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First off i would like to say i LOVE this site.. I...

First off i would like to say i LOVE this site.. I have been trying to find a Doctor to do a tummy tuck and breast aug for the longest and i am undecided between Dr. Robles and Dr Almonte.. I love both they work but i am starting to lean more toward Almonte now reading reviews. This is alot of money that is being spent and also dangers so i would like my choice to be the BEST choice! I have attached my most recent pictures and also my wish pictures. Do you guys think all i need is just a mommy make over to be like my wish pic and ALSO anyone that has went to Almonte please give me ur thoughts i hear her nurses are great and she is too!

Received a Quote! But have questions

I received my quote and for the tummy tuck and breast augmentation it will be 6000 that is with the medicine recovery house and all.. But i only planned on staying in DR for about 7 days so i can go back to work and not use all my vacation. So im looking for another recovery house she said its 400 for the meds and garment so im willing to purchase that but need another place to stay for only 7 days not 10. Do you guys know any good places close to the doctor??

Well i decided to go with Dr. Robles

Ive been going back and forth with each DR. I decided since i have been getting the best customer service with Robles assistant i will stick with her. I also decided on just getting the tummy tuck for 4300 and not the breast augmentation. I will get the breast later since i will be using my income tax. Anyone looking to go in mid February early march?


Okay i am going beginning of March... but my question is it a requirement to get a blood count down with my DR out here? or it is not required?? I am trying to make sure i have everything done asap so i wont have any problems luckily my boss approved me to take off without being PAID! And also please give me your reviews on recovery houses

Laura is losing hope

I have been trying to get in touch with Laura since i sent my deposit. She have not responded or confirmed to anything. Is anyone else having this problem i dont want 300 dollars just floating around and i also don't want someone taking the date i discussed with her.. She was great communicating up to this point. Anyone else had this problem?

Now time for PREPARATION!!

Okay i am set ready to go. Laura gave me the details what i needed to do once i got to the airport so since i am in February now i am starting my count down today i am going to get the pills and this week i am getting my CBC. Do anyone have any brand pills they recommend or really any pills will serve their purpose? i been saying people getting naturemade. So i am going to get everything together because this is a short month soo i am sure its going to come sooner than later... and also ladies that know someone that have gotten surgery? Do everyone come home with a drain?? I really dont want to come home with nothing just my new body lol. So do you know if more massages you get the more you will drain??

Okay i need help!!!

I dont know if i should go ahead and get my boobs done too instead of JUST the tummy tuck! I just dont know how Robles is with boobies... and it jumps from 4500 to 6000. So i am alil confused on what i should do. Bcuz i am insecure of my breast too!! what would you ladies do? Go ahead and get everything done or just the MAIN insecurity ?!

Robles has lost all hope..

So i am sure all of you have heard about the recent death from robles and how they closed Cecip down for investigation. Now my surgery is coming up! march 12 and that falls under the 15 days the clinic is closed.. I have tried reaching out to Robles and laura plenty of times and they have no messaged me. I sent my deposit and since the clinic is close it looks like i wont be getting my work done so i need that 300 back! i just think its unprofessional of a DR that i was sooo excited about no to reach out to ppl that are being affected by what happened. Is anyone else going through this???

Dr Manuel Diaz is my doctor !

Okay i been researching and researching ever since robles and laura left soo many girls on their A**! i picked manuel diaz to be my doctor. I believe i made a good choise i am 8 days away and will update you girls!

worst experience of my life

Hello as you all know i went to Dr Diaz for my surgery i must say this had to be the worst experience of my life... from the hospital at cipla to Diaz follow up care or any type of instructions. So grab a drink so you can go along for the ride!

First i get to DR the day before my surgery Diaz was once again in a hurry all he did was shake my hand and left. The next day in surgery me and my friend gets there he marks us up and my friend goes first.. CIPLA is the hottest hospital i know they dont believe in air there they put me in my room and i was sweating my marker off so i asked if they could turn on the air they say its $20 for a remote sooo now i am just sitting infront of the mini fridge because i am not about to pay 20 for air... NOT AT ALL. so finally they come give me my blue pill i can say it started to kick in maybe 20 minutes after so they roll me into the operating room i never seen a room so empty. Now no one was telling me anything didnt tell me what was going i just get sat up and POW 6 big ass needles start stabbing my back... i guess its there way of giving me the epidural but it was soo painful i started screaming and the doctors just grabbed me and was holding me down. Then i was out...

I woke up in my garment in the room with my friend woke up in pain and discomfort i was sitting up in the bed. Soo Diaz come the next day changing the gauze and the belly gauze didnt give instructions maybe cause we was both out of it just told me to put the gauze in my belly button. So i am back in the recovery house ( Marias recovery House) oh and I LOVE THEM! that recovery house is GREAT! food is dry and not soo good but they really care for their patients.

