1 year Post Op from Part 1 of Mommy Makeover! Not what I expected, final review!

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I am 35, 5'4" and 123 pounds. I have given birth...

I am 35, 5'4" and 123 pounds. I have given birth to 6 children (NO C-Sections all vaginal) and breastfed them all to 15 months. They are 18, 10, 8, 6, 4, and 2. Whew! We are DONE! We both got fixed! Bob Barker was proud that me and my hubby got SPAYED AND NEUTERED!

I have wanted to fix my stomach since I had our oldest daughter at the age of 17. I have spent the last 18 years in a body I don't like in the mirror. I knew we would have more children, so there was no sense in paying for surgery, just to have to do it again. Now, we are done having children and I am done breastfeeding and I want to feel tight and beautiful naked again!

I would love to have a breast augmentation, extended tummy tuck, lipo of hips, thighs and a mini thigh lift to get rid of stretch marks on inner thighs. I NEVER wear shorts or swim and I mean NEVER! I think the last time I was in shorts was 15+ years ago. I am too embarrassed! Gotta love Capri's...

I love health and fitness! I was a kickboxing and spin instructor. I love, love to Jazzercise and run! I feel like parts of my body and my size reflects that lifestyle, but without clothes, other parts of my body look like Freddy Krueger has had his way with me! Lol!

My inner thighs have purple stretch marks that have never faded and I hate It! My boobs use to be big, full, and beautiful, now they look like deflated balloons, my stomach looks flat when I stand, but the "DOUGH BELLY" loves to kneed itself when I sit or have sex. I feel like I am making bread on my husband rather than love! Seriously! Lastly, the lovely muffin top flanks, no exercise in the world will get rid of this darn "pastry" that the top of my jeans loves to eat! I have never been heavy and I am so sad my body is not a reflection of the love and care I give to it!

This is where I know that plastic surgery is the only option to put my poor Humpty Dumpty body back together again! I am FREAKING SCARED though! I have been reading this site for at least a year now, and want to go to Dr. Robles in the Dominican Republic. I am so sketchy about leaving the U.S. though. On the other hand, the doctors in the U.S. are soooo EXPENSIVE! I got a quote here and it was over $16,000. WOW!

I feel like that is so much money for just me. I also think that I would be buying back my self confidence, and isn't that priceless.... The ever revolving question. Stay here or go to D.R....... Pay Big $$$ or pay way less....

I like the fact that you can recover in the Dominican Republic with the costs included is so appealing. Here with 6 kids and trying to recover for the first week at home would be nearly impossible! I just don't know... HELP!

Emailed Dr.Robles

So, today I emailed Dr. Robles and got a quick response back from her office. Thank you Zimrianne1 for your help on that! They asked for pictures so the doctor could review and give a quote. I also filled out a few questionnaires regarding health, mental state and etc...

This is what I have decided to ask for in my quote;
1.Extended Tummy Tuck with muscle repair
2. Mini Thigh Lift for inner thigh scar removal ( i'll take 1 scar vs many!)
3.Brazilian Butt Lift with the lipo that comes with it
4. Fat transfer to fill in Nasal Labial Folds around mouth and nose (I feel and look old lately around my smile lines)

The reason I chose these things were because even though I really want my boobs back, I can wear and live with " Victoria's Secret" a bit longer, in order to get the major parts of my body to look amazing 1 shot. I think Dr. Robles can make them what I dream about in my head. Plus, I can always get my boobs done here in the states close to home, but I don't think the doctors here can give me the butt and stomach I want....

I am also trying to factor in that if I have to pay Air Fair from Washington State for my husband and me and get child care for my kids, which is hard, and recover, I better get the biggest bang for my buck in that 1 shot and the results too. I am not sure if my husband would ever do it again and to find care for the kids is painfully hard. It is just a long trip for people to want help out twice.

I can see once my lower body looking great and that the top will follow, but most likely not abroad with all that it entails. I got a quote from the doctor who told me $16,000 for Boobs and Tummy Tuck and so on, that if I only want Boobs, that it would be $6,000. Still a lot of money, but factoring no travel fees and faster recovery for just boobs and less care to find for the kids because my husband will be home to help, just seems to make more sense right now..... I don't know, any thoughts out there? I also wonder about revisions if needed.....

I fricken wish money was like toilet paper, since technically they both came from trees! I hate flushing my money though!

Crappy Day!

Found out one of the most important people to me has CANCER! It is between the right upper rib and lung, in the lining! It hurts to think about the, "What If's!" Trust in the Lord is all I can do and Pray real hard! I am sad!

Breasts Only!

