37 Yrs Old 3 Children. Tryna Get my Dream Body - Dominican Republic, DO

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I hate my boobs and I'm disgusted with this guy....

I hate my boobs and I'm disgusted with this guy. The only thing I do like is my butt. I can't wait to wake up with a new body. I've been in contact with Dr. Mallol and I love his professionalism. He even took the time out to call me himself. I plan on flying out on March 23 to have surgery on the 24. Boy am I nervous. I've also been looking for a good rh and maybe a sx buddy. I'm kinda scared. How will the recovery be.

Freaking out

So I have just two more days until sx. I'm like super excited and scared at the same time. I've been in constant contact with my doctor asking questions that he's never hesitated to answer. He was even driving and called me so I didn't have to wait. I've also been asking about a few other procedures. I was thinking about the buccal fat removal to give me more of a defined jaw line but he doesn't recommend it. I know for sure that I want the cellulite in my legs taken care of. He does offer it but says that it may ink last 6 mths. I figure that's good enough if I go to the gym it shouldn't come back. Also my urine looks like it's glowing lol

Just boarded

So I just boarded my flight and I've been in tears all morning. I just got emotional thinking about my family and hoping I see my kids again. I called Dr. Mallol from the airport, he's assured me that he's waiting on me although he's in surgery. I even heard the machines in the background. I love the amount of attention he gives. Welp I'm off. I'll update u guys when I land and get situated

I'm here

So the fight was uneventful besides the baby that screamed from take off till landing. My driver George was at the airport when I got there. He even had wifi in the car. He drove me to the clinic where I had my labs done. They only took 5 mins to come back. And of course my hgb was down to 10.5. I was pissed and it might have something to do with me getting my period on Sunday. It was 11.9 on the 15th. So the I just paid $200 for to units of blood. I refuse to leave here w/o getting my sx done.

Cleared for surgery

Cardiologist just left. The transfusion worked. My hgb is 12. A

Please keep in mind

U must must bring ur own towels n wash clothes as well as other toiletries. I couldn't believe there wasn't a towel in the building I forgot mines thinking it no biggy. It is. And please be prepared to wash in room temperature water. It's not cold but it ain't got either. No matter which way u turn it it's all the same. I might get another transfusion after surgery but he said I'm all ready to get everything done. I'm waiting now to go to the O.R to see the anesthesiologist. Pray for me y'all!!????????

I'm snatched

Surgery has been over since idk when. I keep falling in n out of consciousness. I see they have these blow up things on my calves I guess for circulation. No pain no tightness nothing. Only thing is on if my legs on the side above my hurts like hell. Idk what's going on n the pain meds help for everything but that. I put my heating pad on hopefully that'll help hut hurts bad. There's no pain anywhere else on my body. I'm wondering if if did the lipo back there. I was awake for a lot of it they wouldn't let me see tho. I would post pics but that'll mean I gotta get up n turn on the lights. Not gonna happen. Just letting y'all know I made it through ????????

So far so good

I was kinda pissed when tho told me I can't anymore pain meds for another 50 minutes. Just when I was thinking all was going well. But u know being from nyc I made it happen. "Nurse all I need u to do is pass me my bag". So I'm good for now. Here's some pics

Faja is on!!

Please tell me y this couldn't be done when I was still sleep on the operating table. Talk about pain. Tryna get it up these big ass bruised thighs was a nightmare. All that being said. I'm snatched tho!!????

Now here we go

So after getting into this god awful faja that made me feel like I was gonna pass out my ride arrives to take me to the rh. We pack up my stuff, they r so helpful, grab a wheelchair and down to the car we go. Would u believe that as they're putting my bage in the car his phone rings. It's Dr. Mallol telling him to bring me back upstairs. My hgb was a 7.7. Here I go thinking it was the faja making lite headed. So here I am back at the hospital in my same bed getting another blood transfusion. At $100 a pop I'm not sure I can afford anymore. It is helping me feel better tho cuz when I came up lord knows I wasn't able to send this update. And must I say it again... I'm snatched tho????????

