25 Year Old with 1 Child Looking for Surgery Buddy for NOV DEC 2015 to the DR - Dominican Republic

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So I'm currently in the process of receiving...

So I'm currently in the process of receiving quotes from Fernandez Goico and Dr. Fatima Almonte. I'm actually torn between the two. Ive been doing research for a while now. I've literally wanted this done since I had my son at 18. I've never even had the opportunity to wear a bikini!!

I'm going for a breast lift with impants, tummy tuck, and possible BBL if it can all be done at the same time. I'm projecting to go (if there are openings) in Nov or Dec. This is going to be a present for myself for finishing grad this year in Dec. I'm hoping to find a surgery buddy I can tag along with. Let me know if you guys are interested!

Quote from Goico

So I'm sooo sold on him. What did it for me was reading all the reviews abou Fatima. Although her work is great and so is she, I've heard not so good things about the clinic she performs in (old equipment, not saying I can validate anyone else's statements, almost everyone speaks Spanish, and the recover houses aren't good although the price is included in the quote). And with Goico is the complete opposite (so I've read).
My quote is priced at 5850 for a tummy tuck with lip lower back and waist, Bbl, breast lift with implants. I just messaged him and asked if they can be under he muscle only bc I like to have that fuller look at the top.
So the next step I suppose is making my down payment. I plan on doing so next Friday along with buying everything else including my plane ticket. Monday I will work over getting specific days off with my job. IM SOOOO EXCITED.

Here's a list of things he sent me there are and aren't included in his quote

This quote includes:
- Cardiology checkup
- Pre-op labs
- Post-op meds (basic)
- Chest X-ray
- Compression garments (1 x faja)
- Clinic (one night)

Does not include:
- Recovery house
- Lymphatic Drainage Massages and Ultrasound (5 sessions costs US$150)
- Post-op insurance (costs US$150 and covers up to US$15,000 of any type of complication)
- Deep Vein Thrombosis and Thromboembolism Prevention Shots: 7 (insuline like) shots needed the first week after surgery (approx. cost: US$140 for all shots included)

The Recovery Houses that we recommend are:

- (TOP CHOICE) Arelis Ureña Recovery House: belongs to a nurse that used to work with us and now has that business of taking care of patients 24/7, with transportation to/from airport and medical checkups included. Her name is Arelis Urena and her numbers are cellphone (809)299-3797 and work phone (809)732-3797, in case you want to give her a call and clear your doubts. Her price is higher than regular Recovery Houses, but it's located in one of the best neighbourhoods (Piantini) here in Santo Domingo, she offers personal 24/7 care of our patients and she speaks english very well (which is considered a big plus by our international patients). Here is their fb page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Arelis-Health-Wellness-Recovery-Cernter/271645976341692

- Harmony Deluxe Recovery House: Our patients have found very positive their stay here. Here is their contact info: hdrecoveryhouse@gmail.com and https://instagram.com/hdrecoveryhouse/

If you find another house of your choice, please let us know which would you be interested in as there are plenty that have lower costs but are not good choices. You can also look for reviews of the ones we recommend in Realself.

The recovery period for this surgery that Dr. FG requires the patient to stay in Dominican Rep. is at least 14 days.

In order for us to save a date for the surgery, the medical center requires a US$300.00 downpayment. This value is deducted from the surgery total and is refundable only if the surgery is cancelled by Dr. Fernández Goico. It can be done through money transferring companies like Western Union and other money wiring services (MoneyGram, etc). This deposit also saves your quoted price, meaning no matter when you decide to undergo this procedure, the price will be as stated in the quote's Total.

If you decide to have this surgery with Dr. FG, I'd also need a specific date of arrival (Dr. FG requires that the patient is in dominican soil for at least 24 hours before the surgery) in order for me to create your surgery chronogram. This way you can organize yourself with time on how post-op check-ups work, etc. Also, Dr. FG requires his patients to be at least 24 hrs in dominican soil before undergoing surgery (for matters of patient's health safety).

IMPORTANT NOTE: In case you decide to have this surgery with Dr. FG, I highly recommend that you save your date as soon as possible. We give priority to our international patients and, I'm usually able to move local patients' dates, but I need to do it with time.


So I've pushed my surgery date to match 18th and it looks as though I may have to push it back a little further, I'm kind of bummed. I haven't been feeling well lately so my doctor ordered a few things. My heart is perfectly healthy ( thank God) and my brain is normal. But the neurologist did find a cyst in my sinus cavity which is probably the cause of the frequent headaches and light headedness. So now the game plan is what to do to remove it.

I should find out relatively soon so I can finally move forward with this surgery!
Just thought I'd update you guys

Not the update i would like to give but..

I've been pushing off surgery for health reasons. Besides me going in Nov/dec of 15 then pushing my surgery date to march unexpected things happened. I got a MRI which found a tumor in my head near my nasal cavity. It was found late December. Then a CTscan two months later showed it almost doubling in size so a week ago I had it removed. Today I got the results back from pathology which revelived it's benign!!! I'm incredibly blessed that it was caught early, and it's not the C word. Other than that I'm fine. My face as you can see is a tad bit swollen. But I also had to take a week off work which I was going to use for my plastic surgery. March would have been perfect since my son has spring break but now I'm looking towards the beginning of summer. I will keep all of you updated!

