33 Year Old F, 2 Kids, Severe Diastasis with Minimal Lose Skin

Hi guys and gals! I'm no stranger to plastic...

Hi guys and gals! I'm no stranger to plastic surgery as I have had surgery in the past. I had breast augmentation in 2007 and had saline implants prior to having my two children. I now have a 5 year old and a 6 month old and I'll be completely honest! I absolutely adore my kids but I loath what pregnancy has done to my body. I have severe recti diastasis that is at least 10 cm vertically and 3-4cm horizontally. I have no stretch marks and minimal skin to stretch. I just have a bulge and a belly button that produces (looks like I have 3 nipples Lol) Im looking into medical tourism to get the most bang for my buck.

I'm hoping to go to the Dominican republic and possibly Cuba. I have been in correspondence with a few drs in DR and a Cuban medical representative in Canada.

Looking forward to sharing my journey with you all! Including my new tummy and breast augmentation

Dr Mallol in the DR

I just sent a deposit to dr. Mallol in DR.

There is a 15% tax with the rate when you deposit through surgicoordinator. Good thing about the deposit process is that its done through PayPal. So no bank walk ins... You have the transaction recorded on your PayPal account and on your banking online account.

I'm deciding on whether on not I want to replace my saline implants. My son is refusing wean (yes I am breast feeding) and I will have to stop if I plan on lifting or plumping anything up. But I have no intention of doing so if he's not ready.


I need to take a pic with me flexing so you guys can see the bulge at the center of my abdomin. See minimal skin! I could live with that... But my tummy has grown from a 25 inch to a 31 inch from diastasis.


I land may 2nd and im scheduled for may 3rd.

I've been purchasing things for my trip! I have to pack lightly due to my scheduled tt. I've had a c section in the past so I have some experience with sore abdominals.
I'm only bringing a carry on and I'm more than likely going to opt for while chair service on the way home.

I'm loathing the connecting flight back to canada. But I'm prepped! I have my pain meds locked and ready to go. I'm gonna purchase some gravol as well.

Looking into purchasing some compression garments but I'm not sure of what faja or 3 panel abdomenal binders are suitable.

Diastasis Recti

The reason for my surgery

Internal organs pushing the stretched muscle. Can't wait for the return of my glorious abs! As u can see, I'm pretty lean and I exercise. But no matter what I do, after eating I get an instant pooch. Look damn near 4 months pregnant. My 6 year old tells me I look pregnant all the time. Kids are devilishy brutally honest.

Gotta love em!

Recti Diastasis

I was browsing on various procedures on google when I stumbled upon Real Self.  I'm no newbie to plastic surgery.  I had Breast Augmentation in 2007 and these puppies have been through hell and back with breast feeding and the stretch and pull of 2 pregnancies.   Now I have a case of Diastasis which is a fancy word for separated muscles post child birth that can be attributed to the ever growing girth of my ballooning abdomen.  Thank you polyhydroamnios!  Love the offspring, but damn you tummy!  I've got a case of a serious outtie and a pooch that is somewhat flat before I eat, but transforms into a four month gestation belly after I consume...mini particles of food.   Cute aint it?   Imagine working out rigorously and reaching your goal weight, nope image being super toned and at optimum fitness level, lean like some grain feed poultry and *gasp* right between what you believe are abs is a ridiculous space that tents when you move from a laying position or when you flex.    Gosh I'm so over you recti diastasis.  <br /><br />So I've decided to seek talents across the atlantic.  Found a former island by the name of Hispanola and made contact with the staff of Emmanuel Mallol Cotes.  Who I've managed to stalk his patients on here endlessly and even referred a girlfriend's girlfriend to test out his work, and I must say that I am utterly pleased.<br /><br />Only issue I have, is the communication.  Like these people who answer his whatsapp and emails are thee absolute worst.  But I've heard great reviews otherwise.   Looking forward to sharing my journey with you which is in less than 50 days.

Sea Lily Recovery House

So I got my confirmation for my RH. I chose Sea Lily. I like the reviews and the pictures. There are not a lot, but the pictures sold me. I hear the food is super good! Anyone who knows me knows that I love a good meal. So +++

One of my bffs is coming down with me. We're both getting a well deserved mommy makeover on the same day (high 5).

I'm getting liposculpture as well as some new breast implants. I found my implant card from 2007. I currently have 325cc saline filled implants. I'm a large c small d. But I have saggin skin *breast feeding yippie* and I'm looking to have a breast lift. Can we say "backless for the summer"??? That's body goals! No bra... nipples out loll hoping I can trade my 325 for 350 or 400cc gummies. Not too big! I can't deal with larger breast as i train regularly and i dont like restrictions. They are heavy and ache the back and look bad after years of wear and tear.

I'm just bringing a carry on for my trip. I always travel like that. The way home i may check my bag if it's too difficult.

I also called my airline and requested wheelchair service. I have also chosen my seats for my return home. I am a window seat kinda girl. But on my way home I'm choosing the isle and I'll be in the priority seating of the cabin so I can be brought on first and get access to the bathrooms.

What else? Oh yes I bought an additional faja a few sports bras. I have a bunch of medical sterile supplies like gloves, hand sanitizers, sterile gauze, saline and some of the many things on the list sent to my email.

Wish pics

Just posting some wish pis for my breast revision and tt.

Visualization is key!
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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