So, my husband said, "No" to going out of the country for surgery. Too many factors to consider. He was just super uncomfortable with the whole idea of leaving the kids for that long and unforeseen complications.... WE decided on a doctor close to home and is a great surgeon, just spendy in my opinion. He is paying, so I agreed to break up my surgery into 2 parts. I am doing my breasts and a small Mastopexy-Periaerolar lift first. I have paid $9,136.00 cash payment and am scheduled for May 8, 2014. I went in yesterday, March 24, 2014 and had my mammogram done. I feel that it is EXTREMELY expensive and am feeling very guilty and a little bummed to not be getting my stomach done too. My stomach was my 1st choice and boobs later. The Doctor said he thought with my last baby being so small and dependent on me still, that having my stomach surgery would be risky for the amount of time I will need to recover. He said my muscles are completely dissected and would have to be repaired on top of the tummy tuck. He said a full 6 weeks of lying low. That would be impossible with the husbands work schedule and all the kids.
So, we agreed to hold off for another year to have my stomach, liposuction and butt done. The doctor also said, he thought my inner thighs were not an issue and that having surgery on them would be unnecessary. I am still on the fence about that.... I hate the stretch marks on them!
Overall, I am excited, but trying not to think about it too much. I go in on March 31, 2014 to get my new breast size figured out. My husband will be away working, so my oldest daughter who is 18 will go with me for honest advice. I want full, but not stripper boobs, lol! My husband said he thought it was better he would be gone when I decided on my size, so that if I am unhappy, I can't blame him for my choice. LAUGHING! I told him that it would be like Christmas morning when he see's his newly bought boobs in the size I picked! Our oldest is having a baby at the end of May, so I want this surgery to be easy and be healed up to see my first grandson be born.

Wouldn't let me upload a pic a few minutes ago....

Permanent Makeup Tattoos and Laser Treatments

I decided to have my Eyebrows, my Upper Lash Line and Upper Water Line tattooed on to save time in getting ready! I LOVE IT! It was as pretty painless and mostly nerve racking having a needle that close to my eye! My Permanent Makeup Artist was Amazing and knows her stuff! She used a numbing ointment to numb my brows and eyes and eased her way into each area. She talked extensively with me before my actual tattoo appointment and the day of. I brought in my color for my brows and she matched the ink to it. I drew on the shape I wanted because I know what I want, and did not want someone else doing it. She would stop from time to time and show me, so I could confirm we were doing the brows the way I wanted. The whole process took about an hour for the tattoos. They were dark at first, but once they healed, they are the perfect color. My eyes were a bit swollen the next day, and I had to keep auqaphor on my tattoos to keep them moist. After a week, they were all healed and looking good. I go in for a touch up on April 10 , 2014 and then I will have on more touch up after that. The price was $545.00 for everything with 2 touch ups. Totally worth the cost! I went to Alicia Seyhanli in Spokane. She is amazing and talented and clean!!! FYI, I would recommend that you wash your skin with a MRSA and STAPH wash to prevent infection!!! You can go to Walgreens and buy the wash in the pharmacy area. The generic brand was about $18.00. It is called Hibiclens. SO WORTH IT!!!!!! You are breaking your skin with the needle and infection can happen!

Also, a year ago I had a Laser Pigment Treatment and Spider Face Veins done a few weeks apart from one another of course. I am 35 and my parents did not use sunscreen on us as kids, so I started having some darker pigment and freckling as I am aging. I developed broken capillaries on my face from my pregnancies and wanted to get rid of them. I loved the results! I did the pigment treatment first and the laser technician went through and zapped all the areas I said I was having issues with. It HURT!!!! It was like getting slapped in the face with hot rubber bands! My face felt sunburnt and all my freckles and pigmented areas turned almost a black brown color immediately and then over the next week, they sloughed off. The skin underneath was so pretty and even toned.

A few weeks later I went back for the capillaries. Same kind of experience for pain!
I drew a map of my face at home and put an X everywhere I had a broken capillary. WHY? Because the treatments are timed and I wanted BANG FOR MY BUCK!!! LOL! They laughed when I gave them facial map!! I didn't want to talk and waste the time, so I was all business this time around. The next day, I had little swollen bumps all over, it looked pretty weird! I called them and they said to take some Benadryl for the swelling. It took a good week to go away.

I cant remember for sure how much it was all together, because it was a year ago, but I believe it was Buy One and the other was Half Off sale....It was a Mothers Day Special. Maybe $400.00 was the cost....I have one Spider Vein Treatment left, but I am going to buy another Pigment Treatment and do that first again. I was very happy with the results for both treatments.

Tattoos and Skin looking good!

With makeup all healed.

A Boob is not a Boob is not a BOOB!!!!

Holy BOOB OPTIONS! I thought when I went in for my sizer appointment yesterday, March 31, 2014, that I was going to walk in and "just pick a boob!" NOT that easy! So, profiles,(high, med, low-20-15-10) breast width, actual breast tissue, elasticity, lifts, saline or silicone and the SIZE in cc's and over or under the muscle is really stressful!

