39 Years Old, Looking for Tummy Tuck, Lipo, and Breast Lift (No Implants)

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Pictures coming soon. As soon as I decide on my...

Pictures coming soon. As soon as I decide on my PS. At this moment, half the Dominican Republic has been subjected to my naked body via email. They are now holding their head in their hands and trying to decide if they can fix me.

I need to take a break from looking at deflated boobs, droopy butts, and hanging tummies. Even though the "after" pictures are so inspiring and make me happy for the recipients - I just have to clear my brain from the images for a bit. So, here I am! Looking forward to sharing my experience and hopefully meeting and learning from all of you.

A little about me: I'm a married 39 year old mom of 10 year old twins. That's it. That pretty much tells you what has happened to my body, right? No? OK, I'll get detailed. I have DD's that surprisingly aren't sagging too badly considering I nursed the twins. But, if I'm going to have surgery, I may as well pick the girls up a bit. I have a tummy that MUST have surgery. After I had the twins, I lost weight down to a size 2/4. But my stomach did not budge. I would have to tuck that apron into my jeans. And the belly button! Such a sad belly button. It literally looks sad, it's not even round - it's a big frown in the middle of my body. I've since put on some weight. I'm now 5'4" and a size 10. I jog 3 miles 2-3 times a week. I haven't lost a single pound since I started running (over 3 years ago) but, I have maintained my weight even though my diet could use improvement. "Could use improvement" sounds so much better than "I love junk food and hate veggies" doesn't it?

The BBL. I always thought I had a nice butt. But every single quote I have received so far includes BBL, even though I haven't asked for a BBL. It's been a while since I've had a new complex. "Hello butt! Nice to see you again. When did you get that freckle? Are you flat? Square? Nah - you're good. Or are you?" I'm thisclose to asking strangers for their opinions. See? I promised pictures are coming soon. I know you're all cross-eyed with anticipation.

Choosing a PS. omg - is this what bi-polar feels like?! These reviews swing so wildly. The doctor that has beautiful results, is the same doctor that botched a poor girl and ruined her life. And that's the story with almost every PS I have researched. "They're awesome!" and "They ruined my life". Followed by the "I'm not sure they actually performed the surgery. It was someone else." accusation.

I've decided to narrow it down by clinic and then go from there. The clinic I have crossed out is CIPLA. The clinics I'm currently interested in are CECIP and Plastimedic. I've looked at the Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeons list here, sorted by highest rated, and started at the top. I also check that they are a member of Sodocipre. Because

SODOCIPRE member surgeons meet rigorous standards:

Board certification.

Complete at least six years of surgical training following medical school with a minimum of three years of plastic surgery residency training

Pass comprehensive oral and written exams

Graduate from an accredited medical school

Complete continuing medical education, including patient safety, each year

Perform surgery in accredited, state-licensed, or hospitals-certified surgical facilities

And that's the stage I'm in now. Looking for a PS, poring over reviews, googling, and not doing laundry or dishes. However I am maintaining basic hygiene. YAY me!

There's so much more, but I'll save it for another post. In the meantime, I welcome any and all advice, tips and suggestions.

Narrowing down the Dr. choices

I've been gathering quotes and have narrowed down my list. I got quotes from (in the Dominican Republic) Dra Duran, Dra Yily, Dra Fragoso Baez, Dra Robles, Dra Almonte, Dr Goico, Dr Leon, Dr. Ulerio, Dra Medina, Dr Almanzar, Dr Mejia, Dr Sesto, Dr Tactuk, and Dr Mallol. And one from Columbia - Dr Hoyos.

Of those, I am thinking about Dr Leon, Dra Medina, Dr Tactuk, Dr Goico (FG), and Dr Mejia. Still waiting on quotes from Dr FG and Dr Mejia.

I like Dra Medina and Dr FG because both are accredited not only with SODOCIPRE but also with ISAPS the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. Kind of a big deal. I like that Dr Leon participates in at least 2 missions a year with "Operation Smile" that says a lot about a persons character to me. And Dr Tactuk has been very responsive and maintained great communication with me.

Please - if anyone has any personal experience or advice about any of these doctors, I'm begging you to let me know. The good, the bad, and the ugly. It's nice to feel I've narrowed down the list so much, but on the other hand I feel like I may have missed or dismissed a really great one...

I will post my before pictures once I have decided on a doctor.

Annual physical - Iron is up!

Just had my annual physical done. My iron has gone from 11.5 last year to 13.1 this year. I've always been anemic. But, since I decided to do this surgery, I started taking Floradix and iron just a few weeks ago. My iron and hemoglobin has shot up quickly.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

I was very nervous about having surgery outside the USA and did as much research as I possibly could to find the safest doctor I could. Dr. Fernandez Goico's credentials are outstanding and everything I was looking for. Dr. Goico himself is professional, honest, competent, and has integrity. I was treated with respect and dignity. I was not handled like a "doll", I was treated like an adult woman who was seeking major surgery. I am over the moon with the outcome of the surgery! Dr. Fernandez Goico kept my expectations reasonable during the consultation. Now, the outcome has surpassed my expectations. I did not imagine I could look so good and I am only 15 days post op. It's only going to get better as the swelling goes down which is mind-blowing to me because I already look so good! The breast lift has been the biggest surprise. I wasn't even sure I wanted a breast lift. But now it's one of my favorite parts of my body. They look so perfect and there are still some stitches and bandages left. I worry I may become an exhibitionist after my full recovery! The tummy tuck and lipo were done to be perfectly proportioned to my body. I look like the best version of myself. Not like a Frankenstein with mismatched body parts. I am happy and confident in my body. I am happy with my choice of doctor and would recommend him 100%

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