25 Year Old with Two Kids I Want my Body Back - Dominican Republic, DO

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But expectations from this is to have a body...

But expectations from this is to have a body always wanted, to learn how to eat right and maintain a healthy size and healthy diet. My goal is to become a swimsuit model but experiences so far has been awesome the doctor has been very welcoming and reassuring. I was scared at first but now I'm just anxious to meet the new me.

25 Years Old! BBL, Tummy Tuck & Breast Lift! What Should I Bring with Me Dolls? HELP PLEASE

Hello Dolls! I want to make sure my stay in the Dominican Republic is comfortable so I want to know from you gals what should I bring as far as medication antibiotics comforters pillows massages what ever just name it!! I also want to know if it is better to bring a friend or to just come alone?????

25 Years Old, Dr. Emmanuel Cotes Mallol...Tummy Tuck, BBL, Liposculpture and Breast Argumentation in Lift

I really want some insight from Dr. Mallol's dolls & future dolls. I have a lot of questions and the overall experience and things like what to pack and stuff. I'll be renting out an apartment and a licensed nurse & staying the whole 8 days in the month of May. So, I have a lot of questions ladies!

I'm looking for a sx buddy for Dr. Emmanuel in May around the 24th!

I'm having surgery on my birthday May 24th & I'm looking for a buddy to travel with I plan on getting the apartment with an actual nurse and massage therapist I also plan on staying 8 to 10 days to make sure everything's OK and travel ready, if you're interested in being my sx please DM me. Thank You!

Surgery date is reserved, recovery house booked only problem is no sx buddy!

I decided to go with Armonia for my recovery stay, I'll be staying the full 8 days. I am traveling alone because my husband has to work. So, any dolls have any suggestions on traveling alone?

My goal is to achieve the body that I desire. I'm...

My goal is to achieve the body that I desire. I'm confident in Dr. Mallol and his staff as they are attentive and reassuring, which is a very big deal to me. I've booked my recovery house with Armonia for the full 8 day in a private room so I won't interrupt other dolls during their stay! I'm taking this trip alone so if and any dolls have input on traveling alone let me know something.

More pictures!

Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Mallol is very open, very reassuring he wants to make sure everything is OK, he emails right back he's so attentive!! I really like that about him and honestly can say that I am going into this with open arms because just that confident and my doctor. I'm happy and I trust him!

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