So for 5 days i had a horrible HEADACHE!! horrible im writting diaz he not responding sooo finally maybe 9 hours later he tell me he will see me in the morning soo i get to CIPLA they tell me to go do blood work to see whats going on and i had to get an epidural blood patch for my headache. This had got to be the WORST experience of my life.. The lady couldnt find a vein poked me 6x wasnt applying pressure so blood leaking on my faja floor everywhere and im like OMG ( excuse me if i am getting straight to the point i am still very tired while typing) sooo this is the first person i ever known to put an IV and move it around as in tryin to make there own pocket into my vein. so the lady is behind me putting the epidural in IT HURTED SOOOO BAD!! she tell me DO NOT MOVE! but while she telling me not to move this other nurse is trying to poke me with a needle and draw blood soooo im in pain trying not to move soo they stick it in and tell me lay back for an hour not flat on my back kinda sat up but laid back ( i googled later i was suppose to be flat on my back) soooo after that i had to pee so bad and also my friend so the lady gives my friend an old ppl pee bowl and im in the restroom mind you my back in still killing me. Soo as im up wiping myself the lady throws my friend STANKING ASS PEE in the sink RIGHT INFRONT OF ME! it splashed on me and my face who throws pee in the restroom with someone in there with their faja open and open wounds i swear they dumb out there!! Sooo now im yelling pissed off over the whole situation! they roll me out bcuz i was ready to go but my back was killing me felt like my spine was going to break i was soo nervous my headache was gone but now we have another problem.. and YEP U GUESSED IT Dr DIAZ nowhere to be found not responding anything. so i started crying to my mom telling them how these ppl dumb they dont know how to care for me... NO ONE gave me instructions if i need to be laying a certain way or sitting to make sure i dont mess up the blood patch... everything was horrible!!!! Soooo finally Diaz write me 11pm that night saying take some pain pills its normal mind you that is there fav word its "normal". So after that fiasco i realize google is going to be my doctor... I googled what i needed to do and things got better with time... Sooo anywho its the day that i leave LEO ass drops me and my friend infront of the airport because he had somewhere to go bags everything mind you the dr said dont lift nothing heavy we cant carry nothing so our english speaking ass is trying to locate where we go which gate it was a mess finally a lady helped me...

Now im back at home things are better i been googling what i need to do to get better and yesterday my incision started leaking diaz was no where to be found i am blowing up his phone sending him videos how it looks just disgusting then he tell me at 10pm just put neosporin on it and guaze . So that is what i am doing i am at work now sooo im very uncomfortable and keep checking my guaze pad.

But i know Diaz had alot of good reviews and i am sure this is the first bad one.. But this was literally my trip from HELL!! i regret ever going to him i met Cabral while i was there he talked to me more than my own Dr. Please beware of Diaz and his follow care... I am still googling everything i need i will upload pictures in a bit my incision is low and thin but i hope this opening close up.

Almost 1 MONTH POST!

Things have been going well i am sooo thankful i havent had any complications since i been back home away from DR. no fluid build up... my incision is pretty neat and i think once i start putting stuff on it it will lighten up more.. i am waiting for the last part of the scab to fall off before i post pics.... I had a few questions for diaz it seem like now since the income tax crew is slowing down he is answering alittle better. But i havent been bugging him just questions on my belly button...

one thing i can say i HATE! the faja thank god for this ab binder i ordered that came in yesterday.. The faja always ate up my cooch!! soooo now that it is free i am loving the binder and you can squeeze it tight it feel just like the faja but without the cooch killer! Ladies if you have hips and butt already PLEASE get an ab binder u will thank me!

Take your own pain meds!!!

I must say you guys take your own pain meds with you to DR. the medicine they give you is straight BOO BOO!! i wish i wouldve known to bring my own i was surviving off tylenol extra strength! Im sorry i havent added any pics yet i am on my work computer updating and for some reason the pictures in my phone will not sync up. :( but take your own meds!


Hello guys I must say even though my experience wasn't great... Since I been home Diaz has answered all my questions when I had a few issues..... I haven't had any complications no seromas healing up great... I uploaded a before picture as well .. Sorry if the pictures are upside down I uploading them from my phone...
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Dr diaz follow up care is not the greatest i am unsure if i went at a busy time but from other girl experiences it just wasnt the same. In person he answers all the questions you are but after you are on your own. I love my low incision and glad i didnt have serious complications but i had to google most of my answers because he would not respond i have to send him 10 messages at once to get an answer. This is just my personal opinion alot of ladies will find it helpful alot wont but Diaz was not a great informative doctor to me.

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