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I'm 23 yo and really unhappy and insecure with my...

I'm 23 yo and really unhappy and insecure with my body. I am wayyy to young to feel like this. I was never really happy with my breast and after having my beautiful baby girl at 20 my body is completely horrible compared to before. Longing to feel sexy and attractive again. So I've been researching/stalking this website I've learnt a lot from ladies on here so I hope my journey would help someone as well. I am from the Caribbean, I even work in a private hospital that perform the exact same procedures I would like to do but I have no faith in them or doing anything here .Initially I liked Dr Mallol but some of his work concerned me and I believe safety and care is very important . I found Dr Gocio after deep research even checking his International Plastic Surgeon approval. I sent my email in and received a reply about 2 weeks later. He took his time to explain why he choose certain techniques and answered my concerns, all even before any money has been paid. His assistant Karel as well is really helpful and this shows that it's not just about the money. I haven't paid my deposit yet till I have had all my finances and my work situation in order. I'm really excited to be get this process started
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

So far Dr FG has been super helpful and caring. He takes his time to reply and explain himself to me, he pays a lot of attention thus far and I believe it would only get better. His assistant Karel is also really helpful. can't wait to meet this amazing team and be transformed.

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