I am leaning towards medium profile 15's with 330 to 370 cc's and silicone. I don't want bowling balls or super chin high or stripper boobs. I want a natural looking (lol) slopped boobs that is full and nice projection outward, not upward.

The doctor said I had a wide breast underneath and plenty of thick breast tissue left above. He recommended over the muscle for less future sagging or snoopy boobies later on, because I have that thick breast tissue above. He said as I age the implant will sag with my skin, instead of the muscle holding in in place and my skin sags, but the implant does not... He said not all women have enough skin, and that is when you need to go under the muscle.... That makes me nervous for future mammograms..... He also said it would be less down time for me because he is not creating a pocket for the implant under the muscle. He said I would end up with a big D or smaller DD. "YEAH BABY!" Any RECCOMMENDATIONS Ladies? I am so nervous about making the wrong choice.... Especially about under or over the muscle!!!!!

BEST ADVICE for questions regarding breast implant placement and questions!!!!!!!!


Breast Implants: Above Or Below Muscle?

This is on youtube and this is the title above and the doctors site name on the site, just in case my link does not work.
This doctor answered every question I had about where and why to place the implants above or below the muscle. Also, he answers questions about mammograms and cancer.

Horrible Experiance with Patient Coordinator at Surgeons Office

Dr. Wheeler was great! He is knowledgeable and confident! He gives you a ton of verbal information after your examination which feels like a whirlwind spinning in your head. This is a good thing though, better to know and feel prepared. I felt comfortable and confident that he deliver the results. He was truthful when he felt that your expectation was not going to match the result. He answered all my questions and gave great advice. I would come home and read about what he had said and he was spot on. Nice doctor overall, but could be more supplicatory.

BUT, I had a HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE EXPERINCE with his Patient Coordinator! SHE SUCKS! She is 90% of your service before and after surgery! The liaison with a chip on her shoulder about getting paid to do her job! Ask questions.... she doesn't like it! Want to be informed and not a sucker paying mindless robot, she doesn't like it! Feel unsure about what you want, she doesn't like it!. CHANGE your surgical procedure, she doesn't like it! Stand up for yourself and not accept the bland answer or reason,(i.e. mammogram) she doesn't like it! She wants ABC-123, easy peasy! She gets paid MONEY, that we pay elective out of pocket or by insurance and she gets irritated for doing her DANM JOB! I had ZERO chemistry with this women from, "hello!" Even my husband noticed her demeanor. He said she was a poor representative for the office and doctors.

She is the most UN-genuine person in the whole office. Everybody else was great! She lacks the ability to be personable and has a fakeness about her that makes your skin crawl. I DON"T LIKE HER! I even reconsidered about going back after consult number and phone call #1, I liked the doctor though.

I had a 3 consults. The 1st, was 10 months after I had my last baby and the whole consult was "just" getting an idea about what, why, price, recovery, meeting the doctor and so on.... I called, and she didn't even know what the term "Mommy Makeover" or "Brazilian Butt Lift" was! 6 months later, they were now options on the website.....2nd consult was Option A vs Option B.
I had a ton of questions and had many factors that made it hard to fit in Option A. So, after listening to Dr. Wheeler and really taking his advice, I went with Option B. I wanted several quotes, for a few different ideas of how to go about Option B.
My 3rd consult was a sizing appointment.

A few days later after consult #3, and after lots of reading and picture viewing, I went in and paid the remaining balance in full and asked the Patient Coordinator to ask the doctor about changing a few things and had questions for him. She was FAKE and I FELT UNCOMFORTABLE by her lame persona! She seemed annoyed that I wanted to change a few things.. BUT, I asked her to just "ASK" the doctor his thoughts, on my thoughts. I even left there feeling uneasy and had a pit in my stomach by her attitude! I told her my reasoning and some of my families issues with Cancer of a loved one and maybe having to leave the state for awhile. I wanted to address the things I knew, in my mind, would address the areas I felt most uncomfortable with for the time being.

Next thing you know, the Patient Coordinator, is calling me saying that the doctor said to refund my money and that I changed surgical plan too many times. Even though I had NEVER been set on one, until I made my surgery appointment a few weeks previous. Until then, it was just different quotes! He didn't think he could make me happy, based on her lies! I was VERY taken back and "SHE" wanted off the phone as soon as possible! She didn't care! She seemed a bit joyful like her , lying, untruthful, snakiey self, and not to mention getting paid derriere to do a job, was happy about it. She was phony and fake like her Dolly Parton hair! I actually wasted a few tears during our conversation, which probably made her feel as if she won.

Well, I called back and told her to have the doctor call me back or I would be there the next business morning waiting. I started to tell her how I had felt uncomfortable at the office, but decided to just say, "it was due to being naked." I felt the doctor need to hear my side, without her having any idea.
Dr. Wheeler did call me back within the hour and we had a GREAT talk. I asked first thing, to hear "her" side. He told me and let it be known, IT WAS NOT the conversation "her" and I had and why.... She also told him, "She felt irritated by my changing of plans (QUESTIONS) and that I seem to be a problem!" What..... by doing your job that you get paid for.... I knew that was the best question to ask Dr. Wheeler, because I knew after the visit and phone call with Dana, she was the lying liaison!

