33 Old Mother of 2, Getting Tummy Tuck and Liposuction - Dominican Republic

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Hello, everyone. I am new on here and I wanted to...

Hello, everyone. I am new on here and I wanted to tell you guys my experience with the Drs on here. First off, I emailed ALOT OF THEM. Dr Camilo and Dr Disla replied back to me. I was quoted 5000 for all over lipo and tummy tuck with Dr Camilo and 4300 with Dr Disla. I decided to go with Dr Disla since she was cheaper. So far, she has been emailing me back and forth. I sent my 500 deposit and got a confirmation and the date of 16th April 2014 locked in. She just told me to take Vit C, Folic Acid, and Iron pills. She didn't mention any pre blood work that I must have here. She did mention my hemoglobin must be 12 or better. I haven't received any paperwork ( Dr Camilo sent me 3 pages) but I know every Dr is different. But I am happy with my choice, I have read a lot of great things about her and I can't wait to meet her. Does anyone know if she speaks English. I have tried to talk to her on whatsapp but I am not sure she is receiving them. She is responding only through her email. I also have booked Daisy RH. Anyone stayed there ? Daisy is nice also. Any other comments or suggestions regarding Dr Cynthia Disla, please let me know. Especially people who have had her as their doctor. Thanks.

starting to wonder if I made the right decision.

Ok, so I have picked DR Disla ( which I totally feel is the right physician) But reading all the comments and other doctors reviews about traveling 8 days post op from tummy tuck and all over lipo is too soon, is making me a lil nervous. I understand the risks of getting DVT/PE. I am just having a lot of things racing thru my mind now...should I go to DR, ( even tho I already sent my deposit and booked my flight), How can I prevent the DVT, What if I have complications once I get back to the states. I live in Nashville, tn area. ( does anyone know of any surgeon I can have as a backup in case I have problems, like seroma, infection, etc). Has anyone had any problems with flying or seromas? I am overweight but I have no health issues, not on any meds. Maybe I am just freaking myself out, dunno..ugh!!

2am and I'm on Real Self!!

So i am soo obsessed with this site!! Lol!! Decided to update to say that I changed my flight to leave 12 days after surgery. I have been emailing Dr Disla and she seems soo sweet. I have been freaking out reading other people reviews and about the deaths that happened in Febuary.. But she answered all my questions and assured me that she will do everything possible to get me back home to my love ones. I still have fears but I'm trying to trust and believe that everything will be fine. Also my surgery is April 16th and I am staying at Daisy recovery house.. Has any one been there? Also is the water there safe to drink? Where can u get bottled water? And should I get these Arnica pills or gel everyone is talking about? Thanks in advance..ima try to get some sleep now.. Lol

Daisy recovery house

Is there anyone who has been there or no where I can find reviews? I need a place that has awesome internet speed cuz I'm going to be studying online whole I'm there.. Thx

Changed my recovery house

So I read this horrible review about Daisy's recovery house , so I changed mine to Maria De Los Angeles.. Saw nothing but good reviews on her...plus she is like 2 mins from CIPLA! Getting my blood work Tuesday my TOM just went off so I shld be good by then.

Here is some of the bad Daisy Review

Part 2 of the bad review

Time is going by soo quickly

Hey everyone, just wanted to write a little about how fast the weeks are going. I bought me the make me heal pre and post op vitamins , arnica tabs and arnica gel from amazon last night totaled around 80$. Have 2 boxes of gloves, bobby pillow for my back, compression stockings and wedge pillow for elevating my legs. It's the foam kind so hopefully it will fit in my suitcase.. lol. Still have a lot to buy. Got some cute dresses at good will and Ross. Thinking I'm only bringing 6 dresses and just change them out for the 12 days I'm there. Worried about getting lipo of my arms tho and if I will be able to move them.. I'm bringing my laptop cuz I'm planning on studying while I'm in bed ( have an online A and P course) I have to STUDY while I'm there... Unfortunately. Any questions or comments please post cuz I'm always on here and will reply ASAP! Oh, getting blood drawn Tues, hope my Hemo is good :)

