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I'm looking for an affordable place to have...

I'm looking for an affordable place to have cosmetic surgery done. I've read so many reviews on here and look at hundreds of pictures and tons of doctors. I don't even know where to start, who to go to, what to do. Completely lost and oblivious. None of my friends or family have had surgery done. I've seen names like Robles, Hernandez, Baez, Yily, Duran etc etc. I am in complete need of a tummy tuck, then I also want lipo in my arms, thighs, back etc. I'm looking to have this done by September. I want the whole shebang! The doctor, the travels, insurance, nursing, somewhere to stay, meals, EVERYTHING. Someone GUIDE ME, PLEASE! I'd even be willing to set up with a company like S.Queens or something. Hopefully a previous patient with great results can help me out.

I appreciate all of yalls effort in informing women like me and updating us on your procedures and outcomes.

Dr.Almonte repsonds

I have emailed a few doctors. So far Dr.Fatima Almonte is the first to respond within 48 hours. She has requested three nude pictures to start a suggestion and consultation.

Aggressive Liposuction

Ladies.. I'm anticipating a trip to Dominican Republic. (Nothing for sure yet) But that's what I'm aiming for. I'm looking for doctors that perform aggressive liposuction. Dominican Republic, states, whatever.. I'd like a few names.. Some people I can do a little research on..

Baez and Robles

I emailed both of them within the last 48hrs and have received an email from both. They want my stats and pictures. I already sent mine to Almonte. Let's see who responds back.


Almonte sent me a quote. Its 1,000 more than Baez, but she offers a recovery home for 10 days. So I'm totally torn. I have received a text from Laura Castro, Robles' assistant. She hasn't responded back to me yet. Robles would like my pictures. Baez and Almonte have already looked at them and quoted me with instructions. Baez does not have a prior security deposit. She just asks that you schedule at least three weeks before you want to schedule surgery. Almonte wants a $350 deposit which I believe is included in your surgery cost after you've arrived. I want aggressive lipo done.

Baez wants to perform an arm lift. I was hoping just lipo because I do not want a scar. Almonte did not mention the arms at all. I'll have to re ask her. Baez recommended a few recovery houses near her. I have to do a pros and cons list and tally up my total cost and see who benefits. Along with like a 10 picture comparison of each doctors work.

Aggressive Lipo!

Someone tell me who does aggressive lipo!?! I believe I read Baez does if you request it. and I think I saw a post about Robles. I still haven't heard back from Robles and its been two plus weeks. Baez responded within 24hrs. So did Almonte!

Can I get a list of aggressive lipo surgeons please? Please!
I'm still looking to have surgery in late August. I'm going to need a surgery buddy for that as well. Any takers?

Robles and Almonte

These two doctors are AMAZING! Almonte takes just a little bit longer to respond.. a few days more..BUUUTTT she always responds. Robles is awesome! She responds EVERYTIME in less than 48 hours!! I love it! Her assistant Ms.Castro is a peach as well! They both have great offers so I'm still torn. My quotes are amazing.

I need to get my passport done. I'm not an American citizen so I need to renew my passport at the Filipino Embassy. ALLLL the way in DC, and I live down in Florida. Sucks. So soon as I get that taken care of, I will be up at at em for my ticket and scheduling my surgery date. YAAAY!

Five weeks! I'm scheduled to arrive October 14, surgery October 15th!

I drove all the way to Washington DC to renew my passport. I will have to get a traveler's card when I get to the Dom Rep airport which is only $10 since I'm not an American citizen.

I am having my back, arms, flanks, waist, thighs liposuctioned and a tummy tuck and bbl.

I'm downing spinach shakes and folic acid, iron, multi vitamins, and prenatal pills.
I'm trying to get my iron levels up. I want my Hemoglobin to be correct when I go in.

I will be arriving at 2pm in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

Anyone having surgery in October?

My best friend had to bail on our initial plan! She got a new job so I can't even be mad. Unfortunately I have no one else to go with. I'm having surgery with Dr.Almonte. I arrive to DR October 14th and have surgery October 15th.

Anyone else on or near then?
I just wanna have someone I can be anxious with and a recovery buddy. It's gonna get super boring those 10 days

Lipo, TT, BBL.

Well, here's a picture of what Dr.Almonte is working with. At least that was me in July. I've been going to the gym. I weighed 226, I'm down to 217. I'm aiming for under 200 when I go.

I'm getting a tummy tuck, bbl, and lipo in my arms, back, flanks, thighs and waist.

Picked my recovery house

I will be staying at Paradise Recovery. They had great reviews. Any ladies stayed there that did or did not like it? Please let me know your opinions. What to expect and all.. less than four weeks left!!

