23yo No Kids Considering Dr.Diaz for a BBL TT LIPO & BL - Dominican Republic, DO

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I've been unhappy With my body for a while now, I...

I've been unhappy With my body for a while now, I think the only time I ever had a nice shape was when I was sick... Litterly. Which isn't a good luck.

So living in Toronto surrounded by beautiful women with amazing curves, I had to ask; WHO's YOUR DOCTOR! Had a few girls tell me about Dominican Republic or Colombia... Hmm I was interrested, VERY INTERRESTED especially when they mention the $! I was baffled, I tell you no lie *Jaw on the floor! So I made it my personal Mission to raise the funds and find me a doctor, I was referred to Yily Duran Cabral you name it.... Started looking them up and got SUPER SCARED... The amount of bad reviews they have and some Scary stories, I was horrified and turned off. Then 2 of my social media friends told me they both got theirs from Dr.Diaz. I looked him up , only 2-3 bad reviews yeah... But all the good feedbacks he has and the work speaks for itself. I mean wow ! He does a good job.

My only concern in all of this is seriously the general anesthetic . I heard some people never wake up and just die ... Or people waking up in the middle of procedures ! I don't want to go out like that! NO SIR! So my concern is WAKING UP also how long would a BBL + TT + LIPO + BL would take? 5-6hours is apparently the safest and longest doctors should take some take even less time then that ( which is what I'm hoping for ) I refuse to be knocked out for more then that... And is it dangerous to do all those at once. I mean it is a mommy makeover after all...

Hope my expectations are not too high or risky .. And hope the procedures don't take too long ..

Wish me luck still waiting on reply from Doctor!

Isn't she gorgeous

I don't wanna set my expectations too high but she looks close to what I hope to look like ??

Still no answer!!!

So I emailed dr Diaz on Friday and also whatsapp and instagramd him nothing yet ... Making me anxious!

Understand this!!! PSA

Now, y'all need to chill! I've been reading so many things on here tht jst made me so annoyed! MOST PEOPLE WHO GO TO DR OR OTHER COUNTRIES TO GET PLASTIC SURGERY DONT ONLY GO BECAUSE OF THE PRICES!!!! It's mostly because the doctors do wayyyy better work and most Canadian or American doctors who do generic work.. FOR WAY TOO MUCH MONEY! Now whyyy would I spend 20K on something I don't want? Outside the country like dr or Colombia they are more familiar with the shapes some of us ladies are trying to achieve and mind you I do not mind paying 20k in Dr or 10k all I want is what I pay for!


Research your doctor, find out if he or she had any complications post op, find out if any death accured during the op or post op! Find out their credentials ! Read reviews inform yourself and ASK ALL THE QUESTIONS POSSIBLE EVEN IF THEY SOUND STUPID! Knowledge is never stupid! Acquire it!


I was initially going to go see Doctor Shahine in New York cause of all the celebrities that went to see him I was ready to send the money and everything but something told me to look further, also because all of his after pictures are taken right after the procedure (the body is still swollen at tht time) it's hard to see final result like 2 months post op, and I noticed he is very selective on what after pics he post or videos it's always his best work pretty much... And not a lot of before Pictures aswell, Ye the body looks amazing but what did it look like before? It's complicated and too risky for 15k .. And I heard tht almost all his BEST WORK is revision. So people who had surgery before and jst want it a touch up basically.. Right now I'm leaning towards Diaz cause I like his before and after pics and I love the tt he does it looks semi natural as natural as a tt can be of course ... So I might leave Shahine for revision inchallah!

