26 Years-old, 4 Kids and Will Be Having a TT,BR and BBL - Dominican Republic, DO

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Well I am 26 and have 4 beautiful kids. And well...

Well I am 26 and have 4 beautiful kids. And well just like every other mother my body is horrible. Thanks to all yall dolls I have made the decision to go through with these operations. I am 178 5'3" I will be losing weight I want to go down to 150 although I want to get at least 1000cc's in each buttock. I will be going to DR for this surgery. I have contacted a few Doc but only one has been responsive and punctual with response Dr. Manuel Diaz Guzman from CIPLA. He has answered all of my questions. He gave me a quote of 7,000 that will include full lipo including inner thighs and arms, BBL, full TT and BR, cardiologist ekg, anesthesia, all laboratory test, evaluation, faja, bra, massages,10 day stay at his recovery rooms, transportation, all post op medication which I said wow that's awesome. His recovery rooms include breakfast, lunch, dinner , wifi and his nurse care. He offer transportation to and from to airport. I am gonna be going first week of April. I am so excited =)... I will be sending my 500 dollar deposit next week .


Aahhhh I would rather not show my pics bcause they are horrible and I just cry my eyes out but what would be the point of this review if i do not add my before pics. On here theres lots of girl that dont show them but hey I will and I look really bad. I have faith that Dr. MANUEL DIAZ GUZMAN will help me in all ways especially with my selfesteem cause I am so depressed I dont like looking at my self I cannot dress the way I want or even dress my age. I dont have no type of fun at all. I just want to b happy in my own skin and bad part. The more weight I lose they more nasty stomach skin I have hanging supper nasty :-/

wish pics

I love the way these beautiful ladies look aahhhh I cant wait so close yet so far lol I message el Dr often with questions and letting him know i want so much volume in my buttock its cray and he says trankila vas a quedar bien jajajajajajajaja I already love him l cant wait I cant even sleep its crazy :-)

what to buy????

I ask the Dr if I need to buy anything for after the op and he said no just to bring my personal items cause he will be giving me everything. But Ive read other review from other dolls and they buy infinit stuff. And I do not want to waste money on stuff I am not going to use does anyone know what I would really needto buy??


Just the thought that I could put away the sweats and actually be able to rock these dresses is mind blowing omg

spoke to Dr

Well I spoke with the Dr to see if I put my deposit down for the first week of April but have the chance to go before will there b any problem?? He said no as long as I tell him ahead of time to see if he has any spots available aaahhh I love him :-) such a gentlemen

wish picks

In love I hope I could get close to this!!!!


These days have been so hectic I havent been able to post anything. Making sure I am making that money to complete it by end if march I will be sending my deposit by mid Feb cause I am getting all bills out of the way since I have rent and car note plus babysitting so ive been working like a maniac jajajajaja. I want this so bad I cant even sleep :-/ plus my second job is commission base so I be on that. Hopefully I will be sending my deposit soon cant wait


Omg is this happening in CIPLA?????? Supper worried:-/

this is the report 01/29/2014


spoke to Dr.Diaz

We spoke about this news and of course its for those fake clinics that r not certified.. CIPLA is certified and very profesional and Dr.Diaz is very professional and I love that he always answers. I am still going

Method I use to contact el Dr. Manuel

I use whatsapp and he gave me my quote thru here. And we maintain contact thru here.. He replied instantly and has answered all of my questions right away. I cannot complain hes been very helpful, nice ,responsible so def contact him thru here his cell number is 1-809-610-9039.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Hes very responsible and is very responsive ON TIME and that is very important at least to me just the fact that he want to get to know u and what u want and what he believe u need. He clears any doubt u have in mind.

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