Just because she works for a Plastic Surgeon, doesn't mean she doesn't feel catty!
If I am paying BIG BUCKS out of pocket, I will have questions and lots of them! Also, I will get what I am paying for! Furthermore, she is nothing more than a glorified waitress delivering the order to the very educated cook! Can't take the heat, find a new job!

He said, "HE HAS EVEN OBSERVED HER FAKENESS," but is good t her job and not at a few things.... I don't know..., she may be a good paper pusher, but she is the one who you talk to and represents the business and she sucks at that part...... I never want anyone to lose their job and we both agreed that an individual has to like the staff and the doctor for good results. I like them all, but her! She may be experienced to make the doctor happy, but she sucks personally! What about the patient.... a cadaver has more rapport than her!

Overall, you can guess why the 2 stars. If any of you doubt me, go talk the "sweetie" and "honey" and "just between us women" Coordinator. You'll know as soon as you spot her hair and outfit. What should have happened is, the doctor should have had her call me and asked me to come in for another visit to re-discuss my surgical plan. Instead, she caught him right out a full day of surgery, which she said she would not be seeing him until Monday and gave him her bull-c--p story! I am sure he felt annoyed! Surgery from morning till night probably does play on your emotional state.
Plus, not giving the full story didn't help.... Dr. Wheeler said it was about trusting his judgment too. After three small visits, and over $9,000 in cash later, believe me, you only gain trust by being HUMBLE and AVAIALBLE! Also, the prices rose %30 in one year, it is Spokane for crying out loud! Not to mention, the doctors' office itself, could use it's own Plastic Surgeon, it's called a contractor. The 80's left over 30 years ago. Anyway, I am being refunded my money and going our separate ways. Who knows, I believe in God and have prayed a lot about this journey, maybe the time is not for me now or ever!!!..... Everything happens for a reason. But, I still have an opinion! I would not recommend office due to Patient Coordinator, your lifeline between the doctor.


Finally moving forward with Phase 1 of my Mommy Makeover! YAY!

I picked a doctor and paid! I am going with Dr. Jeffery Karp. He is awesome and so easy to talk to. He is 100% different compared to my last doctor.
He does a lot of his consultation from start to finish in a whole different manor then Dr. Wheeler did. I liked that the first time you meet Dr. Karp, he is not pushing for pictures. He was very laid back, answered questions with a humble heart, has a great sense of humor and awesome music playing in the office! LOL! Makes you feel so comfortable! His staff is so amazing, caring, kind, fun to chat with and down to earth gals! Thank God my last surgeon fell through! I am so grateful for the bad experience with Dr. Chad Wheeler to know what I don't want in a doctor and staff now!!!!! I am doing a Breast Augmentation and Lipo to my muffin top and filler in my smile lines. My tummy will have to be later. I am scheduled for July 2, 2014. Kinda scared! Had nightmares all last night about my boobs.....
Also, I never told Dr. Karp I saw another surgeon. I wanted his opinion on my breasts without knowledge of Dr. Wheelers recommendation. Dr. Karp said I was a simple breast augmentation and NO LIFT was needed. I knew it! I always felt Dr. Wheeler was trying to push a lift on me and I did not need one. An easy $1,800.00 bucks for his pocket I am sure! So thankful I did not agree with the lift and my surgery never happened!
Another thing, Dr. Karp was very concerned with my previous MRSA infection in my hand and got ahold of a Infectious Disease Doctor and came up with a master plan to keep me SAFE from getting another infection! THANK YOU FOR CARING DR. KARP!!!!!! He is having a few extra labs ran and doing a few things in the O.R..
I have to say Dr. Wheeler didn't give 2 cares about my infection and fears and was cocky about my questions concerning it! Dr. Wheeler did not want ANY labs ran before my surgery because I looked perfectly healthy(WHAT THE HECK!)....... and they were not going to do a mammogram either! I pushed for the Mammogram and got one. Dr. Karp said there was no way he would perform my surgery without a mammogram first! THANK YOU DR. KARP! Here is the kicker.... I am getting way more, for way less! Better bang for my buck!
I did my labs yesterday and picked up my prescriptions too. It is becoming real!

Boob Size

I forgot to say what I am getting. I am doing Saline under the muscle and between 370 to 425 ccs.
I said, "just fill it until my loose skin looks firm again!" I don't want to look like Dolly, Pam or a Porn star either! He laughed and said, "Ok, will do!"

