelling on some days u see the pic i post. I had to hurry and grab that shot lol before i swell but i woke up this morning to my surprise i wasn't. It usually happens at night after being on my feet all day and after workouts. I do wear my faja everyday ...will wear it until the swelling stops. My abdomen down by the good stuff lol is puffy and swollen ...but, i can deal with that ...lawd my stomache before surgery was huge and that i could not deal lol im going back for a full back lipo rd 2 bbl and bl/ba. To my bbw's you must workout and eat small meals a day to keep that hour glass figure. I made a slightly mistake but im together now. After surgery sitting home bored i started to eat and i gradually move to high calorie food ...such as good old chocalate ice cream ect. I put on i lbs within the 3 month post opp period. I looked in the mirror and at my old pic and all what i sacrificed to have this surgery...i said ...Hell No! I texted Lesley Dr. Fatima assistant asked her can i work out now...she said start off with low impact and that was all she wrote i took off. Got the weight off me with the quickness lol

4 months and 2wks post op and loving it

Always come back and update my pics. This life transition give God all the Glory. I have not scheduled my rd 2. Bl/ba full back lipo amd rd 2 bbl. Here in this pic my first rd bbl which im not satisfied with but i love the hips and tt. This has been a tough rd and mind torture lol from my previous updates your aware of my saroma. ..still battling the puffiness in that area Dr.Almonte will do a rd 2 lipo on my lower abdomen...i believe all the fat wasn't sucked out lol not complaining not one bit. I came a long way my stomache was huge lol not to mention the people on my job is blown away by my appearance. I am dressing different now...love it!

Updating pics

Here i am today 4wks post op

Finally it fluffed

It took 5month for my bbl to fluff. Those who are worried give it some time. I was learning lol to live with the fact i did not like the results Until one day last week a friend of mind (no he do not know i had a bbl but he knows about the tt cause the scar is visible). Im learning to embbrace it its apart of me now. Actually i like it lol he said to me i like ur a**
I said what a**! He said u don't see all that a** behind u lmao! I started thinking wait a minute lol put on my jeans looked in the mirror...bamm! Lol ...and i forgot i had a bbl not only that Dr. Almonte gave me hips to die for going back this year for rd two. My back rolls lipo and more butt lol



Any Cancelations With Dr. Almonte

Hello dolls. If anyone is canceling their surgery with Dr . Fatima Almonte May ,June, July or August please let me know. The opening she has for me is Sep. My job is busy no vacation at that time. I am ready lol Thanks!

Life after a Tummy tuck

You must, u have no choice, but to change your eating habits ...its no joke! Very small portion meals. Tt is major surgery your muscles were tighting and if you think you're going to eat the same way like before ...u are sadly mistaken . Hear me! Bullhorn((((((( if you're not ready to eat like a rabbit do not have the surgery. I found myself slipping back to my old ways of eating what i want...(no it doesn't work that way) i would cry myself to sleep at night cause the food i had earlier that day was streching my tight abdominal muscle. I continue to eat heavy meals and deserts. one day i look down and my tummy was bulging out getting that fat look again...what! I immediately changed ...eating healthy and working out again. 9 months post op

9 months post op

The struggle to keep that tummy tight

surgery date 6-29-16

Can't wait to meet King Cabral, back lipo, tummy area and Bbl possibly bl
My first surgery love the results but a little fat was left in my abdomen area. Couldnt complain consider the bog gross tummy i had after having six kids.my first surgeon FFatima Almonte is booked this summer???? They say tje King is good with lipo and bbl. We will see. I do not like my backbrolls.ughhh!

time if getting closer

6 wks Cabral doll r2 full lipo and bbl. Already Booked ready to fly. My surgery has been confirmed. My nurse there we became close friends. She made the app for me. Thank God for her friendship

Very excited.4 more weeks

It's coming fast. Im ready for R2 bbl. Back lipo. Wasn't able to get back lipo the first round. Also bl/ba Surgeon King Cabral

King Cabral

3 more weeks. Flying to the DR. 2nd time around. Full back lipo. ThinkIng about bbl. Im satisfied with Dr. Fatima bbl just need a little more back there not too big ...natural looking very excited.Ready for vacation in August with my significant other. Tume is mivibg ready. Thank God i have a few items lleft over. Im praying everything goes well

Dominican Republic

* time is moving fast. Im alsi having a bl/ba full 38C do not want large boobs lol

Important Please read!

For those who are struggling to raise their hemoglobin. Please read the photo. It helped me

6 more days haven't packed a thing

It's round two for BBL also having done for back lipo abdomen and side also inner thigh lipo my original surgery with dr. Cabral has been canceled his lipo is too aggressive also his BBL is outrageous LOL I have chosen dr. Gustavo almanzar he's good with communication sometimes I get a text from him just to see how I'm doing and I haven't had the surgery yet LOL 1 things I like about him the transportation pick up is free all doctors appointments and back to the airport $3,100 is my quote

2wks. Post op. Loving my results

Rd2 BBL feel in. also had inner thigh and back lipo

2wks and 4 days post op

Went shopping woth my daughter today. Snapped a few pictures in the dressing room lol the swelling has gone down some I'm loving my waist the back fat is disappearing slowly my BBL fill in is on point of course I am wearing my Faja


The ass i have been looking for lol. It took r2 to make it happen with a different Dr. in DR. Soon as i have time i will leave an awesom review for my now favorite Dr.Gustavo Almanzar In DR
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

My co-worker gave me the info. I contacted Lesley right away on whatsapp. She is a sweetheart so kind and polite...asked for my images and I recieved a qoute in my email the same day. What I really like about her she sound so sincere and told me a Bl/Ba would be too much at one time along with the other procedure s

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