34 Yrs Old, Mommy of 2, C-section&breastfed. TT MR Lipo Fat Transfer to Breasts - Dominican Republic

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Good morning dolls! I am definitely interested in...

Good morning dolls! I am definitely interested in Dr. FG he has amazing results and reviews. I would love to have a surgery buddy. I have not scheduled yet but Early August 2016 is my target date. The 15% discount is also a great incentive. I have lost over 60 lbs and I am ready! Thanks for reading!

Got my Quote and I am so happy!

So.....after waiting and checking my email about 515millon times a day I received my email when I wasn't even looking for it! Ironic. Right? Well DR.FG was very detailed just as everyone said and my quote is very reasonable. He made sure to address all the issues I had mentioned and a few I hadn't lol. Well all in all I can't to start my journey!! I go see my local Dr. this Monday so keep your fingers crossed for me dolls! Have a great weekend ladies!

Wish Pics

As my SX Date goes "quick,quick,slow" I day dream about the body I wish for....

I know I have to have realistic expectations, but a doll can dream can't she?!

You can see my original review on my profile. I'm...

You can see my original review on my profile. I'm going to Dr.FG and staying with Arelis Urena for recovery. So far the evaluation I received was very detailed and the Dr. And his staff seem very professional. It's easiest to contact them by whatsapp, it does take sometime to get your evaluation but after you have made your deposit and they know you're serious they answer all my questions immediately. The Dr has great respect from alot of women on social media. I appreciate that he doesn't feel the need to boast his work online like alot of other doctors too. I am throughly impressed with his educational background and I feel secure because he is a truly "board certified" plastic surgeon.

Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Waiting for a quote.

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