Rocio Ortega Recovery House

Last night I finally arrived to my beautiful recovery house. There was food of all sorts flowing from every angle. I tried to eat a little but as u may guess I was exhausted from this low hgb. The house is beautiful and the people who work here are great. They even gave me a call button. I didn't even have one of those at the hospital. They are so very helpful. Even after seeing that I didn't eat much they sent me food n juice up to my room. I felt so guilty about needing help to the bathroom at 3 am but no one minded. She even waited for me to come out so she can help me back to bed. Now it's about 7 am they came in did vitals gave pain meds and took our orders for breakfast. I'm glad I went with this choice. Pain wise maybe I've only been hit by 2 trucks instead of yesterday's 3. I guess it gets greater later

My awesome Dr

So in walks my fabulous Dr. Mallol. Talking bout he wanted to surprise me. I so love him. He wanted to stop by b4 he went church.

This RH is pissing me off

So when I was released from the hospital the doctor gave specific orders for me to be on a high iron diet. I.e. Steak n hamburgers. When I came in last night they said they were notified. They had already cooked dinner and I would get some red meat for breakfast. I asked for it at breakfast time and they said they'll bring it for lunch. Now the doctor just left here after telling them the same thing again. Would u believe that they brought me chicken? Now i see y he popped up on them. This is my life they're playing with and we all know that's not a game to be played. Now let's see how long b4 I get some red meat around here

Dr. Mallol might have been a wrong move

After my surgery I told u guys that I had some severe burning in my leg. Well yesterday after washing my faja I noticed these big blisters. I've brought it to the doctors attention twice and have received no response. Apparently when the rh washed my faja it ripped which caused it to cut me in my buttock area. So now I've been sitting here for hours with no faja and an open wound on my leg since the blisters have opened and begin to seep. Now the people here are telling me I have to wait until my next appt and the doctor is saying he can't do anything because it's a holiday. All the people at the rh aren't bad but the ladies that were here when I 1st came are much better. It seems that since payment has already been made that no one even cares. Can you believe he said bcuz of the holiday. Like my body knows it's a holiday so it doesn't need attention!!

The tape came off

So yesterday was my 1st in office follow up. Boy was that a movie. Under no circumstance should u think this journey is easy physically or emotionally. At no fault of the Dr's or the rh' did I come in contact with a nut job that just happened to be both staying her and had her sx done with the same dr who has been off her mental meds. On My Way to my appt she flipped out on me in the taxi n told me how she was going to beat my ass. I'm like miss I don't even know ur name. So I had the driver bring me back n waited for my own taxi. When I did arrive to the office she called someone n told them I had my posse w/ me. The driver? Idk. But anyway. I got there n he was his usual sweet self tryna comfort me after my stressful ride. He rubbed me down again after the asst took off my bandages. I'm thinking he might wanna look into a female asst, being from the states it would make me a lil more comfortable since it's a requirement. But anyway here's the pics. I'm thinking my boobs r a lil lop sided n I'm really swollen. As I mentioned my original faja ripped so I didn't sleep with 1 the night b4. N now the new 1 I bought doesn't have a hole to use the bathroom and is extremely tight so imagine how that mighta worked out. So my lovely ladies Sonnie & Sandy came up with a temporary solution until I can get a new one later. At the end of the visit the Dr was really concerned if I liked what he'd done. I mean I guess I was looking for a lil more magic but he def performed some magic. The swelling will go down more. It gets greater later

Baxk in my faja

The faja really makes a difference. I can see a big difference in my stomach from when I didn't have it on the night b4 and having it on all night last night. But these boobs are def lop sided.

I think he had a magic wand

I'm snatched and loving it. Although I think he needs to send me some chocolates to compensate for the burns on my leg

Boobs done dropped

My tits r lop sided still better then they were. I think I'm gonna need a round 2 for some more lipo. They way I see it I was really big to begin with. I only have feeling in 1 of my nipples tho. Wussup with that? My back still feels like it's on fire when it's touched my legs aren't so bad. I'm so tired of this damn pain. N here I am talking bout more lipo. Smh... Idk but here's ur update. O yea my burn still hasn't healed n hurts like hell.
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