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I have been in contact with Dra. Almonte since...

I have been in contact with Dra. Almonte since April of this year. I was looking into other reputable dr. As well eg yili, Cardenas, Baez etc. I found dra. Almonte to be the best fit for me. She quoted me one price and after I sent her the pictures she requested she lowered the price!!!! AMAZING which brought the total to 5150 including everything even ten days at a rh and one day at cipla plus all meds a faja And pre surgery tests. She also told me my blood levels must be a 13 or higher to get the procedure. My daughter is graduating hs and my middle son from middle school so as soon as I get them out of the way I'm paying my 350 deposit. I'm currently a smoker and I know I will hav to quit for sx I'm definitely willing to do so to get the body I desire. I'm so excited and trying to talk everyone I kno into getting sx. There's always room for improvement lol. I'm currently 180lbs 5'6" with 10 months to lose 10 lbs for my sx. I can't wait for the new me.

Even more excited

Today I received an email from Lesley. I emailed her yesterday to ask about the RH and if we can choose our own out of the list of options... To my delight and surprise she told me yes! I decided to go with real recovery house Armonia. So until I get to dr I will be practicing el espanol de mio. Hope that's right lol but anyhoo yo tengo diez mesas para la escuela de espanol.. My boricua mamis help a sister out con el espanol lol. I have planned my surgery for March 4 2015 I'm leaving from nyc so if anyone want to buddy up let me know we ladies are in this journey together and should support and encourage one another. Looking forward to the new me

Am I Too excited....

Today I spoke with my pcp and told her of my plans for sx she prescribed me folic acid, prenatal vitamins ,vitamin C, iron and B12 she says that it's good that I came to speak with her to start my healthy road to sx. First and foremost she wants me to QUIT SMOKING!!!! I'm trying I'm trying... Lol I used to smoke a pack a day. Now I'm down to half a pack. Next month I hope to be down to 5 a day then 1 a day, hopefully I won't want cigarettes by the time I'm down to 5 a day. I'm just trying to be realistic because this is gonna be HARD FOR ME. But anyhoo I'm starting my meds tomorrow so that my March my CBC will be above 13 fingers crossed for higher lol but I'll be happy with 13. Am I starting my vitamins too early? Also all my meds were $5. The cost of my copay. So ask your physician if he/she could prescribe them for you. It's a lot better than paying for it at cvs or Walgreens..


No hips a lot of stomach but I know how to pose lml

Where are all the Almonte dolls???!!!

So with just a couple if months to go I'm constantly on realself and FB looking for dra. Almonte groups or forums but I'm coming up short.... This woman is amazing show her work off!!!! Lol ... Anyhoo I'm just asking questions taking these vitamins and stalking realself. I commend the beautiful women who has made it to the "flat side" we all aim to be where you ladies are. We are all beautiful creatures of God and now we just have the outside to match the beauty that was in us all along! And to the women who are planning sx, considering sx, or just looking.... I'll DEFINATELY see you on the "flat side" ...... BITCHEZZZZZZ????????????

Do you not LOVE LESLEY MARIA???..

Quick update: dra. Almonte has a group on FB that's really helpful and informational hmu if u want in. Secondly I just finished texting her assistant Lesley Maria on whtsapp and let me tell you this is THE BEST way to contact her. She has prompt response time and answers your questions very quickly!!!! Also this woman must have a photographic memory because I already sent her pics way back in like pair or March this year and when I resent the pics she says " I sent you a quote already right?" I'm like huh? U remember my fat self? Considering the tons of pics she gets a week. These women rock and make an awesome team!!! #teamalmonte #teamlesleymaria

Oops I forgot this pic

Cutting back these cigs...

Hi dolls and future dolls.. Just a quick update. I'm stil taking my vitamins. I'm down to 5 cigarettes a day!!! HOORAAAYYY and so far 2 of my girlfriends are planning sx. One with almonte and the other with Robles. Look out 2015 the year of the dolls soon begin...

