32 Years Old, Two Kids Having TT, BA, Lipo and BBL - Dominican Republic

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Hello Realself girls! I’ve been stalking this...

Hello Realself girls! I’ve been stalking this site for 6 months now. It really has helped me prepare for my MMO. This site its wonderful, hundreds of personal stories at your fingertips. I’ve gained so much insight from it. Thank you for sharing your journey through plastic surgery. I hope that sharing mine will help others.
I am 32, mother of two. Had big babies, that left me with lots of stretch marks and loose skin around my abdomen. I will be having a MMO in exactly a week from today with the wonderful Dr. Luis Fernandez Goico in my beautiful country, Dominican Republic. I originally choose a different surgeon in the DR, whom I had a consultation when I was visiting last summer. My sis and aunt had sx with this Dr. but I wasn’t too thrilled about his work. I went on and had a couple of consultations but didn’t feel 100% comfortable with the Dr.s , until I found Dr. Fernandez Goico in this same site. I knew he would be the perfect surgeon for me after by reading the 80 excellent reviews and amazing before and after pictures. I contacted him, requested a virtual consultation which took a little time but glad I waited. I was impressed with his detailed evaluation, very professional and honest. He really takes his time evaluating the photos. His assistant Karel is so nice, helped me so much. I choose him because he is very professional, well prepared, and understanding of your wishes.
Last Fri. I asked my sisters to pass by his office pay for the down payment. I asked Dr. Fernandez if it was possible that they can meet him and ask him a few questions since one of my sisters has had sx before and knows more about the process. He promptly responded “of course” . They loved him! Everything the saw matched what I read in the comments. That the clinic is beautiful, Karel is a very nice person and that Dr. Fernandez is very easy to talk to, answered all their questions in a very professional manner. He went on explaining his technique for achieving such clean lines and told my sisters about his well experienced staff.
I am very excited and nervous at the same time. I am kind of sad of not seeing my babies in so long but my husband with be home. He is using his vacation time for me to do this. I will be in DR for 20 days and will be staying with my family. I thought about staying at a RH but don’t want to be bored. I am praying everything goes as planned.

3 days until surgery, so anxious :/

I'm so nervous... SX is in three days. I have everything packed. I've been working out and taking the hemo cocktail (iron,vit c,B12,folic acid) for 3 wks now. Also eating lots of protein rich foods. I'm praying everything goes well....

Pre-op consultation....

So I made it safely to the DR. Enjoying the warm weather and great food . Went to the clinic this morning, so beautiful, modern and very clean. His assistant Karel is so sweet and helpful. They make it so convinient for you by having the cardiologist and phlebotomist go to the clinic and see you. FG is great!!! I dont have words to describe him. makes you feel so confortable. Explains the whole procedure step by step. Answers all your questions in a very professional manner. He seems very passionate about what he does. After examining me he recommended me to get a mammography due to i have a granule in one of my breast. They where able to make arrangements for me and within hrs I was clear for surgery. Now am just waiting patiently praying everything goes as planed.

Day of surgery

I arrived to the clinic in the morning to sign all the surgery consents. At 10 am Dr. FG did all the markings so meticulously making sure it was perfect. He was so polite and gentle. Soon after the anesthesiologist went over what she was going to be doing, they offered me an sedative which I took. started an IV D5NS, injected the anesthesia next thing I remember was asking my sis how long was the surgery. Dr. FG came to check on me and told me everything went fine explained exactly how he performed the surgery. I honestly don't feel pain right now, I feel pressure and disconfort.

Post -op day 2..:/

Post-day 1 was hell. The pain was like a 4/10 constantly but more discomfort more than pain. You spend the first night at the clinic (plastic medic). The rooms are spacious and very clen. The food and nursing care is excellent. Dr. FG was checking on me regularly. You get the first massage next day after surgery then the Dr sees the incisions and the massage therapist puts you in the faja. I was so unconfortable, pain all over, tired, not hungry almost regretting the procedures. I miss my kids so much. Dr. FG gave me all the DC instructions even showed us how to empty the drains.

1 wk post op update ...

So it's been a week since the surgery and I have to admit it wasn't easy getting here. I got the front and back drains out today which I couldn't wait for. This past week was hard in so many different ways. Every day it was a different issue. Sleeping in an almost sitting position, the faja so freaking tight, back pain, so much swelling on belly and boobs. The first 3 days were the hardest. Any slight move hurt. I forgot to mentionthat FG orders you 7 days of pain meds, antibiotics and 3.5mg of heparin. I am staying with my family. My sister does everything for me which I am so thankful. I thank God everything is going ok. I am very happy with my results thanks to Dr. FG and his team. Tomorrow I go to his Office to get my 6th massage and get into the stage 2 post surgical faga. I can't wait until the swelling goes down and I get back home see my husband and .

