44 Year Old Contemplating Dominican Republic TT BBL and Lipo

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My BMI was 39 now down to 37.7, does anyone know...

My BMI was 39 now down to 37.7, does anyone know any Dr in the DR that would take me or tell me what my BMI has to be...what measures to take to locate a travel partner...any suggestions on the recovery houses....what happens while you are there for 10 days, restrictions, outings etc....do you have to stay the whole 10 days and cost of recovery houses

Was considering DrJ Atlanta

Hello Im looking into Dr's for my tt ...bbl... back lipo.. arm lipo ...and breast lift
there is a Dr I have been researching in Texas Dr Horndeski for my breast lift....I cant decide if I should let Dr J do my lipo then the DR do my tt and bbl...any suggestions

Here are my before pics

hello I will be contacting 3 Dr's in the DR, Robles, Duran and Disla wish me luck...also I will contact Dr J and I already did an online consult with Dr Younai ..waiting to get a quote and sent Dr Horndeski an email for the ultimate breast lift

BMI down to 35.8 and counting

Trying to be a doll by August/September....who specializes in plus women in the DR?

Need a doctor experience with umbilical hernia repair w mesh to do lipo and tt!!!!!!!

Please anyone..if you have had it or know anyone that has had a tt after hernia repair surgery w mesh PLEEEEEEEZZZZZZZZZZZ inbox me...Im going to the DR for back lipo and bbl but I need my stomach done!!!! thank you if you can help me

I emailed the doctors in the DR, no response

Whats the quickest way to get a response from these docs in the DR...

Down to BMI 34!!!

trying to reach a BMI 30 and under because I'm leaning toward Duran now to do my tt bbl lipo of back and flanks..wish me luck!!

BMI down to 34 ..goal is 30

Trying to get to 30 to become a Duran doll....my gastric sleeve is scheduled for August but if I loose the weight and do Duran then I wouldnt do the sleeve because the only thing that bothers me is my back , bra rolls , arms no but or hips and STOMACH!!!!

Got a call from Mcadoo office

I received a quote from Mcadoo for a special $4900 lipo .bbl..tt but I am awaiting a return phone call to see if he can do it with my Umbilical hernia repair w mesh...waiting impatiently...no othr quotes in the DR

BMI 34...no responses for surgeons who can do tt after umbilical hernia repair w mesh

Good news the weight is still dropping...Bad news no response from any surgeons who can do a tummy tuck after a umbilical hernia repair w mesh...If anyone has had it done after or during a hernia repair PLEEZZZ refer me to your Dr..Thank you!!!

I need the name of the app to get in touch with DR...

I need the name of the app to get in touch with DR doctors...BMI currently 32 and seeking lipo of back and stomach...I was considering abdominoplasty but I am post hernia repair with mesh so I dont want them to cut..I have read how fast some of the girls here get the response and quote from doctors in the DR...I need to know the App

Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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