My Hemoglobin results came back!

I had a CBC (complete blood check) and a few other blood panel testing done Monday. I got my results today. Everything is normal or great. My cholesterol and everything. MY HEMOGLOBIN ISSSSS..... 13.7! Yaaay!

Definitely was dedicated to taking those pills and making those shakes daily and lots of spinach, water cress, orange juice and carrots lol

2 and 1/2 weeks left!

Boppy Pillows

Can yall tell me what the boppy pillows are for? Where do I use it and how? Is it important? I've seen it on so many people's supply lists

6 Days till I take flight!

I was getting super nervous. Finally! My passport came six days before flight! Omg! It's real!

Pre body pics!

Finally! Some body pics to give yall an idea of my pre op body. Almonte has some serious work to do.

Pre and post op pictures were a big deal on my decision so I wanna definitely help out the next RS sister if I can..so here you guys go. Four days til I leave to DR!


So I got delayed a little because of the bad weather in Florida. We had to go around it. My arrival to Santo Domingo is still on time.. it was my arrival to Miami. All it did was shorten my four hour layover lol

It hasn't exactly sunken in. . I understand what's going on but I don't think I've accepted it yet. Calmer than I expected

I'm sorry!

I didn't realize people on here were following so closely. My apologies. I was being selfish and taking my time updating and didn't realize you sweethearts were concerned! Between being home and Halloween and my kids and my son's dad things have been chaotic! I will update about DR, Dr.Almonte and my surgery/recovery. With pictures!


Weekly Photos After I Got Back!

Sorry Sorry Sorry everybody. I know this is taking me forever. I've had so much going on with the holidays. I know I had you guys waiting so long. I went and had surgery my official surgery date was October 15th. I got back home on October 28th. This is a weekly post of pictures for the past month that I've been home.

I had surgery with Dr.Almonte. I stayed at My Home Recovery House. I was originally supposed to stay at Paradise. I'm glad I stayed at my home. The ladies there are so welcoming. I even cried when I left because I was so attached to each of them. when staying in Dominican Republic in my home with my doctor you do not need to bring anything with you except money a couple pairs of clothes and a charger for your phone. They literally had everything for me. From the time that Nepper picked me up at the airport to the time that he dropped me off... I was very well taken care of. I had at least 4 meals a day. My three main meals and extra meal and even snacks. The only thing I needed while I was there was my charger, my phone, about 5 tank tops, soap, three dresses and maybe a pair of pajama pants and slippers. Make sure you have about 1500 money. I got to go shopping while I was there during recovery. Got my nails done, my hair done, went and ate some authentic food, hit the market,and went shopping at the malls.

having tip money and money for your massages is very important.from the time that I was picked up, to the stay in the hospital,to the surgery, to the medication, to my transportation from the recovery house to my Dr appointment, my pain medicine, my stay at the recovery house, my food, my first Faja and my way back to the airport was all taken care of and included in my surgery amount. I only paid for extra taxi rides for my leisure, store snacks, my second faja, my $150 insurance charge, massages and tips. All under $700 but I had shopping and emergency money. I literally could've survived with a backpack of my stuff. The less you carry there, the less you carry back.

I'm still slightly swollen and everything is still going down. All bruising was gone the first 2-3 weeks. My stomach and back are still a little numb but nothing hurts and nothing is sore.

Please, please, please don't be scared to write me or message me and ask me LITERALLY ANYTHING! I went completely blinded.. I want everyone to be fully prepared. From items, to the airport, to the pros and cons, recovery, difficulty, prices, the girls working over you etc

a few nitty gritty pics

These are a couple of the pictures from right after surgery up to my tummy tuck incision just a few days ago..

The perks

Here's a few pictures of the staff and the mall and foods and stuff..

6 weeks since surgery

Three Months Post Op

Keeping yall updated
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

She is the cutest, sweetest, adorable surgeon you'll ever meet. She's amazing and answers all questions. Get personable with her and her assistants! They are absolutely amazing! Add Whatsapp as an app on your phone. Lesley speaks English like she lives in Colorado. Lol straight stateside. Raquel is too damn adorable too! Voice message them she will voice message back. Once you make your deposit they move faster, especially closer to your surgery date and the whole time after surgery they are on you like white on rice! I love it! I can't say a single bad thing about anyone or anything there except that I wish I had more time to explore the country! I loved every second. Truly amazing staff! And her recovery house at My Home is A1. Katty, Annie, Decka, Dianna, all of them are fabulous. They will take great care of you. I miss them all so much!

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