32yr Old Mother of 2 Needs the Works

Ok since I received some much help from real self...

Ok since I received some much help from real self when I started my research for my journey I decided to pass on the love. In 8 weeks I will be headed to the DR to see Dra. Cynthia Disla. I plan on getting a MMO. I want lipo sculpturing, a bbl, tummy tuck w/ muscle repair, breast lift with implants.

OMG I can't believe Im about to do this.

Ok so I will be there in 2 weeks getting this work.. I paid for my deposit for the doctor, the rh, the flight, the overnight nurse.. i packed my bags.. probably over packed... me and my sx buddy are ready... I haven't told that many people that I'm doing this just a few friends and family members... I am 5 11 and 225lbs so my bmi is 31.4.. it needs to be under 35 so thats good.. my natural hemo level is 13.5 so i should be good there too but im taking supplements in hope to get it to over 14.

My journey has ended

I got all the way there and couldnt have sx because my A1C was 9.5.. My pcp here in the states never told me I was diabetic although i had been for at least 18 months based on old glucose tests i requested from labs i had taken... i have to wait 6 months and try again after getting the diabetes under control. I am so angry... we hear bad things about docs in other countries but if i hadnt gone to the DR how long might i have had this disease and not known. I told her and she cleared me for sx... i never looked at lab results because i always figured if you arent telling me the negatives in my results im good right??? Plus i been with her for nearly 7 years so i trusted her. Welp only positive thing is more time to lose weight. My bmi was 32.1 with 227lbs and 5 10.5 but i will lose 27lbs with all this low carb no sugar just protein and veggies and water diet im on for fuccin life.... ????????????????

Ok the journey continues

Its been a few weeks and my A1C is already down to a 7.0 from exercise, dieting and metformin... I have lost almost 15lbs in almost 9 weeks. I am so proud of myself. I have a 30.00 BMI now and I am looking at going back to the DR in the summer.... Yayy me
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

I haven't gone to her yet but so far she has been communicative through whatsapp.

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