Dra. Almonte Too Busy for My Liking..

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I haven't had any procedures done with Dra Almonte...

I haven't had any procedures done with Dra Almonte yet but I have already contacted her regarding what my hopes are for surgery and from the moment I first spoke with her, I knew I would be in good hands. She has a great staff working with her that seem to make the experience all around comforting. This is a life altering decision that can not be undone once you've gone through it. I'm confident Dra Almontes work will shine when all is said and done.

My RealSelf

I have been thinking about having a mommy makeover for a very long time now. I think that I, like most of you, have become addicted to this RealSelf site. Reading all the reviews I possibly can and taking in as much information as my brain can hold. I really appreciate the stories that have been posted whether positive or negative and am grateful this community exists. I have compiled TONS of information and I wouldn't be able to say I have if it wasn't for the brave women and men that have documented their journeys. With that said, thank you!

I was originally planning on having surgery with a different doctor in Dr that was recommended to me by a very close family friend (and her results are good don't get me wrong) but I communicated with this doctor and felt like I got nothing but a cold shoulder. He rushed me and kept brushing me off not giving me any straight answers. My search for a good doctor began . I've done tons of research and I had decided on either Dra Duran, Dra Robles or Dra Almonte. They all give absolutely great results. I requested a quote from all three and Lesley(Dra Almontes assistant) responded immediately and I was able to get a quote the very same day. I recieved an email from Duran and Robles within 24 hours requesting I fill in questionnaires. I submit them and recieved my quote from Robles in 48 hours and have yet to hear back from Duran. By then, I was already decided on Dra Almonte and I know she is the one for me. I love that she isn't afraid to work with bigger women. And they look AMAZING after if I do say so myself. I also love that she only schedules 3 max a day 3 days of the week. This is great to know because it means she won't rush on me to get to her next patient and she will also have free time in the week to follow up with me. I am impressed with how responsive her assistant is given how busy they may be and how many inquiries they may get in a day.
So this is it. I've chosen June 8th as my sx date but I would have liked a sooner date. (If anyone would like to switch dates, I'm open ;D ) ..And now the real journey begins.. I plan on losing at least 20 lbs before surgery to ensure better results. I'll post updated pics after my weight loss :)

Almonte and Robles Quote

Hey ladies .. Just thought I'd share the quotes I recieved from Almonte and Robles .. I'm kinda bummed that Almonte isn't available until June. My birthday is June 29th and I would really love to enjoy my birthday celebration and not feel like I'm still in "recovery" mode. I'm wondering if Robles is available sooner?? Her and Almonte do work side by side in the same clinic and I've even seen times where they have recommended one another if one isn't available. Could she be available for early April???.....

Dr. Robles????

Ok so today my coworker(the one who is supposed to cover my leave) requested the last week of June off. -___- . I was expecting to go with Dra Almonte on June 8th and take at least 3 weeks off to recover. Now, if I want Almonte to work on me, I'm going to have to wait until July! :(. I went ahead and asked about Robles availability and she's available April 5th!! I am so torn between the two because I absolutely love the work of Almonte but Robles is also AMAZING! I'm going to be traveling to DR in a week and I think I'll stop by the clinic to speak to both of them. This will definitely help me choose if I will wait for Almonte or go with Robles. Ugh I'm so confused right now ....

Just left Cecip

I'm in DR right now came to visit my in laws and decided to visit Dra Almonte. She was very busy when I arrived but when I told Lesley my husband was in a rush, she pushed me right through and I was in and out! The office was packed with women who were getting consults or follow ups after surgery. There are several offices in the same waiting room so it seems like more patients then there really are. The clinic itself was very clean and the assistants that work with Almonte are sweet. I will be following up with Lesley so we can confirm a date as I would like something im April or may ..

Haven't heard back from Lesley...

I'm still waiting for the quote Lesley said she would be sending me 10 days ago so we can set a date...

I spent 10 days in DR visiting family and since I was already consulting, I decided to consult with Dr Sabala. I had already witnessed first hand what he is capable of and let me tell you, he is SKILLED. First impressions for me tend to stick most of the time but I had this guy ALL wrong from our first convo on whatsapp. He was patient and really listened to what I wanted. I like that I didn't feel rushed in his office unlike Dra Almonte who barely had time to catch her breath. While I was there he was able to size me up and promised my results would be fantastic(if I decided on him). He is very detailed on his consults and you can tell he sincerely only wants the best results for his patients without taking any health risks. He stated he would be able to give me everything I wanted all in one visit as long as my hemo levels were up to par, as we all know. I was surprised to hear that it would be possible and now I am even more eager to finally get this done. I insisted on losing weight first but he said I was good to go if I wanted it sooner :D .

Decisions, decisions.... I'm stuck in a tight spot right now because I absolutely love the work of Dra Almonte but she is a very busy person and can not dedicate the time I was hoping for in a surgeon. She is a sweet heart but Dr Sabala is one too. Plus, he commits so much more time to his patients and the follow up care with him is superb. I'm still so confused! Any comments or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Getting Surgery Summer/2016

Although I was aiming to have surgery done in March or April, I will be pushing out to a date this summer. Since we are currently in tax season, all of the well known doctors are very busy. I don't think I want to go through such a risky procedure during "rush hour" if you know what I mean. Also, since I have plenty of family in DR just 20 minutes away from the clinic, I can take my kids with me for summer vacation. It's a win/win situation lol :P If anyone is planning on having surgery during the summer months(july/august) please let me know and maybe we can be sx buddies! I would really love to have someone to take this journey with!

Almonte in December Anyone?

Anyone scheduled with Almonte Dec 5th willing to go a few weeks later?!

I finally spoke with Lesley who gave me the dates of dec 1,5,12 or 15. I spoke with my supervisor at work and was able to get 3 weeks ooo from dec 5th. When I returned to Lesley with this information, she said she only has the 20th of dec now x( I'm afraid if you want Dra Almonte, you need to book 1 year in advance now... I will be speaking at my job but I don't think they will be okay with the date since the holidays are around the corner.

With that said.. Anyone want to switch dates? Please???

Won't be going with Almonte

Maybe round 2 but it seems like booking a date and keeping that date was impossible with Dra Almonte. I spoke with Lesley literally 2 days after the dates available were given to me and they were no longer available. Keep in mind, we are talking about booking 6-8 months in advance. I can only get off starting Dec 5th and my job won't budge on the dates provided so I will be going with my original choice. Dr. Sabala. I have a review on him as well. You can check it out and follow my journey. I'm already scheduled for Dec 5th And deposit has been paid. He's so attentive and keeps me at ease. Quick responses and in depth too. I asked for a medical leave letter and he got it for me the same day.

Maybe I'll do round 2 with Dra Almonte if I feel I need some more work but idk if I will cuz I've seen Sabalas work first hand and its incredible.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Dra. Almonte seems to be way too busy for my liking.. I need more attention than that which she can offer right now. I know she is one of the best at what she does but for a procedure as delicate at this one, I would like to know I can count on getting a call back the same day if an issue arises. If I could wait for her to perform on me during one of her less active times I would, but I can't because lately, it seems like she doesn't have one...

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