2 wks post-op

I am so happy to reach 2 wks! I finally can stand up straight. I have no pain what so ever. The only thing I complain is the girdle, I know it has to be tight to achieve the best results but at the same time my thighs waist and back are being strangulated. I had to buy an extra girdle size L cinch the waist so I have more room around my thighs. That means I have 3 girdles, one stage 1 and 2 stage 2 I interchange the stage 2s as the smaller one gets unbearable. Also, you will notice that your legs stay swollen because of the girdle slows down Your circulation, have to elevate them often. I feel like my self now, haven't taken pain meds since day 8 except for when I go for the massage. Im eating healthy plus I'm taking a protein suplement 15gms of protein twice a day to help with healing.

3 weeks postop

Week 3 couldn't come sooner. Started walking 90% straight, doing everything for myself now. too often forgetting my current state, reaching for things, making my bed, sweeping, went to the mall even held my 20 lbs baby niece. A little blue from time to time, asking myself why did I put myself through all this just for vanity . It gets frustrating, the swelling, disconfort, breasts swollen/tender(right one more than the other), sleeping with my head up and the FAJA, so uncomfortable. Bought a 4th faja mariaE mid thighs XS, was I the Dr. Recommended. so tight , killing me, hard to even breath, impossible to sleep in it. Waste of money. Had to go back to using faja stage 1 so :(.

1st Month post-op ;)

I can't believe it's been a month already. I am very happy with my results , Dr. Fernandez is amazing . The two things I was more worried about besides the anesthesia was not being able to feel my breasts/ lower abdomen and that my bellybutton would be ugly. But thank God even swollen and all I always had sensation everywhere and I like my new bellybutton ;). Im grateful to God for accompanying me in this journey not encountering any complications . You go through so much, preparing yourself mentally and physically, finding a good surgeon, educating yourself, flying to another country and the first wks of recovery definitely not easy but worth it. Worth it because you have to make yourself happy if you have the opportunity . I also love my incision, it's healing very good, it's so thin, never had any drainage just right in the middle a little crust got soft and came off I let it open to air it's closed now. I sent Dr. FG some pics through wastsapp and he says my body is healing great. Not fully happy with any of my fajas but I wear them religiously 23.5/7 along with the lipofoam. I try to not do too much but the house has to get clean :/. Went out clubbing for valentine's day last wk and this wknd went to Atlantic city to celebrate my husbands Bday. Not sure if it was appropriate but felt bad because he supported me so much with the sx. What else, my breast are getting softer, the right one is still more swollen. I give myself a 15-20min massage to my breasts, abd and lower back every day after I shower, it has helped me with the swelling. I keep taking my protein and vitamins every day. Planning to go back to work in another month to make sure I give my body enough time to heal since my job ( RN on call) can get physical. I'll be updating every month.

2 Months Post -op

I feel great! No pain just my abs feel sore and tight. Swelling is very minimal now, don't know if it has to do with the fact I wear the compression garment all day. My boobs feel 80% normal, and have gone down a little bit. My waist keeps getting more difined. Belly button looks good, I pack it with cotton and cover with tape. Still using medipore tape on the incision to keep it from stretching as my Dr. Recommended. I'm still not working. I have so much to thank God. Take care girls. Stay positive, good luck.

2 months pics

3 months post-op

Hello again! I have to say, three months couldn't come sooner. I feel great! Super happy with my results. I got everything I wanted, thank you God. No pain, no muscle cramps in my abdomen, scars still thin (still using the tape). I resumed my workout routine of running, eliptical and stairs except for abs and arms. I stopped wearing the CG all day. I wear it at night and for work. I got a cheap one from Walmart which I use for the gym. Can't wait for the summer to wear all my sexy clothes, lol. I'll keep posting guys and take good care, God bless you.

3 monthso postop more pics

4th month PO

So happy to reach 4 monthso po. I am 100% satisfied with my results. I feel 95% normal now. I still swell at the end of the day in my lower abdomen but very little now. My belly button looks great, even though I developed a little keloid in the bottom aspect. I feel So happy to reach 4 monthso po. I am 100% satisfied with my results. I feel 95% normal now. I still swell at the end of the day in my lower abdomen but very little now. My belly button looks great, even though I developed a little kiloid in the bottom aspect. I feel some tightness when I stretch but no big deal. My breast have dropped to their normal position and the swelling stopped. The left breast is more sensitive hurting at times and still don't have full sensation in the areola. The right one feels 100% normal. I go to the gym when I can now because I started working full time. I follow my regular routine except for running because my breasts where hurting afterwards. I recently went clubbing with my friends and couldn't believe my results. Now they all want to have work done. I told them is a very personal decision that carries many risks. I feel so lucky for coming out without any complications, I thank God for that every day.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Very professional, answers all your questions, makes suggestions making it easy for you to decide what's best for you. His evaluation was very detailed and personalized. I love that he is easy to reach through email or by WhatsApp I am impressed with his before and after pictures, very natural. Cant wait to meet him next week and start looking like my improved old self.

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