33 Year Old F, 2 Kids, Severe Diastasis with Minimal Lose Skin

Hi guys and gals! I'm no stranger to plastic...

Hi guys and gals! I'm no stranger to plastic surgery as I have had surgery in the past. I had breast augmentation in 2007 and had saline implants prior to having my two children. I now have a 5 year old and a 6 month old and I'll be completely honest! I absolutely adore my kids but I loath what pregnancy has done to my body. I have severe recti diastasis that is at least 10 cm vertically and 3-4cm horizontally. I have no stretch marks and minimal skin to stretch. I just have a bulge and a belly button that produces (looks like I have 3 nipples Lol) Im looking into medical tourism to get the most bang for my buck.

I'm hoping to go to the Dominican republic and possibly Cuba. I have been in correspondence with a few drs in DR and a Cuban medical representative in Canada.

Looking forward to sharing my journey with you all! Including my new tummy and breast augmentation

Dr Mallol in the DR

I just sent a deposit to dr. Mallol in DR.

There is a 15% tax with the rate when you deposit through surgicoordinator. Good thing about the deposit process is that its done through PayPal. So no bank walk ins... You have the transaction recorded on your PayPal account and on your banking online account.

I'm deciding on whether on not I want to replace my saline implants. My son is refusing wean (yes I am breast feeding) and I will have to stop if I plan on lifting or plumping anything up. But I have no intention of doing so if he's not ready.


I need to take a pic with me flexing so you guys can see the bulge at the center of my abdomin. See minimal skin! I could live with that... But my tummy has grown from a 25 inch to a 31 inch from diastasis.
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