What about your friends

Hello ladies just a little update. Do I'm still scheduled for March 4th with dra. Almonte. And since I've done my research for over two years I convinced 3 of my girlfriends to go as well. One of my friends are getting tt and lipo my other girlfriend is getting bbl and lipo both with almonte. And my last friend is getting ba and bl. Look out 2015 MARCH OF THE DOLLS IS COMING!!! #winning


Originally I was getting sx on March 4th now I'm moving it up to February 23rd. Only because my monthly will be here durum the first week of March so that's a NO GO. Anyhoo I have a group on FB for ppl who want answers to your sx questions. This group is open to all male and female transgender LGBTQ , gay straight or confused everyone is welcome to share their experience and journey. Just request me on FB and il add u to the group: muñeca de Almonte fabulosa.
I also quit smoking!!! HAZAAAH it's been 7 days since my last cigarette. God is good. Now I'm just preparing for my sx. O... Btw since I stopped smoking marijuana AND cigarettes I've lost 6 lbs... No munchies so I'm not constantly snacking!!! AWESOME so I weigh 178 now and that's great ! See u on the flat side

Yet another change

While on this journey you will encounter obstacles in all forms, ignore the naysayers and go with your gut and your heart. Whether that dr is Almonte, Robles, Cabral, whoever's. Your choice make sure you are comfortable with the decision u make. Don't choose a dr based on another person's outcome do your own research.
So a change for me is April 8Th is the time i can take from work. I have one month paid vacay to get my sx. I love my job. Anyhoo my girlfriend's are playing games and changing their mind, no one has time for that so im flying solo on this trip. If uwould like to buddy up. Let me kno.


I forgot this pic...

70 days and counting

Well.... It's almost that time. 70 days and counting I have my bag packed and I'm just waiting for my passport and approved vacation from work, after that all I have to do is her my plane ticket. Which i plan to get next month once I get approval from work. I super ready for this to happen! All I do is eat sleep breathe and think sx 24/7 I'm obsessed!!! I still haven't found a sx buddy oh well! I'm out this BISH #facts so imma keep taking my folic acid , prenatal ,iron , multivitamin and b vitamin complex . I intend to add vitamedica in March to the regime to increase my healing and blood flow. Other than that I'm super excited for my turn at becoming an Almonte doll!


It's getting close to the date... I'm super excited!!! I have a sx buddy and we're staying at tropical RH. April is coming up faster than I'd ever antiscipated . My children are all on board my dad and auntie are worried but that's wat families do. I'm nervous excited scared happy all in one . I can't believe this is really gonna happen! Pray for me as my date draws near. Today I finally purchased my flight from JFK to sdq, now all I need is my passport. Which I have to get expedited because I waited too late. Another 60 buck gone ... Oh well that's life. See u on the flat side ;-*

Y'all draggin it.....

If anyone wants in on this FB group send me a friend request and an inbox message saying who u are... Random ppl sending me a friend request on FB is not gonna help idk who u are and why u r requesting me... So your request will stay that. A request. Thanks MUÑECA DE ALMONTE FABULOSA

Pics I forgot to post

And the results are IN.....

With a little over 30 days left I decided to get my physical (I wanted to get my hemo a chance to go up before testing) anyhoo I get blood drawn and get an EKG ... EKG abnormal(damn) now I have to see a cardiologist and get clearance from her before I get sx. My appointment is for Tuesday so I'll see what happens then. And my hemo is..... 13.6!!!!!! I'm stil taking the same vitamins I'm just increasing my iron and folic acid. I cutting the prenatal vitamins out and starting to take iron to 3x's a day. I'm shooting for 15 hemo, because it's my understanding that your hemo drops after the flight to dr and CECIP has a new rule of 13.5 hemo before u can get sx . Be prepared ladies this is not a game take your vitamins and prepare your body for this. Almonte will not do multiple procedures with a 12 or 12.5 hemo levels. Just a fair warning...
Once the cardiologist clears me I'm in there with swimwear ;-) SEE YOU ON THE FLAT SIDE...

The results are In....

30 days left . Shooting for 15 hemo .. 30 days to get it up 1.4 points... I got this.. ;-) see you on the FLATSIDE

Hemo on FLEEK!!!