Pics of the "mom" body

I finally re-added some pics. I also just had my last eyebrow, eyelash and upper water line tattoo finished. I love it!!!!! Alicia, my permanent makeup artist was amazing to work with! I am picky about my brows and eyes and love how she listened to my exact thoughts on my desired look! I never felt afraid to let her do what she does best, because she is great at communicating with the client!

Getting my smile lines done too.

I also added my smile lines to be filled with either Juvederm or Restylane

Tomorrow is the BIG day!

Well, here it is, the day before. I have not been sleeping well all week. I am so nervous and scared! I worry about the risk and the size and the healing and the down time.......etc.... I wake up each night and pray to God to bring me home safe to my kids and husband. I do wish I was getting it all done at once, so I could put it all behind me. Next year is my goal to finish Part 2 of my Mommy makeover and do my stomach. I will post a before pic soon.

Some day BEFORE pics.

Here are some before shots

I made it. Part 1 is done!

Holy Cow, I am hurting!!!! My boobs are huge and I go in at 11:30 this morning to see them at my follow up. I am dreading the drive! I feel like every muscle from my spine, ribs and boobs are being pulled off! I actually cried, which I usually don't. My lipo doesn't hurt at all and I can already see a huge difference in my hips/muffin top. The binder is not too bad at this point. My 18 year old daughter came over after surgery with her new baby boy and helped out and loved on her mom. She said my smile line fillers make me look so youthful again. She also followed up by saying I didn't look bad to begin with. LOL! Good save! I will update later with the exact size or ccs.
My husband makes a great nurse! Poor guy was taking care of the 5 kids at home and me every 2 to 3 hours. His alarm has been going off all day and night to take me potty, and give meds. He loves the Vitamix we have, so it has given him even more reason to use it and has been blended fresh fruit smoothies and protein drinks. LOVE HIM! Thank you all for the comments and prayers and well wishes! Post pics soon

Holy Boobs!

I went to my follow up and feel like I have been in a haze! So I have Saline under the muscle, round. He went in through the nipple. I chose between 370 and 425. The doctor did 425 and overfilled them. The left is 475ccs and the right is 460ccs. He lowered my natural breast crease so they wouldn't be in my throat. they are slowly moving down. I start my breast exercises tomorrow to help shift them. My right side feel great! My left side hurts so bad n the side boob area! The new crease is weird and feels super tight! It looks good though. I have minimal bruising, but am super swollen. Trying to stop taking my prescriptions today. I can't stand the foggy headed feeling! Took 2 Tylenols and that seems to take the edge off. I have no appetite so my husband is still doing fresh pineapple and strawberry smoothies for me. Drinking tons of water too. The hips look good, I can see a difference, but have swelling so it is hard to say... the binder is not too bad. I have a lot of bruising on my right hip and barely any on my left.... the doctor says 6 months before you can really see the results of lipo....

4 days out and so sore!

My ribs, my back and my neck are so tight and sore. My boobs are slowly moving south. They still have a double bubble look. The doctor said the implant has to work its way down into the new pocket he made for my breast bottom/crease.
My hips are sore and my stitches hurt a little today.
My smile lines..... not liking! I have a lump on my right side next to my lower mouth. Hmmm.... a little bruised too. Hopefully, it is just swelling!!

oops smile lines pic

For got to upload.

One week and 1 day! Feel Good!

Just finished my post op appointment and everything is going good!
The doctor massaged out my lumpy Juvederm and it looks great!
He said my breast are dropping nicely into the new skin pocket for my new bottom breast crease. The right is a little higher than the left so I have to wear my bandoo strap at an angle for a week to drop the right one and then done with that.
My lipo looks a bit uneven but he said I have swelling so he scheduled me for a month out to see.
Overall, I feel good, just sore!

Loving my boobs!

I love my boobs! Dr. Karp nailed it for shape and size! They are starting to get soft and are not nearly as sore. My incisions look great and I can quite wearing the tape in a few days. I go between a D and DD bra, depending on the brand. I was just sitting here snuggling my newborn Grandson while my daughter napped and he fell asleep on my new pillows. LOL! They must be comfy!

Amazing Scars/Incisions!!

Incisions, incisions, incisions! Nipple was the best decision! Wow, it will be 2 weeks tomorrow and I am still doing the tape, but the scars look so good!!!!
Have soreness still, but feel pretty good!
Dr. Karp did such a good job!

protein dinner. ...

Told the kids that we have to start eating healthier, starting with protein. Bug kabobs! Scared the cap out of my kids, lol!

Quick update

Sorry, I have been busy! I am loving my boobs and almost wish I went bigger... maybe 50ccs or so.. nipple incision looks great. Barely noticeable.
Hips, bruising almost faded to skin tone and shrinking still. Still wearing compression span like shorts.
Smile lines, looks great! Took a pic for my honey in a dress that I would never wear out of the house, but had to show off my new shelf. Lol!
Next year, tummy tuck!!! Can't wait!