Hola chicas! I might have a change of heart! :s

So I was going thru my Instagram, and I guess since I follow SOOOO MANY SURGEONS AND RH and post op care facilities! I come across this page.. I start scrolling down and I see a beautiful body! And then Another one, so I assumed this was two girls that were posting their journeys..so nosey me obviously I follow and o DM! So I spoke with the girl who's body I love the most cause she is more curvy than the other girl ( the other girls body look amazing but she's more petite ) I like my girls thick and curvy hunny!! Yasss! So come to find out Jazmine ( curvy mama ) own a 9000sq of pure luxury ! Yes she owns a RH! And a LIT one too! Gosshh! So I asked her about some doctors and some more infos and I also asked her the name of the angel that touched her! She said Dr. William Jimenez.. Now I can't find anything about him here really but I asked her further infos she also spoke highly of dr. Sacristan , she also informed me tht for all the procedures I'm doing I should make sure that where it's done is safe and also equipped for emergencies and complications WHICH I DID NOT THINK ABOUT AT ALL! She said the facility must have a ER and ICU incase of anything ! SO SHE IS A SURGERY CONSULTANT AND GUIDE! And I honestly trust her to help me with my journey so I will email her tomorrow! I FEEL SO MUCH SAFER HAVING HER ON MY TEAM! My bestfriend is coming too and getting snatched as well! AND HOPEFULLY I GET A REPLY FROM DR.Montoya! I want my veneers done at the same time while I'm there!

I'm going to post her IG and a page from her website!

Here are some Before Pictures!

Keep in my I want a BBL+TT+LIPO(arms,fullback,flanks&glove handles)+Breast Lift!

Some more wish pics

Still waiting on a reply from dr.sacristan and bellavita .... So in the meantime, let me dream !!

Ps: laterals or hips ?

Forget my last post!!! I take it back completly

No comments for now but forget about what I said about Bella vita and Colombia ! Forget it all

Finally made a choice!

So on August 20th I quit smoking cigarettes & on August 28th I quit smoking marijuana, I must say it is quite a journey.. Hard but O'sooo satisfying! I been wanting to quit for so long, guess I jst needed something I really wanted to do to quit !

I've decided to get help from the one and only PhenomBeauty consultant! And I must say.. I previously tried other consultant and I felt like all they wanted to do was hustle me for my coins.. for example, When I first reached out to them about ongoing surgery in DR, they helped me and answered all my questions without any rush to get a payment. I felt they were genuine and actually trying to understand my wishes AND VERY VERY VERY PATIENT! I must say I am a handful and I do sound like a 5year old when I ask question, I jst don't stop and I ask and ask and Ask until I'm satisfied lol but they absolutly kept it professional, didn't tell me anything about needing money first because they had other priorities (unlike other consultants I spoke to). I mean I totally get the priority thing, not to bash anyone, but the thing is for certain people money doesn't come easy so before spending it You kind of need a reason to or atleast feel secure and thts exactly what they provided me! i am honestly happy I stumbled upon their page on Instagram . They are two beautiful GORGEOUS LADIES ! Krystal & Liz, both Cabral dolls. I give them 20 stars so far lol!

I will be staying at their RH house of phenom beauty ! I am so excited ! They are always so positive and always find a solution and help you make a decent budget and they answer your emails within 24hrs 48max.

I am sticking to Doctor Diaz, I know 3 ladies who went to him and honestly they have no complaints and I thoroughly research his credentials and review and see if anything bad happend during op or post op. And couldn't find anything but maybe a few petty reviews.. Not everyone will get along or have the same chemistry I personally rather stay neutral on that subject, I like his work and I love the fact that he responds on whatsapp regardless of consultants or not , he is very professional so far and his staff as well. And he plays on the safe side which I love. Some doctors do and others don't some girls need it some girls don't .

I decided to not get my breast lifted, until I meet him and talk to him maybe I will change my mind but so far I do not want to go overboard, people say recovery is tough specially when u have so many procedures at the same time I mean I litterly Can't imagine and I haven't had episode of pain in my life and surely don't want to test it either.. So I rather get a tummy tuck and LIPO with BBL will see about the rest once I get there !

Thanks for reading leave me a feedback or message me if you have questions and remember NO NEGATIVITY OVER HERE PLEASE I WILL DISREGARD IT ANYWAY !

going to be a #diazdoll !

Hi I'm back!