I couldn't post pic the other day so here it is 13.6 stil shooting for 15 tho!!!

Cardiologist check!

My cardiologist has cleared me for sx, at first he was trying to tell me sum bs about running more tests because cosmetic sx puts a strain on the heart the same as having children. I shut that down real quick an told him , I have 4 children all natural childbirth no meds no epidural no c section. After I told him that he approvd me ASAP, and said oh well then you can have sx, you're very healthy and with that I'm out. I've started my vitamedica I got locked out of my masterlock safe(o well) and my sx is next Wednesday April 8th!!! Can u say excited .... YAY!!! So I'm off this il see you ladies on the flat side .


Less than 38 hrs...

With less than 38 hrs left until my flight I'm super excited, nervous and scared. My fiancée is fasting for me, and I put my name on every prayer list at everyone's church, and have everyone I kno and trust pray for me... Believe me prayer works. The next post I make will be on the flat side. See you ladies later in the week... Santo Domingo here I come!!!


If you want top notch service and awesome food, a clean house and nice honest ppl, then I highly recommend tropical recovery house, owner de Olis, she's a sweetheart. She knows very little English but I know enough espanol to communicate. I got in at 2:00am on the 7th and Neper was there as promised, he speaks very good English. He took me straight to Tropical. I was they only one at the house but more dolls showed up during the afternoon after I had returned from CECIP from testing. Anyhoo I'm in CECIP waiting for the morning to do my sx with dra. Almonte!!!! Finally it's here. I'm nervous excited scared happy, like literally every emotion is running through my brain right now. I said a prayer put some blessed oil on my forehead and leave the rest to God and la Dra. Say a prayer for me dolls see u on the flat side... O and my period just came today it was due on Friday and my hemo is a 14!!! I get to get all my procedures. God is good all the time...

The shit they don't tell you about recovery

So... Here I am 8 days po. I'm MISERABLE!!!! Everyday I say I woulda rather stayed fat than feel like this!!! Facts! I came to the conclusion that I've inadvertently received a smaller stomache due to the procedure (that blows) I'm throwing up constantly and trying to find the proper balance between food drink and vomit . I'm back home I had to come back to the US. I stayed in DR for 7 days. I flew back to ny 5 days after sx. So I'm in brooklyn healing and getting stronger and healthier everyday. This is a process . And it totally blows. I'm absolutely happy with my results and curves, but this healing thing is NOOOOOOOO JOKE.

After sx pics

Super swollen but I'm loving the results so far. Small stage 2 faja!!!

Just some pics

These didn't load

Back view


I didn't follow any post op instructions *mychoice

Well I had a super horrific time with nausea for about 2-3 weeks post op. Absolutely horrible!!! So that is why I initially didn't take any prescribed meds. I couldn't keep anything down. No even water! So I bought some gas-x and Pepcid ac. And I was Gucci . Too bad it took me 2 weeks to find that out. Smh. Zantac didn't help and neither did Prilosec .. $100 bucks down the drain .
I went back to work 3 wks po and went on vacay 1 month po. My tt and bb scars are amazing. I want another bbl but my fiancé thinks it's big enough. My waist in the small faja( I barely wear) is 30 inches. Without the faja it's 33/34, my hips are a solid 46 inches. I had lipo to my entire back under arms and arms . I absolutely see a difference in my back and arms .
I took my drain out early so I have a seroma which I haven't drained and I'm on the fence about it. It's not painful just uncomfortable and I feel about 4 months pregnant at times. Overall I'm satisfied with my results , but I will be getting round 2 , these thighs hafta go!!

Almonte did that!!!

Updated pics

6 months post op

this is after 6 months....


6 MNTHS Dr. fatima almonte

Antes y Despues

Before and after


After 9 months this is what almonte gave me.... Now to get it a little bit cakier...YAAAASSSSS ALMONTE YOU DID THAT!! No lipo on my thighs in rd 1 so thats what I want I need to get done in round 2, just a lil more lipo and bbl. #imdone

Some photos

Just stopping by

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