Still sore

Well, last night I slept like a normal person and not inclined. I was sore this morning. Raising my shoulders above my head under my pillow and rolling from side to side all night was hard. My boobs are heavy! I did the math and they are 1 pound each. That is also what I have gained according to my scale... having 1 pound per boob rolling over with you at night doesn't seem like much, but it really is heavy. My peck muscles are sore and so is my upper back. It was a lug of a feeling, but once I got comfortable, the feeling went away. The gals at my doctors office all said it took about 6 month for those kind of feeling to go away. You'll notice your boobs everyday and then one day, they just feel normal..... Anyway, I love them and am happy to lug them around! I love how they stay put and perky without a bra!!

Hips are sore too. Didn't wear compression shorts to bed and had a burning feeling right under the skin.. I know it is normal, but strange!
Juvederm in my smile lines has mellowed out and I like it!

Options and Choices and COSTS!

I keep thinking about other choices/options once I do my stomach, that will be a big cost because I am doing the full extended tummy tuck. I want my thighs done, but I know my butt will be pulled upward and look flat, so said the doc... so what do you choose, bbl or thigh lift.... can't afford both with the tt........ This is why I go back n forth with the notion of going to the Dominican of Republic for surgery.... get it all done for way less! That is scary though too! I just don't want to feel like "Humpty Dumpty" anymore. JUST PUT ME BACK TOGETHER ALREADY, so I can go live my life without my self esteem always looming in the background over my body image! I think ultimately, I will go the thigh route, because I hate those dang purple stretch mark/scars! I can't even wear shorts! Thanks for my thin, white skin, DNA!

Anyway, I was looking on youtube for videos of the thigh lift and found this gal who has a channel and shares her journey for weight loss and plastic surgery for weight loss. You can find her by typing, Funeral For My Fat. She also has a Blog, which I really recommend. She answers a ton of questions about her tummy tuck and thigh lift. Cool thing is, she lives in Washington like I do and her thigh lift looks so good! Exactly what I want for amount removed and scar! Her Plastic Surgeon is in Seattle, only a hour flight or a 5 hour drive... Seemed pricey though.... Here is her Blog Page: http://funeralformyfat.tumblr.com/
Well, I guess I am done complaining and hope I win the lottery, so I can afford all 3.... HAHAHAHA! A girl can dream, right... :)

Thigh Scars/Stretch Marks Pic

Okay, so here they are, the ugly purple scars that never fade and the reason I hate swim suits and shorts. They are so ugly and embarrassing! Crazy I got them so bad on my thighs, because I never gained a ton of weight while pregnant. My stomach looks better than my thighs. I have had these since my first child was born over 18 years ago and the color never fades. I just want them gone! I will gladly take 1 scar to remove several... Plus, now I am getting older, gravity is not helping them either. They need to be tightened.


I love my new breasts, but have some scar tissue where my areola incisions are and it causes them to bunch up when I flex or put pressure on my arms. The doctor said to massage them daily to break up the scar tissue. I can feel that it is getting smaller, but still have work. I will have to get pics of my hips later for the lipo. I have a dent on my left side and it is very visibly noticeable. The doctor said give it time and if I am still not happy after 6 months, he will touch it up. I had a Vi peel almost 2 weeks ago and will have to give a review on that. My skin looks glowey,but it kinda broke me out. Overall, I likes it. Anyway, lots going on with life and haven't had much time to update. My mother in law is still really sick with cancer, so we bought a 5th wheel, closed up our house and moved temporarily to California to help my father in law. We will be here until she is either well or the alternative. It was so emotional to lay eyes on her for the first time in a year. Tears were flowing hard. Cancer sucks! She is a brave lady! I am homeschooling 5 out of my 6 kids. Our oldest daughter had a baby boy in May and stayed in Washington with her new little family. I miss them! Anyway, here is a pic of my breasts as of tonight.

Issues recently

So, I have noticed in the last week that my breasts keep getting lower. .... I have no upper cleavage unless I have a pushup bra on. Even then, my skin is loose on my upper breasts and my stretch marks from breastfeeding are wrinkled and loose again. My boobs are sitting low on my upper ribs where the doctor created the new skin pocket. Also, when I reach downward and extend my right arm, my breasts aches!!! I can put my hand on my breasts and my implants really sit in the whole bottom part of my breasts now, and I have NO upper volume. I still have the flex problem where my breasts curl up into ugly knots when I reach out or basically use my pecks at all. I did some research and I believe it is called a Flexation Deformity. When I lift my implant up higher and flex, it seems to not do it....like my implants need to be higher. This is so embarrassing and seriously ugly that it makes me self conscience to be naked in front of my husband. What else..... oh, also, I can seriously see where my peck muscles stops covering my implant and where it is just implant and skin. I am not sure if this is just rapid settling or what..... I showed my sister in law these issues and she said it was very noticeable. I just want them back to when I first had them done. When they were swollen and higher up, they were perfect.
Lipo, I am not happy with it. I have a very noticeable indent on my left hip, to the point where when I look at my backside, that hip has a lip that sticks out underneath the indent. I also wish that there was more fat sucked out of the muffin top on the back part, not just the side part. I feel really down and depressed about this and feel bad even posting about it. I believe my doctor will make this right and it still has not been 6 months like her prefers for "true results." With being in California helping with my mother in law who is battling cancer, I have no idea when we will be back home, so it makes it hard to address these issues from a distance. Anyway, I am going to post some pics with this. Just feeling really down about all this and wondering why my boobs decided to take a shift downward?


