27 Year Old Mother of 3! TT, BBL, Lipo.

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So here goes nothing! After stalking this site for...

So here goes nothing! After stalking this site for YEARS, i finally gotnthe courage to contact a surgeon. I'm at te point i can no longer stand to look at myself. I've yo-yoed for years with my weight, generally able to get back small. Whelp that all changed when i had my daughter and requires to have an emergency c-section. I became toxic for her and ballooned up to 253. Currently i am 5'7" and 207 lbs, 38D chest. I got in contact with dra. Yily de los santos. Over the past 6 years i have seen her work and fell in love. I feel as if she would be able to give me my desired results. I have already put my $300 deposit down for march 28th. And booked my stay in Kindness Rh. Looking for a SX buddy, as i will be traveling alone more than likely. Next is to book my flight & get more supplies. I have never flown so i am kinda nervous about that. ????

Clothed pics

As you can see i have become quite well at hiding my body. Excuse the scrubs i was at work????

Booked my flight!

So i booked my flight today. It's starting to get really real now. Only 46 days until i leave. And 48 days till surgery!!! I made an appointment with my doctor. He has scheduled labs and testing for prior to leaving. Basically a med clearece. And he will prescribe my pain medications once i am clear. I dont go till next month. I've had nothing but lots of positivity from my friends and family. Even got one of my fellow nurses on board to get one. She's waiting till i come back and wants to see my results. Surprisingly most of the people I work with have never heard of a mommy make over! WHATTT!!! Anyone going to be getting surgery with Dra. Yily de los santos around March 26th?! Looking for a surgery buddy!!!

Its here!!

So finally after sooo much frustration my passport is finally here! Processed it in less than a month, and that is with a little hiccup due to my name. Long story short parents changed my name, left my old last name on my birth certificate. Which they sent me a letter needing documentation that it was legal. But its here!!! Soo i have just about EVERYTHING i can think of. All the majors. Just having an issue trying to buy the tourists card online. As i suck at reading/speaking spanish.


So i got hurt at work a week ago. Has beem a hell of a ride. I slipped and fell at work in a puddle of water, went to our "bandaid station" of a hospital. Which they are affiliated with where i work. They drug tested me and did xrays. Sent me on my way saying nothings broke. And gave me naproxen bc I apparently only had a contusion to my knee. Well after returning to work and having to work on our bariatric floor. The pain only got worse. My whole right side has been hurting me. So i drove 45 minutes to another hospital for a second opinion. Turns out i have an AC separation in my shoulder. And some torn ligaments in my knee. I see an orthopedic surgeon on monday. To see the severity of my injuries and if they require surgery. Currently im rocking a very large knee stabilizer. This journey for me has been an awful bumpy one. Not to mention im being audited by NYS. To which i was gonna use as extra spending money while in the Dominican. *sigh*

Medical clearence

So I visited my pcp, i am medically cleared!!! Everything about me is in good conditon. And my hemo was at 13!!! Yay!!! He perscribed most of the medications. But some of them are too expensive here so he told me to get them there. The only ones he couldn't perscribe were: Heparin, Klossara, & Ronex. The Heparin he said is only available in a saline drip in the states not injection. And the OTC i have anyways so I didn't need them perscribed. Says he sees no reason medically I can't go. So in about 18 days i'll be going under the knife, making my long awaited dream come true. I love my 3 kids, but boy did they do a number on my body.

1 week aaway

Well here i am, one week away from surgery. It seems so crazy to think that it is sooooo close. Everything is finally coming together. I'm doing some last minute packing. More a less over packing... I think I have enough packed for myself and other ladies if need be. Literally i havr extra gauze and extra pain meds snd what not. Is it crazy to think i am not nervous about surgery. But i am nervous about flying. I have never flown, I don't know the procedure. Wondering how long its going to take to get through customs and all that jazz. Hoping i have everything packed. Is there anything any veterans on here think i should bring with me. Also random question ???????? does our plugs work in their outlets (i have never traveled) i fly of syracuse this saturday and will be staying in LUXURY RH. Any other ladies will be staying at luxury the same time i'll be there from 3/26 - 4/6.

Post op review

So i had all my testing done sunday, monday they did a fr


Lets try this again. Sunday i had my labs and chest xray done. I saw yily that day as she had came to my RH to check up on some of the ladies. She had me strip and marked me up. Her assisant made it easier for me to get across what i wanted done. Monday the day of surgery i had an EKG, ECK, and then a lenththy amount of paperwork. Then brought me upstairs and i had to take all of my body jewerly off. Got me prepped, then had the anesthesiologist come in and talk to me. OK girls this is where my story will GREATLY be different than yours. As i have stated before i am epileptic and have high blood pressure. He asked about my kids births and if i had ben under genral, spinal, local. Based on my health and my past. He decided a spinal would be best for me. Their spinals are not like the states they vary. So i was awake the whole time and fully conciois of everyone around me. At one point a part of me armpit wasnt numbe when lipo was being done. And when i let out a wimper, i got another spinal injection and all was good. There was a lot of people in the room with me. They do put up a blanket shield much like would be done when you have a c section. When yily finished my tummy tuck she held up the fat and skin she had taken off of me. It was amazing. Sadly tho she couldn't do my boobs. Bc i was bleeding too much. Which i am okay with, i bleed a lot too having a c section. She told me rather than do a transfusion and try for my chest she chose for me to live. Which i am thankful for!! Over all my experience with her has been great. My experience with Luxury RH is amazing. They are ontop of their game. They other ladies here are great. Only recovery issues so far is i am clotting. Which is my fault bc i was in pain and wanted to just sleep. So I wasn't moving, GET UP AND MOVE!! Bc when they unclog your drain it hurts like a bitch.

5 months post op

Hello ladies, long time no see. I figured i was about due to write an update on my progress. So i had my drains in for 3 weeks before they were removed. I still had quite a high volume output. Once removed i had a small seroma, i just needed more compression & my body absorbed it. I wore my garment for 2 months then took up waist training. Which also aided in compression. I didn't notice much of a difference with my BBL till about a month ago... FLUFFING... Yeah it's a thing.. My ass seemed pretty flat for awhile then all of a sudden HELLO! Overall i have had no complications besides the small seroma. Back to everyday routine by 3-4 weeks post op. I'll include some progress pics for you all!!!
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