So to keep y'all updated and to recap everything for those who weren't following or reading my previous reviews!

has been a really tremendous and exciting beginning of journey! As you
guys probably know I have changed my mind on
doctors,procedures,countries & even consultants! BUT NOW! I'm here
to declare to y'all that I am going to be a Diaz doll, I'd like to give a

I will be getting a TT/BBL/Liposculpture for sure, I
might throw in the BL depending on my first physical exam with my
Doctor (I don't want to be to greedy) after all it is my first time
getting surgery and for a first it is quite a lot at once!

officially started taking my vitamins yesterday! My iron folic acid
vitamin c and b50 I ordered some arnica cream for the bruising, now all I
need mostly is some Poise pads, some sun dresses and compression socks
with a pillow&blanky!


I never
been this excited! I am also getting some direct veneers from dr.SAMIR
BARBOUR ON THE 26 of October 2 days prior sx!!!!!

I am
honestly wishing for the best results possible, I've seen some pictures
of women that had body done by Diaz and I honestly wish I come out as
close as them possible! One in particular I will post it as a wish pic!

I will make sure to keep you guys updated! And I have to say it again!
TEAM! I need to find a florist or edible arrangement in SDQ! I cannot
jst come empty handed after all they've done with me! THE LEVEL OF
PATIENCE THEY HAVE IS INDESCRIBABLE! I am so thankful and I recommend to
ALL THE LADIES! They are worth every bits and more! ??

This is long over due ! I am so happy to write...

This is long over due ! I am so happy to write this review, ive had my surgery done in october 2016. I had a TT LIPO & BBL Done by the marvellous doctor Manuel Diaz Guzman at Cipla! I must say he is the tummytuck god!
I was so afraid to get a tummy tuck but he advised me that considering my weight and strech marks that my skin will be loose and its the best thing to do, he promised to do great work and HE DEFINETLY DID HIS THINGGGGG!!! He is the most attentive doctor u can find, for me personally i think he is the best ! My ass isnt too big and i have latterals , when i take pictures it looks bigger than in real life but which i find to be a good thing ! Everybody loves my new body! I am so happy this journey is almost over too the recovery was long and hard . I did regret it, i did cry! I threw tantrums like a 5yr old and i was a bitch to most people around me for several week! But now i am glad i went thru this to show me it was all worth it!! & shoutout to his assistant Pebbles ! She is beautiful and so funnt and always wants to take selfies with patients lol she keeps tht place exciting !
I stayed at house of phenom beauty ! SUPER CLEAN SUPER GLAMOROUS & guys, THE STAFF THO! They will make you want to take them home !! The food was amazing the drivers so sweet and caring , the nurses i love them for helping me and keeping up with my annoying self! SPECIAL SHOUTOUT TO DARLIN THE HOUSE MANAGER !! She keeps everything together and in order shes amazing i miss her so much! Also GENESIS ! She is so cute and small but super strong and so adorable i jst loved seeing her ! Cant forget Blanca!! She is so funny and gentle she is jst heaven sent everytime she'd leave we would all cry and beg her to stay! The cook i didnt get her name but she is jst always smiling and feeding you! She'd get pissed if u dont eat or drink which i thought was so cute of her! KRYSTAL!!!! My babyyy i love this girl and wish i had met her in person! Omg she replied to all my annoying messages in the middle of the night made sure tht everything was copacetic she would find solutions to any of my issues ! 
Krystal referred me also to doctor Samir Barbour which is a dentist ! I got on direct veneer! Super white and straight teeth!! I have a beautiful smile thanks to the dentist of the stars himself! His staff is always cracking jokes always making sure you are comfortable, the VIP Clinic is sooo beautiful and clean ( i realized that most dominicans love the color blue lol cause everywhere chic i went to had lots of silver and blue) made me loveeee blue all over again lol! I got my veneers done by him and a rootcanal by his assistant and it all went great!! They squeezed me in for a final touch up after i had surgery OMG THT DAY I WAS IN SO MUCH PAIN ! They helped me sit get up walk gave me a pillow and a blanket they were jst soooooo sweet ! 
I want to thank everyone who helped me become a better version of myself it means the world to me and i will always have a special spot for all of them in my heart!
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

He is the best doctor to go to for tummy tucks! I love my new juicy booty! He is honestly so sweet and attentive to your needs ! Also keep communication months after surgery! So easy to reach for any questions!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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