Oh I hate it when your original post disappears into thin air and and you have to rewrite it! So, I am seriously feeling depressed with my boobs. They are so low and have no upper volume. There is a gap between my bra and breasts because I have lost my upper volume or cleavage...... my oldest daughter flew down here to California from Washington to spend Christmas and said my boobs look like "old lady, saggy boobs." Ouch! The flexation problem is the worst part for me, it is so embarrassing when I move my arms, they just ball up. My skin and stretch marks are lose and wrinkled. It almost like the implants are too small for my skin... I have a pic of my natural breasts after I had my 6th baby and they were huge!!! Also, my left hip is noticeably bigger than my right, with a indent in the middle. It looks like a haunch with a crater. I went to the gym the other day and my boobs looked like ski slopes in the mirror. :( I know a lot of you gals said to talk to the doctor and I will. I trust he will make it right. I just have to get back to Washington so he can see the results in person. I am not sure when we will be going back home though.... Thanks for all the support and reviews! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you!

Pics for Depressed Post

pic after I had 6th baby

This shows how big my breasts got. I think my implants are too small for the skin I have or something. .......

pic from 6th baby

Sorry, I couldn't edit my original pic, so I edited it on my phone and re-upload it. Sometimes realself has made it harder with the changes!


So, I have been massaging by breasts daily and I think I can the scar tissue reducing, but when I flex, they still are super ugly! When I focus on not using my pecks, my boobs can look pretty. DECEIVING, they are! Anyway, emailed my doctor and his patient coordinator called me back and said he looked at my pics and believes this should resolve itself by a year mark of surgery..... Also, she said as for the sagging is to my skin and that a larger implant wouldn't make a difference, it is my skin. She said that Dr. Karp could bring the implant back up by sewing the capsule around my implant to my chest. The body has to create the capsule in order to do this, which takes time The lipo he said he could revise also. He wouldn't charge any fees as long as the operating room did not have to be used. His fees would still be free, but if we did have to use the operating room, I would have to pay for the facility fees, anesthesia, nurses...... this would be between $1,600 and $2,000. I knew that my husband will flat out say, "No!" I treaded very lightly when I approached the subject with him and he just laughed and walked off. Basically, a NO! Besides, if I have that much money to spare, I want to put it towards my stomach and get my Tummy tuck. I will go and see Dr. Karp when I go back home to Washington, who knows when.... and he can assess me from there. I am hoping he can fix my lipo outside of the operating for sure. I really wish he would have been more aggressive. Who knows, I am not the professional, just the critic. Lol! I love Ann, his Patient Coordinator, she is super sweet and very easy to talk to. Overall, I am better than I was when I sought this surgery out, so that is a plus. Wish my peck muscles healed back to normal, but that figures I would be that person that this type of thing happens to. I am a magnet for the odd circumstances. I am really happy with my doctors office overall. My husband says he is happy with my boobs, even though I feel self conscience. So, I have been working out like crazy. My whole body hurts! I have been doing Spin 2 to 3 × a week, kickboxing 2 × a week, Zumba 2 × a week (no jazzercise here, boo!) running 30 to 45 minutes 5 to 6 × a week (would run longer, but I have 5 kids either scootering with me or playing at the park as I run around it with my youngest in a jogger and they have to stop me very 15 minutes for something, so I do what I can) also, I have been doing abs after each workout and I am feeling it! My goal is to be in the best shape I can possibly get into before I get my stomach done. Funny thing, my son always says how soft my tummy feels when he lays his head on it and my daughters say how ugly it is. Girls vs boys, lol! I think I can see my Juvederm wearing off. I really liked it! I would definitely do it again on my smile lines. I am also considering maybe botox for the space between my eyebrows. I would say I have a I have a mild case of lines there. I would love to start lifting weights, just not very comfortable with the equipment at this point. That is just a random thought I just had. Lol! Anyway, I will upload a pic of my "deceiving" boobs. Oh yeah, my bras are ranging from 36C to small D. I can't remember the exact size of the D bra I tried on. I went with the C to give me some cleavage since my boobs have dropped so low.