Blood came back : (

So I recieved my lab results yesterday and my Hemoglobin was 13.2!! Yey, right? Nope, my WBC was 2.6 range: 4.4-11, Neutrophils: 36.6 range: 50-70, ABS Neutrophils: 1.0 range: 2.5-7.0 and Lymphocytes elevated at 49.8 range: 20-40!!!!!!! I have no idea why this would be like this?? I feel fine besides being a little tired but I am persuing my RN so I just figured it was the stress from school. I really hope I will be able to go on 16 April, however, I am not risking my health for it. If I have to push it back til June I will. It just sucks but God has a reason for everything. Going to my PCP today. I haven't told her about me going to DR, and I don't know if I am ( don't wanna hear her mouth about how it is not safe...yada, yada, yada)

My CBC is back normal

So after worrying like crazy my WBC went back up in 2 days !! My hemo is 13.5! And I'm still taking all my vitamins might back down on b12 since it was high but I'm good to go! Now just gotta pack and get stuff together. My allergies are bothering me. Has anyone took any allergy pills before surg??

Thanking God

Just wanted to thank god nothing was seriously wrong with me .. Amen and Hallelu!!

Pre op pics

Getting Ready

Hello people, well it's almost time. Got my bags packed and I am ready to get it over with! I hope I don't get any mess at the airport about all my meds ( putting in my checked bag) my TOM came on yesterday so hopefully I will be finished by the 16th. Decided not to lipo my arms so at least I will have one part of me not hurting.. Lol.. Will post more when I get there.. Thx!

1day post op

First of all I want to say is that I love Dr Disla. She is soo cute and sassy. Feels like family. The worst part of the surgery is the epidural ( omg). I cried! But last night I Had discomfort than pain. When I finally got up nausea hit me like a ton of bricks. And my stomach feels soo heavy like my insides are falling out. Changing the faja is a mother too, cuz ur so sore. But overall I will say it's doable! Not seeing her til Monday and getting my 1st message then. Hopefully I will feel better walking cuz I don't like it now..

2 days post op

6 days post op

Hello everyone! I am 6 days.. Still sore and back is very uncomfortable but it is not painful! Have not really took any pain meds. Fever keeps leaving then coming back. Today is gone. It's just a low grade fever so I don't feel bad. I went to dr Disla for first time after surgery yesterday and my incision looks good . Will be leaving Sunday and so nervous about going to the airport and walking! Especially in Miami !!

6 days post.

Here are some pics. I hate my faja. Lord it feels worse than the surgery !! ( sorry had to get that out) had mine taken in today and it's like day 1 all over again


Today I am 15 days po and came home last night. So far soo good. Seeing another plastic surgeon toma in TN to follow up care. Soo happy I found someone in case I have problems

3 wks post op

Today I am exactly 3 weeks post op and I am getting stronger each day. I am not completely up straight yet but my incisions are closing up nicely. Have had 3 small Seromas drained ( most being 20cc) but besides that have no other problems thank god. Have been home for a week now and have not heard anything from Dr Disla though. Thank god I have found another physician to see me at home. I swell sometimes when I do too much, but that's expected. Ladies, this is a such a roller coaster . TOM has visited me today and OMG these cramps!!

Best Masseuse in DR

She is soo sweet and the best. Her name is Uvie : (809) 941-2478. She will come to you. She doesn't speak English but u can use a translator app ( that's what I used) to talk to her. She is on whatsapp too! Call her! I love her!!

Me 3 wks later

Me with no faja! Just compression leggings and abdominal binder. My PS here in TN said that's all I need. But I still wear it sometimes
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Dr Cynthia Disla is very sweet and personable doctor . She is very hands on and make u feel like family. Her bedside manner is awesome, I am happy with my her 100%

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