Good news!

I'm 1,000 percent ready to go! Surgery date is June 3rd and I'll be flying to the Doninican June 1st. I'm beyond excited, so excited I've already started packing and buying things, mostly clothes. I did get my hemo checked last month. I wasn't taking any supplements and it was during the last day of my period and it was an 11.9 so now I'm taking calcium, a multi Vitamin, folic acid, and iron twice a day. I'm also drinking green smoothies once a day. I plan on getting my hemo checked two weeks out. I'm nervous because my surgery date is two days after my period but I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Just a reminder I'm getting a tummy tuck, bbl, and breast lift. I messaged arelis and the serenity RH on Facebook and I'm waiting to hear a response. 7 more weeks =)

Recovery houses???

anyone of good recommendations? Prices, and contact information.
Just in case I don't hear back from the ones I want and they are booked I need back ups.

31 days until I'm in the DR!

Ticket bought, recovery house booked (staying with Arelis) suitcase packed. I imagined this day for so long but it still doesn't seem real. These past 6 months of my life have been hectic. I've been sick, had surgery, ended a relationship, in the process of relocating searching to relocate to a new state (wont do until a month after surgery), got my masters degree, and finally I'm finding some balance. I'm looking forward to starting new beginnings and I can't wait to share this incredible journey with you ladies. May I add how awesome God is =)

One word, hemo..

I don't know where to start.. The first week of May I got my hemo tested and it went down from a 11.9 to where I'm normally to a 11.7. I mentioned before how the iron pill supplements made me sick so that was the result from juicing. After receiving the low hemo results I immediately started back on the vitamin regiment. Vitamin C, B-12 sublingual, folic acid and liquid iron. Surprisingly the liquid iron agreed well with me as I had no side effects. I continued to drink beet juice and kale juice as well. For the past almost two weeks now u tripled my intake (I know it seems a bit much) but I took all the vitamins listed three times a day. I also added a blood builder. I read a review where one woman did iron (pill form) three times a day and get hemo went from 11.9 to 13.2 *drum roll* well y'all I got my hemo retested over the weekend (and I also started my cycle this past weekend) and it was an 11.4!!!! I've never been this low. My first instinct was to go to the DR tmrw when my flight leaves and get an iron treatment. My second was to push my date back another week or so and try to see if it's my period? After speaking with Karel and FG he reccomends to reschedule for another time. Since it's so close to my date I would have to pay 300 deposit again. Ladies, if your hemo isn't right, I reccomend you push back your date and give yourself time instead of rushing (like me) FG only lets you reschedule 14 days before your date without losing your deposit. I definitely feel defeated and for a while I didn't want to share this. These past six months have been an uphill battle. I have an appointment with my DR Thursday to discuss my hemo and I will be inquiring about a prescription. I'll also be contacting the airline today to get a flight voucher since my flight leaves tmrw and go from there. I'm praying within the next month or two I'll finally be on the flat side but as for now I'm going to workout, eat well and do whatever I can to prepare my body for this journey.

Update, short and sweet

Contacted my Dr and tested my hemo. Went up .4 in 5 days. New Surgery date, July 1st! Update you all from the DR

Safe and sound

Made it to the DR. Arelys is wonderful and so is her RH. I'm looking forward to meeting Dr FG tomorrow!!

Morning of surgery

I will be getting a tummy tuck lip and bbl. my hemo was at a 12.2 (my cycle ended Monday). I also wanted to get a breast lift but when dr g told me no in all honesty, I was not upset. He explained his reasoning and I felt good. (Although I immediately started to plan a round 2 even though I said I would not lol) I just arrived at plastimedic and I'm waiting to be taken back. See you guys on the flat side!!!

Not even a day post op

This was taken some hours after surgery. Today I'm one day post op. Surgery went very well. Dr G managed to Lipo my upper back lower back love handles and make my tummy tuck scar VERY low. And as you can see he gave me hips for DAYS (and a nice butt). I'm actually glad I had the surgery broken up. I'm planning on coming back in December time frame for my breast lift. If I was to get everything done on this visit I'm not so sure how aggressive he would have been with the lip and bbl, and the pain. it's already been a day and I'm very please. And yes Dr G and Arelis are everything you've read about and more! I'll share more soon when I'm feeling up to it. Thanks for all your prayers

5 days post op!

5 days and I'm doing fairly well. My front drain will be removed tomorrow!!! Usually drains don't give you any discomfort but for some reason my front drain has been burning/pinching right above my pubic area. That usually doesn't happen but I guess I'm a special case. Any whoot! I attached some pics. Dr G removed all the if stretch marks on my stomach which I did not think was possible (the bottom of my stomach has wrinkles from the faja that look like stretch marks) I wish I could show you guys the TT scar, not only is it super low but it's super not existent. I will give you guys pics of the bbl shortly. All I can say is, and I never thought I would have this issue, but I think my butt is too big now lol. I'll cover more in later reviews. If anyone wants to know or is curious about anything feel free to comment/message me!

24 days post op

Quick update of my tummy, pic taken today ????

24 days post op.

Sorry the last one didn't upload. This pic was taken yesterday.

My stomach hasn't looked this good even before my pregnancy 9 years ago lol

This was taken 3 months post opp

November 1st will be 4 months!
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