I was just sitting or standing and thinking my boobs would probably look a whole lot bigger once I get my stomach done. My stomach muscles desperately need to be sewed back together. Plus, the kanga pouch needs to be cut off! I am so sick of sucking it in and trying to hide my flap when I sit down. I cannot wait to be able to afford getting my stomach done. My husband said, All in do time my love." I am so selfish, I just want it all at once! Like if it were a bag of chips, I eat the whole bag at once, save nothing for later!!!!! Lol! Here are a few pics with clothes on. My bra has a bit of padding to push them up. Overall, I like them in clothes. Maybe it's the camo. Kidding!

A few more pics

Just going through pics and it is amazing how clothes can make your body look so different!

My Crew

Thought I would ad our Christmas Family Pic.

I hate Cancer!

A little over a year ago I found out my mother in law had cancer. She died this morning. She never smoked, drank, did drugs and cancer attacked her lungs, then her bones. It took the most amazing woman and influence in my life. I was raised by my father and never had a mother. She took me under her wing and called me daughter. She taught me how to cook, how to sew, how to love the Lord and turned me into the woman am today. She went to church every Wednesday and Sunday and praised the Lord daily and spread the good word. She was the walk the walk and talk the talk lady. She never faltered in who she was and was an exceptional example of how to be a wife, mother, friend, grandmother, human and Worshiper of Christ. I will strive to walk in those foot steps. I will honor her name and memory. It was the best 19 years a girl could ask for and such a blessing to call you mom. I love you! She was asleep and surrounded by love this morning. My poor father in law lost his wife of 44 years, his high school sweetheart and best friend. This last week has been an emotional roller coaster, but there are no regrets. We all got say what we needed to say and so did she. Being away from our home and living down here the last few months has been wonderful! Our last holidays were spent with all her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren surrounding her in love. Hug those people you love a little tighter today! Life is too short not to.

Thank you

Thank you to all the wonderful people on here for sending your kind words during this sad time. I love how this site builds people up, instead of tearing them down. Thank you all again! {Hugs}

Last Update for Boobs and Lipo

It has been officially a year with my boobs! I really don't like them. They are ugly when I move my arms, lay down or basically do anything involving my arms. They are saggy and still have lose skin. I hate how my underwrite for my bra now digs into the top of my ribs now. I believe this is happening because of the new pocket that was created for the implant. It moved everything so far down that, my boobs sag. Oh well! My left implant is also not in the whole pocket and slides to my armpit when I lay down. I was going to have it fixed and have something done to help the ugly puckering of my boobs when I use my arms, but the doctor wanted another $2,000 and something for it. I couldn't afford it and want to save money for my tummy tuck. I think overall they look ok in clothes if they are covered, but have to be mindful tank tops because my skin wrinkles up when I move my arms. Very disappointed. I ended up being a 36C, wanted a bit bigger and wished they could have stayed the way they were when I first had them done. They were perfect then!
Lipo, it was uneven and I had a dent, the doctor wanted to fix this in the O.R. when he fixed my boobs, but I said no and opted to have in done in the office. It looks ok. I really wished he would have rolled me over and got more of my muffin top, instead of tilting me. Not what I had hoped for. There still is a difference from left to right in size of hips, but the indent is gone now.
I was really happy at first and loved my reaults, but as time passed and healing and settling took place the results were not what I expexted.
I feel embarrassed to be on top of my husband during Sex because of my deformed boobs when I flex and move. He says it is ok, but it is because he loves me. I have really battled writing this review because I don't want to sound like a whiny bitch and hurt anyone's feelings. I have decided to stick the the facts. The fact is, I look mediocre and I guess that will have to do if I like it or not.
Spokane Plastic Surgeon

He has a great sense of humor and really treats you like a friend. Love his staff! The gals that he works with are so awesome! The gals treat you good and give excellent service! Overall, I am NOT happy with my breasts, they look so ugly when I flex, like wrinkled prunes. Dr. Karp wanted another trip to the Operating Room for over $2,000 which I can't afford to do at this point. I would say my results are a 5 out of 10. The only "free revisions have to take place in the office and I really don't think he likes to do that. He talks with you and does spend quality time with you, but I felt at one point he was trying to convince me my results were fine, when clearly they are not and I am not happy. He compares you to other patients horror stories and how he has seen worse and revised many of these patients problems after other surgeons made mistakes...... I felt uncomfortable for trying to push it, because I really do like him and hate feeling like a complainer. He kept saying I looked great with clothes on..... finally, a staff member said, "You don't pay all that money and get your boobs done to have them only look good in clothes. You want them to look good naked." THANK YOU! He recommended a few things to help the scar tissue on nipple and that was a injection of some sort of keloid reducer, and then said I could do Botox to stop my boobs from flexing. I really don't want Botox in my boobs and I can't afford maintaining that to keep them still. Anyway, maybe I am the 1 out 100 that has had the mediocre results and that sucks for both of us. This was was my experience and overlll, he is a really nice doctor and I would still recommend him based on all the other positives.

3 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
4 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
3 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
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